Antone else fed up with Lunarpages iPage web hosting?

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First question I got is Antone else fed up with Lunarpages iPage web hosting? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Here is my page so far.


If the link is broken here I attached the source as a txt file.

Now to help me you need to see the page.

On the right you will see a table that says "table data" in it now I want that table to be just like the one on the left that says "sof iPage site links" (same with border color interior color etc) and I want it to be up top like the one with the picture is in it I dont want it to be below the table that says page 2 and has all that text in it I changed that table to 75% but the table that says table data in it still wont move up to right underneath that line like the one on the left is.

I hope I explaied this well enough please help I am stumped..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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You could nest them inside a larger table, setting the layout you want in that and then giving the smaller tables 100% values..

You have a few.


In your coding!.

Be carefull of deprecated tags like <center> and <font>..

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Is there anyway somebody can post the html I need to use to get it done? and I can customize what I want in the right side table? cause I have been trying different stuff and I just cant get that table onthe right at the top..

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You need to first look at the.




Posted, and fix up all those.


At the moment, your code is so mixed up that different browsers may display the page completely differently, or maybe not display some elements at all...

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Ok I need sleep I will get to that tomorrow the reason it is so messed up cause I took the template from a page that is exactly liek that go to page 1 and you will see whta I am talking about cause I didnt know how to make the table and the background work and everything by starting from scratch but I kinda want to I just need help on some stuff..

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Add a.


Attribute to every.





To every.



Remember to.




All attributes, especially all.




Colors, all.


, all.




Sizes, and any other attribute value that contains anything other than a simple.
















Value. In HTML 4.01 it is.


To quote.


Attribute values..

Check element nesting, that all tags opened are closed, and are closed in the correct order. Stuff like this is not valid:.


Identical adjacent opening tags that each have a separate attribute, like.

<font size="2"><font color="#FFFFFF"><font face="ariel">.

, can be combined so that it becomes a tag with several attributes, like.

<font size="2" color="#FFFFFF" face="ariel">.

This then only requires one closing.


Tag, instead of three..

Enclose any.


Code inside this sort of.



// >.

Tags, and all of the.


Style code in this sort of.




Tag pair..

That should fix most of the errors. Post again if there is anything you are stuck with after that...

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