123 HELP!!! (i have no idea what i'm doing)?

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First off, 123 HELP!!! (i have no idea what i'm doing)? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. I downloaded the freeware HostGator Name Analyzer two days ago. I found about 200 names I liked that were avail. That was June 1st. Today June 3rd I went to reg some, all gone and regged to:.


Name Administration Inc. (BVI).

Box 10518 A.P.O..

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands B.W.I..



I find this too much of a coincidence.All 200 names regged 2 days after I check them with this free software!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

That a bummer, I have been using DNA for years now, never had that problem, I changed my whois to check's system instead of the default checkers...

Comment #2

Ouch, that sucks. Which site did you download it from? I've seen a few different versions of it on different sites..

Comment #3

I use HostGator Analyzer Pro and have never had a problem. I think it only queries the name servers...

Comment #4

Those guys based out of the Caymans are becoming the black hole of domaining...they're sucking up tons of domains...

Comment #5

Ok I did a little test last night, I checked all these names using the program and they were all avail. This mornng all gone, not the caymen dudes this time but all regged at moniker. So coicidence? I think not!.

Comment #6

Oh man, this is awful. I'll try to do a test using my DNA (which I thought was rock solid). I have several names on a "wanted" list which I've checked multiple times over the past several months and they were all still available last time I checked. Where did you download your version?..

Comment #7

Ya it sucks. First time I ever used it downloaded it from here. Must be a reason why it's free and I think I know why. Beware. I had some great names I was going to reg..


Comment #8

Every DNA is "rebadged" to a certain extent; the version I use is idotz , if I remember correctly, although I had used hostingdude's in the past. It could very well have to do with the whois server you use for your .com queries: please post. It could be more malicious, as well, on the side of the "rebadgers", if you will..


Comment #9

That's insane.

I checked the expiry date just to be sure. Sure would be nice to know who was spying on you and how they did it.....

Comment #10

I see it is using [Whois Source:] how do I change that?..

Comment #11

You can't change it. That's the verisign whois server. This does make me wonder if the tool is sending the requests or traffic to the verisign server being watched. That has been suggested before...

Comment #12

Well you can change it, certainly, but you are using the "correct" server (Hostingdude's version for a long time used a different server, if I remember correctly)..

Retry your test after running this program:.


(Same program, different vendor.).


Comment #13

That's what I'm thinking.. seems his version is porting the searches back to someone....

Comment #14

I've never had much trouble with DNA, but then again I don't search many TLDs with it, I think that's what they're interested in..

I've been thinking of trying to create my own program to make sure there's no spying on my searches, but the time to create it puts me back...

Comment #15

Okay I really don't like these kinds of systems so i'm running a little to test to see if it's an automated script, I just checked:.

TDAFASNEF.COM (In case there is a character limit).


Obviously no human will register them (I hope), so if they are gone tomorrow we know something fishy is going on in an automated capacity...

Comment #16

If they have no traffic, they will probably cancel them within a few days...

Comment #17

I do not believe there is anything wrong with the HostGator Name Analyzer.


You can blame Dan Warner of and Frank Schilling of Name Administration Inc for the sudden mass registration of "city name" + "keyword" domains..

Here's why:.

Frank Schilling of Name Administration Inc. has a relatively new domaining blog which has deservedly become very popular among domainers..


On June 1st ,Frank wrote about "The Great HostGator Name Boom Ahead"..


His commentary was in response to an email from regarding the great success they are having with "The HostGator Distribution Network (DDN)"..

Excerpt from the email that appeared on Frank's blog:.

"The HostGator Distribution Network (DDN), managed by, has been running aftermarket domains distribution via the registrar channel for a month now. We are pleased to announce that there has been proof of concept for this new paradigm in HostGator sales. The program has had strong sales and is showing promising results. It is fully expected that aftermarket HostGator sales via registrars will become a major part of the market, with registrars becoming the natural home for the bulk of aftermarket sales."..

There's much more so be sure to visit Frank's blog..

It's Frank's comments that appeared afterwards that I believe set off the HostGator registration frenzy..

Excerpts from Frank's comments:.

"Now you can take 50,000 names which make less than $6.00 a year on PPC, plug them into this system and generate more than $15,000 a day in HostGator name sales... This is on names which make no money via traffic!!".

"Folks, this is a game-changer.".

"...based on what I'm seeing here, nothing is going to expire anymore in future and your names are going to become much more valuable Heck ...

Many of your best names are probably still sitting in the available pool right now, unregistered!! Go!.


(Bolding and red lettering added by me)..

What will sell?.

"...Any product or service with cityname"..

"...comb Google for a list of the 100 biggest US cities and add the most popular yellow-page listings.."..

And that is exactly what many of his followers have done..

As did Frank..

On June 03, he followed up with this blog posting:.

"I Just Registered Some Names...".


"...I see some of you were busy many in my list were taken June 1st .. good for you"..

So it was a coincidence..

You happened to search for domains on the very day Frank Schilling.

Published "The Great HostGator Name Boom Ahead"..

Many more domains were regged between June 01 and now than.

Just the one's you researched as you will see if you do a.

Who Is look up for "...Any product or service with cityname"..

Frank also "lost" domains that were on his 'to register list' as.

He stated in his blog..

If this was a case of HostGator spying then within 5 days of the registration date many of the domains would drop and be available to reg again..

Domain Spyers and Tasters measure HostGator traffic and release the domains that won't earn the renewal fee. They don't register domains to resell..

I hope this helps solve the puzzle..

Read Frank Schilling's blog..

It's quite an education in domaining..


All are regged via Moniker..

Is it HostGator spying?.

Or a follower of Frank Schilling's blog?.

See my other posting..

Also check the domains again on June 09..

If spying most or all will drop..


Comment #18

I think it's only coincidental with Frank's blog posting. Why would all 200 of your 1st batch be all registered to Name Administration Inc, and all your 2nd batch of names be all registered by Johnathan Park? I'd bet there is some connection between the two registrants. Can't say if it's DNA or the whois server with the problem...

Comment #19

Maybe the donwload site inserted a spy logger or something..

How about run the whole names so that the buy out will come sooner +..

Comment #20

Depends who you're dealing with. But not in Name Admin's case..



200 HostGator names indeed registered to Name Admin?.

More importantly, why do some of you still think an available HostGator name you.

Didn't take on the spot will remain that way by the time you finally get to it?.

There's always that and other possibilities when using free software...

Comment #21

Of course not, I have a list I work through and I regularly find names off my list, which were previously free a week ago, purchased before I get to them. (I prioritize usually over a week period) but if my entire list were to of disappeared, in the hundreds, thousands etc, then I would be suspecting foul play myself..

However if the names are all the same theme, especially with as much hype as that blog got, then you can logically reason that they were just thinking as he was, the OP didn't indicate if that was the case in the opening post when I made my comment; even with his further post, I would speculate that there is enough differential in the names for some caution in the further use of the tool at present..

A few experiments would be appreciated, mine has come back negative so far, unless it's an advanced enough script to detect certain keywords (or character length), then it's not automated...

Comment #22

Did you use pirated DNA Pro? if that is the case then it might have had a keylogger or some trojan installed?..

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.