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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

Comment #1

A good read - and I obviously fall on his (our) side - but the analogy breaks down at a fairly high level. Land has no associated IP outside of the value of the land unless you are buying in a development (Or resort or similar), in which case the developer makes money off of your purchase. No need to take this to it's ultimate conclusion, but I'm not sold on the analogy in this case..


Comment #2


Its true that as a broad statement most letters to decease and desist are probably legit, as tm names and such. But it is nice at the proper time and the correct circumstance to be able to have a term to define the pirates. Cyberbullies is a perfect coined term that most likely only a seasoned domainer could create for this situation...

Comment #3

To me "Cyberbullies" sounds like we are the petulant schoolchildren of the internet complaining about the bigger kids having better toys... But really, I have no problem with the term, merely the particular argumentative strategy he employs. That's all.

As far as his coining the term:.





Comment #4

He probably has a plan of setting up a 123 reg website with contents against cyberbullies...

Comment #5

Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu are perfect examples of people who need to hire a.


Person... Or speech/blog ghostwriters. After reading Howard Neu's response to the HostGator Jam NYC party and now this post by Rick Schwartz, I'm sort of left with the impression that they both are rather impulsive and emotional to a point where it dilutes any legitimate message they may have had. And really, I agree with everything Rick said, yet somehow he managed to turn me off, so I can only imagine what effect this would have on someone who is a non-domainer. If you are trying to convince someone as to the merits of your argument, emotional diatribes are usually not the best way to accomplish this..

Of course we all agree with the message, but we already understand it. I think the more important question here is who do we want to be the mouthpieces of our industry?.

And Rick really needs to stop living in 96 and get on the netiquette train to No-caps-lock-ville.....

Comment #6


Not sure who coined it, but "There is nothing more despising to my pallet than a poor argument for a position that I hold dear" - or something like that.


Comment #7

I had a few other comments as well, but I didn't want to go off on an emotional diatribe.

Great quote though, I'll have to look that one up...

Comment #8

Thankfully recently a.


Just lost a battle for the G-Mail domain..


Comment #9

Very good blog post. I always loved the example of the internet being the Real Estate of the virtual world, and I really wish people would start treating it as such..

Though I guess we'd have more competition if that were the case...

Comment #10

What is scary about coining the term "virtual real estate" is it will garner the attention of the thousands of real estate agents, many who are now seeing the bubble in real estate prices bursting in the real property market..

I wonder how long it would take to attract attention if the average real estate person kept hearing about the HostGator world where all the domains names are soon to be called real estate?. I bet thousands of real estate agents would want to get into domains, and thus create more competition for a already fierce marketplace...

Comment #11

Which is why you reg and buy like there is no tomorrow..

Comment #12

The industry will boom again, and interest will peak and all kinds of people will want a piece. It's already happening. I can't imagine what it will be like in a few short years...

Comment #13

I have not always agreed with Ricks views on some things, but nothing unusual about that as I don't always agree with most people on certain things. One thing is for sure though and that is his view to defend the HostGator profession and all those who plugged along and made it what it is today. I am in total agreement that we do need to stand up to the bullies who attack our HostGator profits or traffic..

If we do not learn to fully defend domainers right's now we will see our most common HostGator rights challenged. When using the template of virtual real estate we can imagine the plunders that have taken place for the physical real estate from private parties to the large corporate enterprizes who have wanted what is not theirs..

Have you ever considered how much property the government has seized as imminate domain?. Millions of acres of real property seized for the public good for roads, schools, railways, bridges, etc..

If we are not standing strong as a unified group of domainers, there is no way in hell we will be able to keep the parasites away from our efforts. It may not be a reality now, but may be in the future..

I take my hat off to all the Ricks in the HostGator world who have that grit...

Comment #14

Agreed, that blog post needs some slash n burn editing..

He takes offence to name calling, then goes on to call people parrots, losers, bullies, failures e.t.c.

The school yard tones just weaken the valid underlying point...

Comment #15

To binaryman....

Thank you for posting the link....

Interesting read... but then I always like reading about things Rick has to say....

He's like my CyberDADDY... (giggle).

Posted in my blog....



Wonder how many days it's been since he stopped my my cozy place:.


Over 2000 gem domains there (available).

We had a giggle over LOL LOL LOL.

Now I have to go read the rest of his blog - I didn't even know he had one....

I see he recently started it (April 2007) so I'm not too far behind... must.

Catch up though....

~DomainBELL (Patricia)..

Comment #16

I agree. While he makes good points at various sections I believe overall he is too often using real land as an analogy and it doesn't always fit. When you drive by a plot of land that's not developed the land owner doesn't get a 10 cent fee from the neighbors where the person is really looking to go..

Also cities raise and collect taxes on ALL land developed or not. That tax is based on the current value. Now oddly I think it's guys like Schwartz that are behind the ICA and looking to actually make domains property and change tax law. At least that's my belief. The reality is domains as property will create situation for anyone with a great piece of land ( and charge them a VERY high fee..

Domains are NOT property nor should they be. And Rick's entire rant is based on an analogy that domains are like property..

His analogy that domains as parking property similar to NYC are grossly off the mark. If you have land in NYC and it's undeveloped then taxes will certainly go deep into anyones pocket unless they DO SOMETHING with the domain. Parking in NYC is a viable business while imho (just my opinion remember) HostGator parking is a fairly worthless business and it only serves to "trick" people into clicking links on what they think are legit sites that are going to offer something useful but ultimately only point them to a useful place. Google does this better and for free..

Rick makes some good points but really where is that post coming from? His Cyberbully routine doesn't imho have a basis. Professional domainers basically dismiss people that incorrectly call them cybersquatters. Ya know the whole "sticks n stones" routine. Why should Rick care what people call him or other domainers that own thousands of domains? He has enough money already..

EDIT: btw..another problem with his parking analogy is that you must first be zoned to be a parking lot and you also must have a business license. You can't just charge people to park on your empty lot. Reading his rant for the third time and this thread twice...I think that Schwartz does need a.



Just my 2 cents...

Comment #17

I'll "second" that .02.

You and/or Herb should contact him and offer to fill that role - you both write well and know the industry - Just my .02 as well.


Comment #18


Would you rather read something a.


Rep. crafted for Rick... ??.


Would you rather read something directly our of his head, heart and from.

His very own fingertips... ??.

I want it direct from the source... personal... fresh... real....

That's my 2cents worth....

~DomainBELL (Patricia)..

Comment #19



Like to read something "crafted" - no..

When something is created that will be read and dissected by those not already on my "side", however, I would like the writing to be vetted first..

In short, when my people come to me about the status of a case, I want the blunt truth and it doesn't need to be "fancied up" or otherwise edited to make sure that everything makes sense, as we are on the "same team" already. When those same people present to the outside world and to those that may be undecided or even in opposition to my opinion, I do not want to give them extra fodder to use against me/my position..


Comment #20

Even God speaks through representatives.

The higher you are in the echelon of an organization, the more professional you need to appear. With success comes a certain level of responsibility, because given your status, your words become representative of the entire industry. This is especially true when it's a lesser known and accepted industry such as domaining. His words can only serve to do more damage than good if he doesn't take the time to consider his demeanor and professionalism. By posting blogs that are ranting and inciting in nature he only detracts from the real message and sets the industry back even further. These types of posts do nothing but to alienate us further from legitimacy in the eyes of non-domainers.

By doing so, he is basically saying that he will rant and rave about whatever he wants, regardless of what effect it has on the industry or other domainers, because he's at the top and he doesn't have to care about the rest of us..

If Rick Schwartz has anything fresh and real for the domainers of today, I'd love to hear it. But this example is a far cry...

Comment #21

A blog seems different to me than a press release or a talk at a Traffic convention..

Blogs are all about the say it as it is, not the polished letter that meets everyone half way. I am not at all concerned about the brash way of this topic as it makes it's point and it is for domainers, not the general public..

His straigtforward and not polished presentation regarding cyber bullies is a good motivator for other domainers as he is showing that it is important to stand up to those who will push us and maybe some domainers wll see that we have to push back at times. Pushing back is never the first course of action, but when the pigs are blowing at your house it is the only recourse at times..

I don't think he had the intention of presenting new facts, he is just saying to see the parasites for what they are and to not be a push over to them..

When the wind blows it is important to stand tall and strong. I am sure if his audience is more formal, he tones it down and serves it up in smaller dishes...

Comment #22

I'm wholeheartedly in agreement with rather getting it raw, uncut, from the heart and with an experts undistorted voice, no matter how disturbing that some other people may be. Anything canned, packaged and targeted just to receive the most bang, is sometimes overshooting the real goal..

The term Parrot was used appropriately as he went on to state that people are likely to follow a trend, and even if the trend is only verbal, there are still too many copycats out there that pride themselves in.


What someone else stated. Thus, parrot is not all that far off target..

While he generally sounds a bit upset, I understand his position, a position that many of us are put into by being considered Cybersquatters. The term itself is no longer applied on an individual basis but used as a general description and all too often that one rotten egg (domainer) in the otherwise healthy basket spoils it for many of us..

The otherwise healthy landscape of HostGator ownership is all too often tainted by corporations that have fallen under the belief that the Internet is now a virtual place to own and that they have the rights to do so, no matter how many laws are being bent in the process. Simultaniously, it's especially these large corporations that understand how to use the machinery of.


Against the domainers..

Point in case: Many of us applaud the the gentleman from Germany that is standing tall to protect his rights to own, the general public is shaking their head in disbelief that someone is squatting on Google's property..

Or to use a term from the blog, in a virtual world, one of the largest parking lot owners, heck, they have whole parking garages are Microsoft, Google, etc. Who's pointing at them? Or has it suddenly become legitimate to just squat when a corporations name is associated with the act, yet if Mr. Schmo from the Australian Outback does the same it's cause for a public outcry?.

It's the double standard that we're concerned with here. Most of us know it and Rick pointed it out, rather blatantly in his blog. In the end, it's Black and White - no shades of gray; he certainly accomplished that...

Comment #23

Parrot was a good term, because I fail to see how what he said was anything but repeating stuff that has been said hundreds of times before. He offered absolutely nothing new or insightful to domainers in his post..

Do we really need to hear the same exact thing said by 50 "experts" in order to understand the concept? No, it's something we all know and agree with already, because it's quite apparent. All you need to do is pick up a newspaper....

So what benefit does his post have to domainers? He posted a rant that made it clear to us his stance on the position. Great... Before this post, I wasn't certain that Rick, who holds million$ in domains, would be in favor of protecting his domains from corporate encroachment. Now I know....

I just find it ironic how people can place so much value on the words of Rick Schwartz and yet not see the power those words have and the potential they have to be interpreted negatively by outsiders and cast onto the industry as a whole..

As I stated, success comes with a certain level of responsibility. If he can't or won't accept this, than it will only negatively effect the rest of us in the long run. And it will be our own faults for revering a man who comes off as having nothing to offer but a crass attitude and recycled opinions..

I know I'm not walking the popular line here, but I feel that we need to place the interests of the community and industry above those of a single man, regardless of how successful he is. It's not impossible to offer raw insight and still maintain a level of professionalism...

Comment #24

It's not like anyone's taking votes or asking for opinions and since these two are footing the bill, taking financial risk to promote the industry you best enjoy the ride if your sitting on quality names..

All though not losing $ I'm sure It's not as much as many people might think (right now) but their days are right around the corner..

My hats off to em..

Boom again? You haven't seen a boom yet like what's coming. Most people still don't even know what a HostGator name is but that's changing rapidly..

A few short years is right...

Comment #25

From the tv ads that all have the internet ads on the bottom, to that kia ad that has the flip book with, to ads directed at internet, to sitcom characters that got rich with, to those txting instead of talking, to bank ads with texting lingo, to the hugh green and ecofriendly campaigns that will be plastered everywhere - every month I just see it growing and growing. and we haven't felt the effects of the newest generation that grew up computing from the womb. hmmm..

Comment #26

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite posters here..

It's not like I want Rick to have a canned parrot blog but maybe he just needs an editor or someone to run it through before posting. That was one serious rant that I am still unsure exactly his message...

Comment #27

On the contrary, you are right to a certain extent. Especially when you say that he's not stating anything that we don't know already.However, someone who is obviously having a louder voice in the industry than...well,...mine for example, I am in favor for speaking up. Has his rant re-invented the wheel? Absolutely not, but it's refreshing to know that someone that has this type of voice is not opposed to using politically edgy terms. Not to go too far off track with this, but I believe that this is one of the things thats wrong with this country; everyone MUST be conform to political correctness and 95% of the country is whining in agony if someone is going off track..

I am, just like you are, as a matter of fact the majority of this board are painfully aware of the light thats being cast upon us. What has been done for the regular domainer? So far, not much, actually almost nothing..

Sometimes, just sometimes, it takes the one guy, even though he's "Captain Obvious" that stands up and screams about it, maybe even in not politically correct terms. Why am I siding with him in this case? Simple. I, personally, have a problem with corporate establishment, their bending laws, rules and regulations, elevating themselves above the normal guy even though they should be considered equal..

...and before I get completely "shot" on this board, I better shuttup.

Edit- Add on: The above is really just.

As I am the kinda guy that rather has someone standing up to my face, pointing at the pile of "cow dung" and naming it as such opposed to someone trying to sell the same BS as a "bunch of roses, they just smell a little different".... So, if anyone is offended by the above, I apologize in advance...

Comment #28

I agree with you 100% about the issue of political correctness, except that we aren't talking about our personal feelings and interactions, we are talking about business. Business isn't meant to be politically edgy, it's meant to make money. You don't make money by alienating and offending a great portion of your potential customer base. And you don't appease their fears and change their perceptions by acting childish and unprofessional. His post wasn't so much politically edgy, as much as it was just a tantrum....

And I must state again that I too agree with him for the same reasons that you've mentioned above. But again, it's not the message that is the issue, but the delivery..

Anyway, I'm done with this topic, I think I said everything I needed to say and more..

Comment #29

I wish he would have someone check his grammar, though his message was potent...

Comment #30

Corportate America is polished, slow to change and presents a certain image..

Domaining does not. Lets not put it into that mold. We do not want the HostGator business to be made up of all polished speakers, suit and tie types. Yes, proper conversation with smooth delivery is nice I suppose if you are so inclined..

Personally I like to hear words spoken from the heart and if it comes from a street person, I don't want a commitee to "clean it up". The person who has been there can generally say it better..

You do not need to go to sunday school or wear suits to be a millionaire in this business. You can work from home or from your motorcycle shop and have tattoos plastered all over your body and make more money than the Wall street boys in domaining. You can cuss and swear and still make millions..

Personally I try to act professional, but that does not mean each successful domainer has to have a full grasp of the english language or talk a certain way to please others..

This is the wild west of the business world. You can be an average housewife, ditch digger, hang out at the bars, smoke, drink, gamble, whatever and still be a huge success in this business. If you do those things you certainly will not talk like the college professor..

I also think many domainers think we have a image problem because of posts like this. Face it, we domainers are the ones who read this stuff, not the public in most instances..

One thing you need to be a big shot in this business is have the ability to know where the internet traffic is going and snag those domains ahead of the crowd. If you do that you will rise above the crowd and it makes no difference if you are brash and talk like Rick did..

If words were that important from domainers then we need to call out all those who own porn names and every other controversial domain. Are his words worse than the thousands of gutter names many of us own? We are presenting those names to the public too. I am happy we have those freedoms. We can register any foul HostGator we want as long as it falls under the legal realm. So then I guess we can pretty much talk about the names anyway we want too..

Should we conform all our HostGator choices to nice pretty names? We do not do that as we allow others to run their business as they see fit, as long as it is legal. Is it legal to rant and rave? Hell yes it is..

I support diversity in the HostGator business and I support the effort of every domainer who wants to defend domaining and I especially support domainers who have the courage to talk in any way they know how to keep the parasites from taking what is not theirs..

Why is it if we pick up our car at the mechanics shop we can engage in conversation with folks who may talk like Rick and we then shake their hand and thank them?..

Thanks Rick for having the spunk to "take em on". Knowone could have said it better...

Comment #31

I'm going to "bow out" as well (See, "bow" doesn't look right to me. Maybe "bough", but I think that's what breaks that causes babies to fall, not my act of bending at the waist (Which would be a.


)), but I would take issue with one small point: The rest of the world is watching, and we do have our public faces. Forbes, CNN, BusinessWeek - they all point to the same faces that are the "window" into domaining. While the percentage of domainers who read Rick's blog is certainly many times greater than the percentage of the general public, I can assure you that the percentage of the general public who reads my (or your) blog is exponentially lower..



Comment #32

I am understanding the view that to make a professional image is important. I think there are polished speakers and then there are speakers who pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, and they may talk more streetwise. Each person may speak different. It doesn't matter to me as long as they say what they want in their own words...

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.