Alternative dedicated server to 123 reg please?

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Got a question... Alternative dedicated server to 123 reg please? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Whats Badger up to this time? I just saw his new sig I do remember what it stands for...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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If you'd known how long weve spent on this rebranding and the names weve bought and enquired about youd be shocked....

But sure, Id love to know our members opinions..

IMoDo as a name grows on you pretty fast (well, it has for me anyway)..

Also, you need to take into account our partners feelings on branding and, let me tell you, they are all pretty sold on the name change...

Comment #2

Sorry man, but I cant believe out of those portfolios... that is the best(?) you guys could come up with..

Start the Poll,,, and pick the wager....

A new set of Callaways maybe?.

A Mucci cue?.

1Plus will bury ummm, that other name...

What was it again? iDoMo? iMoGo? Wait.. I have to look..

Ahh, iDoDo, thats it. I will say your sig is soooo much more colorful now, kinda rainbow-isssssh..

I can hear it now, "So, where are you parked?".

"Why iMoDo, of course you silly rabbit.".

Btw, earnings have near doubled since moving that last lot to from

The gauntlet has been thrown..

Lets rock...

Comment #3 vs for a set of golf clubs? Hmmm.... I'll go with iMoDo.. as a brand it's really close to (a web hosting company) and (an ISP), and too similar to 1&1 (a horrible domain/hosting company)..

IMoDo seems hip and brandable. It is a Web 2.0 World after all, and from what I've seen behind the scenes already, the new iMoDo fits the 2.0 bill to a T...

Comment #4

IMoDo.. I should sue he stole my name...

LOL.. It looks nice too me, maybe thats because my name is iNod I'm not sure.. But either way.. It looks nice..

- Steve..

Comment #5

Imodo sounds kinda catchy to me. Tally one vote for imodo for me...

Comment #6

I like 1plus- so one vote here (But the other one is alright if 1plus doesn't win). BTW, my first sale on 1plus is in the process for XXXX, so thanks 1plus!.


Comment #7

My thoughts as well. I found myself going, and telling others to go, to 1plus(.)com. works for me. Looking forward to the launch...

Comment #8

Imodo has a nice ring to it..

I like it..


Comment #9

IModo sounds much catchier and the rapture irons are delightful..

Comment #10

Good on ya Gary, please to help and to do business with a professional buyer and seller..

Comment #11

Sweet I for one love the name iMoDo sounds a bit funny but fresh..

Comment #12

Imodo for me.

Very catchy IMO - it needs a nice little tag line with it though, like Park & Go with Imodo < something better though !.

Good luck.


Comment #13

Hehe, I thought about maybe "i MoDo, do you MoDo?" or "i Monetize Domains" or such like.. But I like youre thought pattern.....

Comment #14, or - it doesn't matter what the site/company is called so long as they keep offering the same great service. IMHO. ;^)..

Comment #15

Actually I always thought this myself. In fact, shortly after creating a 1plus account, I received a phone call. I had just woken up and could of sworn it was a telemarketer from 1&1, so I hung up. But the more I thought about it, the more I started thinking they said 1plus..

I dont really have any domains that get traffic anyway, so no big loss for them if it was them..

IMoDo reminds me of a HostGator I own,

At first I loved the name, but then it started being less and less appealing as the hours after registration ticked by. Hopefully it won't be the same for you guys..

Comment #16

A good logo is a must for a good name IMO - If you are going for a complete rebranding check out these logos, they've got some funky 3D ones too..

- some cracking ones for $39.

(they're not all $ 39 though).

Loads to choose from.


Comment #17

How long does it take to get approved, verify my domains and hits to register on the HostGator page on 1plus?..

Comment #18

Just because your leading doesnt mean you have won...

Voting stays open till June 1st..

Come on 1Plus lovers, dont let wait... eJoBo...

Thats not it either, oh yea iGoLo....

W/e, dont let this wannabe replace us...

Comment #19

Not sure whats going on here but imodo sounds like an msn messenger 123 reg website or some such site for the youngins..

1plus sounds like your typical company to me..

Personally I think 1plus shows more professionality, while imodo is a bit a silly :S..

Comment #20

Sounds like a great HostGator for a hardcore limbo enthusiast site. iGoLo, how low can you go? Shame, but sadly I don't see that becoming too popular of a site..

Comment #21

Are you guys making the transition?.

Hmm, I'm unable to access all my names with 1plus nor the site itself...

Comment #22

... could easily be a chrysanthemum.

Seriously though, Trafficz, Namedrive, Parked ... the names all say what they are about..

Neither 1plus nor iMoDo says instant sites to me. They're both just Sedotives. So please call it whatever you like Badger & get back to improving the software..


PS I just checked and is still unregistered..


Comment #23

Poll closed!.

Well it might have gone either way, is the winner.

And Big Berthas on the way..

Thanks to those that participated, which ever way you voted..

Oh and the difference between what I was making at Parked,.

And what I am now after moving some of my stronger coms.

Will easily cover any foolish wager I made..

If it keeps pumping Brock, you be seeing a good portion of.

My Fab portfolio as well..

Keep it up M8, Congratz on the win and good luck on the launch..


Who would have thunk it?.


Comment #24

You're making more than Parked?! At iMoDo?! Hmm....

Sounds tempting..

Comment #25

Hey Peter- Yes, around 20% higher on new reg and low performers. All generic non com KWs and phrases in the mid xx,xxx and higher ovt w/o ext. I also tested out a few dozen better names, same thing, generic and low xxx,xxx ovt that were not living up to expectations and the initial returns are slightly higher..

But this is still testing, and what I found is to be patient and let the pages do the job as Badger designed the system... let them earn some web presence, which wasn't happening at Parked..

I go with low competition KWs at first then after a couple of months start tweaking up the payouts. But if your constantly changing them up at first, it seems to me they never really slot and start to develop..

I'm moving another 100 or so more of some names I have had at Parked for almost a year and feel are not earning what they should/could/would earn if they were indexed properly..

The Manager is a nightmare and thats my biggest beef, is that it will take me several hours to install the new names..

That and that the only Diag and analysis is G..

Test some of your 0-low performers for a couple of months, giving them time to be noticed and I thing you'll see what I did..

I'm not breaking into my Fab portfolio yet, but if the results keep climbing... who knows..



Comment #26

I wish I COULD test some of my names...but is still "Coming Soon"!..

Comment #27

I can tell you it doesn't matter what brand name is as long as Ian is the man in change we will be Rocking..

GO Badger Go!!!!!!!!..

Comment #28

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