Allowable foods on Phase 1 of Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Allowable foods on Phase 1 of Medifast Diet? Thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Thank you for the great cuppa' this AM, Karen..

MF works and brings us all together to accomplish losing with kindred souls..

Anna? did you get any sleep at all?.

Barb: hope you are nejoying resuming your normal schedule. Enjoy your run..

Love to all TLers!.

Enjoy your day 100%..


Vitamin D from tanning salon seems to be working so far. (just

Comment #2

Good morning! (Well, for me, it's kinda like afternoon... ah, the joys of night shift!).

I think this is definitely the group for me (I think I managed to offend someone in another forum by suggesting that ownership of our own choices in life is a positive thing.).

I'm looking forward to having some friends to help hold my feet to the fire!!..

Comment #3



, you sure get up with the birds.


, I had to take a benadryl since my windows were open all day so I slept from 930 to 430 without waking up, rarely happens. I may do that tonight too.



I am a daily weigher but today is my "official" day down 2.1 for the week, for a total of 43.6 in 15 weeks!..

Comment #4

Morning Bethie! Good to see you up and around this morning..

Welcome Ella! This group is dedicated to 100% OP and if that's your mindset you'll find loads of support and inspiration here..

Another pot on..........I drank most of the first one myself....

Comment #5

Morning Anna!.

My wonderful hubby starts his day at 3:30am M-F so I get up around 4:00 when he leaves the house. Gives me a good start on accomplishing things before werk!..

Comment #6

Thanks for the welcomes, Karen and Anna....

Karen, there is something just nice about being up and about when most others are sleeping and getting things done. (Granted, for me it tends to be staying up long after others have gone to sleep, but the principle holds!).

I'm definitely in the 100% OP camp... I need to justify to myself what I'm spending on this program by giving it everything I have. Plus, as a nurse, I just see so much loss of quality of life in many of my patients due to their excess weight... I want to get mine off before I start to experience those things myself!!.

Keep having to tell my husband that I'm doing this for me... so if he can support me, great, if not, at least stay out of my way!.

He really is a great guy and he.


To be supportive but he honestly doesn't "get" why I want to do this. In his mind, I'm perfectly healthy and I look great to him, so why mess with it? Last week it was that he thought he couldn't take me out for dinner on my birthday. It'll be something else next until he gets it through his stubborn head that this isn't going away..

He's worried I'm going to lose my butt. I laughed and reassured him that I have pictures of me as a 4 month old baby on hands and knees in my crib nakie... (cuz that's what my mom liked to take pictures of... nakie babies!) and even then, with NO excess fat on me... I had this butt! I will never have NO butt!..

Comment #7

WOO HOO Anna! That's a great accomplishment and your husband will definitely notice. Glad he's home soon..

Ella - I'm really a "late night" person but have been doing this for so many years it's become a habit. Just wish I could get exercise to become a habit!..

Comment #8

Morning my lovelies!.

Karen thanks for the gallons of coffee, I'm going to be diving into the pot head first... watch me..

Ella, welcome!.

Beth good to see you up and at 'em!.

It's Monday the start of a good week. RAWR!! Let's beat the pants off the day!..

Comment #9

Karen I think some people are just born "night people"... my mom and my 9 year old daughter though are that rare breed of true "morning people"... that child is always the first one up, cheerfully singing and dancing as her siblings are throwing pillows at her yelling "Stop it! The sun isn't even up yet and it's the weekend!!!" (Better than when she was first in a toddler bed and I'd get up and find she'd been up for quite some time getting into trouble!!!).

Oh, and Anna! Congrats on that amazing amount of weight in such a short time!! And you haven't seen your husband this whole time? He's going to LOVE it!!..

Comment #10

I am one of those chipper morning people, I also fall asleep by 10 most nights.

Ella, thanks and I haven't and he doesn't know either.

His flight leaves Kuwait this afternoon and I'll see him tomorrow afternoon..

Comment #11

Anna... OH! I am so happy for you! How long has he been gone? I can't even imagine how hard that was. Last summer my husband had to go back to Arizona (where we used to live) for two months to deal with some family stuff and to get the rest of our belongings (we moved to Idaho on short notice) and that was HORRIBLE... and at least I didn't have to worry about him being anything more than lonely and hot!..

Comment #12

Good morning and thanks for the coffee!.

Karen, nice to see you this morning! Ella, welcome - you'll love it in here! MT, Anna, Beth - waving hi to you and anyone else who pops in while I'm typing..

WI was lackluster this morning. I'd hoped to be down more, but .2 is better than nothing and I'll take it...

Comment #13

Good morning all. I'm sitting here enjoying my first cup of coffee for the day. I am happy to report that Week 1 of "Booty Camp" has rendered great results (-5.2 lbs.). I am now below goal again. The program is working it's mojo, and I am mentally preparing myself to try maintenance again. DH doesn't understand why I have taken such a drastic stand, but I know my addiction and I intend to beat it for good..

Thanks for welcoming me here. Have a great day!..

Comment #14

Morning all! Thanks for the coffee Karen, it's perfect! Glad you put that extra pot on cuz I slept way in this morning....was up ever 1-2 hours to pee (clear!). Not much rest with that sleep pattern..


, I think I got your whoosh....slake was the SAME all week and today - down 1.6.

Not a BIG whoosh, but I'll take it!!.





- about 30+hours to go??.

Waving to MT, Della, Beth & all the rest of you wandering in. I gotta get movin' here...long commute day..

Comment #15

Morning Penny and Della.


, down is downn.





, yep, he leaves for the airport in about an hour and his flight leaves around 4pm my time!.


, he left for Iraq just before labor day. I live in NC with my kids and my Mom and he lives in California, he moved there last August and they sent him to Iraq post haste. The rest of us will joining him once the school year is over. This is our 5th deployment since 2003 so it's just our normal..

Comment #16

Good morning everyone..

I had a good weigh-in today, I thought I'd screwed everything up by eating too many calories at a restaurant on Saturday, and maybe I did, but thankfully I still lost for the week. Any tips to manage going out to eat would be appreciated. Long story short- I ordered what I thought was OP, then got flustered when the waitress insisted I had to choose differently, then got embarrassed, and finally ended up eating what was brought, even though I knew it was too high-calorie. It was this weird vicious self-sabotage/shame thing that I'm not happy about..

Here's my plan to manage restaurants in the future:.

Don't be embarrassed, request exactly what I need..

If they have a good website, decide beforehand exactly what I want, writing it down if necessary..

If they don't, look at the menu like a list of ingredients, not items, and build a safe meal..

Anything I'm missing?..

Comment #17

Morning TL'ers!!.

Welcome Ella - this is the place for success!.

Della - WOO HOO on getting below goal again!!! VERY happy for you..

Karen, Anna, Penny and anony are all down. DOWN is Great!!.

Waving to Beth, Jan, and MT - and anyone else who'll be coming along soon..

My official WI isn't until Thursday, but I have to celebrate today because I am in a new decade of weight AND BMI!! I was 239.0 this morning and that brings my BMI under 40!!.

All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This program, and especially this group, have been my lifeline, my "fountain of health" and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm so excited to be in the 230's before my trip tomorrow. Now, I hope to blaze through them, but fast or slow, I KNOW it will come..

HUGS!! And have a happy OP day!..

Comment #18

Good morning all! Trying to catch up on everyone's busy lives here is a lost cause so I am just jumping right back in like I was never gone. Starting my 2nd week of transition even though I never DID hit actual goal. Doesn't matterI couldn't be happier with my Medifast results or my new size so I figured it's time to start transition..

Our business probs look like there may be a solution in sight. I think we just MAY have replaced that customer who sunk our shipbut we'll have to see..

Everyone have a great OP day!..

Comment #19

I lost the same .2 Penny! Ugh! BUT it's a loss and I'm a notoriously slow loser. The fact that I went closet shopping and found something besides banana pants to wear this weekend is definitely enough to keep my head in the game..

Anna - Glad you got some sleep, hon. If I might suggest finding something else to make you sleep, such as an OTC sleep aid. Benadryl is great if you have allergies or other symptoms, but if you don't, you don't want to take medication you don't need. Never take more medication than you actually need. I'm so excited for you. You said you were going to be moving to CA.

Anon - No waitress in the world has the right to tell you that you can't order exactly what you want!! If that ever happens again, immediately ask to speak to the manager of the restaurant. I guarantee that you will get what you want. Also, if they bring you food that is not what you ordered, SEND IT BACK! You are paying for the meal and you have the right to get what you ask for. Stick with us and we'll work on those aggression lessons..

Welcome Ella! They are a touchy bunch outside of this group. You don't find many of us venturing outside of the Clubhouse because of it..

Karen - Thanks for getting us going..

WOOT to those with great losses today!!.

Waving to everyone else..

Going to be busy today. First day of the new invoicing cycle, so I'll check back when I can...

Comment #20

Thanks dhershberg. I'm actually known to be a very aggressive, take no nonsense kind of person. I'm the one everyone chooses to send in to fight any kind of battle because I'm not afraid of confrontations and even get a kick out of them. But this weight thing has got my confidence all messed up - it is as if I don't want anyone, even strangers, to know that I am on a diet. I know, I know, it is dumb..

I have my 5 year anniversary luncheon at work tomorrow, at a fancy italian restaurant. Luckily, since it is a lunch, I can easily order a salad. I'm eating with the bigwigs, so I don't want to have a fight with the waitress..

This restaurant does not have their menu online, but it is on the way home so I might just stop after work and check it out...

Comment #21

De, we'll get our whoosh next week! I wouldn't be surprised if my stress with my photography issues yesterday played a part. I was good all week..

Anna, I'll be thinking about your hubby today at 4. What a great feeling it will be to fly outta there..

I stopped at TarJhay this morning with some time to kill and this young little thing at the checkout was ga ga over my earrings! I love saying, "Thank you - I made them!" Here is a pic, albeit a lousy pic, of a very cool bookmark I made in hammered antiqued metal.....

Comment #22


, I needed it for allergies yesterday I had my windows open all day and well things are blooming here in NC already.

Almost azalea time. I used to take Melatonin for sleep but lately it has made me be wide awake and wired.

So now I just watch Three's Company when I can't sleep. I've pretty much seen them all now..

I am moving north of San Diego near Camp Pendelton, I don't know exactly where but I go out in April to help my dh pick a rental house. And then I come home and get my house up for rent...

Comment #23

Gotcha Anna. I'm not a melatonin girl myself. It doesn't do much for me. Valerian Root, onthe other hand is great if you can get past the smell..

I have also found that the Brady Bunch is a sure fired way to fall asleep <snicker>.

Penny - I love the book mark. I could't wrap my brain around what it would look like. Very cool. I also think stress played a part with me. All the carp with SH this week made for TONS of stress...

Comment #24


Just a quick hello and hugs to all. Have a Great Monday!..

Comment #25

<waving> Hi, Miaaaaaa!!!.

De, six and a half months! Here's to a less stressful week...

Comment #26

You two are a hoot with your daily countdown..

Comment #27

Good Morning Everyone!!.

I hope you all had a great weekend! My MFin day has not gotten off to a great start... my oatmeal this AM was 1/2 the size it should have been and I just opened a new box of my FAV oatmeal raisin crunch bars. Well I just opened it here at the office and it's GROSS. All mushy and just nasty..

Hello, quality control! I think Medifast will be getting a call this week! Hopefully the rest of my box is okay but so far the only good thing about today is the coffee LOL..

Ohh and I'm sad to report that I'm still up 2 lbs and can't seem to shake it. I've been going like a mad woman and have been getting in some extra strenuous skiing the past two weeks (unintentionally strenuous), which means uuber sore. I'm hoping that it's just muscle mass and the losses will follow soon... I did fit into a size 6 dress this weekend (it was with forgiving material) - so that's a plus. I do think I might need a pair of Penny's pretty earrings to match it though!.

Sorry for the whine - I'm just not having a good MFin' morning - hopefully my chicken noodle soup for lunch will fare better than this morning's meals!.



Comment #28

I don't know who needs this vacation more, Anna - De or me. We "met" here on the Rogues thread in 2009. I was so scared to even go in that clubhouse. It was very similar to this one, but more hardcore. Lots of 100% OP talk and no excuses. We've never met in person but I feel like she's lived next door for years...

Comment #29

Lisa, sorry for the lousy start to your day. No place to go but UP, right?.

Congrats on the dress! I do have to agree that some sparkles are in order! Feel free to PM me or email me! I'm working on listing my stuff as we speak!..

Comment #30

Good morning TLers! I've been a lurker (stalker, whatever) for about a week now, since I placed my first Medifast order and I love what I read here. I am only on day 3, but after this weekend, I feel worthy of joining you. I know it was only two days and you all have come MUCH further, but between a poker night with friends on day one and 10 hours of tech rehearsals at the theatre yesterday I have been completely surrounded by SLUDGE all weekend. Yesterday I had at least five or six moments of "Forget it! I'll start next week!" but the reason I chose to start this week is that I knew if I could get through this, I could get through anything. Life has been nothing but "I'll start next week" excuses and I"m done..

Penny- Your "Pain of discipline or pain of regret" was what I kept running through my mind everytime I had to walk past the table o' sludge to the bathroom yesterday (darn water). Thank you!.

You are all very inspiring and I know that TL is the only way for me to do this program. That first bite of sludge and I'm toast. There is no slippery slope for me- as I've said before, it's a cliff! I'm so glad there are others out there who WILL NOT tell me it's ok and that everyone makes mistakes..

Again, thanks for... well, just for doing what you do!..

Comment #31

Good morning everyone! Still a TL newb, but back on for WEEK 4!! Lost 4lb last week, TOTAL LOSS OF 17.5 WOOHOO!!!!!.

Lisa, I'm sorry your food is a bit off, that sucks! My mint crunch bars were questionable too, just eat a little fast and gulp water to help..

Jess and Ella, this is def a great board to join, everytime I do I see positivity about BEING OP!!!! Not cheating and acting as if it's inevitable! :-).

Penny, must say, you really do make beautiful jewelry! So impressed...

Comment #32

Welcome, Jess! And thanks, arob1209!.

Jess, you've come to the right place. You can do this and we can help! This is a great group of no-BS people who don't believe in coddling whatsoever..

Arob, WOW! Congrats on your loss! That's phenomenal!..

Comment #33

Thank you so much Penny! It's been unbelievable, 3 weigh-ins. Each time I just hope for SOME scale movement maybe a pound, and BOOM! More than I'm praying for. No better motivation to stay OP than that!.

Will def check out your site when it's up and running, keep posting pics! Hope everyone has a wonderful day, I'm off to study biostatistics (boo, lol). :-)..

Comment #34

Thanks, Penny and arob1209 - you both are right! No place but up AND arob1209... I'm wondering what's been going on with the bars lately. My last box of oatmeal raisin were definitely off (not horrible like this AM), but something fishy's going on in Medifast land. I guess there could be much worse problems in the world than off Medifast food, but it definitely leaves a bad taste in your mouth (PUN intended!).

And I can't wait to see Penny's website too!..

Comment #35

Well, I'd better get this photography issue worked out then! As soon as I get home today I will get back to it. My issue is photographing on a black velvet background. It looks terrible. I get so much reflection and I'm not a good enough photographer to know what to adjust. I'm thinking about changing my backdrop color, but to something simple like white or off-white..

Musicgal, I had a batch of Cinnamon Roll bars last month that tasted just like mildew. I thought maybe it was just because I hadn't had them in awhile. They didn't make me sick, but they did taste awful...

Comment #36

Good morning tough lovers!.

I'm only down .6 lbs today. I'm ok with it though because it did make my middle number go down a notch today. Plus, lucky for me I kept my weekly losing stats on my page from last time , because I just went through them and I'm pretty much doing the same losing pattern as then. I can handle that..

I am going to buckle down a little harder this week though and watch my condiments (read: salt). I retain water like a camel and I'm starting to get a little slack in the measuring department..

No chopped tofu from me. Welcome to all the new faces though!..

Comment #37

Good morning all! Today might be an extra cup of coffee day. Cold and rainy here in Portland..

Yeah, sometimes quality control is a bit off with MF. About every other order I find a box of food with only 6 packets. In the 6 months I've been on Medifast there was only one time I found a box of 8 packets. Ugh. But, Medifast each time sent me a whole new box of food so they've been very good about fixing the issue..

I'm sitting here thinking how I'm pretty shocked that I've gone from a girl who needed to lose 140 pounds to a girl who needs to lose 35. Frickin shocking. I've gotten to that ho-hum phase about weight loss and need to get my mojo back. Perhaps it's just the 6 months of continuous rain here... Or, that weight loss is just a part of my life and now I don't have to obsess over it?? Yesterday I was supposed to have a date with a guy I met online but he needed to reschedule because he was sick. I was a bit bummed because I actually am looking forward to meeting this one..

Random thoughts from Hope..

Comment #38

Hey all! Can I jump in here?.

I am pretty much 100% OP, I am nursing my 18 month old so I allow myself a little extra (2 oz) of protein every day, can I still hang with you?.

This is a return to Medifast for me - I lost about 35 lbs, then got pregnant, and now that he is starting to not nurse as often I want to finish what I started. I started this past Wednesday but was paying attention to him to make sure I wasn't messing up my milk supply, not my weight - so far so good, and as of my now "official weigh in day" yesterday, I am down .3 lbs from where I left off a little more than 2 years ago - not bad if I do say so myself......

Comment #39

Wow Ella - we've only got 6, it's not very often I don't win the most kids on the board award!..

Comment #40

Stop counting calories and worry more about your carbs. This is a carb restricted eating plan more than it's a calorie restricted plan. Carbs are the key to success or failure well and above calories. Calories come into play week 4 of transition and in maintenance. Don't worry about them while on 5&1...

Comment #41

Good Morning all!.

Penny - what kind of camera? Is it a point and shot? dSLR? Do you have an exposure compensation function? Or can you choose A or S priority? Also, where is your light source? behind you or behind the objects?.

Coffee on empty stomach ... feeling ugh. Water time!..

Comment #42

Anonygirl I agree with MT, it's your carbs that make the difference. That is what I worry about..

Welcome to all the newbies.

DH takes off in 3 hours... now you all will have to put up with my intense countdown.

But then I'll be gone for two days!..

Comment #43

Hugs and happy wishes for a great time with DH!..

Comment #44

So excited for you Anna!! Let us know his reaction to your new look!.

Welcome to the newbies..

IToday has been an adventure at work, and it's only 11am..... Someone just stole the flushing mechanisms from our toilets in the mens bathroom. Yes, the pipes connecting the toilet to the wall are gone. Welcome to the library world!..

Comment #45

I agree with a point. A few extra calories is not going to hurt anything, but too many can still cause a stall or a gain. Per the QSG, for the program to work it's best, calories should be limited to 1000/day. IMO, it's really not wise to tell someone, especially someone new, that it's not necessary to worry about your calories while on MF. It IS. Yes, carbs are responsible for ketosis and play a big part, but this is a VERY LOW CALORIE program and calories should definitely be a big part of the picture...

Comment #46

Steph, it's a Nikon CoolShot, a couple of years old. Ummmm. Can't be too helpful with the rest of the questions. I can adjust exposure, white balance... Light source - I've tried it with the light source next to me, as well as over the piece (shooting down)... Ideally, I'd like to shoot it straight on.

I think I should be backing up with my camera and light, and zooming in on the piece. Thoughts?.

MomtoLots, welcome! Have you looked at the Nursing Moms plan? 5+1, even with a few ounces of added protein isn't enough for a nursing mom (nor for the baby)....


Comment #47

Penny- Is it true velvet? I've had to adjust the way the fabric sits because velvet has a "nap", so from one direction it swallows all light and from the other it reflects everything. You've probably already tried it, but then again maybe not!.

Side note: Why on earth does Medifast insist on delicious-looking pictures of SLUDGE in ALL of their internet ads?? They pop up everywhere I go now (probably becasue I"m around teh site so much) and everything looks so good! Grrr.....

Comment #48

Thanks so much guys. I actually do count carbs very closely, and stay at or below the recommended 80-85 every day. Going into ketosis caused such a bad headache I vowed to never, ever overcarb. Even with the disaster meal, I was fine on carbs, the whole calorie-laden shebang was still only about 10. It is good to know I don't need to panic about the calorie slip-up. It was just alarming to see myself eat, in one meal, nearly the amount of calories I had been eating in a day..

Anna, I've only been reading here for 12 days, but I've been waiting right along with you for your husband to get back. He's almost here!..

Comment #49

Thanks for that, Jess - It was like $13 a yard, so although it wasn't the real expensive stuff, it was expensive enough. I didn't try turning it around, though. good point..

You know you make another good point about all the food porn Medifast ads. That Mark guy who works for Medifast "Feelings" support should hear about that...

Comment #50

Anon - Exactly how far over did you go in your calories?..

Comment #51

Penny - I tried the nursing moms program a while back but it was REALLY hard for me - too much "real" food, which created cravings, and stopped my tastes from adjusting to Medifast food..

I talked to my pediatrician about this at his last visit, and since baby boy is 17 months old, eating regular food throughout the day, and drinking water and whole milk he said it will be fine for me to start back on MF, making sure to get all of my meals in and continue to take my prenatal vitamin + my omega3 DHA, since we aren't preventing another pregnancy and I got pregnant on Medifast before really quickly. (maybe the soy?).

He was actually pushing me to back off on nursing & push solids because baby hasn't been gaining weight as fast as he should - nothing dangerous, he just isn't a chubby baby. Dr. would prefer if I nurse just to soothe him, and get him up to where he should be with a healthy solid food diet...

Comment #52


Hold on a minute. you do INDEED need to think about calories. This is a CALORIE-RESTRICTED, MODERATE CARB plan. Eating "nearly the amount of calories I had been eating in a day" is.


Something you need to panic about. If you are following 5+1 to a tee, then you don't need to worry about calories. Carbs, either for that matter. But if you're having slip ups, you definitely need to be thinking about calories as well as carbs, sodium, and most of all about NOT doing it in the first place. Come here first and let us talk you down...

Comment #53

1130, so nothing totally crazy. I know that this is a VLC program, and with only 30 pounds to lose, I especially have to keep it low because I don't burn a lot at rest. I'm normally around 800 calories a day, but this one meal was 700,Plus 4 Medifast meals. (The meal I actually ordered, I saw later online, was 350. Sigh.).

I think I'm madder about being embarrassed and acting a fool than about the actual meal..

At least I learned how to handle myself now for restaurant meals..

I know I need to worry about calories. I really, really know. I had selected the right food, and then I let my embarrassment keep me from speaking up. But I don't think panic is going to help. I learned what I needed to learn, namely, be prepared, know what to eat, and stick to my guns...

Comment #54

Next point and I will stop picking on you for now. ALWAYS get in 5 Medifast meals regardless of whether you ate off plan or not!!! Your body needs the nutrition in the Medifast meals. Just because you eat of plan, doesn't mean cut out MF...

Comment #55

I knew as soon as I typed it that I would hear that from someone! I was a mess Saturday, I should have come here right after the restaurant debacle...

Comment #56

Anony, let this be a lesson. OMG - that sounded so much like MY MOM!!! LOL!!! Seriously, we all have to learn. You did the noble, brave thing by coming here and being honest about it..

Onward and downward!.

I'm off, kids! Have a great afternoon! I'll hopefully be getting some better photos this afternoon!..

Comment #57

<nodding> Yep. That's what we're here for. Lesson learned. Time to move on...

Comment #58

Good morning, lovelies! Morty has dumped me, without explanation. We had been growing ever closer, and I did push things a little bit by saying "hey, let's talk about some of the potential consequences of this thing you're ALREADY DOING," but other than that my side of the fence is pretty clear. He's got a lot going on in his life, and is broken in some significant ways, so I can make up a story about why, but it's not based on actual words coming from his mouth..

He says he's not ready to talk about it, but I drove up to his house and did the stuff exchange this morning. So he can talk or not talk when he's ready or not ready, either way there is a big ole "NEXT!" in my heart..

I'm sure I will crash out and grieve about it, but that has to be scheduled for the weekend I have so much to do this week..

I struggled. A lot. On Saturday. I ate a couple bites of food I was cooking, stealing from future days. I didn't eat the sludge in my house or go find any elsewhere. It was a BIG challenge not eating everything in sight when this awesome guy was suddenly not speaking to me and wouldn't tell me why.

But I: 1) hung in there well enough and 2) learned that all that wiring that says stress=eat is still intact. Good to know..

Hope everyone is having a lovely OP day!..

Comment #59

Anna: I cant believe it's TOMORROW. Im squeeeeeeeing for you!!!!.

Nan: Im so (cautiously) thrilled for you!!! Keeping my fingers crossed..

De: yay for successful shopping! Thats the bestest..

Sassy: no need to fight the ho-hum phase it's actually kind of awesome. Just stay OP, dont question that, and enjoy the boredom. Its your brain really embracing that food = fuel. You rock!.

Steph in AZ: okay, thats a damn funny theft. Sorry you have to deal with it, but still damn funny...

Comment #60

Oh, Freya! Morty.


Have something wrong with him! But I do love your attitude. You just keep it focused on beautiful Freya and all the wonderful things you have to look forward to in your life!..

Comment #61

Freya, I'm sorry about Morty. You deserve more than that. Sending you big TL hugs, girl. Stay the course food-wise. You will get through this...

Comment #62

Thank you, darling! I've dissected it as thoroughly as any female person can, and it truly was not me..

So... I learned a lot about myself, I had a FANTASTIC time, I was worshiped and entertained and adored, and I worshiped and entertained and adored him in return. If he can't be here now, I can't control that. And it can only mean that God has something else better in mind for me...

Comment #63

Thank you! I am. Yesterday and today, not having the crazy urge to eat. And I'm watching myself like a hawk I am. I clearly can't be trusted...

Comment #64

Freya! I'm so sorry to hear about your ... well, your random unexpected slap in the face? Is that appropriate? Better luck with the next one, I guess. Sounds like you're past dwelling on it..

I sent my first food back last night at Pei Wei. We went after church with a group, and I had a bar in my purse but I decided I'd eat a L&G meal there if they could make itwhich of course, they could. I asked for plain grilled chicken with no breading or sauce, and steamed broccoli. I'm not sure if the cashier heard me wrong, but the chicken that they sent me was 1) in tiny tiny pieces, 2) breaded, and 3) fried. Whoops. I toyed with trying to cut the breading off for a few minutes before I finally gave up and went back to ask for steamed chicken.

It was just a bit disheartening after I had thought so carefully to say all the right words when I ordered..

I think I've decidedMarch is going to be scale-free. I'll weigh in the morning and hide it until April 1. Can't justify going off plan if I won't even be able to check the damages on the scale, right?..

Comment #65

Freya - {{{HUG}}} Sorry hon. You will be worshiped and adored again. Just hang tough and remember, it's HIS loss, not yours...

Comment #66

Freya I see I also missed telling you WAY TO GO ON REACHING GOAL!!!!! I have followed you since I started and you have really, really been inspirational! Don't you just feel like there is NOTHING in life that you can't do??!!..

Comment #67

Freya, screw him. Guys who do the walk away without a reason thing are too immature by a mile to feel too badly over. The mortician thing was always kind of creepy anyway..

I'm thinking the hiring partner of a large law firm would be a lovely next choice...

Comment #68

Rachel: yes, exactly. Totally random unexpected slap to the face. My weekend really sucked and required medication of the anti-anxiety type. Which certainly could happen again. At the moment, I'm in a good place. There will be down again, I'm sure, but hey - we had a whole lot of living between us the last 7 weeks..

De: thank you for the hugs and support. Yes, I'm working on remembering that. You know, not everyone can handle getting too many of their secret dreams fulfilled at once....

Thanks for the congrats, Nan! Yes, I feel like a gazillion skinny bucks!!!!..

Comment #69

Gigi you're hilarious! Yes, excellent plan. I like the way you think...

Comment #70

Just imagine how great the next guy will be Freya!! And, 7 weeks of a whirlwind romance... I think you were perhaps too much woman for him. I say the next one should be a pretty 20-something.

Water is done for the day, and I think the exercise I get from walking back and forth to the bathroom should count...

Comment #71


I am so sorry to hear about Morty, he's losing out...

Comment #72

He WAS a pretty 20-something! 29, in fact! And, well, *I* thought he was pretty..

I am too much woman for a lot of people, it's true. Life-long problem. But when I find someone who can hang with it, boy do we play hard. *wicked grin*.

Anna, thank you dear. I appreciate it...

Comment #73

Freya, that is just plain rotten..

(((Hugs to you))) and a POW, SOCK, KICK (thinking the old batman movies) to Morty for breaking up in such a heartless manner..

You are awesome!..

Comment #74

Thank you, Talien! I'm pretty sure he's doing the best he can, but yes, it has definitely been hard on me..

I like the "slice it off and start fresh" day, though. Always feels clean, like a forest fire...

Comment #75

I don't disagree but if they're following the plan it's really really hard to go over on calories...

Comment #76

Ugh Freya! that really sucks! I'm so proud of your attitude though. You have so many great things ahead of you and it's totally his loss that he won't be sharing them with you..

Also, Hello 1 pound past your goal!!! That is so awesome!!..

Comment #77

I'm considering doing a month without the scale too like Rachel..

I'm not sure if I could do it or not though. Maybe I should start with a week of no weighing and go from there..

I really wish I could just relax and let the plan do what it's going to do. I'm such a control freak though that I just don't know how to let that happen...

Comment #78

I just realized that I'm only 12 lbs away from my lowest on Medifast last time!! 12 lbs. sure seems a lot less daunting than 30!!..

Comment #79

You've got your own TV show goin, dear..

Seventh Heaven!..

Comment #80

The really cool thing about this is:.

You have to trust the plan, not the scale..

You really are very careful and weigh and measure like never before..

Hiding the scale can totally change your focus and give you the breath of fresh air that you might need..

Many of us have done it over the course of this thing. Just grab a goal sized pair of jeans and try them on each Monday, instead of weighing in. It works and you might be amazed at how much better you actually do w/o the stresses that come with the scale and how little or how much it moves. Not letting the scale run your life, but YOU run it instead. You and your Plan of course..


Comment #81

Thanks for your comment Freya!!.

I'm so sorry that Morty had a freak out and broke up with you. His loss. The problem sometimes with dating younger is they still have freaking out to do before they find someone they can truly cherish and adore long term. I'm looking forward to hearing about your 'next' when you are ready to date again..

Comment #82

Awww Chatty! Thank you! That was exactly the push I needed. I am going to hide that darned scale tonight!..

Comment #83

OMG I am so glad I logged on today. I've been waiting for this for you for so long. I'm happy for you, obviously not as happy as you..

Enjoy your reunion and I pray for safety for all of you...

Comment #84

Hope you should stop and realize what an amazing accomplishment it is to have lost an entire person. WTG..

About the date, better to reschedule than to get sick or a terrible first impression, right?.


Comment #85

De... I knew I found my home when I read your sig and saw "I snark, therefore I AM".... should be my husband's motto in life!!!.

Anna, told my DH about your reunion tomorrow... he said try not to get arrested for public display of affection, but you may be out of luck because your DH is gonna be AMAZED!.

Lisa.... UGH... NASTY... get that replaced..

Jess... hi.... I've seen you around! Good to see you here, too!.

Penny, that is GORGEOUS..

Anon... if you need help being a more insistent "order-er".... watch When Harry Met Sally. My husband had never seen it... watched it the first time with him this weekend and when she ordered he looked at me and said, "OMG... that's YOU!!!".

Arob.... HOLY COW!!! Good job!!.

Hope, thanks for the heads up. Will carefully check my boxes!!.

Steph... they stole part of the TOILETS???? I'm so glad we moved out of Arizona! (We moved last May).

Laura, in addition to being a registered nurse, I am also the hospital's certified breastfeeding counselor (and a pediatric specialist... in Arizona I only worked at peds hospitals, and I take my pediatric specialist certification in April! Now THAT is stress). As long as your milk supply stays up, not a problem. But, it does take more calories to be a nursing mom than it does to be a pregnant mom, so just keep an eye on it. Keep your fluids up, too...

Comment #86

Freya, congrats on reaching goal and I agree... HIS loss. Like Gigi said, screw him! (Or, don't, as of course, it's his loss of right for that!!!).

I had a horrible ex, mean, verbally and physically abusive, the whole nine yards. And I was so not expecting to meet my husband... I had given up on men! Now I have a doofus, but a doofus who adores me. There are still good guys out there. Be picky. You deserve the best!..

Comment #87

Hi all. I'll get caught up later, but "Ditto" what Chatty said about scaleless times. I have learned to love my scaleless summer. In fact, I will sometimes forget to step on the scale on Friday mornings. Trusting my plan means I will be in my range and my skinny clothes..

Be back later!..

Comment #88

Freya...sending hugs your way. I always say, there is a reason this happened. You are so much better off! At my age, I can honestly say, I'm glad I didn't push for someone who didn't really want me. I'm glad I held on until I found the right one. Did it hurt a little? Maybe then.....but since I've had 25 years with DH, I am glad I walked away. The past 25 years have erased it all many times over!..

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.