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First off, *!*!*!*!**!*!!* NUTRISYSTEM vs Nutrisystem *!*!*!**!*!*? Looking forward for any answer. Second question.. Hey guys. I'm on day three of Nutrisystem and realized there are a lot of differences between the men's and women's programs so I thought I would see if there are any new guys out there who are just getting started. I myself have tried a number of different plans - from Weight Watchers to pharmaceuticals - I always gained all of the weight back and more. I topped out a few years ago at 315lbs - and got myself down to 291 the day I started NS.

So far, the first two days had some hunger periods, but today was much better - those cheese puffs must be packed with fiber or something - one bag and a tall glass of water and I'm feeling full.

What about you guys?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

I am on day 4. definitely getting hunger pains - and so is my wife she's doing this as well. But like I tell her, if you didn't feel hunger, it would not be a diet, right? If you feel hunger, think of it this way, "I am losing weight right now!" if it's too much to bear, we eat salad. This is my girst time on Nutrisystem so had them send me the default food, so far, it has not been bad. the pizza tho...eeesh call it something else!..

Comment #2

Eat the salad before you get hungry and even when not hungry. It will help guard you against getting hungry later if you stay ahead of things. Also...cravings will go down with the days on plan. Just need to hang in there and get in a good rhythm. It is very hard to run this program unless you get in the groove...

Comment #3

Jake & Bob - Welcome. Just stick with the plan. It works. I have been on it for over eight months. Drink the water!! 1/2 ounce for each pound you weigh per day. It helps keep you feeling full..

As for the hunger pains, you have to remember the amount of food you were eating before. You were eating much more than what you think you were. Now you are eating what you need. I still have hunger pains when my physical activity is increased significantly..

Start walking guys. Just work the plan and it will work for you...

Comment #4

Welcome to the new guys. The hunger pains went away pretty quickly for me when I started..

Remember to drink plenty of water...

Comment #5

Welcome! Remember to eat every 2-3 hrs. As others have said, when you find your groove, the hunger pangs will diminish and it will get easier. Stay On Plan. Give it a solid month and you'll see. It really WORKS! I was over 300 too and got down to 284 just b4 NS, so I know what you're feeling. Nutrisystem is the first time I feel in control for the long term..


Comment #6

I know what you mean about the pizza - I had the "thick crust pizza" last night - more like a cracker with sauce and cheese. I use my vegetable as a topping to the pizza - 1/2 cup cooked mushrooms - added some bulk. But I think I will probably not re-order so many pizza's in the future - the meatloaf, on the other hand, was quite a meal. I almost couldn't finish it after a nice big salad. And yesterday I had the cheese puffs now they didn't taste like any cheese puffs I've ever had before, but they were amazingly filling I ate them slowly, and the bag was quite full, and then had a tall glass of water right after I assumed they packed them full of fiber or something so cheese puffs + water = full!.

I am actually not hungry most of the day - I'm shocked about that...and almost feel like I'm doing something wrong because I'm not running around starving. But I've been following the plan to the letter and have already lost 5 pounds!.

What are you guys doing for exercise? I have a wii Fit and have been using that plus the ea Active wii Fit game for starters. I also have an elliptical - my office gym is disgusting so that's not really an option..

Other question - anyone else a bit embarrassed to heat up their lunches at work do the packages have to be so bright and plaster the Nutrisystem name all over them so much?!..

Comment #7

Fly that flag with pride. You won't mind once people start complimenting you on changes...

Comment #8

You are right for sure. I'll get over it..

Comment #9

Gut check/tough love time from the Men's Room:.

Hunger pains? Us Americans? Hunger PAIN? I don't think so:.

This poor little fellow has hunger PAIN:.

What we have is fat arse withdrawal. Pain is when you get shot in the leg. Pain is getting stung by a jellyfish. Pain is breaking a knee on a construction site. Hunger as that little guy knows it IS pain. Hunger as we know it is NOT pain..

On another happy note, Jakeorama, the reason your other plans didn't help you keep the weight off is when you removed the crutch of those plans, your body did what it did the first time, which is pack on weight. Nutrisystem will fail you the exact same way when you go off the plan..

The solution: don't go off the plan. Nutrisystem teaches you how you're supposed to eat for the rest of your life. Spend the first month or so just soaking it in and learning the system and then as you get experienced, begin thinking of what you could substitute from the grocery store for your Nutrisystem food, and then when you've reached your goal weight you can just smoothly transition to all store bought food. Or if you like the convenience, keep buying the NutriSystem entrees..

But the one thing you DON'T want to do is lose all your weight and then just go back to eating whatever without any thought. THAT is the key to keeping it off and living healthy..

Oh yeah, welcome to the Men's Room!.

We're here for ya man!..

Comment #10

Jake & Bob,.

Welcome Aboard..

The other guys have pretty much said it all. I have been on the plan since the first of August and can tell you that while I have not remained.


, I have been (overall) about 97%. My down fall is not cheating... it's actually skipping some of my food. Believe it or not, if you follow the plan, the amount of food you.

Have to eat daily.

, almost gets to be too much. The.

Hunger Pangs.

Will subside. Now I am.


Hungry and after.

6 1/2 weeks.

I am down almost.

30 lbs.

And cruisin..


Welcome Aboard.


Good Luck!..

Comment #11

Are you kidding me? Man up dude. Who CARES what anyone else thinks? Right now you've got bigger fish to fry, mainly your weight and your health. If you just can't handle it then take the package out of the box and carry it that way. No one will know what it is then..

But sheesh, if they ask you just tell them the truth: that you are taking control of your life and when you are a toned up, healthy example that they can have your leftovers...

Comment #12





Said. The best advise I ever got was from my.


Who used to say:.

"I don't care what you think of me ... IT'S What I think of you that counts"!.

Gotta love that wise ole coot...

Comment #13

I usually transfer the Nutrisystem lunches into a pyrex bowl that has a microwave safe lid (with a small vent to prevent splatters). I really don't care to advertise whether I'm having an Nutrisystem meal or a substitute at work...

Comment #14

Welcome to Nutrisystem Jakeorama and bob_m!.

You'll find all the support and helpful tips you need here in our community. Congratulations on your decision to live a healthy lifestyle.....Nutrisystem is a great place to start!.

Questions? We're here to help too! You can contact us at.


Comment #15

That's a good way of dealing with it too..

I still say screw 'em though. It's your health on the line...

Comment #16

I did the same with the pizza as you - added veggies on it and I grated some pecorino romano on top as well salt/pepper. It added some bulk. I also enjoyed the meatloaf!.

By the suggestions so far, it looks like I need to eat more salad. I have been having a bowl or so, but not really in-between meals. Maybe I should do more of that?.

Is there such a thing as a good fat-free dressing? (that's not just a corn syrup slurpee?) Any suggetions? Fat free Blue cheese is good (and has few carbs - but that's from my Atkins days). Any others and suggestions on making the salad more appetizing? I do olive oil and balsamic as well...

I have not exercised. I've been spending my time working on the house - 6 hours cleaning the garage yesterday, and 4 working on the laundry room I never finished the day before...a few hours at the park with the kids before that. I will walk/run later tho while the kids are in gymnastics class..

I definitely don't drink enough water. Is diet soda considered a "water"?..

Comment #17

Nope, diet soda is not the same as water. I drink a gallon of water per day and while some may disagree I believe it's been a major part of my weight loss. In fact, I used to be a major soda-holic, and haven't had one since March 30th. It got tough to get all my water in and drink something else too. Not only do I not miss the caffeine, I feel better and have more energy, than I can remember..

Follow the plan exactly, I have a big salad with lunch, lots of veggies with dinner. Don't add between meal salads rather than the snacks, the snacks have specific purposes like blood sugar level maintenance..





Comment #18

"Other question - anyone else a bit embarrassed to heat up their lunches at work do the packages have to be so bright and plaster the Nutrisystem name all over them so much?!".

Had one guy make a smart-@ss comment while I was heating up lunch... I just smiled and replied "yep, i've been doing it for a while... in fact, you might want to consider it yourself"... the other people there laughed him out of the room.....

NS isn't embarrassing... shirts that don't button right are embarrassing... a belly that flops over a belt is embarrassing... pants that are so tight you can see what's in the pockets are embarrassing... lunch doesn't even come close.....

Comment #19

I'm now on day 5. I'm drinking a ton of water....and running to the bathroom constantly.

I'm figuring out which foods work and don't work for me already. I'm surprised that I'm not feeling hungry. I don't think I have ever in my life had so many fruits and veggies. I think the salads are absolutely key to the program for us guys..

With respect to the "man up" comments, I appreciate the sentiment, however, if you worked in my office environment, old-school man in charge and gossip central, I think you'd understand I was just looking for some practical advice on the issue. Probably once the results start to become apparent, I'll care a lot less about this issue but I was just being honest...

Comment #20

Just starting back myself. I look forward to the challenge...

Comment #21

Great report Jakeorama! Sounds like you're finding the groove early. Keep it up, man!.

Welcome back RMM82! Keep hanging here. It helps..


Comment #22

I never found an off-the-shelf FF dressing that I liked. Kicking around the boards, we found Galeos Miso dressings recommended and now buy it regularly. Have to order it, not available in stores around here..


Stick with water. I am amazed how the transition worked for me. I now prefer water and regardless of anything else I should have learned, drinking water is now a lifetime change for me. Kick the soda and go 100% water for a while and see if it works for you too. Give it a shot..

As much as I push exercise, frankly, it's not necessary for the weight loss. It helps in moderation and really increases your fitness and energy. If you go for heavier workouts, you may need to ADD calories to your plan to avoid a stall. You'll find that out by experience. Everyone's metabolism is different. There's a nice zone of calories vs.

The basic Nutrisystem plan hits the sweet spot for most of us with moderate exercise. I personally believe staying active like you mentioned is every bit as good as dedicated "workouts", unless you have a specific goal (body building, marathon running, etc) you are training toward..


Comment #23

I never found a FF or low fat dressing that I liked either. The entire time that I was losing weight I just used regular dressing in great moderation. Not saying that it will work for you, just sharing my experience...

Comment #24

Here's another thread regarding the salad dressing:.


If you can find it, the Walden Farms Bacon Ranch is great. Some of the other varieties can be kinda runny, but it's hard to go wrong with the bacon ranch...

Comment #25

I find I tolerate some FF and most lite dressings. I use the trick of doing the FF "free" 2 tbsp dressing and then for my fat have 2tbsb of lite (one at lunch, one at dinner salad)..

Also, sometimes I use balsamic vinegar straight in addition to a balsamic vinagrette. Another option is to make Good Seasons dressings, but change the proportions to 2/3 vinegart, 1/3 fat..

Also, I read some good tips on salad dressing leaf contact in the Joy of Cooking. I used to always blow off drying lettuce after washing it. Now, I do it. The reason is that a wet leaf has a hard time getting dressing to adhere to it. Another thing is tossing the salad properly (lift up and on top systematically so every leaf touches the bottom of the bowl twice). Also, using non-wooden bowls (glass or ceramic)..

Read the calories on dressings. There are lite and FF dressings that still have highish calories. I found Kraft regular lite balsamic (3 substypes) has less calories than a lot of FF dressings. It's the true calories that matter, not the brand name or calling it "free" or not..

You can also look at sprays or the "dip your fork" in dressing trick. I have not tried either..

Good luck with big salads. I think the bulk helps keep cheating away. Not ust at the meal in question, but if you make it a regular practice..

I actually break my dinner into two evening meals ("minimealing", break breakfast apart in two also). First meal is Nutrisystem entree with veggies. An hour or two later, I have big salad with Nutrisystem dessert pretzels or such poured on top like croutons. If I have a carb or protein to use up, will add that as well (chopped meat or tuna for protein, melba toast crumbled for carb)...

Comment #26

I can understand about not wanting to show the packaging at first, especially if you are worried about not getting the program done. Once, I got rolling I felt really proud and confident and sure of my routine. So I don't care if people see it. Heck...I'm practically read to prosyletyze!..

Comment #27

OK, here it is. You're sitting around with a bunch of other probably fat guys/girls eating lunch. You're doing something about it. You have to decide if you're more embarrassed by being fat or starting a plan to take care of that. Trust me, after your success with Nutrisystem starts becoming obvious, your friends will start asking you about the plan and you will have a chance to sign them up and get some discounts (BUDDY BUCKS). Personal knowledge..

As to Bob's hunger pangs, it just might not be hunger. It might be changing from eating a reasonable amount from eating until you're so stuffed you can't stand it. Personal knowledge..

Haggis said it correctly, you will succeed if you follow the plan. When you stop eating correctly the weight will jump right back on. (personal experience here too.

). Stay the course..

Welcome to NS. We are all just a bunch of losers and you will be too..

Remember -..

Comment #28

Thanks for the advice fellow losers - hunger is already subsided. maybe I have been dehydrated? I have increased my water intake substantially..

I need to stop working and start exercising more now. At least get out and walk a few miles.....

Comment #29

Welcome to both of you or more! I do not have time to read everything written hear so I apologize if I repeat something. First to Bob_M, this is not a diet! It is a lifestyle. You were way, way over eating before and if you think of this as a diet you will go back to those old bad ways. A diet is just something you do temperarily and a lifestyle is forever! You must change your thinking now, or it will all be a waste of time, effort, and money! As far as hunger pains goes, you need to find a schedule that works for you when it comes to those snacks. I ate breakfast at 7, morning snack 11:30, lunch 1:00, afternoon snack at 4:00 and dinner at 6:30. That what worked for me.

If you are hungery you are late or are not drinking enough water!..

Comment #30

Just so you know, people come up to me all the time now and ask what "diet I did." I tell them I did not diet, however I have been eating Nutrisystem food. I do this mostly for me, but I have gotten the question ... huh? and it give me a platform to run with it..

I still eat too much some days and I am afraid I will revert back to my old ways. That is why I weigh myself every day!..

Comment #31

I've been doing great sticking to the not actually feeling hungry because I keep drinking water and you all are absolutely right that the food fills you up. However, today is the September Birthday celebration day at work and there are tables and tables of every kind of dessert you can imagine....and when I went to the cafeteria to get my salad (and use the one fat free dressing they have - yuck) the lunch options looked SOOO good!! Cheating did NOT occur - but I was really restraining myself! As someone who didn't just eat because of hunger but who really enjoyed eating, and different flavors, and tastes, etc., I think this is going to be the hardest part for me. Being healthy is so much more important to me - being there for my two girls, living to see them walk down the aisle, traveling comfortably with my wife, and feeling good so much more important. But it's absolutely going to be a struggle. How have you guys been handling this aspect of changing your lifestyle?..

Comment #32

It is tough being around bad food situations. I find it works best for me if I completely remove the temptations. I got all the bad food out of my apt, and I try to stay out of situations I know with be tough. Being a single guy that's probably easier for me than most others, but it's what works. Other than that it's just a matter of willpower...

Comment #33

If you haven't already done so (and even if you have) go check out the "Mindset Makeover". You can access it here online, or in your package in your first BBB. It gives you a lot of tools you can use in situations like this. I think the "Mindset Makeover" is something everyone needs to read and understand..

It has helped me get through some pretty tough times in the beginning and continues to help me to recognize the difference between Internal Hunger vs External Hunger and how to handle each situation..

NS gives us lots of information to help us reach our goals, not just the food...use it all...

Comment #34

I feel delinquent. Did not do MS makeover. I keep thinking I will go back and do it.....

Comment #35

I will absolutely do that...thanks so much for the suggestion...

Comment #36


First, a BIG congrats on passing this trial! That's major and now that you've gotten through one of them w/out caving and survived to tell about it, you can do it again!.

I know exactly what you mean by "As someone who didn't just eat because of hunger but who really enjoyed eating, and different flavors, and tastes, etc." I too have a really hard time not diving into some really compelling, non-standard fare that crosses my path. For me, early on, I counted that as part of the cost to reach goal, knowing that whatever it was that looked so good, I'd have a chance to indulge later and passed "for now". Just keep doing that. I won't go into what else I did to cope..

You've found that Nutrisystem works, the hunger is not to be feared and you can survive passing up something that looks really good at the time..

There is no better lesson than that you've just lived. Way to go!.


Comment #37

Water does the trick fills you up and we'll if your exercising like you should you sweat it out anyways... alot of ppl mistake thrist for hunger!..

Comment #38

Enjoying food, as you said, is a challenge because by it's very nature, this trait causes us to overeat. You can savor the flavors, the variety and all of that, just in smaller doses. Finding that balance is the tough part. While you're losing the weight, it's probably best to avoid it all together. The mental aspects of fighting this battle are tough enough. There are physical reasons to avoid much of what we like about the "flavors, tastes, etc." that contribute to our overeating - make you feel hungry, play with our body's sense of fullness, and keep us eating beyond a need for nutrients. Read the book "The End of Overeating in America" for more information about this...

Comment #39

I think I do what that book is saying. I just eat without tasting. That's why diet stuff like skim milk and lite yogurt doesn't bug me like it would have back in the day...

Comment #40

I am new to this. I have just joined and just started with Nutrisystem today. I ate the Nutrisystem cereal and recommended 1% milk and a yogart (80 cal) for breakfast. Already have the Nutrisystem meals out for the day and hope I am doing what I need to do. Starting out at 228 Lbs and want to get into the mid 190's. 30 minute ride on my exercise bike.

My weight this morning was 228. In His Grip...

Comment #41

Read the Food Tips and Dietician's forums..

Run your plan at 100%. Hardcore..

Skim milk...not 1%. Just don't taste it. Down the hatch. Get used to

Comment #42

Welcome to Nutrisystem redfreckledfrog!.

You'll find all the support and helpful tips you need here in our community. Congratulations on your decision to live a healthy lifestyle.....Nutrisystem is a great place to start!.

Questions? We're here to help too! You can contact us at.


Comment #43


Welcome Aboard..

You're on the right plan. This system really works. Simple follow the meal planner, hang out on the boards for support, and get a little exercise and it's a.

Big win.

For you. GOOD LUCK...

Comment #44

Just checking in - day two and feel great. I am amazed at the speed some of you are losing. That is very encouraging - my problem is I get impatient working hard and losing a lb/wk. I realize there will be plateaus - but if I can average 2-3 lbs/wk all will be good. The food was a pleasant suprise - I was gearing up for bland dog food - good to be wrong...

Comment #45

The best advice I can give is don't get impatient. The plateaus are the time when you really need to stick to the plan. Once your body adjusts the loss will start up full speed again, but if you falter then it will throw a wrench in that plan...

Comment #46

I agree with gibby. Try making your goal be 100%edness, rather than weight loss. The pounds will end up coming off...even flying off. But change your attitude to thinking about running the plan and concentrating on that. I have days where weight loss stops or blips up...but I don't even care. I KNOW AND TRUST that running the plan will keep me losing...

Comment #47

I just finished my second week and I've lost 14 pounds!!! I can't believe it! I actually tried on a pair of old jeans and they fit. The past week has been really hard - so many temptations and I avoided them all. Birthday celebrations at work, guests visiting the office and bringing Dunkin' Donuts, etc etc. And I just took my daughter to her weekly soccer lesson - first of the season - and our usual m.o. was to go to this deli and order sandwiches and get her a cookie. I'm sooo craving a bagel with lox spread right now but I'm working through it.

The meatloaf and spaghetti and meatballs are quite filling - the pizza's just don't cut it for me. At lunch - I'm basically sticking with the cheese tortellini - the broccoli/pasta in a cup thing was so disgusting that I ordered a-la-carte some more tortellini for lunch (and meatloaf dinners) so I wouldn't get stuck with it again. Did anyone else notice that they changed the web-based food tracker interface - now it says two veggies and two helpings of fat free dressing at lunch and dinner instead of saying salad? Hope everyone is doing well!..

Comment #48

Awesome progress!.

I eat so much salad and veggies...that it is definitely not the entrees filling me up...

Comment #49



Be sure and eat all your food and do not loose to quickly else it return...

Comment #50

Good job jackeo! glad to see you back here in the forums too!..

Comment #51

Will actually check in with my new weight tomorrow (Monday) as that is when I weigh but I do know after one week on Nutrisystem that I have lost because I am having to pull the belt up one notch to keep them up. I am on the 5 day plan rather than the 7 day but am still watching what I eat on the week-end (poached egg etc) but the reason I am posting because we had dinner at Logans Roadhouse Friday night and they have low cal meals that are excellent. I had a salad with fat free dressing (1 tbls) 4 oz baked chicken and steamed brocolli that was excellent. Only thing you have to watch is the rolls they put on the table because they are a no-no which I did not participate but they sure smelled good and probably were even better when eaten. Have a good balance of week-end...

Comment #52

GREAT report Jacko!! Keep it up! If you keep your discipline on weekends, you'll be in the endzone in no time!.

Redfreck- To answer your earlier question - Nutrisystem offers free tickers, but they are pretty lame, IMO. The ones that show a chart with real numbers and dates come from There is a small annual fee, but to me it's well worth it for the visual accountability to my friends here. Go there and check it out if interested..


Comment #53 guy here, day 3, so far, so good. First time checking in here. I'm at 225, I want to lose 50 lbs. Got closet full of suits I can't wear, and I can't find shirts with larger collars than I already have. Reading some of your posts reinforces my sense that big salads are key...

Comment #54

Apolyton, looks like our goals are similar. Your chart is very encouraging!..

Comment #55

You will kick ass. I can tell. Have fun...

Comment #56

Hey Jake, FYI - I called the hotline regarding that change you noted on the online food tracker. The rep said to rely on the booklet, b/c they are having some problems with the website. The booklet retains the "salad" wording...

Comment #57

Welcome to Nutrisystem seamusesq!.

You'll find all the support and helpful tips you need here in our community!.

Questions? We're here to help too! You can contact us at.


Comment #58

Thanks - I didn't think we suddenly got salad and two veggies..

Comment #59

How does 228 on 09/21 and 222 on 09/28 sound ??????.

NS is un-believable as I am following the meals and logging in every change and very satisfied after I eat. Some of the food is not as tasty but it is working..

Will check back in next Monday..


Comment #60

WooHoo, Redfreck! You've got it. 6 lbs in 7 days sounds pretty darn good. You're doin' great! Just keep adding on to those days on plan! You can't expect this loss rate for too long, but keep it up, man. It may slow down a tad, but keep on program and the lbs will keep on falling off..


Comment #61

Nearly one week in! Already seeing some movement on the scale. Pretty happy with the amount of food, frequency of meals, and variety of menu selections - although there are items I'll omit from my next order. It's a bonus that I really love salads! I'm bogged down in desk work this week; once through it I intend to renew my exercise program. What's all this about "add-ins"? Do we get "permission slips" for extra food if we're working out? And most importantly, where do you stand on the great "vegetables are salads and salads are vegetables" debate?..

Comment #62

Add-ins is your fruits veggies, meats etc that we also eat every day..

Free foods are 20 calories or less that we get to eat 3x a day..

If you are exercizing, you get extra calories a day. I think it is 100. Someone will clarify. Call a counselor if you haven't yet..

And regarding veggies vs. salad, I say eat as much of both as you want. We didn't get fat eating veggies...

Comment #63

Check out the recommended foods page:.

It spells out the add-ins and lists which are veggies and which are salads..

I've seen it written somewhere before that on days you work out you can add an extra lean protein serving...

Comment #64

I highly encourage eating salads (easy for me, cause like you I enjoy them!) I think they really do fill people up...and that eating two big ones a day helps keep fullness for 24 hours..

My take is to count all the unlimited veggies as completely FREE. So in a lunch salad, you could have two counting veggies (like tomato or bell pepper). D_S actually says you can count it whichever way you want (the unlimited stuff as a serving or as free)..

And I have a LOT of unlimited veggies in my salad. Someone in Nutrisystem got things wrong, when she said no-one could eat much radishes. I can down a half a bag like that, on salad or snacking. And that's 25 cals if it's a biggish bag. I also give myself the benefit of the doubt and count a large tomato as a medium one, etc. Same with bell peppers..

Of course, I do realize this is extra cals, but justify and log it as part of "extra addins for working out". I do between 50-100 cals in extra veggies a day. But get extreme fullness..

I also find it good to break dinner/dessert into two full size evening meals. I do the Nutrisystem Entree on top of a mess of cooked veggies (2 servings and on the generous side). With a peice of bread to chase the sauce. 2 hours later, I have a MONSTER salad with Nutrisystem dry snack sprinkled on (more protein and less tempting than faux chocolate candy crap), plus olives as fat, Kraft Balsamic lite (I use 2tbsp, it is 25 cals total, compartable to a FF dressing) plus a little balsamic vinegar...

Comment #65

Yes and a lot of the veggies are really fruits- tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, squash, zucchin and even beans (or seedpod type food).

But I agree - eat as much salad as you like. just don't load it with blue cheese....i do tomatos, onions, broccoli, etc.

Also broccoli and garli with ICBINB lightly sauted is good - no olive oil just the fake butter, just dont burn it..

Comment #66

Sounds good...what is the brand of "fake butter" you use to saute? What's ICBINB?.

Also, any hummus fans out there?..

Comment #67

ICBINB is I cant believe it's not butter. I buy the small spray bottle and use it on toast..

I love hummus...

Comment #68

I like hummus too but you have to be careful it can be pretty fattening..

Comment #69

Sad...another one bites the dust...part of this week is spent grieving the loss of all those things I can no longer have but were still in my fridge, e.g., I fed the Nathans franks to the dogs...

Comment #70

Hummus is a "fat". you get two tablespoons. It's just as satisfying as 7 macademia peices. And you can spread it on your dinner toast carb (Arnold's Double Protein great brand)...

Comment #71

I'm very jealous. I was on a business trip to Chicago my second week and didn't take any Nutrisystem food with me. I enjoyed some delicious seafood while I was away, but as someone else said in this thread, I ate as much as I used to eat...not what I.


To eat..

IMHO, the 'man up' comment was off base. I thought the idea of transferring the meal to a microwave safe container was right on the mark. Personally, I've been enjoying the Cesar salad dressing/chicken lunches and packing the salad full of radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, mushrooms, etc. I had a staff lunch at Buca d' Bepo yesterday and had the salad with green apples and Gorgonzola. It was probably too many calories, but it was a lot less than a big ol' plate of pasta!.

My goal is to be at 190-200 by the end of the year - I'm 231 today...I can do it...

Comment #72

Well, crap. I was glad to get an extra vegetable at dinner time...hoped the book was wrong for the men's program.....

Comment #73

Last year in a prior attempt to live healthy, I got a juicer. I don't know if there is a place for it since it removes most of the fiber from the veggies or fruit, and with it the sustaining feeling of fullness. On the other hand, some veggy juices are really vitamin-packed with minimal calories. Anyone want to "weigh in" on this?..

Comment #74

I'm not a fan of juices. Too many calories for too little benefit and fullness. For liquids I have become strictly a water guy, and surprisingly enough am very happy with it. I do however occasionally have a cup of skim milk as my dairy in the morning...

Comment #75

I think veggie bulk is better in keep satiation. There are some recipes that benefit from juicing or blending. You could post on the Food Tips and bet you get a lot of good analysis from the estros...

Comment #76

Hi everyone,.

I just started couple of days ago. Today I ended my first day on Nutrisystem menu. It was tough but got thru just fine sticking to the plan. Hope to have more of days like this but a lil easier...

Comment #77

A derogatory, demeaning , sexist term short for estrogen, referring to women...

Comment #78

They can call us testi's, we won't mind - so it's ok.

100% 3 days but I slowed down - 248 today - about 3 lbs over the last week...

Comment #79

Yeah except the dining out guide says "no" to hummus in the vegetarian food section. That surprised me. I know hummus is a fat but it's a lot less fat than nuts and other similar items. I'm just going to count it as I would salad dressing or mayonnaise or something...

Comment #80


I have lost 9 lbs since Oct 27th. Is this loss a ture loss or as some people have told me it's just ".

Water weight.


Comment #81

Only 9 lbs in 11 months?.

Just kidding. I'd figure about 5 lbs of that is "water weight", but it all counts! Getting a true 4 lb fat loss in a week is very good, but not unheard of. Some guys can get a steady 3-4 lbs/week when staying on-program, but it really varies with the individual. Keep it going, man!!.



Comment #82

Hey Jakeorama, just started myself a few days ago. Have tried everything as well. I am excited after 4 days. Started at 270, today 262! Yay......

Comment #83

After your initial surge assume 1-3% loss of your gross weight each week. Also expect a slow down or stoppage at 10% overall losses...

Comment #84

Good to read those posts - I lost 7 lbs but have been steady at 218 for several days. I probably shouldn't weigh myself so often..

Comment #85

I weigh daily. As long as you are not brittle about seeing the numbers vary, I think more info is good. Also, I see a lot of weekly weighers who go off plan and try to make it up and the like. Studies have shown daily weighers adhere to diets better...

Comment #86

When I started I weighed myself daily and drove myself insane. I then resolved to weigh myself only once a week. I was happy at that, but Id still sneak a peek every couple of days, until I was driving myself insane again weighing daily again..

Now Im more relaxed about it, I stick to the plan knowing the weight will come off at it's own pace and weigh myself when I feel like it...

Comment #87

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