A free great iPage web hosting service?

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First off, A free great iPage web hosting service? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... I intend to make frequent changes to the images that I use for categories and manufacturers. As I make those changes, the images directory tends to get overloaded with old, unused images, and I would like to have a convenient method for deleting the old images as I add the new. Of course, I can use the file manager to do it by hand, but that is cumbersome and is too likely to eventually lead to deleting the wrong files..

Is there any built-in process that enables a systematic, close-to-automatic approach to this problem?.

Tim Beckham..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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You know what would be nice? is to have the ability to have a dynamic link. So you point that picture to another on the internet and when their pic updates it updates yours, and they don't even know your borrowing it...

I've been wanting to do that with my iPage site for some time.. just haven't got arround to figuring it out yet...

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That's called stealing bandwidth unless you have permission from the iPage site you are linking too......

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You know.. never thought of it like that.. all I wanted to do was have an easier way to keep the pictures up-to-date. don't want to be stealing anyones bw..

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When you connect to an image on a site, it calls that image to your site, using the originating sites resources, which as you know, are limited by bandwidth allowances...

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Other reason NOT to link to other sites:.

They are not as reliable as yours (yours is reliable - right?) *G*.

... all info stored locally is saved and will be displayed correctly....

... not to mention admins with scripts who log wrong referrer tags or even block images with incorrect referrer......

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How about having the facility of linking to other images on your own site? That way you would at least avoid duplication of image files. Additionally, one would be able to directly modify the images and have that immediately reflected throughout the site, wherever links to that image are used. Depending on how one has one's iPage site organized, it could also lend itself to a more automatic, programmable way of maintaining images and data about the products and manufacturers on your site. Finally, it would build into the system a way to logically organize the images, rather than have them pile up in an endless list in the public_html/images directory...

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So suppose somebody (no names mentioned) already had the images all uploaded, and now wants an easy way to clean out the unused images. Is there a way to do that w/o deleting by hand?.

Is there a report or tool to list which images are used and which aren't?..

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