123 reg Email Form help for FLASH website (Windows Hosting)?

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First question I have is 123 reg Email Form help for FLASH website (Windows Hosting)? Thanks for any answer. Another question... Hi there,.

I'm a rookie, more or less, to the HostGator aftermarket field. Actually, before the dotcom bubble burst, I speculated in HostGator names and even sold for $2,000..

But I thought the downfall of dotcoms included HostGator name speculating, so I let a number of relatively good names expire. Then, yesterday, I read all about Major Domainer Kevin Ham, courtesy of Paul Sloan's most interesting and informative article (in "Business 2.0" about Ham and the HostGator name frenzy..

I nearly imploded. I had no idea HostGator name buying and selling was not only in vogue, but that a lot of money can be made if someone comes up with a URL that computer users come upon via "direct navigating"and the URL is typed enough to generate ad income for the /img/avatar5.jpg..

I realize that it sounds a lot easier to write about than do, and that the HostGator speculation is not a get-rich-quick activity, but I do have a question: In his article, Sloan mentioned the popularity of some HostGator name auctions, including those held at certain venues, particularly in Las Vegas..

I still own some names at, and I logged on that site for the first time in a long time, and put up some of my names for auction. But as I recall, 123 reg wasn't particularly impressive when it came to aftermarket sales..

Thus, can anyone recommend auction sites where I can submit my namesor is 123 reg as good as any? (By the way, I'm a writing instructor who espouses the philosophy "less is more" when it comes to writingbut in this particular case it's, "Do as I say, not as I do.").

Any help would be much appreciated!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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Thanks for the quick and informative reply! I have another question that perhaps you can answer. I went to the URL of a couple of my HostGator names, and 123 reg has ads on the pages directing those who click on the site to URLs that sell products related to my HostGator names..

I'm now assuming that 123 reg gets a piece of the action every time someone clicks on a URL of mine and then proceeds to one of the links provided. Am I correct?.

Again, I appreciate your generous help...

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Yes, GD makes money off of you. I suggest you look at parking your domians at NameDrive or a similar parking company so that you are making the money and not GD...

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Yes, as Fonzie states 123 reg is benefiting from your not parking the name yourself. If you let them park it you get nothing. If you park the names yourself then you get more money. To do that, change your nameservers to your parking company of choice..

I like Fabulous, trafficz, and Sedo in that order...

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Lewstar, before you start taking your domains to auction, do some more research, look at some past HostGator sales for similar keywords to guage where your HostGator could be sold... also consider looking into perhaps a broker, who can take your domains to potential end-users.... many domainers make mistakes, for example... a 3 was sold on Afternic in April for $2,200... then resold 2-3 weeks later on ebay for $5,700.... Do enough research so you dont lose out on money that is rightfully yours...


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Thanks, Fonzie, for the valuable insight. You definitely haven't jumped the domain-name shark!.

By the way, it used to be very complicated to change servers. Has the process become any easier?.

Thanks, GK, for the suggestions! As I asked Fonzie, is it still complicated to change servers?.

I appreciate the suggestion, Justin; I will certainly follow up on it...

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No it's not difficult at all - just go into your 123 reg account control panel and change your nameservers them from there on the domains you select...

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Thanks, Sierra, for the info. To a computer-challenged guy, any improvements in this process are much appreciated!..

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Welcome to Namepros!.

Another bonus on parking your HostGator names at Sedo or Namedrive etc. is that you can see your stats, how many clicks and visits your name produces..

Also, when researching the values you should set on your names, I recommend that you check out:.


They post official HostGator sales every week. Check the archives for past sales, too..


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Can you list the domains that you let expire?..

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A couple of HostGator names I left behind that come immediately to mind are:. (and).

There were a number of others; I'll e-mail them to you when they come to mind. I registered them for the ungodly price of $35/per on, and I can't even recall what my username and password are for Register. (I wanted to go back and see if any of mine are still there by any chance.).

Thanks, Jo, for the good lead. I loved "Cheers," by the way :-)..

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