A quick question about my Medifast Diet!?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... A quick question about my Medifast Diet!? Many thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Morning girls!!.

Start of a new week and the weather once again is the topic on the news.........

Sad....... (LOL).

Have a good day!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Yuppers it's going on here too, it's been so nice the next 3 days are supposed to be record colds..

WTG Ali just holding my own here, I do go into the extra points though, will buckle down hearing your losses..

Back to feeling human, so to work I go. Have to admit since I started listening to books, I'm getting more work done.

Well mostly because I'm not playing on the net LOL.

Have a wonderful day.

Patti you survive your weekend ? .

OH forgot Kiddo and BFF news, it's over, not by choice, he has decided to move back to TX where he has a better chance of getting work (he does movie production stuff, a mix of a lot of things) since they have not had much in the movie making going on here for the last 6 months. She is sad but since he had been at home in TX since before Christmas, she is almost used to him being gone. Like she says now she can start hanging out with her other friends, personally I think it's a good thing, she only 20 needs to broaden her horizons..

OK best finish getting ready had 2 extra kids over the weekend (kiddo's sisters) had a great time watching movies shopping etc but have to get the youngest one home before I go to work..

Laters Ladies..

Comment #2

Morning Ladies.

Weather=YUCK! and that's all I'll say about that!.

Ali, way to rock the loss!.

Monica, sounds like kiddo is growing up. You're right, she has more living to do, and she will see that soon. Glad you're feeling better.. and LOL at listening to books=more work done.

Charly!! *waves like mad*.

I saw a big fat 0 on the scale today, but I am not surprised, I'm retaining weight like crazy..I imagine my loss will be bigger next week. LOL Sometimes being a woman really bites the big one..

Patti, Sandy, NA... hope you all had a great weekend!.

Off to get some errands done and then it's treadmill time with the Pea! (she has today off, it's a teachers work day or something.. they are doing report cards)..

Comment #3


Ali - ice with a lovely layer of snow topping it momentarily, how 'bout you?.

Red - yep! 'most times' being a woman 'bites the big one' that scale will move, dammit it will move!!.

Monica - glad you are feeling better, too bad about the BFF of the door closes and one door opens........she's too young to be 'done'..

Comment #4

Morning Girls!.

Charly, there is snow out there, no ice though! They are now saying TWO FEET of snow is the minimum we are going to get. It snowed a little last night but this afternoon and night/tomorrow is when we are going to get slammed. I can't believe the photos coming from Oklahoma City area. And can someone please stuff the mouth of that Stephanie chic on the Weather Channel. OMG, if I wasn't so interested in what was happening, I would have the sound off. SHE IS SO ANNOYING! They need to stick her out on the street to report in the below zero temps.

That's my morning! Hope everyone is doing better today. So lucky I don't have those PMS things any longer...been over that for almost 11 years..

Be back later...hey my street is plowed, that's a first this early in the morning!..

Comment #5

Morning and interesting so far.

Weather this morning was talking about -8 and that's before wind chill, only got about an inch last night, big storm is coming in later today, but we had rain before the snow so very icy. Well roads were still all opened so I left for work, did a slide into the curb but slowed down and seemed to do ok (my car even though front wheel drive is not very good in the snow) then I watched several people slide through lights and off the road..

Getting a little antsy now but what finally got me home, was the guy on the other side of the road hit an double light aluminum pole and it barely missed my car, luckily when it fell on the light that part broke off so I was able to drive around it. I could not have stopped in time, the road was solid ice..

So I came home, traveled about 8 miles took me 40 minutes, I may try again here in a bit but will just have to wait and see..

That's my day so far and it's only 8:30 maybe I should go back to bed LOL.

Have a great day all..

Comment #6

Ok guess we have finally found winter here. All the ice today and now getting up to 5 inches of snow tonight? Some highs today 6.

We were all of 16 here at home..

Payroll is tomorrow, crap crap well will just have to see how it goes..

Stay warm, you gals are getting killed..

Comment #7


Wow, somebody turn off the snow/wind and ice machine!! Enuf is ENUF!!.

We're at level 3 emergency here meaning no one is allowed to go anywhere and if you do, you don't pass go, you go straight to jail!.

Ali - how you holding up, you ok??.

Monica - stay home, bottomline, stay home!!.

Working from home has it's benefits, so many without power, trees down, it's crazy. X-ing fingers here that the power stays on. I've no where to go but not being allowed to go and not having power wouldn't be a good combo..

Stay safe girls!!..

Comment #8

Morning Girls!.

Opened my front door this morning to find snow pushing at the door. It's a MESS! I will have to shovel before I can even snow blow and it's still snowing! Opened my blinds and the neighbor next door is shoveling to get out of his garage. I can't believe he thinks he is going to make it to work. They are saying it's still not as deep as 1967, but to me..IT'S DEEP! LOL.

Stay safe! Stay warm and I'll post pictures later! This one is deep! Oh and no school! Wooo HOO! LOL..

Comment #9

WOW it is a mess. at least we did get as much as they thought, only about 2" but it's one of the few time it's worse here then at work. I'm going to try it, if I can make it to the freeway..........

Stay safe and warm..

Comment #10 are not going to believe what I did! Two days ago I brought my snowblower in the house, wanted to make sure it started. It's nice and toasty. snow shovel is back by the garage. OMG!! Dumb A S S that I am. The snow out my front door is DEEP, REALLY DEEP! So much for not getting snow in the top of the boots. ARRRGGHH!.


Comment #11

Ali I may end up home, at least the freeways have been sanded all night. That's the short end of my trip..

Sorry about the snow shovel, hope you don't get too much snow in your boot, use some news paper...

Comment #12

Four hours later, the sun it out it is still snowing. They said we have 20.2 inches so far. I still have about 5 foot of snow in front of the garage door and about 4 foot at the end of the street that the plow pushed in. I'm done...a friend is coming to plow the rest of it. I have no where to put it between the houses. My double drive is now a single wide one.

Not going anywhere, just want to be able to get my car out if I have to..

Stay warm and safe everyone!..

Comment #13

Thursday morning...I think! OMG, I never and I mean never want to see another snowflake. The snow is piled so high on the sides of the drive and down by the street it's going to be hard to pile anymore on. The weather channel is saying we are due another storm...Lord let's hope not..

It's freezing this morning, below zero temps! I just want it to go away!. are you doing out there? Monica? Red? Patti? NA where are you?.

Have a great day girls..I'll by school tonight, the college is still closed trying to move all the s now around..

Talk to you all later!..

Comment #14

Geez miss one day of work and it takes 3 to ketchup.

I tell you ladies the people I work with can just about mess up a single serving. Oh well got it done and did..

Road were clear once I got out of town yesterday, still slick at my house but I can get where I need to go. I tried letting my dogs back in the house this am before I left as it was only -7 outside and they wouldn't come in, stupid dogs LOL Kiddo would have let them out when she left for school at least it would have been a little warmer then..

Hopefully you gals can get free of the snow soon, we didn't get much of that just the bitter cold. set an all time record this am, coldest it's been since 1939 by -2 degrees, I'm good too Ali.

Internet was acting sketchy this AM at home hope it was just the cold, I can't afford another wireless box..

Comment #15

Hope all is well with everyone after this CRAZY weather!...Sorry to be MIA...but we had a MAJOR water leak at my moms...Apparently the furnace went out...pipes froze...and.

8,000 gallon of water later.

My niece walked into the house and found water pouring out of the basement ceiling!...I've been dealing with restoration people and contractors and am totally ready to run away from home. Mom's pretty upset and wants to go see the house...but I feel it will be to upsetting...not sure what to do???.

Much love to you all!!!!...Please forgive me for not doing shout outs!..

Comment #16

Hey Ladies, Frozen Friends, etc,.

Heavens the weather is really weird, bad, not wanted, fill in the blanks!.

Wish I could send hot weather and sun shine your way, this is the weirdest weather I can remember, talk of canceling the Super Bowl in Dallas on Sunday. Can you imagine?.

Sandy, sorry about the water damage, what a mess. Hope someone can get started with the repairs sooner than later. Ugh!.

Ali congrats on the weight loss once again - WW seems to really be working for you!.

Hey Red, Monica and Charly, stay warm and dry. It has to pass at some point, right?.

Went to Tampa and saw George Strait, Reba and Lee Ann Womack. We were on the floor, 2nd row, could see their eyelashes. I swear, it was awesome. Got home at 3 in the morning, got back up at 7 for a horse show, it was 80 degrees, not as enjoyable as you think, we weren't ready for the hot weather at all. Aftere 7 hours there, Peanut got sick, she was in heat big time then started "cramping" - yes, just like we do. She is at a fertile age so I guess it was bad, also a lot of stallions around which makes mares very edgy..

She was neighing, pawing and banging herself up against the side of the transport trailer. The trainer said "No way" you will be bucked in the first 5 minutes. So she gave her a muscle relaxer and I went home. It was for the best but man was I tired and grumpy and just exhausted. So on to the next show in 2 weeks..

Hugs to all, hope you get some sunshine in your area tomorrow!..

Comment #17


Patti - Sorry to hear that about pnut, banging up against the trailer like that, had to be scary for both of you, poor thing..

Sandy - geesh, water, water and more water, that's crazy!!.

Monica - I have the same thing at work, one small brain cramp from these people and it can turn the world upside down.

Ali - what is there to say...........nothing right?.

Red - you doing ok this week?.

Me? - same category as Ali but ours is ice. We're still under a level 2 emergency meaning you can be on the roads but if you get in a ditch you aren't a priority. The ice around here is crazy...........

Ho hum.........moving on...

Comment #18

Morning Girls! More of the fluffy stuff on the way..haven't caught up from the last round and a new one is coming through. Charly, no ice, thank the Lord! People in the City of Chicago were told if they ventured out and got stuck, they weren't a priority. Downtown was back to normal yesterday..they are just trying to figure out what to do with the snow. I'm sure they will be dumping it in the lake soon..

Patti sorry about Peanut, poor thing. Sandy..what next? Hope things go better for you this week. Monica...stay warm. I saw that NM is running out of natural gas. Will that affect your heating? NA where are you? Red?? What are you and Natty doing?.

Thats it from me. Nothing new to report but this dang weather and to tell you the truth, I AM SO SICK OF IT!..

Comment #19

Morning Ladies.

Patti poor Peanut, I imagine she was edgy around the stallions, not to mention how bad the stallions get when a mare in heat shows up. I remember that from my race track days. Good luck on your next show and hope you get over the grumpies soon..

(((Sandy))) WOW don't know what else to say, keeping you and your family in my prayers. Don't wear yourself out trying to take care of everything, one step at a time..

Charly that's was us lots of ice at my house, mostly b ecause it was raining before the snow. The snow we did get is that super fine soft powder that might as well be ice, but we have warmed up into single degrees now and should have a nice weekend..

Ali I got lucky, no shortages where I was, they did ask that we keep our therm down but mine already are so didn't worry to much about it. I have some electric heaters so I would have been OK if we had lost it. It was one of those freak things, they had ordered the gas but rolling brown outs in tx kept it from getting here and some how it's all the gas comp fault. Those were the same people that refused to go to the shelters too..

Red Where are you and how are you and Nattie holding out?.

NA Same question.

Is Sage doing better with traveling now?.

Nothing much here, just getting all my stuff done so I can have a clean desk for Monday, then I can mess it all up again LOL.

Huggs Everyone..

Comment #20

Hey ladies, man what a week. For all of you I mean. It's been pretty quiet here, but I feel like I'm behind. I think because Natty had Monday off, I'm all out of whack. Natty has alot going on this week, report cards, book reading club, tonight she starts fencing class and she had a reading test that shows she is at a 5th grade level..

I'm so amazed by her. They gave us info to help keep up her progress. This school has been amazing for her. I'm so grateful we moved here. I feel good this week, eating good this week and treadmill every day. I cna *feel* the progress.

Peanut.. I'm with ya girl..

((((Sandy)))) sorry to hear about the major water leak at your mom's that really sucks. I swear there is nothing worse than coming home to find something like that. The same thing happened to us when I was in the hospital with Natty, Ryan went to get a change of clothes and check on the pets and got a nice howdy from the house. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as your mom's. I probably wouldn't let her see it.. just let her know it's getting taken care of.

Monica, oh man. all that ice! I can't believe you were driving on that!! I am sooooo glad you made it ok.. Thank goodness you all still have your heat.. I heard about it on the news too and have been thinking about you..

Ali, girl. All that damn snow and ice!! I can't believe everything I've been seeing on the news. I know you are sick of it. I hope you guys don't have the roof problems I've been seeing on the east coast with the cave-ins and all. YIKES!.

Charly, LOL.. girl I have to laugh at your Emergency explanations! Basically, if you're in a ditch.. sucks to be you. LOL!! I am glad you are staying home and being safe and warm there. It's good you have the kind of work you can do that. And I think good also, they are making people stay home.

NA I hope all is ok where you are... wherever that may be at this time. =).

Patti, Poor Peanut! And even though that day sucked, the night before sounded pretty fantastic!!! Glad you got to go and have an awesome time! =D.

Alright well it's treadmill time for me and nothing special going on this weekend for us. just lots of rain and cold temps. Thank goodness no white stuff here. Tripping out on the chaos in Egypt. It's bad news over there. All around bad news..

Have a good weekend everyone and I hope you all can start to thaw out and the warm comes soon!..

Comment #21

Hi Girls,.

Just went to see Peanut at the barn. The horse dentist is there, she got her teeth done yesterday and is still sore, but the doc said she had good healthy chompers! Didn't eat her.

Hay but that's okay. I will check on her later tonight..

Monica - Great picture girl! You look good!.

Sorry bout the ice and cold that is still hanging around like a pest!.

Red - Have fun with Natty this weekend! Yeah the middle east news is awful..

NA - Where you hiding? Hope all is well!.

Charly - Hang tough, spring will be here soon according to that dang groundhog..

Sandy - Hugs, good luck with the house. Pulling for your Steelers!.

Ali - Stay warm!.

Later gators!..

Comment #22

Hey girls!!.

Staying warm here, glad it's the end of the week..

Thought I should say that I feel we should take this to a monthly thread. I'm bad lately at posting and I find it easier to just pop in occasionally..

If it's good with everyone else on Monday next week I'll start a February thread. If no one has any issues with a monthly thread. I'll be around occasionally just not much. Hey feel free for someone to pickup starting the weekly thread if that's what you want I'm just stepping down from that part..

All is well and life is good, wishing you all the best. Have a good weekend!!..

Comment #23

I think a monthly thread is great, much easier to keep up with, especially when we get chatty..

Comment #24

Sounds like a plan to me! A good plan!..

Comment #25

Morning ladies!.

Has anyone thawed out yet? Sun is out here, mopped all morning, oh what fun! NOT!.

Have a good one!..

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.