Am I correct on how to add pages on a GoDaddy site with HTML?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... Am I correct on how to add pages on a GoDaddy site with HTML? Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... I am looking a *****.name domain.

Every other popular extension as been taken.

Is it worthwile to get the .name.



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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It's really hard to say - I personally have only renewed a handful , and they weren't "Name" Related at all ... They were Keywords and they actually made a profit from parking alone. I don't see developing any of them unless they were very fitting with the extension myself..

Here's an older thread with some insight and former Registrations by members here on this topic :.


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Thnax So much for the replies.

The info is really helpful.

I guess ill put off on the .name's for now..

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I think you shouldn't go for the .name.... unless you can manage to find a good name to deal... with.. which I think it's hard.....

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Yep, unless you get keywords, not worth it for reselling...

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A lot of domains aren't worth that much undeveloped. But I'm sure if you did get it developed (depending on the quality), you could probably get a good chunck of money for it. (depending on the domain)..

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Do loose your name by .name extention.

Not a GoDaddy site fills it's value exept .com sites.

I tried all extention..

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Don't get a .name HostGator name unless you get an amazing name to start it out w/ first..

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Very hard to sell a .name, and very crappy extension to make a website...

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I registered this one for the fun of it. The only .name I like..

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I don't understand why they even added a TLD like that... I mean I guess I could do but.... even that sounds silly...

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So it's personal, and you dont intend ot sell???..

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I have nothing against .name, I even have one, but they just aren't very popular. For personal GoDaddy site it is good, but you can not sell it...

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Ya I am looking mainly to sell, so I guess it's not for me..

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Didn't register it to sell. If I ever get time to develope a "space information" site, I think the name would work well. Could be wrong though!!!! Wish I had the time right now with the discovery of our new "maybe" planet...

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If it is a one word and less than 9 letters and very good OVT results, then consider reg it!..

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As the extensions grow, I think it becomes important to look at their inherent value even in the most direct cases such as, etc. where the extension applies directly, I still don't think it's a very attractive extension. Sure there are a lot of keywords and nice domains open with .name, but I don't think that justifies registration...I have yet to see evidence that this is a viable extension...

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How do you think about or

They should be good for online directory...

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.NAME takes the prize as being the most redundant extension in existence on the root server...

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Does anyone know how many .names have been registered? This is a good test of how popular it is..

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IMHO .name seems to be not so popular and hard to sell. Would like to know how many .name have been registered...

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I am going to try the 2months .name offer and then decide..

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I think .name will never be worth it's only for people to create personal website.

Like or so on now for biz or so..

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I've only got one .name and don't plan on registering anymore...

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Ye it's really bad.

Wana have a HostGator have it .com or net net no other.

.name the firest what you think of it's a free HostGator because it's 4 chrecter extention.

That is what I think of..

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I still contend that .name will work as designer name in a few well defined categories with a select group of keywords. Geneology, Baby Name, HostGator Name, Identity(security), Relative/Classmate Locators and the like. If you have or can pick something up along these lines, I think it's worth a go. I'm holding onto about 10, but developing them is not at the top of my priority list..

There are probably only about 500 +/- terms that are an unforced fit w/ .name, and even less that are really good. A great keyword + .name doesn't neccesarily, (or usually), equate w/ a good .name domain, IMHO. They will, w/o a doubt, only gain value through development, so basically forget resale, (unless you happen to catch mole on a bender or enter a parallel universe, or something like that.

); and because there are so few workable ones to go around, .name, will never be popular among resellers or the lionshare of domainers. However, there is a small, quiet group of .name proponents, w/ good names at hand and schemes in mind, and, someday, you might be surprised and see a few decent .name websites popping up...

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To be honest I wont get a .name HostGator name. Due to two reasons:.

1) It isnt very common, unless you think of a very good name..

2) It still wont be as common as .com, .net or others...

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Ye these are the main resons but .name which is the worst point which I said in a point yesterday is it's 4 letter HostGator extention and no one try to guess a wwebsite using .name they only use .com .net or ,org..

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I remember hearing the same argument, about 2 years ago, used to explain why people shouldn't reg any .info names. As you can see from my above remarks, .name is no .info. In fact, I only rate it a few rungs above .tk. However, if I had, I would renew it w/ development plans in mind, because I think it has branding potential, despite the unpopularity of the .tk ext...

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IMHO you would most always be better off getting .ws or .cc rather than .name if all the normal gTLD's are taken...

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No argument there. ws has the "website" association attached and .cc is backed by Verisign. However, there is a considerable amt of cctld territory that lies between ws/cc and tk..

It also could be argued that there are keywords that may be better served by .name domains, for branding purposes, ie:.,.

And a couple of my own. (BTW, the most highly searched of my .name domains- but no big deal and has been sporadic mo.-mo.).

Don't have anything to support this theory, other than a hunch. I admit, I may totally off base w/ this, but I'm not ready to let go of 6-10 of these, at least, for a couple of years. In general, I would tell people not to waste their time w/ this tld, but at the same time, I'm not, yet, ready to say "Uncle" to the idea that there is no commercial/branding value in .name...

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True True.

What d oyou think of popular last names.


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They are virtually all reserved by the registry for third level HostGator services...

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So if you find one that isnt reg'd then it's valuable.

And if it id who would be the main buyer, or buyer group..

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True. Wouldn't we all love to have or The ones you list are pretty good. However, good developable and usable .names are the exception rather than the rule with .name. I searched for a few in the beginning, and found it the hardest TLD to find a good fit because it's so narrow a focus. Also, a lot of the better ones are reserved by the registry..

I would find it harder to take a commericial GoDaddy site serious in .name than any other extension I can think of, including the open ccTLDs..

I have only registered two .name domains up to today, which are and to compliment my HostGator sales website I've even had second thoughts on those. I just ran a list of names I thought might have value in .name and found and registered only one of them that may have commerical value in the short term....

I now have three. I was.


Surprised to see that one available!.

BTW, these were available, but I decided to pass on them. Donations appreciated if you find them useful.. (a bit redundant).

Possibly, if you can find someone with that name who is willing to pay. However, most aren't willing to pay huge amounts for personal/family website names which is the most likely use...

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Adoptable, we are, really, both saying about the same thing- just coming at it from a slightly different angle, as far as I can tell..

I have a list that I'll try to pull together and put out there. I've got a few that someone else might want, as well. Here, I found it. I picked most of these up during the last day of a promotion:.


I've got about 10-15 others that I'm flipping a I'm sifting through, like,,, etc. but still haven't quite decided if they would be useful or too much of a stretch...

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Wow Nice lists!.

I am glad my thread produced something so productive.

Great Work Guys!..

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That's not my main list. These are the one's I'm considering dropping or giving away. I've got about 10 keepers and these and about 10-15 others are the ones I'm considering dropping or giving away. I'll put a full list in next day ot two...

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Kool If your giving away I'm always ready to recieve donations..

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The first $ I ever spent and wasted in the HostGator name game were .names. I bought 12 and will probably get rid of all but 3..

.name was good, though, as it started me in the HostGator business...

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Well I have good news for you Mr Iravan..

If you have a good keyword .name you can get some good $$$.

I sold For $500 and for $200.

This year..

So...It even better than .ws ext or other crappy dots....

Good luck...

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