Google Chrome follows the normal Google minimalist approach in regards to user interface. Right now, there are not many tweaks or settings available to change. That may or may not be the case after Chrome gets out of Beta. However, there are a few tweaks you can make that might be helpful.

* Looking for a Search History Button?

In Chrome’s interface, the Search History feature has been integrated into the Back Button  – just hold down the mouse button when you?re clicking on the back arrow. After a short delay, a menu pops up showing your recently visited pages. You can also access the full history from that menu. If for any reason, Chrome is not responding, click your right mouse button and that normally does the trick.

* Where’s my Home Button?

By default Chrome has no Home Button. However, you can enable it by opening the options dialog: click the wrench icon in the top right hand corner and then “Options” and check the box labeled “Show Home Button..”. A little blue house representing your Start page will appear next to your Star Button.

* How about the Bookmarks Bar?

To show it or hide it, hit Ctrl+B.

One could legitimately argue that these aren’t really “Tweaks”. Point taken. We will hunt out more sneaky and underground Tweaks in upcoming posts.

It’s a dream come true for some of you, because Google Chrome is now available for Mac and Linux users. The release is not official, but the guys from Codeweavers managed to make Chrome work on both operating systems. Based on the open-source browser project and developed using CodeWeavers’ Wine development expertise, they named it CrossOver Chromium.

Now for those who are curious to see how it works, you can download Google Chrome for Mac and Linux from the following links:

Google Chrome for Apple Mac OS X:
1. CrossOver Chromium for Apple Mac OS X

Google Chrome for Linux:
1. CrossOver Chromium for Ubuntu and Debian (32 bit)
2. CrossOver Chromium for Ubuntu and Debian (64 bit)
3. CrossOver Chromium for Red Hat, Mandriva, and Suse
4. CrossOver Chromium for all other Linux distros.

Bellow you can see some example:

Click on the image to enlarge it

Yes, it’s true! When Google likes something, for example when someone talks about it and Microsoft is also included in the equation as a clown, it will print and save the article for a good laugh in the future.

That’s what the Google Crawler did today on the Chrome Tweaks forum.

Does anyone have a problem with the Chrome Tweaks wordpress theme?

For example, a blank page after activating the theme in your wp-admin. If so leave a comment and download again the archive, I’ve made a few changes!

Chrome Tweaks Forum

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9 Sep 2008

Our Chrome Tweaks forum dedicated to Google’s browser is up and running now. You can go and register to be able to chat with us. Also take in consideration that if you have something interesting to say, you can start a new topic on the forum and we will write an article about it, of course with a link or credits to you.

The problem with the registration on the forum has been solved.

You can register now!

Happy posting :) and thx for your support!

Google`s browser Chrome is maybe one of the most downloaded software nowadays. Why? Because it’s developed by Google and it has that unique flavor of quality that makes it great. Besides that it also has a small disadvantage if you compare it with Firefox: the difficulty in creating themes and addons. That’s why in this article I’ll show you how to create your own Google Chrome theme with a little knowledge of Photoshop and a few clicks.
How to create your own Google Chrome theme
First of all you’ll need three things:

What you need to do next is unzip the files from into a folder called “theme files” (for example) and also extract all the other programs in this folder. Make sure that gorc and reshacker are not in or separated folders in the root folder.
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Hi! I managed to finish this wordpress theme for Chrome Tweaks dot ORG and as I normally do on my other blog, acosmin, I’ll release this theme for free. To view a full preview of this wp theme, click on the image bellow.

chrome tweaks free wordpress theme


  • XHTML/CSS valid;
  • Two sidebars 125px and 300px wide;
  • Gravatars for comments;
  • SIFR for headings;
  • You can edit the logo with Photoshop – included PSD file and font
  • Ad spots for easy monetization - 300×250px, 125×125px, 468×60px, 120×600px;
  • Easy to edit;
  • No sponsored links;
  • Widget ready - both sidebars support widgets;


  • You may not remove the credit message (links) from the footer.php file.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute, resell, claim intellectual and / or exclusive ownership of this theme.

I will also release some updates for this wordpress theme so please take a second and subscribe to my rss feed. Until then happy download :) and digg here!
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Welcome to Chrome Tweaks dot ORG. This is my first post and I just want to say that here you’ll find all the info you want about Google Chrome (browser) like news, tweaks, updates, themes and plugins. Stay tuned!

Download Google Chrome

More info about this browser you can find here.