Ab's Diet for women vs. Medifast Diet?

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My 1st question is: Ab's Diet for women vs. Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Hi lovely Pink's,.

I hope it is O.K. that I started a thread for March..

I love reading all the posts..

PL, Did you find a home? I have been thinking of you alot..

Have a wonderful week. Love, Linda..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Thank you for starting a new thread Linda, I guess I can't see the forest for the trees although I know it's March I didn't even notice we were still using the Feb thread.

Amelie, onderland is awesome and I can't wait to get there again. You are an inspiration and I love the bird laughing on your ticker!.

I'll check in later, I need your support to succeed!..

Comment #2

ONEDERLAND for Amelie!! Congrats!!!!!!.

Take a picture of your scale!! You'll never see the 200s again!.

Thanks, Linda, for the new thread (((Hugging you))).

I have been out of town, got in last night (this morning) at 3:30am. TIRED. We house looked all weekend and we think we found one. THERE ARE SO MANY bank owned houses. We looked at a lot of them and are going to submit an offer today. It will take awhile dealing with the bank, I think but I hope we can agree on a price.


(((Team PINK))) I am so very sorry for being MIA. My head is spinning but if we can get a contract on a house thinks will have a light at the end of the tunnel. LOL.

Waving to Pamouse!!((((so glad you are here)))..

Comment #3

Sick kids here so I've been MIA....I will have to ketchup and check back in tomorrow!..

Comment #4

****** PINKS T E A M C H A L L E N G E ******.


When youre drinking as much water as we do, you visit the bathroom frequently, so why not use this time to say something nice to yourself as you are washing your hands..

Lets see how many adjectives we can come up with...

Comment #5

Yah! Amelie is in Onder-land!!!!!.

We've not a had a queen in a while, so here is to our onder-land queen of the week! Congrats friend and keep up the hard work! Put your crown on and wear it in style!..

Comment #6

AWWWW Thanks Becca! I weighed in a day early this week to cross over to the 100s with MicheleB!!.

TODAY was challenging looking at the scale, because I got less sleep than normal AND weight lifted so I flexed BACK up to 201 BUT I figure I'll just count Monday since I'm pretty sure it's just me gaining some muscle weight.

Did I tell everybody??? I'm Aunt March in Little Women!! WOO!!..

Comment #7

Good Morning my Pink friends!.

Just a quick fly by as I'm eating my oatmeal..

Amelie - congrats on being the queen, that is awesome.

Meshka - I hope your kids are feeling better.

Regina - Thanks for the mirror challenge, what a great idea.

(((((((((hugs to all of you))))))))) Have a great OP day..

Comment #8

Hi PINKs,.

I am here but pulling my hair out. (Will I weigh less on the scale without any hair? LOL).

The house we wanted to put an offer on already had an offer on the table so I am back to square one on that. ugh. You would think it would be easy to find a house at a good price in this housing market..

Regina, GREAT challenge! Mirror challenge! I look in the mirror often and usually it is not complimentary words that come to mind. LOL I have been looking at my collar bones lately. I like to see them more than they are showing now. That tells me I have to get leaner. I am on 5/1 and will be doing it along with the rest of you..

Thanks for the crown post, Becca..

Pretty flowers too. How are you doing OP?.

Meshka! Life gets busy sometimes doesn't it? Medifast can be maintained through the stresses of life-which I am also going to have to prove to myself. Glad you posted here. Keep you head in the game. We will be cheering each other on!.

Leita, I am sorry I didn't turn in my homework from last week. We drove out of town again to look at houses. Got home Monday morning at 3:30am. AND we were there last weekend and going again this weekend and it's a 6 hour drive each way! Hubby MOVES there without us THIS Saturday..

We can't move with him until I find a house for us to live anything. I would rent if I could but I can't find a house that takes pets..

(((Team PINK)) OP, baby!!..

Comment #9

Pamouse, I had oatmeal for my first meal of the day too. It's past time for my next meal and it will be Medifast cappy. I need the boost from it!.

Today is a new day and one day closer to goal (((Pam)))..

Comment #10

Good Morning Pinks!.

(Yes, it's still morning out here in Washington - LOL) I hope you all are having a wonderfully blessed week. Sorry I've been MIA it's been challenging and I've got some sick kids too Meshka, it stinks doesn't it?!.

I'm doing ok although I did eat a (small) jar of pickles and I paid for it... probably a newbie mistake but I saw that someone else said they were good for a snack and they technically don't have calories so I snacked on them all day long... yeah. NOT GOOD! The jar was empty by dinner and I had eaten twice the amount of sodium a normal person should have in a day..

OOOOPS! My scale was extra grouchy & mean the next day and I'd gone up FOUR POUNDS!!! I re-weighed several times trying to let my eyes adjust to the number but alas it was true... so now I've learned that although it might not have calories I need to watch my SODIUM too!!! Why didn't I think of that before eating all those pickles? Sometimes I'm not so bright. LOL. The scale is slowly going back the way it's supposed to and I'm back OP, no more than a few pickles a day for me!!!.

Regina, I like the mirror challenge. I will try that in a few minutes..

PL, I sure hope you find your new home soon. I'm impressed that you're still OP with all this upheaval in your life..

Amelie - WAY TO GO!!! Onederland is yours!!! And so is the part!!! WOO HOO!!! Congratulations on both fronts!.

Hugs to all the PINKS!.


Comment #11

Doing another fly by while having my chocolate crunch bar and big glass of water..

Cara - don't beat yourself up, drink lots of water and flush that sodium out of your body! Hope your sick kiddos get well soon..

I rocked this program last summer and I am ready to do it again!.

((((((hugging all pinks)))))))..

Comment #12

Hey PINKs!.

Stopping by to check in..

Cara, it does stink, hope your kids get well soon. It's been making me tired because of being woke up through out the night..

PL, thanks for the support....we can do this together!! I will keep my head up and stay focused as much as possible. I have taken the whole week off of work as of today and hope to be back OP! I started the day with coffee and Medifast hot coco, water and need another Medifast meal I better go get it! LOL.

Ok be back later ladies! Hi to all the rest of the PINKs!!!..

Comment #13

Hi everyone....

Sorry Allison- I'm usually checking in daily, but I'm trying to catch up on things around the house and get ready for my trip ( I leave Thursday )... You are not alone!!! Just sometimes gets quiet... looks like everyone else has had some crazy week too....

So- just making sure everyone knows.... tomorrow I'll be checking in real quick to report weigh in and than I'm off the boards for a while. Will be traveling to Kentucky to visit the in-laws. There will be a computer there, but not sure how much time I'll have to get on the boards or how much the computer will be available to me... I'll be gone for about 2 weeks....


Comment #14

Good morning PINKS!!!!.

As you can see below I have been on and off plan. I have really got to find a way to handle life issues besides using food. I did not even bother to report my weight last week but I know that I need accountability or less I will be back up 300s in no time..

WIW 260.0.

Height: 5'4"..

Comment #15

Morning all....

Weigh in is 181.7.


Regina- It's a life change, not just a diet, so you're going to have some bumps in the road... you CAN do this and being accountable is one of the most important steps! I'm proud of you for taking that step and taking charge of your eating habits...

I'll report if I can! Will be off the boards now till at least Monday... (on the road).


Comment #16

Hello Pinks.

Regina - we are all here for you, if you want my FB page or phone let me know!..

Comment #17

Been MIA bc I could not find you PINKettes!!!! You disappeared from the last thread without any notice.

I am happy to be back in PINkdom now that I am back in March instead of Feb! whew..

Comment #18


I just saw on the blogs that today is get over it day. Yes it's true. This was a poem that was on the website. Thought I would share it..

Is there anything you need to get over. I am sure there are lots that I need to get over..

The Official Get Over It Day Poem.

NOBODY is happy, EVERY day of their life,.

Not an American Idol, not a Desperate Housewife,.

Not MVP athletes, not Oscar-winning stars,.

Not rich CEOs, not hot chicks at bars..

We ALL have our issues; ALL lives contain stress,.

At some point, we're ALL an emotional mess,.

Ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands, ex-wives,.

There are people to get over in EVERYONE'S lives..

But as much as things suck, as bad as they get,.

If you got cheated on, if you're swimming in debt,.

If you're aging or balding or get a cold sore,.

Don't ever forget: It Could Always Suck More! (603-413-4130).

It's all part of life; it will help you grow stronger,.

But this "pity party" of yours can't last any longer,.

You can sit home alone, being sad and depressed,.

Or you can choose to be strong, and do as we suggest:.

March 9th is the day, to finally say:.

"Move on! It's done! It's Get Over It Day!"..

Comment #19

Oh Regina, I've been feeling the same way... struggling this week with staying OP and not having too many "pauses" as PL calls it. I know for me TOM is coming and I feel like I'm starving all the time. If anyone has suggestions... BESIDES PICKLES! I already did that and... yeah it wasn't good.

I think I spent too many years teaching preschool and making ants on a log. LOL..

It's also pouring down rain today and 2/5 kids are coughing so we haven't had any outside playtime which means my nerves are FRIED! HELP!!! This is one of those days I want to dive into a pizza and a pan full of brownies..

Instead I'm drinking decaf tea and hoping the afternoon goes by quickly..

Allison - I'm sorry you couldn't find us! Maybe in the previous thread we should leave a note saying we've moved? Idk, just an idea!.

Hugs to my PINK sisters!.


Comment #20

Yay amelie!!!!! Congrats.

WIW: 299/5'6".

Sorry for the fly-by pinks, took pain meds and am loopy..

On the phone and too hard to type coherently like this..

Hugging you all. Praying for you to get under contract w/house, PL..

Comment #21

A quick fly by....I would have checked in this morning, but I ended up with what the kids have. I woke up last night about 2 am from a bad dream, then come to find out I was fevering. So I was awake the rest of the night, I couldn't sleep. Coughing, headache, chills, fever and no sleep....rested most of the day and I am heading back to bed in a minute. My fever was as high as 104 high!! Anyways, hope to check back in before to long..

Good night PINKs!!..

Comment #22

Good morning PINKS!!!!.

I hope everyone is well..

Pam I would love to be facebook friends too. My address is.


If anyone else is on facebook pls send a request, if you like..

In the words of meshka70 I am OP BABY!!!..

Comment #23

Dear PINKs,.

I don't know what button I just pushed but I just typed out a loooong vent about my house hunting and that hubby is MOVING out of town this weekend and leaving me behind to sell house and pack AND find a new one. The houses go FAST. We've put offers on two of them that were on the market a week and they both already had contracts! Ugh. And the third house we tried to put an offer on didn't counter-offer. UGH. that was my earlier vent in a nutshell.

I think of the PINKs every day and pray all is well. Losing weight is a journey and it doesn't stop or stand still when we get busy but we have to constantly be striving to live a healthy life. One of the house I am looking at has walking trails in the neighborhood. I am dreaming of the future and taking both long walks and short power walks..

Regina, great poem!!! made me smile! thanks!.

Meshka, hugging you!.

Allison, please keep posting and that will keep the PINKs on the first page so we don't get lost..

Cara, I am not PERFECT OP but I am trying. It's alllllllllllll about NEVER giving up..

Lisa, travel safe. I am traveling so much these days (driving 6 hours each way to house hunt every weekend) it's crazy!.

Sharon, you will forever be PINK..

Pam, sorry I can't get down to visit you but had to put that trip on hold because of our move. It would be great to meet you..

We've had PINK reunions in the past, after I get moved, maybe we can schedule another Girl PINK weekend..

There is nothing like meeting your PINK sisters in person. (IRL).

Leita, are you here? I was hoping to get to visit you in midApril for that tourney there but I think that has been put on hold too since we are moving. But you'll be 6 hours closer after I move..

Linda, thanks again for starting the new thread. March is flying by!!!.

Love and Hugs to ALL the PINKs,.

((((Team PINK))))..

Comment #24

Awwww Meshka, I am sick too. Hope you feel better soon..

Miss you all!.

PL: Still praying for that perfect house! God has one JUST for you..

Hugging all peeps PINK!..

Comment #25

Hi lovely Pink's,.

I have been under the weather yesterday and early today, but now am feeling a bit better. I was taking care of my sister on Mon. she had the intestional virus that is going around. He Dr. told me I could expect to have it in 2-3 days, well it happened. Yesterday was really bad, thought I had the flu.

PL, if you were moving to Lebanon, Pa. my friend is selling her home. They are asking a mere $550,000.00 for it (LOL) It has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, hot tub and everything else that I could not imagine living in, to fancy for this old lady LOL. I really hope and pray you will find the home that is just right for you, and you will..

Have a wonderful Fri. Love, Linda..

Comment #26

Have been all sorts of exercise activity lately & my body rebelled on me Grr. STILL.

WIF (weigh in Friday...WIW +2days.

) 199.4 5'5"..

Comment #27

Quick post:.

Hope everyone is doing good! Here is a pic from 32 weeks and 3 days. I am 33 weeks now, and seem to be alot bigger than even that!.

I have a dr appointment this next week... I will update then! MIL is coming into town today!..

Comment #28

Hello PINKs!.

Missing PL.

Krystin~ love the baby tummy! Pregnant mammas are beautiful!! Excited for you.

Have a great OP weekend MFer PINKs!!.



Comment #29


I hope that everyone is well. Its been pretty quiet so I know that you are all very busy..

Krystin you are adorable..

Take care PINKS!!!..

Comment #30

Krystin - I love your Baby Bump!.

Soooo precious. I can't wait to see pics of your little one soon!.

I'm missing PL too....

Everything slows waaaaay down when she's not here to keep us going..

Maybe we can liven things up a bit with a question???.

How about....

If you could visit anywhere in the world for 1 week, where would you go and why?.

I've wanted to go to Italy ever since I saw that movie "Under The Tuscan Sun." It seems so beautiful and relaxing. There's also a cave formation I read about called the Blue Grotto, and it's supposed to be the most stunning color. I would love to go see it too...

Comment #31

Hi all!!!.

Well I made it to my in-laws safe and sound. Been staying OP, but am finding that it's harder than I thought while traveling. Im not too tempted to go off plan, but finding places to eat near the freeway thats not fast food is almost impossible!! Also, everything seems to have a very high sodium content- so much I can actually taste it! Other than those few obstacles, Im doing well.

Not much time to read, just wanted to let you all know that I'm still staying OP... hopefully PL will find a place fast....


Comment #32

Good Monday morning PINKS!.

I am back from MIA in NYC..... what a great trip we had and so much to do. I am so glad to be back in my Florida home though where there are trees and birds... a lot to see in the city, but it does not make me want to live there..

No, I was not OP while I was there. But I did manage not to gain while I was gone as we walked about 15 miles each day. And that is not an exageration! Our legs were aching from being so tired.... but, we are all good and moving forward......

Today will be day one again...I do not look forward to the next three to four days, but I knwo it is best for me right prayers are welcomed and coveted.....

Things here are very stressful as DH was laid off for the second time this year. I am considering going back to work, but have to find someone who will work with my schedule of home schooling, working at a ballet studio and all the other things the kids are involved in.....

There is a plan and I have to wait to see it. It is just getting harder and harder to wait.......

I hope you guys have a great day and I will try to check in sooner than later.....

Amelie...congrats on your new onederland.....

Comment #33

Hello PINKs~.

Maryjo~ welcome back to warm sunny florida! Alot different then NYC! Good job not gaining while gone. Stay focused about being back and OP. it seems like it would be a slippery slope where some people falls off the wagon when they are working getting back OPing after being off for a couple of days. You can do it though! You are a strong woman!.

Good luck with DH and finding a job..

Ok, HOMEWORK QUESTION~ If I could spend one week anywhere in the world, where would it be? For me that is an easy one! I would like to go back to Medjugorje in Bosnia Herztigavina! Have been there twice. It is near Croatia. Each time I have brought some of my children and I would like to go back again with the rest of my kids and my DH! It is a place where heaven touches earth! Beautiful, Holy and simple. Last time we went, (5 of my kids are born within 1 wk of each other, just different years) we brought suitcases full of shoes for a nearby orphanage that my kids had gotten from their birthday party. Each year we have 1 big bday party/cook out and friends bring a donated item instead of gifts for different casues that we are some how conected with. We have done this for years and it has evolved into a cool thing..

Each year we have 5 birthday cakes! This year we will be combining it with a graduation party for my 2 seniors as well! The last few days of May and the first wk of June will be a little crazy in our home: May 29, 2 sons gratuating from high school, another son birthday; May 30, gratuation party and birthday party for 5 of our children; June 1 bday for son turning 19; June 4, bday for daughter turning 16;June 5 bday for daughter turning 14 and June 6, bday for son turning 18. Oh, and it is also the last week of school for the other kids and graduation from 8th for another daughter!. that will be a good week to stay OP! Do you know what one of my pre medifast favorite food was ????? You guesed it.....CAKE!!!.

If you did the math with the above numbers, you will realize that one of our children is missing....

Some how?! (LOL) one of our children was born in Jan. So our dear Ben(he is now 10yrs old) always celebrates his 1/2 birthday in June. I mean golly, how can you have all your brothers and sisters have a big birthday bash and you be the only one that doesn't?!!.

Have a good Medifast day OPing!.

I hope PL returns soon. Am praying that she is staying OP as everything is swirling around her and she is able to join her DH soon with a beautiful home perfect for her family +..

Comment #34

Wow, we are just a distracted Team PINK this month, aren't we? We're all SOOO busy!!!.

I'm really hoping my number will be below 198 tomorrow. I've never been that, and I'm hoping it'll help me get a little unstuck mentally. PLEASE PLEEEEASE!!.

OH! My boss is starting Medifast and just told me it's due to my inspiration...that's something I never counted on by starting cool we can inspire people! Hope it goes well for her!..

Comment #35


Made another whirlwind trip to new city to look for houses (our third offer attempt on houses). We haven't heard back about our offer yet but hopefully will today. Houses are EXPENSIVE there and have NO backyards (only shared yards, no fenced and NO flat ground!!!) VERY different from TX where I am used to 6 ft. privacy fences around every home and flat ground..

(((Team PINK)))..

Comment #36

Good evening pinks!.

I hope you can get a house PL...we might be moving out west it seems.....we wills ee what God has planned......

Well, day one again.... back OP and managing well enough....

I am tired, but that is how it goes for me.......

I will check in again tomorrow...have a super day OP tomorrow!..

Comment #37

Hi lovely Pink's,.

I have been reading all the posts, but I don't have much to say these days, but I am OP. I am so saddened by all that has been happening in Japan, I feel so bad for them and I count my blessing that I have this day. Love, Linda..

Comment #38

Hi PINKs,.

We are STILL negotiating house deal: offer, counter offer, counter of the counter..

I wish Hubby would just buy the stupid thing already. We are already buying the cheapest thing out there!!! UGh! Housing prices are obsurd. The good deals go fast. Houses are no the market a week and then taken. It is like fightng to see who can get the house first. Open houses on Sundays with a steam of people to each house.

I am still swollen on right side. (I guess that is really my left side, because I am looking down when I call it my right side. LOL) He says it is probably a pocket of drietd blood as it is hard to the touch. My other side is soft and feels normal. He gave me steroid shots to flatten the scars but there are scars where he left the staples in too long so he will redo them in two months (four months post surgery). He will cut out the scar and then resew with stitches instead of staples.

Oh...and the doc gave me an all clear to exercise. My new slogan is going to be "Have you broken a sweat today?" That is my goal. Normally, I hate to sweat but when I sweat on purpose it, feels soooooooooo good and is good for my body..

(((Team PINK))))..

Comment #39

PL... will continue to pray your family gets the perfect house for you. Glad to hear you are healing well and HUGGING U TIGHT..

Maryjo, I too and so heartbroken for the Japanese. It is all so sad. On top of it, I work at a Nuclear Power plant and it is a stressful time for our industry. Each country handles things differently. My heart and prayers go out to everyone suffering..


Comment #40

Stopping by for a hello and to see how PINKdom is going!.

Been at a stand still with my WL. I am thinking it is my body adjusting to the almost 70 pounds that are gone. Still OPing and drinking crazy amounts of h2o. Keep reminding myself that this is not a race but a journey!.

Take care all you PINKettes!..

Comment #41

*CRIES* I want to come back so bad. So the allergies say that I am NOT allergic to soy but could be soy intolerant to a lot of soy.. I stopped because it was causing problems with my poops and because I listened to my chiro tell me how bad soy is and showed me articles on line about it.. But if I am not going to die from it.. why cant I just come back!?! I'm still having butt issues and just started taking probiotics.. I think I am just gonna stop listening to every one about it and just come back! It worked for me and I am tired of going up and down because of what others ( doctors) think is right for me.

And I miss you ladies so darn much!.

You may see me Monday ( hint hint).


Comment #42

Hi PINKs,.

I think we will have a signed contact today. We finally agreed on a price. Close in 30 days. Stressed out but ready to be on track again..

Love and Hugs to all the PINKs...

Comment #43

Christina, come back. Soy is a healthy protein, I can show you articles about the positive too..

Your weight loss is a journey, never give up on yourself. We can do it together..

Hugging you and all the PINKs...

Comment #44

PL~ I am glad to hear about the house!!! When do you hope to join your DH? How are you doing with all this stress and staying OP? Have you gained weight back with all this going ons and being so fresh post op? We all here in PINKdom can learn from you with your strengths and weaknesses..



Comment #45

PL: YEAH!!!!! Doing the happy dance for you..

Christina: I too have poop problems with medifast. I started taking a probiotic. Two days ago I started a natural fiber supplement (its says the active ingredients are the same as metamucil). I picked it up at CVS. I hope that will you come back..

Allison: Congrats on the weight loss so far. Your are doing great..

Shout out to all the other PINKS - please come out and play.

Have a great OP day...

Comment #46

Good evening PINKs!!!.

Been so MIA because of the flu running threw our house. I am still very conjested and have a cough, been feeling better tho. The kids are all well and now it hit my DH on Thursday early morning. This is a nasty bug!!.

PL, sounds like you've found a house....congrats!.

Christina, hope to see you back on Monday!.

Allison, great job!.

Regina and Sharon....HI!!!.

HI to all the PINKs!!.

Have a great evening ladies!!..

Comment #47

Good morning PINKS!!!.

Meshka 70: So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I hate is when sickness goes throughout the house. I hope DH feels better..

It is the first day a spring. YEAH!!! I purchased an orange tree to plant. The way the guy described all that you have to do sounds overwhelming but I decided to give it a try. If anyone has any experience with this please share..

I have a new favorite now - blueberry oatmeal. WOW it is great. I had seen so may posts about this but was not sure. I tried the others and was not happy at all. So on my last order I decided to give it a try and it was great..

Yesterday while DS was doing his chores I went behind him to make sure he did a good job and whereever I saw something wrong I made him do it over. Afte awhile he said "I want to old mom back". When I asked why he said because the new mom is mobile. How funny is that. I looked at him and said get use to the new mobile mom..

HAPPY SUNDAY PINKS - Go out and be mobile..

Comment #48

Happy Monday Pinks!.

PL - congrats on the house, now the packing begins.....

Christina - come back, come back.....My rheumatologist had no problem with me doing MF.

Meshka - hope you are all on the mend.

Hope you all have a medfantastic day..

Comment #49

Good morning all!!!.

Boy oh boy, is it good to be home! Traveling while on Medifast is totally possible. What did I learn? Planning, planning, planning is the key! Although I was prepared for this trip mentally while also making sure I was equipped with all my Medifast meals to succeed staying OP, I still had a few meals that I was out longer than I anticipated and it caused a problem. Two days I ended up eating 4&2 instead of 5&1. One day, I just forgot to grab my prepared bag and I was out for so long I had to eat. The second day I grabbed my Medifast meals, but we stayed out way to late and I knew that by the time we got back, it would be so late.. rather than eat at like 11 P.M.

Regardless, I was extra careful on those second meals having the min amount of lean and made sure that I had no extras. I arrived home yesterday and my weight this morning was down 3.3 lbs. for the 2 weeks I was away.... I have noticed that my weight loss has slowed down. It's not really slow, but the added exercise (yes I'm exercising now) and just not having as much to lose is making my average around 1.5-2.5 while before it was more like 2.5-3.5 a week.

Just letting you all know I'm back.... I'll have to catch up by reading the posts later, but won't respond since I'm soooo behind in work now. I'll start fresh today!.


Comment #50

Prairielady> I just love when people find a house ! It is so exciting and why I still have my broker's license. Happy Homecoming !..

Comment #51

Hi PINKs,.

Been thinking about you all weekend...miss you all and my world is slowing down from all the spinning, LOL. We definitely have a contract now and I have packed my first two boxes. Plan is to pack two boxes a day (each of us) and we'll be packed in 30 days when we close on the house..

I am sooooooooo looking forward to a fresh start. Kinda like, PINK sister D, that got a 'do-over' in life when she moved cross-country. I am moving cross-state but have that same feeling switching from country life to city life. Kids are getting excited too..

Also going to enjoy the fact that my new soon-to-be friends won't know that I have lost so much weight (but, of course, I will tell them! lol) I am proud of that fact now. Before Medifast my weight loss was always a souce of embarassment but not anymore..

I love MF! It's made such a difference in my life..

(((Team PINK))) Please don't give up on me...I am trying to get my life back to normal ASAP. Love and Hugs to all...

Comment #52

PL~ we will not give up on you.

You continue to do what you need to do and we will be here when you are moved and settled! But, please be sure to share with us how it is easy or hard being OP as you are doing this, this way we too can learn from you. That is all that I ask!.

Greyflower!! Sooo proud of you with losing while traveling!!!.

Huge deal!! it is becomming a way of life for you! This is what it is all about~ Loved going on your home page and looking at your new pictures! Keep it up!.

Out for now PINKettes!..

Comment #53


Quick update we have a dr appoinement tomorrow afternoon to see if he might be here earlier than May1st (most likely so). We did our maternity pictures yesterday, once I get them I will post some! I can't wait to see them!.

Hope everyone is doing good!!!..

Comment #54

PL- So glad to hear that you found a house!!.

You'll be back to it in no time... and we'll be here....

Krystin- I sooo miss being pregnant and having babies!! Can't wait to see the little guy!.

Allison- Thank you so much!! I was really excited too... jumped on the scale before I left and don't know if it was the stress or what, but it said I GAINED like 3.5 lbs!! I know there was no way so just ignored the scale... came home and those 3.5 plus an additional 3.3 was off!! It's funny but even though my pics show a change, I think the change is more on the inside... the pics don't do justice to how I feel or even how I imagine myself looking... I want to dance around the house singing "I feel pretty" from West Side Story... lol.


Comment #55

Hope everyone is having a great day... starting a running program and trying to get caught up on everything around the house and with the business now that I'm back home... I'll try and check in later today- have class tonight..


Comment #56

Just got a call from the dr office. We are doing a Fetal Non Stress Test at 2:30, ultrasound at 3:30, then see the dr after that. I am worried (of course) b/c I didn't know we had a FNST scheduled until they called me earlier and asked me to come in early. I assume everything is ok, so we will find out this afternoon! Probably just concerned about him being big!!! I will try to update tonight, but will probably be tomorrow!!!.

I feel great and the little boy is always moving. I dont have gestational diabetes, nor am I concidered high risk (the reason they normally do the fnst)...

Comment #57

Lisa, have fun in class tonight! I too am thinking about heading down to the gym's been way to long!.

Pamouse, so glad to see you! Thanks for the well wishes....I'm starting to feel better!! Kids are better and DH is still recouperating..

PL, we will not give up on you!! You haven't given up on me and that's what I love about you and all the PINKs!! (((hugging you))).

Hi to all PINKs!.


Comment #58

We were in the dr office for like 2 hours yesterday. We did the fetal non stress test and that came back normal, and good! Did a 30 minute ultrasound that came back good. Baby moves like he should..

We are 37 weeks 5 days. The baby weighs around 7lbs. Our due date is now April 8th. Its possible he wont come til the week after, but since we dont know when I got pregnant, we dont really know exactly how far along I am. We are going based on his size, which he has consistanly measured 3 weeks ahead!!! We are so excited! The dr has put me on bed rest except I am allowed to go to work, but I am on restricted work. I have to sit down with my feet up and can't be up on my feet too much! No more than a few minutes at a time. We are both healthy and just waiting now!!!..

Comment #59

Kristin- WOO HOO!! Soon you'll be a mommy!!!.

Mishka- Didn't realize you were all still sick! So glad the families on the mend now.... I was sick for almost 2 weeks.... total bummer..

Just dropping by to let you all know I'm thinking of you..


Comment #60

Pretty new pic Lisa! I've been here (& reading!) but haven't really had anything interesting to say.....

So HI!..

Comment #61

Just a quick fly by to say HI to everyone. My DS1 has his basketball pizza party tonight..

Lisa, yep it's been a bummer for dang hard to get rid of the sinus/chest conjestion..

Ok BBL..

Comment #62

Hi PINKs,.

I haven't read up. I am almost at wit's end with everything but wanted to poke my head in here for now. Love you all. Closing day on the house is April 18. I am mentally planning where the furiture will go in the new house while I pack boxes. Also dreaming of taking walks on paved roads (no more painful gravel to walk on).

She was a fighter. We are all here too..

((((Team PINK)))..

Comment #63

Hello Pink's... I am in need a new coach. I hope everyone is doing well..

Comment #64

A quick fly by........HI PINKs!!!.

We have our school spring play tonight. Took my DS2 to the ortho yesterday and his under bite is GONE!!!! YAY!! moving forward fast....lots of progress in the last 6 months and the ortho is super happy and so am I.

Ok BBL..

Comment #65

What's going on with the pinks here? Everyone bailing? Are we still reporting weight? Hope it's just a phase.....

Doing well here... OP and started my running program. If you look below you'll notice I reached my 3rd goal!!.


Comment #66

Congrats Lisa!!! That's great, hope your enjoying your running program..

Have a great evening PINKs!!! We are getting ready to leave for the play....BBL..

Comment #67

Just checking in with you all... nothing much to report but I have reached 40 lbs and I'm almost to Twoterville..

YAY! I haven't been there in many years..

Krystin - you're getting close, baby is almost here! I'm praying for a safe, easy delivery for you. HUGS!.

Meshka - I hope you're feeling better... my 5 y/o son is still coughing even after a round of antibiotics... this stuff is definitely nasty..

PL - Hang in there!!! I hate moving but once it's done I'm sure you'll be soooo happy..

HI Amelie & Flab2Fab!!! I haven't been active lately but I'll try to do better too!.



Comment #68

Hey there ladies.....hope evryone is having a great Saturday..

My DS2 is at a b-day party at Lazer Tag and will be picking him up soon. I am going out with the girls tonight, it's our girls night out so we will have dinner and go watch a movie....can't wait!.


Comment #69

Just heard from PL.... she wanted me to tell all of you that she thinks of PINK daily. She's busy with packing up for the move. Her DH moved to the new town 2 weeks ago. She also told me to tell you that her DS2 lost the state championship yesterday =(... she's also busy with her house guest who she'll be putting on a plane tomorrow. She will be back on with full gusto as soon as her house guest is gone...

Comment #70

Morning all....

Yesterday was soooo fun! Went to help out a local church that was hosting a puri-tea luncheon for girls (ages 12-20) about abstinence. I was serving drinks and helping the young ladies with anything they needed. Later we watched a power point presentation, a music video, and then a good friend of mine was set to speak and she gave an awesome testimony about her life. Not a dry eye in the house... Afterwards we had drama and a song (with me ) It was so much fun!! Over 3/4 of the ladies made a commitment to stay pure.... how unheard of is that in this day and age? I'm so proud of them! It hard being a young lady/teenager these days...

Hopefully at least 1/2 of them will be true to their pledge and maybe we can help prevent some teenage pregnancies through this.....

Just wanted to share!.


Comment #71

Hey fellow Pinks. It's been about two years since I've been here, was so happy to see this team is still active!! I can't wait to read through the last couple of days and hop on the bandwagon with you all. Yes, I've gained my weight back, (never did do T&M!) been on plan for two weeks now - and already lost 10 pounds Am SOOOOOO glad I know right where to go to a program that WORKS! These boards were essential to my success the first time around, and my plan is to committ to all aspects of it including T&M this time!..

Comment #72

Angela- Did you lose all your weight the last time or just part of it? Just curious... I'm a little over 1/2 way there and I can tell you that there is something different about trying to lose weight this time... I'd never tried MF, but other programs with some success. I'm already thinking about T & M because I NEVER want to go back... I truly believe we can do this! Glad you're back.


Comment #73


I lost 102 pounds and still had 32 to go. Honestly, I'd been on plan for almost 2 years and simply go tired. I soooooo wish I had just gone ahead and started T&M even though I was not at goal! Before Medifast I had tried diet after diet, to make it almost two years was a FIRST for sure, and now facing my reality and going where I KNOW what works is the first step, again! I'm two weeks in and feeling good, bought Dr. A Habits of Health and am really trying to do the work along with the packets this time.

Thanks for the welcome back, I can't wait to immerse myself back into this positive environment!..

Comment #74

Angela- My Dr. tried to get me to start Medifast over 3 yrs ago and I blew him off.... My DH tried to get me to try it last June and it still took him till almost Oct to talk me into it... I think a part of me had already given up. I'm really sorry you have to go through this twice, but maybe I can learn from others and not gain it back and I'm sure there's a greater confidence in you knowing that it WILL work and you CAN do this because you've already done it. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better and I don't plan on leaving the boards for a while-even after I reach goal.


Comment #75


Welcome back Angela~ I think you hit home with a few of us here. We work sooo hard to lose this weight and then to gain it back. Other then doing the T&M, do you have hindsight that you can share with us about what NOT to do? BTW, good job bitting the bullet and starting back!.

Lisa, that is great about the Chasity thing at your church! I have 4 teens, 2 which are girls. Being passionatly Catholic, we are really into the chasity thing. My kids have done the silver ring thing. My oldest daughter is in a Pure Love Club at school. She is really into it. She is almost 16 and works hard at living a Chaste life style.

It is so hard for these kids! Even within the christian school systems, these kids that are professing to live a chaste life until marriage find themselves a minority. Glad your church had so many girls on the same page! Good for them! My boys have a whole different set of issues with desiring to live a chaste life! It so important that we as parents set the standards high for our kids as well as ourselves.

Other PINKs out there~ stay OP and active on the different boards until PL is able to get her life back in order. She will return! Blessings to all of you!..

Comment #76

HI Allison!! Good to hear from you... I was wondering if everyone was just popping in till PL was back....

I was raised Catholic, but am involved with a really good, high standard, Christian church... my eldest son (19) is celibate and there are many people in my church/fellowship who have married pure... Many not even kissing! It was my first time being involved with this and I felt so blessed to participate! My middle boy (17) doesn't really discuss these things with me so I just pray for him and keep as close an eye on him as possible, while my youngest is such a mamas boy still that he's never out of my sight long enough for me to worry... but he's started asking questions. We are very open and just explain that God's way is not ours and he never intended for us to "try out" others to see who fit better while also explaining that love (the way God intended) is an action, not a feeling. You will never feel all squishy or cuddly or whatever feeling inside ALL the time with whom ever you marry, but you choose to continue to love this person as your vows have stated...

Anyway... sorry bought that. Tend to get a little long winded when I'm talking about my boys....

Hope you are all having a great week so far!.


Comment #77

Thanks for the welcome Allison, thinking of advice I could share... let me ponder that one and make an effort at introducing myself..

I live in Southwest Virginia with my boyfriend of 2 years. Guess what, I lost all that weight and then gained it back twice, once with him and once ON me! LOL We both met during our weight loss phase two years ago. Thought the struggle together would spur us on to help each other but it didn't turn out that way. We have two dogs, a golden and a minpin. I work in Logistics for Ryder (really odd hours usually) so you will never know when I might get a chance to pop in here. I started Medifast about the same time as PL.

When I watch her I realize she simply became more active once she reached goal and has stayed that way..

That reminds me - advice... I never got active, other than walking on the treadmill, I lost my weight without exercising for the most part. This time I will work at developing a more active lifestyle, finding things you like and committing to them..

Lisa - you hit the nail on the head, I absolutely KNOW this plan works for me, and am confident that if I work it, it will work for me, no other plan has given me the results that Medifast has..

Today has been a good day for me on MF, Mondays are so busy that the day flys by and I have to set alarms to remind me to eat my meals. My favorite Medifast meal in winter is Chicken Noodle soup, and in the summer I love iced Cappuccino! Today it was Snowing when I left my house, and there were wrecks on every overpass as I headed to work, thankfully the closer to work I got the warmer it got so I got in OK (it's an hours drive for me to work). I can't wait for SPRING!..

Comment #78

Welcome back Angela!!.

Hi Allison and Lisa!.

Yesterday was a busy day for me, but stayed OP! Had an interview with a new family...not sure if they will pick me or not, but that's ok with me too. Our boys start baseball practice this week. My DS2 has his 1st practice tonight and DS1 has his tomorrow night, he has the same coaches as last year..

Ok I've got to get busy with some tax stuff, my appt. is on Sat. I know I'm a late one to file, but they always know it and I'm pretty sure they growl when I

BUT my tax guy has always had it easy with my paperwork....he has told me many times in the past that I am one of the most organized clients he has and our appt. never takes up to much of his time..

Ok BBL ladies and I will have to introduce myself to Angela too..

Comment #79

I know I've been a "Fly-by" lately... but my computer's still it's done I'll have more to say.

BUT today?.

TODAY I got to 50 lbs!..

Comment #80


That is so exciting. FIFTY pounds gone! YAY!.

Welcome to Angela and HI to everyone PINK!.

Angela, thank you for sharing so honestly I really appreciate any wisdom you can share and I've wondered about T&M and whether to do that even if I don't reach my original goal... I'm not planning to quit any time soon but I know financially someday it may not be possible to continue. So now I know what to do!.

Thank you!.

I've been turtling along slow and steady, and trying to stop by here as often as possible... if not to post then at least to keep up with the reading. I love what you all have been sharing about purity... it's so important to help our kids stand for what's right! My dh has taught the True Love Waits program and we've seen so many kids make the right choice, it's been wonderful to watch their weddings knowing they're not carrying a bunch of "baggage.".

Well, I keep thinking I'll have more time soon and get more involved but things always seem to pop up. We've got 4 out of 5 kids in baseball/Tball and the other one is in Driver's Ed. Even though we're busy I love how easily I've been able to stay on plan. The Smore bars are so easy to grab and go, and I feel like I'm eating a candybar! I even ate one at the baseball field..

I hope everyone has an OP day!!!.



Comment #81

Hi PINKs,.

I put my house guest on a plane yesterday and then drove home from the airport (6hrs) and am a little bit sad. Hubby has already started his new job in our new town and now our company is gone. Now just to pack the kids/house. Suppose to close on the 18th but found out the deck has to be removed/replaced according to specifications of the city and have to put down $500 earnest money to the city. Craziest thing I have ever heard of, well, except for the Occupancy Report they want us to turn in. Never heard of that and it is very Big Brother sounding to me.

We are used to doing what we want, when we want without having to submit permits for everything..

I was feeling VERY overwhelmed and that Scarlett O Hara kept coming to mind...watched the show again recently and could so relate! LOL I decided I needed to pull up my big girl panties and handle everything (even if I cried while doing it). LOL So I decided I needed to order PINK new panties (i order everything online) to remind me of my PINK sisters..

I am out of Medifast food but my order will process tomorrow and then I can have my beloved Medifast food again. I have to get to goal. I am still not there. It's been a long journey but one that I wouldn't trade. I've learned so much and met so many wonderful friends..

Looking forward to moving and having concrete to walk on and ride bikes on instead of the gravel. Also looking forward to shopping! Maybe not so much shopping for a while, this moving thing is expensive and new expenses keep popping up like my cell phone won't work (being sent a new battery), the propane tank went dry (so no hot water and no heat) but they just delivered as I am typing. One thing after another!! (and that is just today!) LOL.

Love and Hugs to the PINKs (((Team PINK)))..

Comment #82

Hello Pink's... I hope everyone is doing well. I am struggling and I want to get back on the wagon. I am searching for a new coach... any recommendations?..

Comment #83

Sorry guys - I didn't know it was not legal to seek out a health coach on these boards. I just did a search and someone said that. I will check through take shape..

I am trying to start again tomorrow... I started almost exactly a year ago, I could have been at goal.. but enough negative talk, a year from now I will be!.



Comment #84

Tani- I so understand! I even have a quote on my computer... 'A year from now, you'll wish you started today' That one's helped me, because it reminds me of the BIG picture...that if I quit, I'll wish I had just committed & stuck with it a year from now!! (or most likely sooner!).

I'm gonna try & go LOW sodium this week to see if it helps some swelling issues......

Comment #85

Amelie - Congradulations on the 50 pounds! That's so great, I was just telling a girl on her blog when she gets depressed to go to the store pick up a 50 pound bag of dog food and SMILE - what an accomplishment!.

Cara - I've been lurking a lot lately on the boards, trying to immerse myself back into the plan in all possible ways! I'm hoping to be under 300 at my next weigh in too... think they call it Twoterville around here. LOL.

PrairieLady - What an inspiration you are to me, sending PEACE to you as you go through this transition in your life..

Tani - YOU CAN DO THIS! I agree completely with your insight about where you will be a year from now. A year from now is going to come one way or the other, with you at goal or not... I'm planning on being there, lets go together!.

I think my SO thinks I'm neglecting him, I'm on the boards all the time now. Thankfully he's just starting the program too..

When is weigh in day for the Pink team?.

Also do we do any challenges..

Gotta run, conference call at 2 pm!.


Comment #86

Angela- We usually report weigh in on Wednesday, but I think everyone's been just sitting tight until PL gets settled.. we usually have homework too... you know, questions to answer. Anyway... we had started a water challenge, but that most likely won't start back up again until our fearless leader is back... lol.

Hope you make it to twoterville this week!.


Comment #87

We have been doing our weekly visits to the dr! We do a non stress test (basically hook me up to the fetal heartrate monitor, and the contraction monitor, and I push a button everytime I feel him move!), then do a ultrasound, and see the dr for checks (this takes about and hour and a half...sometime two makes for long mornings). So far, I have not started dilating or anything....but the little man has started to drop into position. We talked about my bp and far we are keeping it fairly ok...still high, but not too high. She said at any point she will induce him if it gets too high. If he doesn't come by the last week of April (I will 39 weeks according to my first ultrasound), we will talk about inducing. He is already 7lbs and 1oz.

He also had one of his feet up by his face, but moved it when we were shaking him around!.

I am so excited and can't wait to meet the little man who has already stolen my heart!!!.

We are doing good, just playing the waiting game now! I have a baby shower during lunch tomorrow at work, then we have our big family shower Saturday! Should be a fun rest of the week, and exciting weekend!!!..

Comment #88

Wow Krystin, how exciting, the pictures are absolutely wonderful! Wish I had pictures of my parents when mom was pregnant! Simply Beautiful...

Comment #89

And AngelaI have borrowed my hubby's weight plates to his weight lifting set and have been putting aside what I've lost. I can't even LIFT it now!..

Comment #90

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.