123 reg host and domain connection problem ?

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First of all 123 reg host and domain connection problem ? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Wonder if anyone has some advice for me here. I know many of us domainers use paypal and I have used them now for the past 3 years without a problem..that is until just now. I just concluded a deal here on Namepros and the buyer promptly paid the money into my Paypal account. I tried to transfer the money from my Paypal account into my Bank account as I always do except this time I get a message that my account with Paypal has been restricted due to possible fraudulous use of my account and because security is of such high concern to Paypal my account is now blocked.

In order to lift this blocking I have to go through a very complicated process of steps including sending by fax copies of my gas and electricity bill, copy of my passport, copies of recent bankstatements to paypal.

Then it says if they dont receive these within 7 days my account will be permanently blocked. Jeeeeshhh what's all this Sh''';;87te???.

Any help or advice will be appreciated..



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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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No it was'nt one of my biggest. Euro 250 to be excact. But I am transferring the HostGator to the new owner tomorrow(also aNamepro's member) and now I worry that Paypal will never let me have the money. I have reason to believe this is quite possible as I have just now read many horror stories about Paypal on the internet..

Paypal says they restricted my account because they have reason to believe a third party tried to access my account. Apparently according to the horror stories this is what they often cite as a reason and then they dont reply to you when you try and have it fixed and sent them the documents they requested and eventually you can kiss your money goodbye...

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Prepare all the documentation and send it off. They had me go through the same procedure last year and paypal does this on occasion to random accounts...

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Be careful there. I've seen so many scams and frauds being sent to me pretending to be Paypal..

Paypal will never ask any of those information you mentioned above. My question is did you go to directly to PayPal website? or did you received an email look just like paypal?.

Don't do anything until you call PayPal to clarify it. I've seen so many scam in my email telling me that Payment sent to such and such and if you didn't purchased this item click here (which the logo is similar to PayPal). Yeah right...

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Stories like this always make me wonder how badly we, internet business people, would be royally @#$%^&* if paypal went -poof- one day..

I don't think you have much choice other than to jump through their hoops.. They have us over a barrel and they know it...

Have you tried Google's system?.

[Edit: Xman has a good point.. I was assuming you went through paypals site directly...].


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Hi Newton ..did you get your money back? And how long did it take?.



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Everything was just on hold while they verified details of the faxed documents, the account was then unfrozen for me after they verified everything, and the monies / transfers still there. Took about a week to sort it all out and they moved my account to a business paypal rather than a personal one...

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That sucks man. I wish you luck, sorry I don't have any suggestions other than what others have presented...

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Glad you got it resolved,.

Did they ever tell you what the reason was for the freeze?.

Is that the only way they would allow you access to your funds?.

It seems kinda drastic for an active 3 year old account.

And is everyone with a "personal" account at risk for this,.

At paypal's whim?..

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Please verify it is paypal who is requesting this information from you as there are a lot of phishing attempts going on .. if in ANY doubt contact paypal directly ...

If you don't send off these details to them they will block your account and you will have no access to funds in there. I had to deal with spanish as well as english paypal to get mine resolved as I was living in both countries at the time..

There was quite a bit of cash flowing through the account at that time and I was suspected of 'money laundering'. After the faxes detailing bank accounts etc were sent everything was resolved satisfactorily and the account unblocked straight away...

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Thnx Newton and all the rest too. It is the legit site. I first got into my account and then encountered the message when I tried to transfer my money to my bank account. I will go the way you suggested as I dont seem to have any choice. But it is extremely inconvenient. I phoned their custumer service and was put on hold by an automatic answering service for more then 25 minutes.

Found these sites and it seems Paypal is not such a nice company..




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I had this problem from paypal one time a few years ago re faxing utility bills etc. You just have to do it...

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Paypal is paypal.. You can't be a world leading money transfer company and not have issues (fraud, etc is a major loss in there business) They do several measures to prevent this..

Quite offen they will do this when a person receives a foriegn currency money and immendently tries to withdrawal to a bank.. Which is signs of fraud.. I have had that happen before..

Just phone them..

- Steve..

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Don't use paypal, use Moneybookers, it is safer, it has less commisions (1%), and there is no possibility for a chargeback. And they have a good escrow system with only a 1% escrow fee..

Well, I never dealt with paypal so I cannot give you an advice on this, but hope it will work fine for you..


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I tried..see my post above yours.

Read this account from an ex-employee of Paypal. I think I have lost my money for good..


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Here is PayPal's toll-free number in case you need it: 1-888-221-1161..

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Yes, the paypal account really was locked and I couldn't pay any of my ebay bills at the time....if you open a normal bank account, the bank requests all this stuff when the account is opened....with paypal they suddenly spring it on you some time after you have been trading with them......

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Your money is not lost if you submit all the info they request asap..

I also highly recommend "personal" users switch over to "business"..

You have nothing to lose if you can them asap to verify & acknowledge that you are complying with their request to send in info. Ask them to "make a note on your account" that you are going to give them what they need..

And good luck. happens every now and then. I had a large sum in their once, nothing went wrong... I had barely 100 another time, and they froze my account. LOL. Luck of the draw..

Once again... do everything they ask but call them first to make sure..


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I have just received a spam notification of account freeze so as has been stated above be careful that the messages are genuinely sourced...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.