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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Any Godaddy promo codes for domain registration? Hoping for any comment. Another quick question... Hi everybody,.

I have a seemingly simple question that has been bugging me for days now. Is there any way to write a tag to HTML source.

Via the simple text string. I am working with Microsoft Reporting Services. I design a report in Visual Studio, and then view it in HTML format. I have a textbox in my report that has a string of type.


So basically an HTML tag. When my report is rendered in HTML I want HTML to interpret this string as a tag, not as a text, in other words I.

Don't want < and > signs to be converted to &lt; and &gt; in the source file but I want my string to become one of the tags in HTML source. Is there any way to do it?.

I really appreciate any help on this issue..

Thank you,.


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Well, let me start from a different angle.

Suppose I write an HTML page in a text editor. And suppose I have a text string I want to display:.



Here is my string.



If I wanted to have a tag instead of this string, I would have written.



<my tag, whatever it is>.



But now suppose I still have my text string, it is not a tag yet, I am NOT able to modify my HTML source file via the text editor, and I AM able to define the text string displayed by my HTML page (from a different program). I was hoping for some magical way to convert the text string I am specifying to a tag inside the HTML source file..

Hopefully this makes sense..

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Put this where you would normally put your string. It will replace the &lt;'s and &gt;'s with < and >:You'll have to escape any double quotes in the string (or use single quotes) and remove any newlines...

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This seems like the way to go I feel I am very close to making it work!.

Is there a way to say write this script code in some separate file and then call the HTML file I need to display via the URL in my browser and call the script via the same URL so it gets applied not just to my string, but to the whole HTML source file for the URL I am caling in browser. In the end, I am planning to change any occurences of &lt; and &gt; in my source file to < and >, since I don't plan to display any < or > signs in the text of my web page...

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