123 reg, Juicy Hosting or Host Gator?

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Got a question... 123 reg, Juicy Hosting or Host Gator? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... After a year, now I have 1,050 domains....

All different types....

Now, it's getting difficult to manage takes alot of time.

I manage them through, (btw, it pays better than Sedo, sorry Sedo, nothing against you)..

Developed several domains, cuz it's impossible to develop alot of sites and I'm doing this all by myself...

Had couple of sales.....

Now, is there any script, where I can manage my domains locally on my pc...such as expiry, ...etc.

And if I want to appraise all my domains, what is the quickest method? what about PremiumDomains, are they good?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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That is a lot domains. I am in domaing for one year also, and have about 250 domains. Some of them are crapies..

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Yes we all have "crapies" especially if we have only been in the business for a year or two. I'm letting mine expire one by one. I have been domaining for about a year and a half now and have 175 - 200 names. I too would like a nice easy program to list, catagorize and manage my names...

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I use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of things..




First Reg date.

Expiration date.

Purchase price (if any).

Category (Geo, adult, gambling, travel, etc.).

If sold I move it to a sold names spreadsheet and include the date sold and the amount...

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Try our HostGator name management software..

Available at.

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I agree - nothing beats excel - I think excel is underrated by the general community - it's so powerful - if you take the time to learn it. Powerful in the way you can customise it to suit you - you don't have to put up with anyone else's management system..

If you create your lists and do the check sum's - you can at a click see what is expiring first... your best and worst HostGator etc - all in a very universal format for 3rd parties in excel or pdf. Set and forget once you've done your template..

Edit: I've done a rough valuation of my portfolio using estibot and put those in an excel column to gauge my approx worth..

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I still don't have a good book keeping on my names, don't know how many of them etc. If I have some 4 letter names, I try to enter to my.


Site so that I.

Can keep some record..

I also use domaintools..

I am slowly consolidate my names to godaddy, this definitely will help me to solve.

The book keeping problems..

I set auto-renew to avoid any drop...

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I have been here about 2 years now. I own around 130 names, all with GoDaddy. I just set up my own Excell tracking logs and that works fine for me, I can sort, make reports, statistics and pretty much anything else Excell can do..

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Except exert control over their 'what if' circumstances! Would be wise to have your own personal updated copy/record of your domains and details. Excel is a good way, but whatever is easier for one to work with. Remember that wise quote - "Trust No One!"..

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I use excel as well...its working good so far......

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After I hit 500 domains about 2 years ago this became a problem. At the time I used about 5-6 major registrars but it was a mess. I looked for tools but basically it boiled down to registrars being a problem...So I began consolidation to Moniker. Now whenever I buy a HostGator that might be at GD or namecheap I move as quickly as possible to Moniker. Moniker has some great can list up to 1000 domains without any problems. Management there is good for the domains.


That makes it very easy to show it to people interested in domains I might have..

I did try some desktop solutions but felt paying $xxx for some software wasn't worth it for me. Most give you 30 day trials if you want to check them out. However I found most to be under-par for the features I really wanted. They are clunky imho. As others say...use excel if you want a local spreadsheet. Heck you can use openoffice too. It doesn't take much to DB store your portfolio but all boils down to the registrar because that is really where your domains are to begin with...

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Anyone familiar with what.


Looks pretty good at first glance, I haven't had the chance to take a real test drive but seems like great solution that most of us are looking for?.

If someone have tried it out please share your positives & negatives?..

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There are several HostGator tools over at DNF. Someone over on WHT is developing a tool. it's in beta at the moment. See.

I'm still using a spreadsheet. There are online services like at Fabulous and iMonetize, and now apparently Rebel..

Ok. I just registered with Rebel. It's only for Rebel registered domains as far as I can tell, since the upload of domains failed. Anyone using Rebel's RPM?..

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I agree with the excel spreadsheet solution. Create the fields you want at the top and populate the spreadsheet. Once you do, go to data filter and select autofilter after you have you top field categories highlighted. This allows you to pull any info in each category pretty easily. I think as long as you input new regs that day, this is the most efficient and cost friendly solution...

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I started being "hard nose" about my HostGator tracking several years ago when domains started going AWOL in my registerfly account. I use a spreadsheet also...

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I do something very similar except I use OpenDocument Database instead, that way I can just run queries on it to get all domains at a certain register or all expiring in one month etc etc, though you can do with Excel as well..

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I am using the win foxpro database program to store all HostGator specific information..

It's great and easy as I feel. I seldom use excel..

It can manage tons of records as it's manuals said...

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I Use excel, with the following setup:.

Domain | Extension | Registrar | Expiry Date | NameServers | Parking Venue | Category 1 | Category 2 | Buy Price.

Then I use filters to list specific registrar, or any other field...

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