A Question about Medifast Diet?

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My first question is A Question about Medifast Diet? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Getting the thread started for October so that we will be ready to go tomorrow....

Welcome to the thread for Daily Weighers Clubhouse team. Here's a place you can hold your head up high and jump on that scale as much as you want without judgment !.

To Join:.

Just Reply to this thread and introduce yourself.

We like to name our scales (mine is "Bones") Tell us what yours is..

Post your Daily Weigh and support your fellow DW's.

Have Fun!.


Here is the scale banner code (paste into signature then take out the * from the first IMG.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Good morning DWers!.

WL was happy to see me again this morning, down 0.8 - I don't know what has put him in such a good mood over the last few days, but I"m sure pleased about it. My DH was being a real jerk the last few days, but then I got TOM last night.. maybe he wasn't such an *ss after all. :-D.

Maridele - you are always up and out so early!! What hours do you work? Congrats on getting back down to 334 - that is awesome! You'll be taking photos with your new camera in no time :-).

I am not sure why I'm awake so early.. this is an hour before my alarm was set to go - but I can use the time to tweak the paper that is due today and to glance over my notes before the exam at noon..

Have a wonderful day everyone :-)..

Comment #2

Hello to all my beautiful DW ladies~.

It's a rainy, dreary day in Pittsburgh, PA, but I love it! Fall season is my favorite.


201.2??!! Oh yeah girl! You are rocking it big time!! I'm proud of you! You are so close to your onederland. Go for it! New decade and onederland on the horizon. How great is that? Go Mel Go!.


Don't be too hard on yourself- it's great that you recognized your poor choices in food, but sometimes, you just get yourself in a bind and before you know, the deed is done. No worries though, I'm confident you will get back on the Medifast wagon in no time! Hope all is going well at the restaurant! BTW, what kind of restaurant is it?.


Hey you! Where have you been? Missing you on here! Two thumbs up on staying even! Hope the ultra-hot temperature has subsided a little bit?.


Welcome! Welcome! Make yourself right at home! This is an awesome group, you will enjoy being part of it. You made me laugh with your OCD comment. I think when it comes to weighing ourselves, all of us are a tad OCD When you get a chance, let us know the name of your scale. Like Ethelfleda mentioned, we all have a name for ours. Mine is BAM~.


A warm welcome to you as well! I'm so glad you joined our group. Get ready to have fun. I love your scale's name! Good choice! Can you believe you are already ready to tackle a new decade?! Wooohooo! How great is that?! I'm proud of you- keep your eye on the big picture. One decade at a time. You can do this!.


Sometimes, reading your posts, I break out in a sweat! (kidding). You are one busy bee girl! With that said, I'm so glad you took the time to get a massage. I love getting those. They are so luxurious for the body and soul. You certainly deserved it. Hope all goes well with your classes.

That too, you deserve!.


I love your name by the way. Very original I think it's great for all of us to get excited over being overweight vs. being obese. I'm so happy you are almost there!! Good for you! I'll be there when I hit 169lbs, so I'm 4 lbs away from being overweight vs. obese. We can do this! Hope things are a little better at work- maybe you should consider getting a massage too!.


I hope you got good news at the Dr.'s office today. Plz keep us in the loop. I was lucky to go to Texas this past May and I must admit that I fell in love with that State. I went to Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonia and drove through Austin. I loved San Antonio the best. The River Walk was gorgeous!.


Wow! I did not realize you had lost 100lbs! That is so awesome! What an inspiration you are! Two thumbs on the downward trend!.

On a different note, I just came back from the dentist. I started having a toothache last Friday, and as time went by, the pain kept increasing. So I finally gave in, and made an appointment for today. Well, after a total of sitting 5 mins in the dentist's chair, I was advised that I have an abcessed tooth, and need a root canal I HATE root canals! Oh well, it is what it is......

Comment #3

Just a few laughs to end the week~ BTW, I'm down to 172.2lbs!! BAM has been good to me lately!..

Comment #4

Wow I can believe it's October already.... This year is flying by.... "BOB" is being a royal jerk this week. I think this may be the first Plateau... "BOB" is back to 181 up from 180.8. Tomorrow is my official weigh in date, and at this point I am tracking for 0 weight loss and have been on plan 100%...

Well we will just have to see what tomorrow brings... I think me and the eleptical have a date this evening. Hope everyone has a great day.... Oh by the way.. Our Bathroom nightmare is almost fixed.. Get to paint this weekend, and put it all back together...

For a while... It's kind of tuff. It seems like whenever I decide I have to go to the bathroom, my Hubby decides he has to go at the exact same time... Can't wait to get it all back together......

Comment #5

Morning all,.

WHAT?!? has me up to 164.4 today, disappointed that it's up on a challenge weigh-in day and Curves weigh-in/measure day.

Have a great day!.

Windfury: Yep my highest weight was 264, I have pictures on my page. Congrats on the loss!..

Comment #6

TGIF DW's!!!.

Well dr appt went well. No surgery required! He called it a "frozen shoulder". I start physical therapy tomorrow for 2x a week for a month. Doc said I should feel better soon. Great news which means I'll be ready for my Hawaii trip in December!.

Down 1.2 lbs today. Slowly getting into the lower 190's. I'm really ready to get out of the 90's!.

WindfuryLove the pic! Congrats on 20 lbs gone!.

EileenStick with it! You've been doing well the last couple of weeks..

ErinnI didn't realize you've lost 100 lbs either. WTG!!!! Congrats..

JeriAnnDon't sweat the "no Loss". Get your measuring tape out and measure your loss in inches. I've bet you've lost more than you thought..

EthelfledaYou are one busy lady! You're doing great..

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..


Comment #7

DW's is it too late to join?.

I don't really have a name for my scale with the exception of what I say to it each day. "Dude, WT?".

My name is Mia. I'm a very slow loser! I've been on Medifast since the end of July and took about 2.5 weeks off in August. Since then I have been 100% OP. I'm not perfect in any since I miss a meal or some water here or there..



Comment #8

[quote=acctgeek]TGIF DW's!!!.

Well dr appt went well. No surgery required! He called it a "frozen shoulder". I start physical therapy tomorrow for 2x a week for a month. Doc said I should feel better soon. Great news which means I'll be ready for my Hawaii trip in December!.


I will be on the Big Island from 12/16 - 12/31. Where and when are you going?..

Comment #9

Morning all. Got to start a little later today. Bad choices last night, Bones is up to 337.6 and hands are swollen from the sodium. Drinking lots of water today!..

Comment #10

Happy Saturday, DWers :-).

WL continues to cooperate (I dropped like crazy during TOM last time too - I seem to do my retaining a few days prior) and had me down another 0.8 this morning. I haven't seen a number starting in 220 in a long, long time. This is awesome!.

I didn't do as well on the exam yesterday as I usually do - but still got an 82.5%. I think that just about eliminates a chance at an A - but I shouldn't have any problems coasting to a nice solid B. That works for me in this class anyway..

Today I get to go help at the curling club's first Open House of the season. It will be my first time back on the ice and I WILL be sore for the next few days. Other than horse back riding and perhaps a bit of fencing I"ve never really found any other sport that uses the same muscles. I can't wait though - I love curling! Speaking of which, I'd best get going so I"m on time..

WF - I often say I've got more hobbies than time. My fellow nursing students are always amazed at the number of things I go and do - they've always got their noses to the grindstone. Me, I'm happier and healthier if I participate in a variety of things. I'd burn out if I did all nursing school all the time. Sure I might have an A in the current class (Medical/Surgical) but I wouldn't be loving life the way I am either..

JeriAnn - Happy painting this weekend. I hope it goes smoothly :-).

Susan - So glad to hear that surgery is not required! I am sure working with P/T will be no picnic, but it is better than the alternative!.

Mia - Welcome to the crazy group! We welcome new daily weighers anytime. We just check in when we want and stay supportive to each other. It sounds like you and I started at about the same time too. I look forward to hearing about your weight loss adventures and successes..

Maridele - owie on the sodium swelling. I've got major sodium cravings right now (go figure).. trying to keep on with the water as well. Good strategy!.

Cheers to all,..

Comment #11

I'm happy to see that after having chinese for dinner last night Dude enjoyed it to. No gain and no loss. I really would like to finish off the leftovers. Without rice it still fits into L&G, by my standards. I just need to add a little more green..

Eileen, a frozen shoulder? I've been there and it's not fun. I did 6 months of PT the first time..

Ethelfleda on your trip next summer are you doing summer games with curling? My family loves to curl. I don't like the colder sports. It's fun to watch..

I'm off from work today so it is harder for me to drink my 64+oz of water. I frget when I'm home to eat or drink especially if I'm on the 'puter..

Have a great day all and thanks...

Comment #12

Never to late to join... Mia....

Well "BOB" was a tough critic this week, but in the end he gave me 0.8lb loss for the week.. Todays weight was an even 180.0 Down from 181.... And it is official I am out of OBESE and in overweight.. Thank you BOB..

Comment #13

Good Morning Ladies~.

Today is my official weigh-in day, and I'm happy to report that I have met my personal mini-goal for the week. I'm at 171.4lbs, for a total of 3.8lbs lost this week! Yay! I'm so close to a new decade- I can't wait!.


A warm welcome to you! Glad you joined us! This group is great and very supportive. I laughed at your scale's name! I loved it! "Dude, WT?" As far as your weigh loss, slow & steady is just as good as any- as long as you're dropping the lbs, life is great right? One day at a time! Hope you enjoyed your Chinese! Gosh, my mouth just watered thinking about General Tso's......


Yay! Good news at the Dr's- that's great Eileen! And you are soooo lucky to be going to Hawaii. My husband went there twice (before we even knew each other), and said it is paradise on earth. He fell in love with the place..


Look at you, losing all that weight! Wooohooo girl! High five!! Keep it up.

A score of 82.5% is great! You should be proud of yourself. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a solid B! If given the chance, one of those days, I'd love to try curling. During the Olympics this year, I really got into it, especially when the Canadians (women) were up for the Gold medal...which we lost of course...but it was awesome to watch it..


Two thumbs up on being out of the Obese category and now being Overweight. That's great! I'm 2 lbs away from that same goal myself....

Have a great rest of the day everyone!..

Comment #14

Still hovering at 194.4 and it is saturday so I am not making any promises to myself other than I will drink water..

BTW it is Susan that is having the medical issues with her shoulder. I did not do a very good job at reply to a posting and it looked like it was me with the shoulder problems. I am however also going to Hawaii...

Comment #15

Stop the presses.... Everybody sit down... HOLLY MOLLY.... "BOB" has a sense of humor.... He decided to torture me all last week.. He stayed right around 181..

Logged my weight for the week yesterday at 180.. was happy it was down overall from last week.....

Well I stepped on "BOB" this morning and he told me 178.4....What? could it be..... I have entered a new decade.... and literally it's been pretty close to a decade since I have seen the 70's...

I know I am losing weight but does any one every feel like people won't notice. LOL.. I think when you are really overweight and you begin to lose weight you want people to notice, but sometimes they don't.. As you lose more they notice, but I still get that feeling....

Oh my GOSH>>>>>> I am in the 70's.... I am tickled pink.....BIG FAT FEET FLAPPING SNOOPY DANCE>> whoo Hooo..


: Have fun in Hawaii.. When do go? Lucky.. I haven't been there for 20 years.. but it was awesome when I went.


: again welcome to the group, eveyone here is aswesome.


: Your doing great.... Isn't it weird what TOM can do to our weight loss efforts... I lose like crazy right before and during, but the week after is a nightmare. go figure.. And a good solid B is great... Curling? is that where you slide things across the ice towards a target..

Trying to slow it down or speed it up by scraping or smoothing the ice? LOL am I close.....


: Way to go that 2 lbs will be gone in a blink of th eye. I was laughing yesterday talking with my Doctor (I see him when I am working sometimes) and told him that he can not dictate a moderately Obese, or Obese female anymore... he now has to dictate a slightly overweight female....

Told him I will be checking.

Everyone have a great Sunday..

Comment #16

Morning all. GOt to sleep extra late this am so my weight is totally inaccurate. 338.2 in my pjs, what was the point in doing my usual weight.....

Really sore this am, took a spill on a wet spot in the kitchen yesterday and went down hard.... No padding anymore in spots and I don't bounce... Nothing broken thank goodness but new aches and pains...

Comment #17

Good morning everyone,.

I got a good amount of sleep last night, but may have confused my body with the extra exercise it got teaching curling and then walking to and from the parking area (must have been at least 3/4 of a mile each way) to the MD/Duke football game last night because I'm up 0.6 today. Silly WL loves to play roller coaster!.

Mia - I love Chinese food, but it is a huge trigger for me so I'm avoiding the situation for a while yet. I'm glad you and Dude both get to enjoy it. Re: Curling - I usually do one or two summer bonspiels (that's a tournament for curlers) - but my trip to England next summer may preclude one or both of them. I will do my best to get down to North Carolina in August for their bonspiel, I have a lot of friends I only get to see once a year there. Now that we are entering the "real" season for curling (usually October to April, more or less) I'll have to miss a lot of my usual bonspiels due to school - but that's okay.. I can do them again in a few years.

Should be a ton of fun :-).

JeriAnn - Wow! That was a great whoooosh moment! Congratulations on no longer being obese and for entering a new decade with a vengeance..

WF - a 3.8 pound week? That is outstanding!!! Well done! :-) Where abouts do you live? Maybe I can help you find local curling to at least glance in on. Someone who really got into it for the Olympics should at least have the opportunity to watch it live, if not go on out and give it a try..

Eileen - drinking water is a good idea. That may be part of my problem from yesterday. I did drink the minimum of water, but I usually double that. I've been indulging in diet caffeine-free coke instead. Bad me! Hang in there, the scale will move if we keep plugging along on plan :-) When do you go to Hawaii?.

Maridele - Oh my on your fall! You (and I) are probably in the same place for falls - still plenty of weight to make it hurt and much less padding than we used to have to help cushion us! I hope you aren't too sore from it..

I've got plenty of school project to work on and keep me busy today.. it is due Wednesday, and I've got a partner in crime (it is usually an individual project - but we are presenting different nursing diagnoses about the same patient) so we need to coordinate some of our efforts. I hate working in groups!.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone,..

Comment #18

Dude was nice to me again this morning. No gain and no loss. Second night of chinese. Leftovers (no rice). General Tso is also my favorite however I'm staying away from it. Beef and Broccoli/green beans.

32oz. Only half of what I normally drink but at least I drank it..

Off to work soon and it's easier for me to drink the water there. I'm talking to people all day and it makes me thirsty..

Have a great day all..


Comment #19

Good Morning Everyone~.

I'm down .4 this morning, so I'm an even 171lbs. Very slight drop, but I'll take it! My mini-goal for the week is to be 167lbs by next Saturday. I know I can do it. I have been very diligent in drinking all of my water. And I've been strictly 100% OP. I'm so "hungry" for the weight loss- I'm so close to the next decade, I can almost taste it!.


I live in Pittsburgh, PA.


I'm happy you can enjoy Chinese like you do. To echo Ethelfleda's comment above, Chinese would be a trigger for me and I would then start craving all the foods I miss. Right now, I'm so focused on Medifast that I don't even want or think of "cheating" or exploring restaurant food. I know other MF'ers go to "Chipotle" for salads, "Wendy's" for salads, etc. But I refuse to do that. It would be major temptation for me. So I stay away..

Comment #20

Good morning, Daily Weighers! Thanks to Windfury, I found my way to this board, and it sure looks like fun. I am only a couple weeks into my Medifast journey, so I am looking forward to participating in this board to keep myself motivated and encouraged. So let's see, I think I will name my scale Bubba. According to Bubba, I weigh 207 this morning, which is down a pound from yesterday. I am attributing this pound lost to all of the WATER I drank yesterday!..

Comment #21

I too, am a daily weigher. My official weigh-in date is Saturday's. Daily weigh-ins keep me on top of my weight. Yesterday, I weighed in at 189.6 and today I'm at 187.4. (yyyaaaaaahhh) Seeing the drops keeps me motivated. If the scale goes up, I watch my diet more closely...

Comment #22


YAY!! You found us! Welcome my friend! I'm so happy you are here. This is such a fantastic group. We love to weigh ourselves daily~ We also love to have fun!.

Great choice for the name of your scale! Bubba! It reminds me of the movie "Forest Gump". One of my all-time favorite movies BTW..

I see you are just 8lbs away from your next decade! Woohooo! Go for it! Feel free to add our "Daily Weigher/scale" banner. Just click on the first page of this thread and you will find it in "Smartmomma's" first post. Follow the instructions. Let me know if you need help..


I love your profile picture. You have a radiant smile! Congrats on losing 20.4lbs and I see you also just crossed a new decade at 189.6lbs. Great Job!! When you have a moment, let us know the name of your scale.

We all have a name for it. I named mine "BAM". Welcome! Feel free to get our banner as well!..

Comment #23

Welcome to avisnora and lori1959 - glad to have you both checking in! I think you'll enjoy our crazy fun and supportive group :-).

WF - You are in luck for watching curling! There is a curling club near you! Details can be found at.


They play on hockey ice (rather than dedicated curling ice) but are working on raising funds to build a dedicated club :-) In the meanwhile you can look into going to watch some games, and keeping an eye out for their next "learn to curl" opportunity. Feel free to tell 'em "F.L." from the Potomac Curling Club told you to check 'em out. (FL is my real name - but I use Ethelfleda in the historic recreationist group I hang out with from time to time)..

Oh, I made myself a stirfry-like L&G meal today as an homage to Chinese food.. chicken and peppers, with a bit of diced onion, low sodium soy sauce and some minced garlic. I admit I also added a sprinkle of lemon pepper for the acidic flavor so I went over my condiments by 1. I don't usually worry too much about my condiments but maybe I should be more careful. Tomorrow will be my weigh in after 10 weeks, so that's a good time to start making sure not to go over on condiments (my only non-plan activity)..

Enjoy the rest of your evening!..

Comment #24

Another day down! I guess I have more self control that I thought. I work at a local movie theater and my position is the (most of the time) box office. I face a food court from 11:30 am to 5 or 6pm. The food smells so good. I bring my Medifast meals with me to work along with my water. The only time I eat mall food is when I get my L&G at Mr.

Chef salad! This has only happened about 5 times in the past 2 months. The ladies there are so nice. They weigh and measure out my food for me so I don't go over..

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week. 100% OP..

Comment #25

Good afternoon. Am down .4 today and that puts me at 194 again. Not sure what to say other than I need to focus on water and food that is OP..

I am going to Hawaii in December. will be there for Christmas. Looking forward to that for sure..

Windfury - I am going to PA closer to the end of the month and arrive on the 21st but will rent a car and head up to Hubbard OH. Looking forward to the fall colors...

Comment #26

Hey everyone! I've been working like crazyyyy! Have to restart on MF, wasn't able to eat for 9 hrs yesterday while awake and only had a turkey sandwich so i'm all messed up. still even, maybe even a little down. Just exhausted!.

Good to see everyone's tickers moving down, even if slowly!..

Comment #27

Morning all, Bones is at 334.2 this am. Still sore and dragging off to face Monday! Weekends go too fast!!!!..

Comment #28

Good Morning Ladies~.

BAM has me down to 170.2 lbs! Woohoo! New decade right at my front door and I'm about to let it in!.

More later...have a good day everyone!..

Comment #29

Good morning DWers,.

Just a quick hello on my way out the door to school. Down a pound today (yay!) making it down 2.8 for my official weigh in after 10 weeks on plan. Love MF! I"m going to start being careful to count my condiments now.. I"ve been lax and haven't worried if I've been getting 4 or 5 in (never more than that I don't think) but now I"m going to be following plan completely 100%. My taste buds have adjusted enough that I don't think it will make a big difference to me on taste now..

Welcome back Bek, We missed you and are glad you are back :-) Don't let the turkey slip you up, just get back in the saddle and off we go!.

Maridele - I'm glad you are up and moving, and am not surprised you are still sore today! I am always worse the second day after anything that makes me sore too. I hope you start feeling better quickly now..

WF - I hear ya on the decade doorstep! We'll get there this week though :-D.


Comment #30

"BOB" is getting predictable.... All time weekly low yesterday so of course up today. "BOB" had me at 178 yesterday and at 179.2 today... still under 180... I did not get enough water in yesterday... so I will drink more today.

Painting a suede finish and it takes forever..ugh... It is a new day, and a blessed day. Good things are coming......

Comment #31

Good morning. Up today to 195.8 - not enough water yesterday. Back to the routine of the week and as long as I am at my office I can stay OP, it is running around the restaurant that I forget to drink water. Need to keep my water bottle at the restaurant..

Congrats to all the losses for the day and know that if it was a gain that this too shall pass...

Comment #32

Dude was not happy today! TOM says he is going to visit. I only drank half my water again yesterday. Bad me! Welcome to Monday! Time to get ready for work. Have a Great Day! 100%OP..

Comment #33

Morning/Afternoon All!.

What?!? had me up today and up for official weigh-in day at 166.6.

Since incorporating exercise this past month Ive been hungry all the time, my energy has fallen, I keep eating off plan foods to fill me up, and I have been losing and gaining the same 3 pounds. So today I have decided to start the 4&2, Im going to give it a couple of weeks to see what happens. I might try the 5&1 again after that or I might just take the 4&2 all the way to goal. Have a great day!.

All: Congrats on the loses!.

Susan: Thanks! Glad your shoulder doesnt need surgery.

Mwirth, avisnora and lori1959 : Welcome!.

Jataylor: Congrats on the new decade!.

WF: Woohoo! New decade is right within your reach!..

Comment #34

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! I finally made it into the 150s so I'm excited! I remember being in the 180s saying "if only I could be in the 160s" and "I can't imagine ever being in the 150s again". Funny how things have changed so quickly..

As I'm reading and catching up, I'm noticing that water has been an issue. I totally feel the same way- I'm just not drinking as much as I used to. I'm not sure if it's the weather and I just want coffee and hot stuff or if I'm getting lazy. Let's get that water in ladies!!!..

Comment #35

Morning all. Bones jumped up to 338 this am, don't know if it's stress or weight, got my dear john letter for the promotion I was going for yesterday am, kinda bummed as I know I was qualified, oh well, my day will come.... Still sore, discovered more bruising on my legs from the fall. Off to work.....

Comment #36

Good morning DWers,.

WL has me down 0.2 this morning, not bad for the early hour. Last week of my medical surgical clinical rotation for this semester anyway! I''ll have a month or 5 weeks or so off before my L&D clinicals start I believe..

Erinn - 4&2 sounds like it might well work out better for you, I look forward to hearing your updates as you adjust :-) Adding exercise is something I"m planning to do when I get down another 20 pounds or so and I"m glad for the sneak peek at your world. Thanks for sharing!.

Lisa - Congrats on a new decade! I"m knocking on the door of the 2-teens :-D (knock, knock!).

Maridele - bummer about the Dear John letter for that promotion, the additional bruising, and the water retention (gotta be - all that bruising in your legs has probably caused it as your body tries to clean up the injuries, and stress probably didn't help much either.) Hang in there and take it one packet at a time..

Cheers to all,..

Comment #37

Yawn..... Is it the weekend yet....LOL "BOB" is at 178.4. Well off to try to wake up some more. Everyone have a blessed day....

Comment #38

Dude was back to normal this am. Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day. -.2lbs. Not bad considering Tom has sent his letter of his impeding visit..

Words of encouragement: YOU CAN DO IT! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!.

Have a great day. 100% OP Drink water!..

Comment #39

Hello everyone! I'm Sarah. I usually weigh in the morning and at night before I go to bed..

I haven't named my scale: Let's call it "Walter".

I have 4 more lbs to lose -Haven't changed my ticker yet cause I'm lazy.

Do I need to post anything else?.

I'm on my 11th week of Medifast. Going on 12..

I was up 2 lbs. this morning. Not sure why? I'm still recovering from the softball tournament I played in this weekend and then I went to the gym on Sunday night as well. Don't ask me why, it was a stupid move to do both. I'm hoping it's just water retention? I've also had a strange period. Bloating, spotting and the like but then nothing really comes of it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!..

Comment #40

I've been off plan about a week. Only getting 1 meal in per day or eating only a couple of crackers, was sick a few days...rolling out a new computer system at work for charting and things have been stressful! I basically restarted yesterday afternoon. But today is my full first day being back on. I've been doing Medifast since July and have never gone off plan like this. So hard to eat when you are sick or stressed. I'm back on today and as committed as ever.


Your ticker is going down...before you know it you will be in the 160's YAY!.


150's Yay! I remember when I hit that mark, I wanted to cry...but tears of joy for being in a more normal weight range!.


I really hope your bathroom is done soon! I'm sure it will be load off your mind!!..

Comment #41

Hi all.

WHAT?! had me down to 165.6 today. Second day of 4&2 still trying to get used to it, I feel better, but I keep feel like Im cheating because of the extra L&G @_@ Now just have to work on keeping my hands out of the candy dish at work.

Ethelfleda: Im excited to see what the next 2 weeks brings..

Maridele: Sorry to hear about your dear john letter.

Sarah: Welcome!.

Bek: Yay for getting back with it! Hope you are feeling better..

Comment #42

Stayed the same this am. still under 160. still need to work on the water..


Sorry about the job- next time- keep staying positive.


I bet you can't wait for this week to be over! How often do you have to do those hours?.


Welcome and congrats on being so close to goal! Inspiring! You don't need to post anything specific- just come back and chat with us. We try to check in daily (hence the name) LOL..


I'm glad you're back! I know it can be hard to go off and strat again so keep coming here to check in. One day at a time! How r your hours at work? Back to normal right?..

Comment #43

Morning all. Bones is sitting at 336 this am. Protein was salty last night so I expected higher... Off to work again.....

Comment #44

Morning DWers,.

Just a quick check in today - my last day of Clinicals for my Medical/Surgical Nursing rotation starts soon! (this class has us doing 2 mornings a week, I am hoping to be one of the people who gets a single 12 hour shift in the Labor and Delivery rotation that is my next class this semester - and their clinicals don't start for at least a month so thankfully I won't have these mega early days again for a while! At least even the early lectures don't require me to wake up before 7)..

WL had me down another 0.2, which is great considering the schedule! I've got a presentation to make today, but I don't get nervous speaking in front of small groups people so that part isn't a problem..

Have a wonderful day everyone,..

Comment #45

"BOB" is at 178.1 this morning down from 178.4.. Looking forward to another good day. I hope everyone has a good day...

Comment #46

WHAT?!? had me down to 164.9 this morning hoping to keep this downward trend..

Comment #47

Dude had me at the same as last weeks weigh in. 177.6. No gain, no loss. I'm happy with that seeing Tom is visiting. Wonderful day! I did not eat on plan. It was a special day out with the Hubbie.

Dinner started with Birthday Cake and fresh pork/beef hotdogs from a German pork store in the area. Oh Yum! After driving the kids to religion and scouts I finally had a nice glass of red wine. This was a planned day off..

I will be back on plan tomorrow...

Comment #48

Can't remember what my weigh in was this morning. But I know I was down. Wasn't feeling well this morning. I will check in tomorrow..

Comment #49

Morning all. Bones and I are not speaking well at all. He wants to know details about the sludge I ate. Needless to say, he is upset. 340.

Pure self sabotage and no good reason that I can pinpoint.....

Comment #50

Maridele- Breath! Don't let Bones talk to you like that! You can do it! You have done so well. We know you can do it! Today is a new day and it is your day!.

Dude was down today! I feel like a zombie! I just want to sleep. I guess that is what happens when you eat 100% Op for so long and then take day off. I still have to go to work and live with no energy. I think my coffee in kicking in tho..

Have a great day DW'S...

Comment #51

WHAT?!? had me up at 165.6 today. Told myself to give the 4&2 two weeks, but it's hard when Im seeing the same numbers I did on the 5&1. I am feeling better so that should account for something.

I think my body is just rebelling, it hasn't seen this weight for 12 years..

Comment #52

Good morning DWers,.

It was so nice to have nothing on my plate before noon today and I slept and slept (got up and fed the dog, then went back to sleep) - I didn't get up until about 10:30 this morning and got more than 10 hours of blessed zzzzzz-time..

WL appreciated the sleep too, and had me down a whopping 1.8 pounds today! (that'll never hold up tomorrow - but it was lovely to LEAP into the two-teens!) I'm very nearly at as low a weight since I met my husband at this point.. maybe another 10 pounds or so. Of course my body isn't shaped the same now as it was when I was then so it doesn't exactly look the same - but that's okay. I'll just keep on keeping on :-).

JeriAnn - I keep wondering what scale you have that it measures all the way down to tenths of pounds? "BOB" sounds very advanced. WL does even increments of 0.2 pounds..

Erinn - if you aren't seeing worse numbers, and you are feeling better - seems like 4 & 2 might be worth sticking with for a while. It isn't a race, and how you feel means a lot! Give it some time, and remember that if you haven't been this low in a long time your fat cells are busy trying to push each other to the front of the line so they can be hit by the Medifast bus next.. they are just log jammed while they struggle for position. Just hang in there and keep on keeping on :-).

Maridele - I feel your pain, I've done that to myself countless other times. I"m not sure why "this" time has been different for me so far, if it is the Medifast program, the online support, the relentless pounding nursing school gives me mentally (guess what a huge risk factor is for almost everything we study?) but I haven't done that to myself this time. Do you think it might be time to (in your copious free time - ha!) to reach out and talk to a counselor since you cannot pinpoint the cause of your derailment? I know that a lot of folks on the Medifast forums have mentioned (in passing mostly) that they have used professional help to move forward and if it helps, it helps. You know we are all here for you too - maybe the chat room if you are inching towards sabotage? a blog post instead of reaching for the sludge? I hope I wasn't too forward here, but I care - and I want you to continue to succeed! You've lost a great amount of weight and know how much better you feel than you did at your start weight - congratulations on making such a move to improve your health and life. We can do this, together! Just take it a meal a time.. a packet at a time..

Mia - I feel you on the zombie thing - but I indulged and now I feel rested. :-) I might go back for a nap later though, no promises on staying awake! I'm glad you have a relaxed day, and that Dude appreciates it too, considering TOM is in town. I had him over last week and boy was I glad he left before clinicals on Tuesday. We have to wear ALL WHITE scrubs as our student uniforms... what nut job thought of that for student nurses at our school! Of the 72 students I started with, 69 of them are women. Why white pants, exactly??.

Well, wasn't I just a chatty chick today? Sorry to go on and on!.

Have a wonderful day everyone,..

Comment #53

Good Afternoon All:.

I can't believe I haven't posted since last Friday. I was down 3.6 lbs for my weekly weigh in on Tuesday. I don't think I've been down on my weigh in day for weeks. But I'm up 0.4 lbs from that weigh in. But that's to be expected with the lack of sleep and the stress of work this week. Then I'm off to Angola for a week for work.

But it will be a quick trip..

EileenWe will be in Hawaii at the same time! Actually, we fly into Honolulu on 12/17 and then we are taking a 7 day cruise around the Hawaiin islands. We leave from HNL on Christmas Day. I can't wait!!!! I've never been. There are 18 in our family going. It will be fun for all of the kids to be with their cousins..

Erinn-I'm interested to hear how the 4-2 goes for you. I've been a lot hungrier the past few months and I know I've stepped up the intensity on my work outs b/c I'm able to. So I bet that might have something to do with it..

JeriAnn-WTG on reaching the 70s. I'm so proud of you. You've been sticking to it quite well!.

Oops, gotta run to a meeting. Sorry I didn't get to everyone. Welcome to all of the newbies that I haven't "met" yet..


Comment #54

Oh my what a day! We have family in town. I know in the middle of the Week. Yes! Tonight was a grill out night at our house. The in laws brought dinner and we grilled out. Luckily the rain has stopped. Wine and cake for dinner again! I thought today was an Medifast day! boy was I wrong.

My MIL was nice enough to bring some. Along with wine, Oh my!.

I didn't have a good start to the day as I was running late and did not eat before leaving for work. I was able to eat 3 MF's during the day. Things went wrong at work as well. Work wise..

I don't even want to log my food. It's not that I ate a lot. It's the fact I actually ate bread/rolls and cake with wine..

Tomorrow is theater/play night with family. Who knows what is planned for dinner tomorrow. I still have two more bottles of wine left..

Self Control is what I tell people. I can do this. I just bought new smaller pants and wore them. I need to stay in control..

This morning I felt like a zombie who knows how I will feel tomorrow. Oh, my!.

Self Control!!.

I can do this!..

Comment #55

Whups Mia - I hear you on MILs, and mine is visiting this weekend! I didn't go with DH on his last trip to see his family and he said that his mom tried to talk him into eating many meals a day and was trying to tell him it couldn't "be healthy" to eat what he was eating. Luckily he was willing to tell her she could eat what she wanted to, but that he was happy with his Medifast meals and his L&G. She totally tried to sabotage him though. Lets just say she'd better not start with me! LOL.

You can get through the rest of the visit! Drinking wine is up to you, but I find it ruins my self-control and it is better to stick with water or diet coke. You may find your will power is better without the alcohol ;-).

Whatever happens, do the best you can - and get right back on plan as soon as you can..

Supportive hugs,..

Comment #56

Looks like everyone is trucking along! Yay for those of you that are down! Keep on keeping on to those who are up slightly or alot! We can do this!..

Comment #57

Morning all, weigh in day for me. A gain but not as bad as I expected. 335.8 so a gain of 1.8 lbs. Got a new work buddy, very nice to have some extra support as the job is stressful. Came up with a new idea for the Christmas gift for team members. Not something I have to do, but ever since I started working after college I've always done something for my employees or colleagues (since I have no direct reports in this job).

I have almost 30 team members this year so I figured if I could get 3 of the groups for a decent price I would make grab bags with some other stuff, last year I gave them an ornament, some small sludge items, etc. I ended up with over 40 animals, some of the more unique ones, was going to try to match them to the people (cat for a cat lover, etc) but that was difficult as how to sneakily figure out who loves what. So I'm going to make grab bag type gifts and then either just stick them on desks or walk around on my lunch time and have them take one......

Comment #58

Good morning DWers,.

I guess my "whoooosh" from yesterday stuck around, because I was down another 0.2 today. It is pretty neat to have jumped right over the 219s entirely! (unless I give some back this weekend with MIL in town - eeek!). I've got an exam early this afternoon and I may get around to glancing at my notes first. I'm not a big studier or worrier - which is why I don't have an A in the class, but having a B without undergoing the pressure that all of my classmates have been enduring is worth dropping one grade in my mind. Maybe I'll regret it later, but I doubt it :-) I think there are actually only a few people still in the running for an A, even with all their hours and hours of study and hard work. I'm so lazy, but it works well for me..

Speaking of working well - Maridele - what a great idea to take care of a whole bunch of holiday gifts for your co-workers! I traditionally do "new year's gifts" instead - and my parents and I go in on really good fresh fruit in quantity - which we split up into gift bags and baskets. Because most people are making new year's resolutions to "eat healthier" the fruit is generally welcomed with open arms. I'll do it again this year, but won't take too much fruit into the house, except for what DH wants (he'll be finishing transition by then, I don't doubt - he is into his final 10 pounds before starting T&M)..

Bek - it is so good to see you again.. lets just keep on keeping on!.

Cheers to all,..

Comment #59

Dude was not happy today! I may have enjoyed the wine but it comes with a small weight gain. I'm not going to worry! Today is a new day! I have my bag and water packed for work and I'm ready to go..

Christmas shopping! I use to buy gifts for co-workers. Now I work with a bunch of teenagers and college kids. I do work with a few adults but it's not the environment to give gifts. I will make cookies or something sweet to eat for everyone..

My kids and DH already have decided that they want more ski lessons and season passes. That ends my shopping!.

Time to fly..

Have a great day all. Drink Water!!..

Comment #60

Hi all!.

WHAT?!? had me up a little bit 165.7 way to much sodium. I did not like putting a gain this week for the Christmas challenge, but Im feeling better on the 4&2 and loving the fact that I can have a nice lunch every day with my coworkers instead of scarfing down my mint bar and looking longingly at their food..

Looking forward to going to the renaissance festival this weekend, I havent been in years.

Ethelfleda: Congrats on the downward trend! And congrats on the new decade! I love that visual of the fat cells.

Im working on not worrying about the numbers so much.

Susan: The hunger monster is slowly going away and the energy is coming back, Im starting to enjoy this.

Maridele: Love the grab bag idea..

Comment #61

I'm down about 0.6 today. Yay!.

Erinn- Hey I think i'm really considering the 4&2 Plan. My weight loss cannot possibly get any slower than it is right now!..

Comment #62

Morning all. Got to sleep late so not going to do a daily weight...NO point in stressing it if I know that it's 3 hours into the day.... Off to get a Medifast meal and start the am...

Comment #63

Good morning, everyone! I was traveling for work this week, so I've really missed you all. This was my first week of traveling while on MF, so I was pretty nervous about how I would do, sticking to my plan. And while it was not easy, I have to say that I think I did OK, all in all. This is weird, but I found that I was kind of ashamed to tell people that I was on MF. I will have to give some thought to what that is all about. But because of my little secrecy issue, I did go to lunch with people a couple of days, although I ate salad.

We are off to visit our children for the weekend, in a town about 3 hours away, so I am really going to be getting some good practice at how to follow my plan while traveling. Anyhow, thank you all for being here!..

Comment #64

Good morning DWers,.

It is a beautiful day today, and WL seems to be continuing his good mood - he's got me down another 0.4 this morning! My MIL and her boyfriend, and her brother (I guess that's an Uncle-in-Law for me) are all coming to town today and staying until Monday. The original plan was for them to come in last night and leave on Sunday - so they'll just have to not be upset when I peel off on Sunday late afternoon and move on with things already on my schedule. They are also going to have to sit and deal with watching the Ravens football game on TV somewhere at 1pm. LOL.

Avisnora - welcome back! It sounds like you did pretty well on the learning curve when traveling. It IS hard! (especially in the first few weeks when you are peeing about every 20 minutes - driving anywhere takes FOREVER with all those pee stops). Not telling people about Medifast is perfectly natural, but if you are only having to eat a single meal a day in company you can hide it pretty well. Some people prefer to hide their MF. Me, I'm both too lazy to hide it, and too thrilled with the progress to not share what I"m doing - LOL. I'm like a walking advertisement for Medifast these days.

Will being with family make it easier, or harder?.

Have a great weekend everyone - enjoy the beautiful weather if you've got anything close to what we've got here in Maryland!..

Comment #65

Hi all: Haven't checked in for a couple of days, kind of been frustrated with "BOB". I am down to 178.9 with a loss of 1.1lbs for the week. I kind of miss seeing the 2-3 or more pounds per week. I think the frustrating part is thinking this is going to take me several for months at this rate. I am 100% OP, but I didn't work out this week. Well I am going to put my best foot forward for this new week and commit to my work outs.

It's just taken a long time to get here.... I know all good things take time. I just grouchy, and want a big number for a boost.... Two weeks in a row of a pound or less kind of sucks.....

Have a good weekend..

Comment #66

Morning DW's. It was my turn to make breakfast for the MIL's and family. I made a huge breakfast. Eggs, sausage, pastries, donuts, fruit platters, french toast and Juice. I made myself some eggbeaters and sausage. I didn't eat much.

When the MIL's left I had a bar and water..

Dude is still up from the wine and cake the other day. I think I may hit the gym. I have a ton of house projects to do before the cold weather stinks in. Hopefully I will get something done..

Have a great day...

Comment #67

Good morning DWers,.

Long day with DH's family yesterday - but DH and I both stayed on plan. Had a nice time, spent some time in lovely downtown Baltimore going to sports museums and taking a short cruise around the harbor. One more day of visiting to go.. up and at it!.

JeriAnn - hang in there.. just keep on keeping on. The scale WILL give it up and move..

Mia - wow - I'm exhausted just thinking about your day.. the gym, home projects, making breakfast for MIL and family.. whew!.

Cheers to all,..

Comment #68

My "buddy" is down and working it these days!.

Yahoooo! Finally..

My advice is to just keep doing what is written! You will lose if you stick to it!.

This Medifast program is the best and it is the right fit for me!.




Comment #69

Morning all, rough weekend. More exhausted than when it began. Bones is up also, need to decide if I can keep going, partly financial.... at 340.2 this am. Off to work...

Comment #70

Good morning DWers,.

Miserable day for WL - I had far far too much sodium yesterday and got very little sleep last night (maybe 2 hours?) .. made the mistake of having some caffeinated soda before bedtime and forgot how much more sensitive to caffeine I am these days! Between the sodium and the maaaybe 2 hours of sleep total.. ::kof, kof:: I'm back up 1.2 this morning. Hopefully it just sets me up for a big week though because Mondays are my official weigh in..

I'm off and running - have my clinical simulation exercise today..


Comment #71

Well It was a productive weekend. The bathroom is about 90% done. Toilet is back in (Whoo Hoo, no more sharing one bathroom), the vanity is in place, but the sink isn't hooked up yet, a few finishing touches, etc.. So far looks good. Worked my but off in the yard this weekedn too, cleaning out beds, leaves, leaves, leave and more leaves. I am hurting all over..

I got so stressed out over the weekend I actually went off plan for the first time since starting. UGH.. Back on track this morning... "BOB" is down to 178.1. We will see what he says tomorrow. Have a great monday...

Comment #72

Dude is back to where I began last week. Down a lb. after eating off plan last week. Now it's time to kick myself in high gear and lose some weight. This is a measurement week for me..

DW's I hope you all have a great day. Remember mind over matter! We can do this!..

Comment #73

Good morning. Am at 196.4 this morning, still riding the roller coaster of not being OP or drinking enough water. I am happy though for all the losses I see on here. Maridele - hang in there, it is an expense though for sure and with two growing boys that takes gobs of money...

Comment #74

Morning all. I managed to stay on plan yesterday, down to 337.6 this am. Still at a crossroads, trying to take it one meal at a time.....

Comment #75

Morning all - just a quick check in before I dash to class..

WL has me still going the WRONG way! Up another 0.2. I guess I jumped over the 219s so my body wanted to come back and dance around in that range a while. Grrr! Times like this I'm GLAD I also log my weight at - it shows me I"m still trending down even with a huge jump up like I've had the last few days..


Time to hit the road.. final in this class in Thursday and today is the review! Have a good day everyone,..

Comment #76

Good Morning Ladies!.

BAM has me at 167.6 this morning! Mini-goal of 165 by Saturday..

Comment #77

I'm not happy with Dude wt? this am! I'm Up .4lbs. I've been 100% Op all weekend and I drank more than my normal amount of Water. I think Dude is having some battery issues. He keeps turning on and off..

After eating off Plan 2 days last week. I won't be doing that again. We pay to much for the program to cheat on ourselves..


OK. I feel better now. I hope everyone has a great day! Drink water...

Comment #78

Morning all. 2 days on plan, Bones has me at 335.2 Off to work...

Comment #79

Happy Hump Day Ladies~.

I am down to 165.7 this morning!! YEAH!!! I'm doing it!.

Enjoy your day!..

Comment #80

Morning DW's. Dude has me down 1/2 lbs. yea! I'm taking my new pants to the tailor's today to have the legs shortened. I did tell you I'm short! Everything I buy needs to be shortened. Even if it's petite. I'm 5"3'.

Well the butt is getting smaller and so are the thighs!!!.

Shopping and a movie today with a friend. I plan on taking my bag of Medifast with me. I'm not worried about going off plan because I won't but myself thru the detox again. I can be strong! I can do this..

Have a great day!..

Comment #81

Good morning DWers,.

I had the morning to sleep in, which is good because I was wide awake until gone 4am (weird with lack of sleep the last few days.. I don't understand my body at all this week). WL has me back down a pound (I'm at the same weight I was a week ago now! LOL) so at least he is going in the right direction again..

I've got my final in the Med/Surg nursing class tomorrow - hopefully I can get some sleep at a "normal" time tonight..

Have a wonderful day everyone,..

Comment #82

Morning all!.

WHAT?!? had me back down to 165.1 after a bad off plan weekend. Felt I had to go back on 5&1 for a couple of days to get back on track and get all the off plan junk weight off..

Have a great day!..

Comment #83

Because we are daily weighers we are vulnerable to more up and downs - literally. When I get a bit disappointed that I stayed even or if I have gone up a little, I sometimes take all the days I have been on Medifast (just over 4 weeks) and I count up how many.


I have: gained any weight (4), stayed the same (3) or lost weight (22). By far, even with daily weighing, it is easy to see that I lose weight (a little or a lot) far more days than I stay even or gain. Without Medifast that would be a totally different set of statistics!.

So don't get down on "bad" days. There aren't that many of them on MF!.


Comment #84

Morning all. Bones is down to 334.2 Off to work. Crazy busy this week...

Comment #85

Yay! The weekend is almost here!.

I stayed pretty even today- I'm at 165.4 this morning.

I'm 2lbs away from having lost 30lbs on MF. I'm hoping to hit 163 lbs on Sunday. I've been doing 3 and 4 miles of aerobics each day. It's paying off, believe me!.

Have a great Thursday everyone!..

Comment #86

Good morning DWers,.

I"ve got my final exam in Med/Surg 1 today - but I'm pretty low-stress over it because I only need 50% on it to get a B in the class. I could get an A if I only miss 2 questions and I know I"ll miss more than that (I haven't gotten an A on any of our exams, and this is cumulative final) so I don't feel like I had to fight to achieve that lofty goal. If I totally mangle the exam I only need 12 of 50 correct (24%) to pass the class. No worries at all, other than getting there in the massive rain we will be having..

WL is being stubborn with both DH and I - we started at the same time and I think it is interesting that we are both stalled (for the last week and a half or so). I stayed even today. Maybe we'll get some scale movement over the weekend. I sure hope so!.

WF - That is awesome! The weight is just pouring off, congratulations because what you are doing is working :-D (3-4 miles of aerobics? Is that a running thing, or a stepping thing, or what?) How long does it take you to do your work out each day?.

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #87

Morning DW's..

Dude has been very nice these last couple of days. Down again .8lbs..

Congrats on all the hard work everyone is doing this week..

I don't have a lot of time this am. I over slept and have to get ready for work. I will check back later..

Drink water...

Comment #88

Hi all.

WHAT?!? had me up to 165.4 today..

Have a great day all..

Comment #89


I hope all went well with your exam today! Sounds to me like you know your stuff girl, so you are right in not worrying too much!.

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. They are very much appreciated! They put a smile on my face..

I have really made it a point to exercise every single day. I have Leslie Sansone to thank for motivating me so much. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her videos. The collection is "Walking off the pounds". It's really awesome and not complicated at all! It includes 4 basic steps: walking, lifting the knees, side steps and kicks. She adds some arm movements, but I'm telling you, it's really not complicated, plus she makes it fun! So each mile is about 15 mins..

I have also bought her "Big Burn" Interval training- that helped me pushed through my plateau/slow loss. This workout is ***-kicking good! You sweat alot! It's 28 mins of cardio with 2mins of intervals- in 28 mins, you do 3 x 2mins intervals. Each interval is designed to increase your heartbeat- then she brings you back down and levels it off for about 5 mins, and then another 2 mins intervals...again, brings you down after the 2 mins, etc. This is my new favorite!.

So her 1st DVD includes the 1 mile (15mins) and the 2 miles walks. (30mins).

The 2nd DVD is her 3 miles walk (advanced-45mins).

The 3rd DVD is her 4 miles walk (super challenge-60mins).

Then I have another DVD, where it's a mile for each day of the week and each mile targets a body part. Mile 1 is just your regular walk. Mile 2 targets the arms, Mile 3 targets the legs. Mile 4 targets the tummy and Mile 5 is the superfast mile and is designed to make you sweat. You do Mile 5 in just 12 mins..

So if you would choose to do the whole workout, you would do 5 miles that day..

So I just mix and match- like tonight, I will do Mile 2 of the 5 day way, which targets the arms and then I will switch DVDs and do the Big Burn 2 miles Interval one, for a total of 45mins (3miles)..

I hope I was not too confusing.

If you have a chance, go on Ebay and buy one of her DVDs- I will be very surprised if you don't like her workout. You can pay as low as 5 dollars for one of her DVDs on Ebay. If you are not sure which one to buy, let me know, and I'll be happy to help you out...

Comment #90

Morning all. Weigh in day for me, doing the happy dance. Down 3.6 lbs and broke through the 100 lb mark!..

Comment #91

Hi- can I join your thread? I seem to find a week an eternity and maybe weighing everyday will help me stay excited and not too ahead of myself. HAd a bad day yesterday - I seem to ebb and flo. over all iadown but I need to make it to the finish line. you seem to be asuportive bunch and pretty fun so i'd love to join in and share the journey.

Is it ok if I adjsut my ticker once a week and jsut say how I do daily- is that how it works here?.

My name is em, have twin 6 yrs ols- they are the best! and a husband and dog..

Comment #92


A very warm welcome to you! This group is great! And yes, you are correct, we try to post our daily weight, and then we change our ticker on our official weigh-in day. So I'm a Saturday weigher, I will be changing my ticker tomorrow morning..

We also have a name for our scale. I call mine "BAM". Let us know your scale's name when you get a chance..

BAM has me down .4 this morning, so I'm at an even 165 lbs. Yay!!!.

Have a great Friday Ladies..

Comment #93

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.