A free iPage web host that will let me use dreamweaver?

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Quick question: A free iPage web host that will let me use dreamweaver? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Standard Webhosting with free shared SSL.

<> $10 per month.

Own hosting.

Dedicated IP $5 per month.

Dedicated SSL $150 per year.

Time Priceless..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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May I know what's the different between shared & full SSL? If using "2checkout" payment method, do I still have to worry abt SSL/Certificate issue?..

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Shared SSL is shared between websites so for example if you have a iPage domain at. when they click on login or checkout they will be taken to

With dedicated the iPage domain name stays the same..

Yes even if you are using 2checkout you will need SSL. You still have the create account section and login.. I sure wouldnt enter my information on those pages if they were not secure..

With self iPage hosting you dont have the option of using shared ssl you will only be able to use dedicated SSL and for that you wont be able to use a dynamic ip address...

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This is a very good sharing which I'd never think of...hmm..gotto find out more information on this. thanks !..

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Standard Webhosting with free shared SSL.

<> $10 per month.

Own hosting.

Dedicated IP $5 per month.

Dedicated SSL $150 per year.

Time Priceless..

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Standard Web iPage hosting with shared SSL 36.00 per year.

Dedicated IP address and full SSL 75.00 per year.

Power Tools (install from Control Panel - osCommerce, phpBB,IPB,Xoops etc.) 20.00 a year..


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Can anyone share his/her SOHO iPage hosting experience with me? I'm planning to host OSC with ADSL at the speed of 512kbps download and upload of 384kbps, would it be too slow ? Is there any others precautions or guideline where I can obtain from?.


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Depends, what's the traffic you are planning on getting? It would be fine for a couple sesions... but once you hit 5, you're going to break... Well That's my opinion anyways... Also what OS are you going to be running? I wouldn't suggest any windows products... FreeBSD would probably be your best bet....

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The only guideline is "Dont do it".

ADSL isnt garuanteed and is a shared solution so depending on your ISP's contention ratio which is normally around 25:1 your real bandwidth is 20k download 15k upload depending on how much the line is used by other parties..

Not to mention downtime for someone accidently cutting the phone cable etc..

I know plenty of people that have tried... all have regretted it..

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Plan to host it at home for testing purposes, therefore thinking of 512/384kbps, once everythings goes smoothy then upgrade to a higher/faster broadband speed line..


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LOL I didnt know it was the 1st April Already..

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Hmm, I don't get this.. I mean isn't broadband more expensive than paying 7.95 for a host that's on a freaking backbone? ... I see people trying to set up phpnuke/forums/oscommerce, and all that kind of stuff on their own computer, basicly you make it way harder on yourself.... 1) you actually pay more money in the long run 2) are you going to pay for 2 broadband connections? Because if you're getting hit, I wouldn't suggest using that connection to respond, or advertise with.. or DL anything at all.. 3) Don't use WINDOWS!.

Well it's up to you, but this is my suggestion... Pay for a iPage hosting plan on a nice backbone... Prices aren't as high as they were a year ago.....

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Heard of ADSL line is shared amongst the service area...but DSL with fixed IP is too expensive for a newbie..

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I get what you mean...but I wish to have "full control" at my own hosting, so that I can maintain my website/services much easier. But ofcause there sure much have pros and cons, right?.

Anyway, thanks for your sharing......

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It's not all about connection tho, this SHOULD be noted... How well is your computer going to handle the load???????..

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Isn't a P4/Xeon good enough to handle the load?...and how abt the security, like firewall, route etc.?...any suggestions?..

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With windows?>.

Some things you need to think about..

1. Firewall.. Make sure you have one... and dont rely on the one built into windows.. use a real firewall..

2. IP Address.. You are going to need a static IP address so that you can point your iPage domain to it if not you will have to use dynamic dns which will cause a number of problems..

3. SSL.. you will need to purchase an SSL certificate for the secure area;s of your site. Dont go for the cheap ones as they have problems with non IE users..

There are a million and 1 other area's you need to look into so I would consider your choice very carefully..

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I know Windows is.

,but I've no choice ...I'm only familiar you know which Windows are the most "secure" to use?.

SSL, which to recommend ??.....

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What is it you want to be able to do that you have to host it yourself? Yes there are pros and cons to everything but unless you have some very specific and unusual needs I have a hard time seeing how you would be better off iPage hosting it yourself..

Now if you are planning on doing this as a learning experience that is one thing but if you are wanting a production store that you are wanting to be a real business and actually make you money that is another matter altogether...

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The best way to secure windows is to put in a bootable floppy disk and type "Format c: /q".

I recommend either Verisign or geotrust..

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Alright...make it simple, I would like to host it my own that's because :-.

1. Testing, to familiar the OSC system....

2. Cheaper, comparing with other iPage hosting my webstore....

3. Ofcause hope to have a production store, but try to minimise the starting "testing" $$$....

If everything goes fine, then only will upgrade the entire system whether it's broadband or server etc., right?.....

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If you really want to do this on your own ADSL line, I would recommended getting a second hand PC of say 500 MHz or more and installing a Linux distribution on that. Apache, MySQL and a firewall are pretty easy to set up nowadays. Get a fast ethernet switch and use the Linux box as a router. This way you protect your Windows box against a lot of bad stuff and the second hand PC will be just as fast (if not faster) serving pages..

The Windows box can serve as your backup and test server and your personall stuff...

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If I choose to use "2CheckOut" as payment method, do I still have to concerning on the SSL/Certificate issue??.....

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Hmm...thanks for your suggestion.

I know Linux is much more stable than Windows, but I only familiar with Windows. Therefore, planning to use Win2kpro+Apache+MySQL...btw, do you recommend Win2k or WinXP??.....

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If all that you want to do is to run osCommerce in test mode, to get used to running it - then all you have to do is to set up your computer as a web server and run it locally (intranet), and no need to put it online (internet)..


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Ohh...that's bcoz I also want to test using Dynamic DNS with ADSL connection. Firewall & router configuration....

..hmm..look like that's lot of stuff to learn..

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