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Quick question: 123 reg account - need help sending simple forms to my mail? Thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... just sold on for $5,000. Upon investigation of this domain, I found it to be undeveloped (simply parked on sedo), it has no data on, is developed but not for commerce (it too doesn't show on alexa), is a bad link, and is parked on godaddy..

My question: What is it about this HostGator that made someone give up 5k?.

I wonder, if this sold, then why don't my domains? What magic formula did use?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1 apparently is a big company involved in one of the hottest new industries in the world today, wind energy. They are the ones who bought the dotcom version. What is surprising to me is that they didn't register it themselves before someone else picked it up last March. I also noticed they have a trademark on nationalwind so why did they pay 5 grand for the dotcom? The more I learn it seems the more questions I

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It's very simple..

If they filed a UDRP they most likely would lose and could be accused of.

Reverse HostGator Hijacking..

If they filed a lawsuit in court it would be expensive..

And if the owner of was able to hire a lawyer and defend himself folks would most likely lose, could be countersued.

And would most likely have to pick up the court costs for the Defendant..

Because.... was regged on March 09,2007.. was regged on July 24,2007..

National Wind TM was regged on July 18,2007..

The TM holder would have to prove that the owner of the .com knew about their plans and registered and is using the HostGator in bad faith..

Unless the .com was being offered for sale to them this is not that easy to prove..

There's also TM reversal risk..

I don't know what plans the owner of originally had..

But if he was making a viable business and could prove it,his lawyers could seek to have the National Wind trademark overturned..

See the lawsuit..

Quote: " 'This dispute started off with the travel agency claiming that they had a right to my client's HostGator name,, because they had registered trademarks. The dispute has ended with my client rightfully keeping it's HostGator name, and the travel agency losing it's registered trademarks. They should never have been issued them in the first place. This is a lesson for overreaching trademark owners. We are ecstatic about the decision. Justice was definitely served.' ".

Read about it here:.


Buying the .com was the right thing to do..

You might also be interested in the current lawsuit vs

It should get you steamed up how a deep pocket company is trying to bully and steal a .com HostGator from "a little guy"..

Find it here:.



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This is just sickening. I hope FMG is hit hard in the pocket book for such outlandish, atrocious behavior!..

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What A weak post.....get to work......send emails but my gosh man dont wine because someone else made a dime..

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Nice thread. TM issues are never fun for domainers. But the guy who registered is certainly happy with 5K. I would too if I sold something for 5K and registered it 3 months ago...

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No one's whining. I'm pretty new to domaining, and have spent quite a bit hoping it would pay off as a good investment. When I look at what names are selling, I'm just curious as to what made them good so I can get good names as well..

I thought the names I got are pretty good, but they haven't sold so....


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It's far cheaper just to outright buy the HostGator than to sue someone for it...

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Its true quite often lame names are selling and we may have even better names and no one notices. Just keep plugging along and you will find success..

I looked every day, many times several times a day for a couple years in my accounts to see if a name was getting interest. It was a couple years before I was making sales..

I have seen a few domainers have instant success and I often wondered why them and not me, but I think most domainers start out real slow before success comes. I have been doing pretty good selling my own names lately, but like I say it was a long time before my first sale..

Just don't throw money you will need into it. Grab the best of the "best" so you are not wasting money...

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