Any free iPage web hosting like ?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Any free iPage web hosting like ? Thanks for any response. Second question.. Appropriate indexes are always a good thing for a database...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Yeah, I was about to do your indexing trick, but then I remembered some days ago to have seen somewhere on this forum that it wasn't needed anymore in the latest version. {can't remember where I read it, but I thought just ask it again to be on the safe side].

So I gues I can safely go ahead with your tips then ?

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Maybe a stupid question, but I like to know what's behind the idea:.

What exactly does indexing do that makes the shop go faster?.

What's the trick..

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It took 17 seconds to show anything and i'm on 2meg connection..

Has it always been like this?.

You say the images are not a problem, but some of your images are massive! they range from sub 5k upto 130k..

This probably isn't the problem, but it can't help..

This may sound daft, but try it without the stat counter..


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Indexing will make your iPage site faster because it will help the database server find specific rows in the tables instead of reading the entire table (and it will get worse as the table gets bigger)..

Think of it like going to the library. If there is an index for what you are looking for it's like a personal librarian telling you specifically where to go. Without an index it's like a library where there is no numbering system in use and books are all over the place in no specific order..

You really need to analyze all the frequently occuring queries (category box, category listings, manufacturer listings, new products box, and specials page are areas that you need to really pay attention to). You have to look at the "where" statement in the queries and determine where the database server is going to lookup rows from. If there is no index on that point then consider adding one..

But everyone has to keep in mind that everytime a table is changed it's index is also changed which can add a lot on overhead and significantly slow down the server on tables that change frequently. So if you add 3 indexes to a table then you have to do 2 additional disk writes and 2 additional processing commands to update the index..

Also every index you create adds a little disk space..

Daemonj, you did a great job of suggesting some indexs which will definately create some added speed. And since the categories, products, products_options, products_attribute tables only change when you change them in the admin...adding indexes WILL NEVER slow you down..

Definately following Daemonj's advice on the GZIP and add his configuration cache contribution...

Comment #5 it smart or not then to add a similar index to products_description? Every time a product is viewed, the table is changed - product_viewed + 1 - so would that increase or decrease speed?..

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Counter fields or fields that change very often should never have an index..

An index should generally only be created for fields that are used as a join condition within select statements very often. Search the tips & tricks forum for posts by me and you will find a post containing the proper indexes to create...

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Appropriate indexes are always a good thing for a database...

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My store.


Runs very slow, and I'm starting to get comments from my visitors..

The problem is not with the images (all have been optimised) or the content of the pages, but the time it takes my server to process the php. I have changed servers but it still runs slow..

The index page takes 38.539 seconds to load when tested through.

IPage site Confidence.

(56k modem)..

Now, I understand that there are many reasons for slow running OSC stores, and I have been shot down in previous threads for asking the question but I am pulling my hair out trying to get to the bottom of this so any tips are greatfully received..

Some details of my installation :.

OsCommerce 2.2-MS2.

Easy Populate.

STS (Simple Template System).

Linux 2.4.20-28.7smp.

MySQL 3.23.56.

PHP Version 4.1.2 (Zend: 1.1.1).

2329 Products..

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I'm sure your visitors aren't having a problem with the speed right now..

Nevermind....back to normal. It loads for me in about 5 seconds (with 4 of it being a complete hesitation before anything loads). Of course I'm on cable though so I'm not the best judge..

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: 01 April 2004, 14:30..

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I'm on half meg broadband - took about 2 seconds (quite normal)..

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Hell, I just went to that iPage site Confidence and my store loaded in 65.898 seconds.

When I go to it, doesnt take but maybe 3 sec to load........

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I'm on a cable modem, in Ohio. I went to your site, Looks nice, it did take about 4 seconds to load. But it just appears, you can't see the different pictures appearing, Just BAM it's there. That's how all the pages work. If you were on a Dial-up connenction it might take a lot longer and that's what your customers are complaining about??..

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Like I say the problem is that initial lag. I've worked hard to optimise all the images so theres no problem there, but sometimes it takes six seconds before you see anything..

You get the same lag on every page when you navigate the site..

I'm an inpatient surfer myself so I understand why my visitors are complaining. I just cant find the fault!..

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When I load your page the background and text show up fast but then it says 48 pictures loading. I don't see 48 pics on your home page even with counting all the boxes. I am wondering if it is the rotating banner on the bottom. Everything else is compact and looks good. Looking around the pages without the rotating banner they load a lot faster, you may want to try a comparison on dial up and see if that is the problem..


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There are 48 images, all the info boxes, the drop shadow and the header are sliced so there are a lot of small images that join together..

I've tested it without the banner and it's just as slow without...

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Oh! and another thing I should have mentioned..

I have a phpbb forum and a phpNuke backend on the same server (Different databases) which are all running at acceptable speeds..

Could it be that OSC slows with the amount of products you have? I have 2330 now.

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: 02 April 2004, 11:48..

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I doubt that this is a problem because we have seen lots of users with hundred of thousand products in their store.

Go in the Tips and tricks forum and do a search because there are a few threads about this issue.


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I had a similar problem, my response times weren't consistant. Sometimes it would take 15 to 20 seconds before the page would even start loading. I believe my problem was because I was on a shared server and other (possibly many other) web sites are on the same server and putting a load on the processor (causing php/sql pages to take longer to render). I am moving to a dedicated server to resolve this problem. So far with my testing response time is much better. Not sure if you are on a shared server or not, but hope this insight helps...

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Wow! I tried siteconfidence also and CNN takes about 43 seconds whereas my other sites take around 32 to 35 seconds. I don't think this tool should be used to evaluate the usability of your site, the information seems irrelevant...

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You should ask you host to upgrade your version of PHP to something a little newer. PHP v4.1.2 is pretty old..

In addition, osC holds the output until the page is ready and then displays it all at once. This is why you do not get the typical picture here, text there, as the page slowly gets drawn..

In Admin ~ Configuration ~ GZip compression, do you have compression enabled and set to 1? If not, you should..

Also, have you optimized all of the tables in your database recently and have you added any indexes to improve performance?.

Lastly, in Admin ~ Configuration ~ My Store, ensure that Show Category Counts is false..

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: 07 April 2004, 04:42..

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Thanks for the advice. How do I optimise my database tables and add indexes?..

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Following the order presented, in PHPMyAdmin select your database and:.

1. Click the SQL tab and enter the following in the textbox and click enter:.

Alter table categories add index (sort_order);.

Alter table customers add index (customers_email_address);.

Alter table orders add index (customers_id);.

Alter table products add index (products_model), add index (products_price), add index (products_date_available), add index (manufacturers_id);.

Alter table products_attributes add index (products_id), add index (options_id);.

Alter table products_options add index (products_options_name);.

2. Click the Structure tab and under the table listing click Check All and select Optimize from the drop down...

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Could you please tell me how to remove these indexes from my tables. They ended up slowing down my iPage site for some reason instead of speeding it up!.


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Are you sure of that? I have *never* heard of indexes slowing a iPage site down and believe that you should look elsewhere for the cause of slowness..

Regardless, in order to remove the indexes, in a phpmyadmin sql window enter the following:.

Alter table categories drop index (sort_order);.

Alter table customers drop index (customers_email_address);.

Alter table orders drop index (customers_id);.

Alter table products drop index (products_model), drop index (products_price), drop index (products_date_available), drop index (manufacturers_id);.

Alter table products_attributes drop index (products_id), drop index (options_id);.

Alter table products_options drop index (products_options_name);.

Be sure to click the structure tab, check all of the tables, and select optimize to complete...

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I was just wondering if this is still a good thing to do to speed up the store in the 2.2 ms version. {indexing the suggested pages I mean].

Any advice people ?

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.