123 reg's "WebSiteTonight" sucked. How do I get rid of it and upload html pages?

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My first question is 123 reg's "WebSiteTonight" sucked. How do I get rid of it and upload html pages? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question.. No worries. This crap has been going on for months now. The funny is that the people trying to bash mobi have actually regged mobis themselves.

Oh well..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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Of course I am not referring to everyone who has an opinion about .mobi. I think differing opinions are healthy but not when you consistantly post negativity for no apparent reason..


Comment #2

Remove this irritating guy; Cost NP a lot of visitors!!!!..

Comment #3

As they say.. Fighting sells...

You know what else sell? Pleasure.. And you know what is a pleasure? Emotions/Fighting... Therefore.. RJ add 5 more ads on this thread so we can rank in some $$$$$.

- Steve..

Comment #4

You folks are ALL right ...... It should be nothing But Positive , Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow type comments here - Just like real life...

Comment #5

Theres where you may have made a mistake Mark. You could have bought a few and flipped real quick while the mobi market was good. Today, I see it becoming increasingly difficult for mobi names to sell here and elsewhere. Even the LLL's are a hard sell..

But good on you, atleast you didnt invest thousands and now find yourself in manys position today. Sitting on them wondering if their mobi domains or crap in their pants.

Quit your bitchin already. You going to post this same comment everywhere I post?..

Comment #6

$30 a .mobi.. Flipped for $300... Not a bad return I do say..'s should have bought more.

- Steve..

Comment #7

Wow, that's a guarantee to success. You wish me the have I managed all these years without your blessings bestowed upon me is extraordinary..


Comment #8

You have no idea what you are talking about. LLL are selling constantly for more and more money everyday. Others are selling as well on a daily basis. I just sold 2 names last week for 20x reg fee and have turned down offers this week for 50x reg fee. You have got to be kidding!.


Comment #9

I would have shot somebody by now in real life.. So lets not do real life...

How about.. Cheer make believe life?.. No that doesn't work either.. Since you guys wouldn't exist...

Damnit, I'm out of suggestions...

- Steve..

Comment #10

..But you don't antagonize or insult, you just post reality facts I believe, right?..

Comment #11

This thread should be framed.. First "hot discussion" thread that lasted for more than 30 hours, without being closed!.

Never saw that before.

- Steve..

Comment #12

Wow! You mean a .com web site loaded very quickly on a computer!.

Where can I get one?.

And you mean it loaded very quickly on Apple's commercial?.

Wow! What will they come up with next?.

And you believe what you see?.

You are so correct...change you name to.


Man, you sure put me in my place but good...

Comment #13

That wasnt an insult, sadly it appears to be a fact if you look around at the mobi marketplace. Firesales everywhere, no-ones buying.

If you are selling, good for you. Better unload while you can imho...

Comment #14

Maybe if people didn't get attacked for buying a HostGator they would buy more..

- Steve..

Comment #15

I'll have to get back to you later on that one. My show is on and I dont want to miss it..

Are you smarter then a 5th grader..

Comment #16

I recall a recent thread selling landrush LLLs and many other landrush names that got quickly picked apart. It was not for rock bottom prices either. Again, crappy names will not sell here, they have to be descent to fetch a buck..


Comment #17

And these 'facts' are from where?? You.... awhh forget it. You have a lot of spite in you over a HostGator extension. Do you really think it's going to go away and disappear?? It's a tld, and it will stay around and will be used, even if it's tossed to '.biz neverland'. You act like there's this big victory dance awaiting ... Something!!.

We killed it!, it's dead and gone!.

All the other tlds have fallen in their perspective hieharchy, and this will too. I don't know of a tld that just said 'oh well, it's been 2 years, let's mothball it.".

Amazing the antagony some have to a tld...

Comment #18

I am having more fun than a real life carnival shooting gallery knocking down the spinning ducks on a wheel..

Next I'll move on to the water pistols where you shoot water into the clown's mouth to see who can make him pop his top first..

After that, the ring toss. Want to win a goldfish..

The basketball shoot has always been a favorite. SWISH, SWISH, SWISH. But then every once in a while you come across the con artist who doesn't like people winning and they install a smaller than normal rim so you don't make the shot. Those are actually easy to spot after a while..

And the softball toss at the bottles? Fun stuff..

But my favorite? Has to be the dunking machine. Someone sits up there on the seat and taunts you and calls you names and tries to incite you. You can't stand it anymore and you throw a ball and try to hit the target. Might take 2 shots to find your aim. But then...Funny stuff. What is really cool is once you get on target and get your aim down, when these idiots are trying to climb out of the water and get back on the seat you hit the target again.

They never get a chance to get back in the chair. You just keep dunking them in the water. They thing they are almost back in the seat and the SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! Next thing you know the one in the water all pissed off and yelling and cussing and the other carneys come over and give you a bunch of crap. The cops show up. And the crowd is laughing their ass off..

Then everyone settles down and goes their own way to enjoy the carnival. Then a carney will do his best Robert De Niro impression for.

The Fokkers.

And tells you "I got my eye on you" and you just flip him off and laugh..

Then I'll finish up with a big ice cream cone and some cotton candy..

Y'all making me laugh my ass off...

Comment #19

The type of names you were trying to sell would be the reason you were not having success and feel that .mobi names in general are hard to sell. From what I am seeing prices on LLL.mobis are going up and keyword .mobis are increasing in value. The only "fire sales" I have seen were people selling really bad names. If you have good .mobis they are not hard to sell...

Comment #20

Yes, an.


Advertisement / promotion might add credibility to the extension, IMHO. Thus far, however, I see very VERY FEW developed .MOBI websites providing unique and compelling content thus adding to the "ecosystem" ... and.


See these "news" posts in the .MOBI Forum™ of cheap (for the cost of measly Reg. fee) corporate type .MOBI ™ domains pointing to their respective.

Sites! It's absolutely pathetic that some would consider, much less publicly call this.


, in my view!.



Perhaps a half dozen.


(now minus the most foul-mouthed and most disoriented of them all (thank you, Staff™ )) gang up and systematically assault those who even suggest that .MOBI might not be the next coming of the .COM ... in my entire history of fourm postings and particiaption, I've never quite seen this type of hostility and misguided judgement, IMHO..

That's it ... technology, as I *warned* early on and REPEATEDLY (to which even caused my character to be questioned by the.


!) was the .MOBI's biggest challenge ... specifically, getting ahead of it (or, at least, keeping up with it) in a CRITICAL race against time! Device detection, browsers advances, increasing development (far outpacing those of .MOBI websites, by the way) of "M Dots", mobile-compliant .COM pages, etc. were always - at least in my view - what would eventually.


The the .MOBI as unnecessary!.

PS. On topic, where is Mr. Pinky?.

What happened to .MOBI?!?.

Just my two sense..


Comment #21

Wow...this is one very interesting or should I say entertaining thread I have ever read...

Comment #22

Hawkeye, I am on my cellphone right now browsing .com websites. Not or but .com.

Please tell me what the value of any .mobi HostGator is knowing this technology exist and is being downloaded on just about every new cellphone thats out today?.

The dot com's look like dot coms, the dot nets look like .nets, the dot info's look like dot info's. Every see Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory? The cellphone manufactures have the golden ticket. The safaris, deepfish, opera browsers etc...

Comment #23

Why do people care so much about someone elses investment? Sure are a lot of good samaritans here trying to save those crazy .mobi investors from themselves..

Or maybe, just maybe, people who have large .com portfolios are a bit concerned that this little extension that no one thought was necessary just might have a bright future ahead of it and thereby reduce the value of their .com holdings..

.mobi seems to be the only extension to bring out these sorts of emotions in people here. It is kind of funny to watch the .com guys squirm at this new extension and try to throw water on it anyway they can..

But alas, .mobi is here to stay and Bank of America is advertising it to all of their online customers, so you better tell bofa to quit with this .mobi thing or before you know it everyone will be doing it..

Comment #24

As said several times throughout this thread. To help the newcomers stay away from bad investments and help the more experienced see the BAD AND THE GOOD..

.mobi... reduce .com value?.

LOL... the day that the pigs come flying home!.

That is not even close to the case..

Maybe because it's the only .tld that hasn't been around the WHOLE block yet?.

W00000000T!!! A company promoted a .mobi on their OWN SITE!.

I see 6 .com sites being promoted on my screen right now on someone elses site..

Ty Maier..

Comment #25

The experience you bring should help newcommers immensely - (Join Date: Apr 2007)..

Comment #26

Who to say that you are right and others are wrong? Maybe they are on to something and you just can't grasp it...

Comment #27

My daughter just came to me and said, get me an iphone. I would have posted this in the iphone thread in the mobi section but all my posts there get deleted...

Comment #28

At $499-$599 ea., wonder how many parents will cave to that request in the next 2 years?..

Comment #29

Well congrats, I have decided to not speak on this topic anymore..


Because after really looking around at all the threads like this one, looking at the marketplace which shows the entire front page of mobi's for sale (some nice names too) not selling, the iphone coming out in 2 weeks, nokia (mobi backer?) promoting .com on all their new cellphones/pda's/internet tables, deepfish, safari, opera etc everywhere .mobi should be but is not, the facts speak for themselves..

I only posted topics on all this because as a .mobi investor myself (not a huge investor by any means) to share and hopefully discuss the impacts. Not too bust balls, bash .mobi or anything close to that. But to share what information I found and believed to have an impact on everyones investments. As a member here everyone is a brother/sister fellow domainer in my eyes..

So for those who want to hate me or question why I brought these things up this is why I did it. And as you can see, many agree with me..

Best of luck to the mobi lovers, I'll just be sitting here eating my popcorn from now on...

Comment #30

Maybe. I am not the master of all things.


Comment #31

You guys got a long way to go till 16 pages....

Comment #32

I have been a member here since then. But if you had thought your statement out all the way... you would have realised that I could have been in domaining for about 2 years... which I have. I know a GOOD BIT more than your average newcomer...

Comment #33

Not to mention the 2 year commitment for nearly $2000 PLUS.

Apple announcing today that in order to activate the iPhone.


Where's the hype?..

Comment #34

BonkersTwo also joined NP in Aprile 07, but he surely has no experience in domaining, judging the way you do...

Comment #35

I wasn't the one boasting 'wanting to help the newcomers'. BonkersTwo wouldn't be needing to educate newcomers. Lame come back...

Comment #36

She goes through 2 phones a year, losing, flushing, smashing and whatnot. Right now she's phoneless. I told her I'd get the iphone and she can have my phone...

Comment #37

I guess the iphone won't be family friendly for a couple of years if ones that can afford it, say uhh.. nah. Oh oh, another quandry...

Comment #38

But you have to admit that you cannot judge a person by their joining date. It is not a quality criteria..

And what do you mean by "lame come back" dear?..

Comment #39

Like with all mass produced technology gadgets, iphones and future iphone knockoffs will drop drastically in price in a short amount of time...

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.