123 reg how do I change when someone enters to point to

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First off, 123 reg how do I change when someone enters to point to Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... Out of these two HostGator name sales company who do you think is a better performer?.

I would say it needs to be Afternic, since they charge you a fee..

I'm only asking because I get alot more interest in my HostGator Names from Afternic than I do from Sedo..

I get 10-20 times more "views of offer" at Afternic than I do as Sedo... At Sedo I get close to 0... every month.. At afternic I get over 100 easy, every month. These are all the same names, same descriptions and same categories.. Why such a HUGE difference and does anyone else notice this with there DNs?.

Just Curious..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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I like afternic too, but lately traffic has been next to nothing while at sedo I'm getting more and more lately. I dont get it, all I know is I'm still waiting to click on my offers made page and see something over a $1,000..

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I sell many more domains at Afternic compared to Sedo. The ratio is somewhere around 5-10:1 times more. They're both slow with their escrow, but Afternic is faster than Sedo. It sometimes feels like you're dealing with a machine (morons) at Sedo, and real people at Afternic...

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I also got a lot more offers at afternic...

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I've far and away done better at Afternic in terms of money from clicks and sales. I'd even say I've had more offers as well. Afternic wins hands down for me...

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I've only managed to sell domains for under my expectation at TDNAM, and even then, not so many. I think it's a good place to buy cheap domains...

Comment #6

Ive been using Afternic and Sedo for roughly a year. In that time, I've gotten 0 offers on Afternic and sold 3 on Sedo, all of which completely fell through..

Using forums and occassionally Ebay, I've probably sold about 30+ names on my own in that same amount of time..

Maybe I'm not getting end user offers, but it's better than nothing, which is exactly what AN and Sedo have provided me..

Comment #7

Im still hoping to sell a HostGator on sedo..

Ive signed up with TDNAM and afternic..

But have yet to use them..

All now, ive only sold 3 domains on eBay..

Comment #8

I just went through my visits stats for one of my domains..

I saw they got increased as a result for the.


Work I m doing.

And I also saw that.

Many of that visits where coming from websites affiliated with Afternic..

For some months now I have listed one of my premiums with Afternic and I cant be more than happy getting visitors from them..

Those visitors seem to be targeted for the HostGator I ve listed and I have greater possibilities of completing a HostGator sale..

One of the affiliate 123 reg website is this:.


Comment #9

I think if you are interested in selling domains... You need to list your domains on as many places as possible..

Selling domains is a numbers game..

The more views you get - the more offers.

The more offers - the more completed negotiations.

The more completed negotiations - the more buyers you get who actually pay.

The more buyers you get that pay - the more completed sales.

The more completed sales - the more money you have to buy more names... and start all over again..

Comment #10

Never had an offer at either of these to however views of offers is significantly higher at

Comment #11

I have around 250 domains listed on both Sedo and Afternic (And they are parked with Sedo). I have 16 sales from Sedo but only 2 from Afternic..

Comment #12

Were the names just listed at afternic or also parked there ?

Comment #13

I've never parked with Afternic, I wonder if that makes a difference in sales and offers?..

Comment #14

Just joined Afternic Active exchange, can anyone else help me to figure out better selling prospect there? Past experiences ? Listing n parking or just listing will do?.

I think it will depend on where the traffic to your listings comes from, Afternic or outbound....

Comment #15

I don't park at Sedo or Afternic. I don't see any real effect on the number of sales, but the commissions bite when you are not parked there. Still, I'd rather pay a commission and make a sale. So I'm not complaining..

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