About website building? I just registered a domain name with 123 and?

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My question is About website building? I just registered a domain name with 123 and? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: So, after spending the week talking to support from a variety of registrars for a wide variety of reasons, I have to wonder... why on earth don't HostGator registrars recruit employees from HostGator forums???.

I mean, most of the support people I've spoken too have been extremely pleasant, responsive, eager to help, and almost entirely incompetent (except moniker)..

Wouldn't hiring existing domainers allow them to cut training times, cut the number of support staff needed, and eliminate incompetence more?.

Couldn't they lure some domainers to sunny California or Florida, where most seem to be located? I mean, you have to figure there are about 100,000 different domainers on forums across the web. Maybe half of them are over 18. Maybe 10% of the remaining people would consider taking a job at a HostGator registrar... So if my math and estimates are right, it seems to me that there's a pool of about 5,000 qualified domainers that could be accessed as potential employees by registrars!.

Just a thought, maybe someone should suggest this to godaddy, for example. Just to take a random example..

Hoo boy, it's 5 AM. Ok, I'm done. Cheers,.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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Sir are you sure that you would like to renew your domain? That's why....


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I will tell you why, they are lazy..

Just like the fact that most auction houses have been sitting on their butts for years as regards activily showing names to end users. Really it has only been recently that a company or two have seen that the real action regarding profits is to take names directly to those who have a vested interest in them,( end users.).

A leader in HostGator sales is Moniker who is by far the best company to activily "showcase" domains, with the auctions they have been doing. My opinion is Moniker is doing a great deal to get attention to the industry with their auctions. Their exposure to the media and the "style" in which they operate is unique to them..

This will lift the level of HostGator sales for all..

Same is true with registrarrs as the auction houses, very few think outside the box..

It may be true that domainers have their own business to tend to, but my guess is even the pro's would for a "consulting fee" offer their services...

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Recruiting from a domainer forum would definitely help in getting more knowledgeable employees, and many domainers would probably jump at the chance. but I think that companies in general are having enough problems with people using the quick connections for personal use (ordering plane tickets, bidding on ebay, etc), and hiring a domainer knowing full well that s/he is a domainer... might not be the best thing if you're looking for looking for a "hard worker". of course it depends on the person as well though, and it could work on beautifully if they are efficient, gets their work done, etc...

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I worked for Godaddy, I promise you - No domainer would want to work for them.....

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Yes of course the registrars do but the chances are if they hire staff that have a vested interest of their own it most likely they will not be compatible..

Also if they hire someone out with the industry they can then then mold that person to the way they want them to be ie they will not necessarily have any preconceived ideas on what the best and worst way to work in the business are...

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I would probably not use a forum where a bunch of registrar reps ran wild pming and soliciting. Let them advertise, but don't call me when I'm having dinner...

Comment #7

No doubt, especially if they keep pushing you to upsell like hell...

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You have to understand that the vast majority of customers are not domainers. Sure, we probably register a lot more domains than others... But in the grand scheme of things, domainers make up a very small percentage of any registrar's customer base, especially GoDaddy. What this means is that the normal customer probably doesn't require as much customer service. Or if they do, it's probably simple stuff that any random person can learn, or canned responses (in most cases) provided by the company. Personally, I know what customer service people make, which is usually around $8-10 an hour. While I don't make a terrible amount more, I wouldn't particularly want to be a CSR for a registrar either..

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Moniker has positioned themselves to be arguably one of the most professional and domainer-friendly companies. NP members can get their $6.95 pricing. While I have no direct scientific data, I've started to see more and more domainers use Moniker...

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Pretty much. Though their customer service is somewhat lacking. I have about 2 emails I sent to them that they never responded to (talking months ago)..

I have the my domains pretty evenly split between Moniker and GD. Only reason I still have names at GD is because of TDNAM and me being too lazy to transfer..

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