123 reg, Great firewall of china issue?

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Quick question: 123 reg, Great firewall of china issue? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I've had my share of bad experiences with Sedo (s l o w). But I want to give credit where credit is due..

Two days ago (3/19/07) I received an offer on a name listed at Sedo. Today, 3/21/07, the transaction is complete and my check is in the mail..

Kudos to Sedo for a speedy transaction! This one was handled by Ara Zusky...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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Wow, lets hope this portends faster service in the future. Congrats on the sale!..

Comment #2

Wow 2 days, good job Sedo, and good job for the fast buyer..

Comment #3

Must have been a one-off!.

I am still waiting despite the buyer paying on 3 March????..

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My apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I just had a rare and speedy Sedo transaction, this one also handled by.

Ara Zusky.

I was the buyer and Ara was on top of things and the name was in my account withing 3 business days. We do our fair share of justified complaining about Sedo and certain reps around here so I felt it appropriate to also give praise to those who do a fine job...

Comment #5

I would like to praise Yvvone Pressiel. Everything was completed within 2 days...

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I think we are too quick to knock some of the Sedo rep's. A lot of the delays are caused by either party not responding to Sedo's requests in a timely manner or not responding at all. This causes their rep's to have to play a waiting game! Not knowing when or if they will get a reply to their emails. I sometimes think they must be as frustrated with some of their clients as we are. It is not in their interest to delay matters as they too are expecting payment for their sevices through the commission!! No sale = No commission...

Comment #7

It cost me less than 1 day to buy one .com name on Sedo..

Send offer, the buyer accepted it, send payment, accept name....

Very fast!..

Comment #8

My personal complaints about some Sedo reps are a result of them not responding to me in a timely manner...

Comment #9

Could you guys paste their email contact, I have 2 names sold last sunday. I furnished the details for the transfer, still waiting for their reponse...

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Most of my deals were through Oliver. Some others were Yvvone Pressiel & the most recent one was through Iris. I think all these reps were fast & responsive. I've never had problem with reps. Just the buyers delay payment - probably sometimes that makes us feel that the reps are not pushing the buyer....

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I dont bother with sedo. I recently updated my HostGator list with them, but Its just not worth the hastle sometimes.. My experiences to date have been very weak...

Comment #12

Increasingly I am of the same general opinion but sometimes you just can't pass on a good name that comes through the auction...

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I've done the same as of late. I seem to have more success actively selling than having a passive "for sale" page up, then waiting for reps and other people to do whatever it is they do, not to mention the commission fees...

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Email contacts , please..

I reckon that's the same situation I am in right now...

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Strange.. I sold one of my .eu domains I had parked with SEDO after the normal negotiation activity, you know the offer, the counter offer ect. Then followed the normal messages like waiting for buyer to deposit the funds into escrow and waiting for transfers to be started etc. I know from previous experience this can take a while and after about 8 weeks I duly received my payment. I always like to check the Whois data of my sold domains to see who the new owner is and boy was I surprised to see that the HostGator is now registered to SEDO and in the name of the SEDO representitive who handled the negotioations and who sent me messages when I complained that the buyer was taking too long with his transfer request and that I would prefer to cancel the sale if the buyer did not get a move on and so on..

Very odd as when I received the EURID e-mail for approving the transfer the name of the buyer was some german guy with a totally different name then my SEDO contact in who's name the HostGator is now registered..

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