Advice me a meaningful (at most 10 characters)Godaddy domain name that hasnt registered yet...?
Got a question... Advice me a meaningful (at most 10 characters)Godaddy domain name that hasn't registered yet...? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... Just got off ebay: for $13.95.

Then I did a 4 number search for .net and found 2!. &. !.

Yeah I'm left with about 30$ in paypal account. 1 month ago I had $250+ =] lolz.

I think they are good investments, right?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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Its 4 number .net, theres none left to reg. All are taken =] Like someone said they are limited edition to 9999 lol =].

Just an investment...

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I agree with the others. I personally don't like number domains either! but... seems good...

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# domains are no go, the biz HostGator is a good catch however..

Comment #4 for $13.95.

That was a good catch jamminsport16. When you are first starting out, and don't have much money to invest, it's important to educate yourself on different sources and techniques to find those needles in the haystacks. Good work..

Not sure about the .net numbers, but congrats on the 3-letter .biz..

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Grrr. well I'll try to sell the 4 number .net's in a year when they expire. Hope I can get more than $5.19 that I paid at GoDaddy =].


Yeah on ebay the guy was selling like nine 3 letter .biz. I bought 1 of them. And someone else bought the rest (all seperate auctions). Yeah the other person I'm emailing them right now, very nice person. Said it was a good investment & deal!..

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I was going to reg two 4 number.nets loads still av..

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Thx guys =].

Im awaiting the push to my account for the 3 letter .biz, hope everything works for me =]..

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I personally do not like to invest in four number .nets, and I tell my friends not to either. Right now they have very little market value, and I don't think in the future it will change too much. I could be wrong however..

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The .biz's... dammit was watching those, but lost the opportunity thanks to an early morning meeting.... grrr.....

As far as the 4# .net's go,.

I think folks realize they probably won't sell for 4 figures or anything, but the ability to at least make your investment back and get a limited availability HostGator is a + (Especially when the name has other meaning, for instance my sig,, or any number of other "year" or "model" domains)..

I have yet to have a 4 that hasn't paid for itself through parking (Heck, they all have at least a little expired HostGator traffic, usually asian in source, but not always)..

Best of luck!.


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Thx allan. yeah I set my alarm at 8:45 am (eastern time) lol. =] Yeah the other guy bought all the rest! lucky him..

So I should park my 4 number .net's at GoDaddy then? Wut should be my keyword?..

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It looks like I need to wake up earlier to reg good domains!..

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Lol. last week the seller I just bought from was selling about 10 different 3 letter .info. Each sold for less than $25.

I forgot to bid :/ I missed it by 1 hr :/.

Yeah keep your eye out hehe..

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I own a bunch of 4number .nets.....they are easy to type in and some spell something funky on the phonepad..

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Those are ok but you will probably get $xxx..

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3 and 4 number/charater HostGator names are popular ones to sell. wait a little while then sell them..

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Do a Bit of Development and / or Promotion anything that will enhance Value for resale ..

Even just getting it listed on Google is worth extra Money in bank..

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The 3 letter .biz is a good buy. I purchased a few for $12 each some time ago...

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