Any good cookie Medifast recipes that you have personally used?

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My first question is Any good cookie Medifast recipes that you have personally used? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... So I am a 24 year old and I have been heavy forever. I finally decided that I wanted to try bariatric.


To get the weight off for good! I am going through Kaiser to get the.


Done and was wondering if anyone can give me any advice. I have decided to go for the RNY.


As that seems to be the most effective. DOes anyone regret getting.


? Has life after been harder then you thought? How long until you were able to return to work? I appreciate everyones input and look forward to making new friends going through the same trials in life as I am...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Thanks Karla it is nice to hear about your positive expieriance. My weight does not really limit me from doing to much besides roller coasters ( but that really pisses me off) but I dont want to get bigger and eventually get diabetes. I am 99% sure I am going to get the.


It just makes me newvous. I am glad I am trying to do it now as I am younger and I think my body will be able to adjust to the transformation easier. Its just going to be tough not being able to really eat carbs or have a beer with friends for the rest of my life. But if thats what I have to give up to gain an extra 10 years or so on my life Its worth it!..

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ABSOLUTELY! You have a great rockin' attitude...cause you are SO worth it! That is one of the things gbs has taught me! I am so worth being here longer to enjoy the kids and hopefully someday grands! You are smart to do it younger because your skin is also a lot more elastic! I wish you all the best!.

Grab life by the horns...and throw out a huge....MMOOOOOooooooo!.

You are going to succeed...I can tell!.



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Ha I love the grab life by the horns an mooooooo that was great! I'm looking forward to being like 6 month post op and getting my life back to normal. Wish I could skip all those painful annoying stages! O well everyones gotta pay their dues!..

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>>>So I am a 24 year old and I have been heavy forever. I finally decided that I wanted to try bariatric.


To get the weight off for good!..

Comment #5

Sorry the remainder of my post dropped off!.

What do you specifically.


To accomplish with.



What is your feeling abot daily.


As part of your lifestyle for the rest of your life?..

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I had GBS on May 19, 2010 and have lost 87 lbs. I have not had one single regret other than wishing I had done this years ago! Follow your surgeons instructions word for word and you should be fine. I have not had any problems. The fun part is watching yourself melt away! The not so fun part is just after the.


It isn't a bed of roses by any means, but that has faded from my memory already. Good luck!..

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I applaud you for taking this so seriously at a young age. I am 44 years old. Had.


When I was 43 on 2/26/09. I was a size 26 and 287 lbs at my heaviest. I am now 135-140 and a size 6. I have never regretted my decision. Life is much different now. I am very active.

But it isn't all easy. The.


Is merely a tool..

You have to be committed to permanent changes and you have to be willing to do the work. There are rules you have to follow for the rest of your life. Yes sometimes we fail and fall off the wagon. Then we climb right back on and start over a t the next meal. It is life altering!.

How long til I went back to work? 2 1/2 weeks. I had my.


Laproscopically. I did my preop bowel prep on a Wed. had my.


On a Thursday. Was off two full weeks and back the very next Monday morning. I am a nurse. I work 10 hour shifts. I am on my feet all day long. I take call and even got called in at 1 AM the first week back on Thursday night and still had to be at work at 6! I was exhausted, but somehow I survived! You just do what you have to do..

Be sure todo all of your.


, and good luck with whatever you decide!.


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I am pre surgury still waiting on my date but if you think you can handle the life change then you should do as you want it is your body I am 26 and I have fibromylgia and jointpains and I close to high blood pressure so I am having this because I wasnt to live to see my kids get old but before I decided I gave up sodas, smoking, and sweets to see if I could deal with it. Good luck to you on your journey and we are here for you every step of the way..

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I had roux-n-y bypass just a month ago...but it was over a year in the making, to which I was made to lose 45 pounds on my I lost heard me....

And is not just as easy as that...I struggled, and some days even cried. There is so so much more to this than just getting on the table and BAM...I'm gonna get skinny now. there are tons of things to consider, and at 24...I am not sure you may be mentally ready to tackle all of that.. I am not discouraging you...not by any means...but 24 is really young for this...we have a few others who are also really young...but you must consider everything that goes out the window when you do this...and if now is really the time in your life for we have to do afterwards is really a fulltime job within itself..And Less is right...the.


Part is crucial, and if you are wishy washy at all about can forget it...the.


Is not the answer my is just a tool...and you must utilize that tool...or you have wasted you time and money...

And the money is unbelieavle...we are not clipping an ingrown tonail here...Less just said this week his surgical bill was $77,000. Holy freakin cow...I had a longer hospital stay because I got so very sick while I was there, then battled a wound site I was there 9 of the first 12 days...can you imagine what that bill will be???.

There are vitamins and supplements all day long...there is no liquids 30 minutes before a meal, nothing while you eat, then nothing for 30 minutes that is 3 to 6 times a day depending on where you are in your recovery post-op...then somehow you gotta get at least 64 ounces of water in around all that...and trust me...when all you can do is sip at water...and for a while it won't be cold's a hard row to hoe...there is no.


And absolutely no carbonation as it will stretch your new belly, and.


Is highly discouraged for the first is a stimulant and well, you might as well e on cocaine...Lots of people drink.




And tea) but they are usually way far out from.


...I personally feel...why would I ever go back to it, as it was harder to give up.


Than it was to quit smoking...which brings up another point...if you smoke...they won't touch you...and it is not I'll quit for right now...You must never smoke.Doctors typically require you to be 3 months smoke free before they will talk to you....

I know I sound just terrible to you...but sugar...I started this at 419 pounds.,..if anybody needs this it was I have lost 140 pounds so far...I have about 100 more to go to reach my goals...

I wish I new then (at24) what I know now...about my future life...the complications I would see...the medical issues I would face...and I would have never ever gotten that big....

As far as the diabetes...yes this.


Does help in that department...but it is because of the Medifast diet we follow not the.



Type 2 diabetes is largely controlled with Medifast diet and.


...there are some meds involved, but moving your ass, and bending your elbow away from your mouth is paramount.....

If you want to really know more message me...I do not sugar coat shit....

Do I regret my GBS?? not even for a minute...but I also have a realistic view on life, and what it involves...especially at 24...At 41..I was ready to lay it all down..including all family feasts...think holidays 24...that would have been a nightmare from hell....

I cry enough from all the hormone dumping...that would have made me insane....

~~sigh~~~just know that you do not walk in a surgeons office today, and have.


Next is a process...there are many tests to complete, including a phycological exam...There are physical assessments, and bloodwork a gazillion different times, usually a.


Study, sometimes a cardiac clearance, and pulmonologist visits...among other things...bone density images, and all kinds of meetings with the dietians and nutritionists...and you cannot skip any of took me one year, four months, and six days to get it all done...I was nearly a basket case by the time it was done...once I finished all my pre-op work, then I had to wait for the insurance approval, which can take up to 4 more weeks...mine was over three...then...then you have to usually follow a pre-op.

Liquid diet.

For several weeks priotr to.

Surgery. is that ever fun...liquid rotein and is meant to shrink the liver, making it easier for the surgeon to do his thing...and if you are someone who struggled through the pre-op phase...God help you, cause you will think you are gonna starve to death...and cheating is just Fud are only cheating yourself, and possibly the outcome of your.


...If you choose to eat right up to the last minute, you will typically have todrink a bottle of.


Citrate, and if you have never dealt with this product...Oh my dear God..think bowel cleanser at it's very highest....and it is like a really nasty salty lemon is totally gross....

I am so sorry to be so long winded, but I just feel you gotta look at things for what they are, and not for just what you want to hear....

For those of us who have done this...and 99% will agree it is the greatest thing we have ever done...including is and always will be the first and foremost thing in our is the focal point of you life for a long long time...and a lifelong battle and committment to the plan...

~~~just some things to consider upfront...just wise advice from a broke up chick who has been there....

Ask lots of questions...even ones you think are not worthy...stick around here, and you will see the things we do and deal with...

We always welcome new faces, and will have you educated in no time....

This is a journey of one...remember it will be you doing this, and others will NOT jump on board with you...their support is all you can hopefor, and sometimes that doesn't come either...but do not expect anyone to jump in head first with the Medifast diet aspect...cause it ain't gonna happen....

I won't even get into protein shakes yet...that will scare you to

I didn't think my weight ever limited me either....I was as active as any of my skinny friends, moreso than most actually.....but it does....

In more ways than you have the capability of gets you in ways you never see on the surface....

But ask yourself 24..have you REALLY done everything else to get the weight off on your own??? I mean in your heart of hearts, think about this...No need to answer me or anyone else....

You will know the answer immediately in your head....

I am a huge advocate of this.

Surgery. has saved my life...but at 24...I would have to think about it with a different set of 24 there is still too much going on in your life...too much fun still to be had and enjoyed, and experienced...and trust me...your relationships change with people too..that is a whole different ball of's complicated....

Stay around here and will know what to do...

Good luck with whatever you choose to do...and please don't think ill of me, for putting out these things..My intent is for you to think and be well infrmed, and not just fluing by the seat of your pants...thats how people get burned....


Comment #10

So I am a 24 year old and I have been heavy forever. I finally decided that I wanted to try bariatric.


To get the weight off for good! I am going through Kaiser to get the.


Done and was wondering if anyone can give me any advice. I have decided to go for the RNY.


As that seems to be the most effective. DOes anyone regret getting.


? Has life after been harder then you thought? How long until you were able to return to work? I appreciate everyones input and look forward to making new friends going through the same trials in life as I am...

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I had GBS on May 20, 2010 and have lost 63 lbs so far. This was the best decision I have every made and wanted to do it to get healthy. I wanted to be around to see my grandkids get married and have children. I have so much more energy than I used to have and happy to be out of the plus size clothes. Good luck on your journey and welcome to the losers bench!..

Comment #12

I appreciate everyones advice and.


Thanks for taking a little time out of your day to help me make the most informed decisions I could make. I do understand this it not going to be an easy quick fix. I have had an open.


Before to reconstruct my shoulder and that was a very painful and extensive recover. I'm sure this will be as tough if not harder. The physical excersize does not scare or bother me. I did five miles last night. I have always been a pretty athletic heavy person. I have given up soda and caffine for about two weeks now(which I thought was going to be extremely hard but it wasn't to bad) I never have smoked or done drugs and I rarely drink alcohol.

Fast Medifast food has always been my nemisis! Haha thanks again guys. :)..

Comment #13

I was scared too, but now I am ready and waiting for the insurance response. I wish I had done it at 24 also..

Comment #14

So far my insurance has been great. I have kaiser and they have been my medical provider for most of my life. My pcp gave me a referal and I went to the initial class. Then I emailed my dr and he signed me up for the orientation where we went over all the medical procedures , the pre and post op lifestyles and the risks. They gave me a Medifast diet plan and signed me up for my next apt. I have lost about 15 lbs through Medifast diet and excersize.

I don't even have a copay. Kaiser is a wonderful medical provider. I'm happy my current employer offered them as a medical insurance option!..

Comment #15

I had Kaiser for 15 years, state changed to United last year. Kaiser never offerred WLS of any kind on my plan. As soon as I changed to United I signed up for.


, Sleeve done 7/28. 15 years is a long time to wait.....

Comment #16

I'd recommend you pick up the paperback book, The Real Skinny on Weight Loss.


It'll give you all the pros and cons. you'l hear from two patients, a surgeon,.


Physiologist and a nutritionist. Once you have that whole picture, you'll be better able to understand the advice given here...

Comment #17

Do you feel like you have a very good understanding of the risks, both short-term and long term? Do you know relative the frequencies of complications - everything from death to stricture to bowel obstruction to simple constipation? While it is not healthy to obsess over negative outcomes, understanding the possibilities is fundamental to making an informed choice about this..

I don't regret my decision - it was clearly one of the best things I've ever done for myself. But for those who have paid the ultimate price, you can understand why the loved ones they left behind would regret the decision..

Once you are confident you have made a fully informed choice with respect to these issues, then put them squarely behind you and don't deal with them again unless - and until - it becomes necessary..

Rock on...

Comment #18

My insurance requires we go through classes explaining the risks and statistics associated to those risks. I understand there are many complications and even the risk of death. I have two people one at work and one being an aunt that have gotten the.


And are willing to discuss their process and complications. I don't see how waiting till I'm 40 would make this process any easier. Thank you for the recomendation on the book. I will check it out!..

Comment #19

Im 28 years old and had the.


2 weeks ago. No one can make this decision for us but ourselves you just have to be willing and open to put a lot on the line including your life..

Prior to the.


The appointments will definitely be trying. You have to be both physically and mentally prepared..

I agree with you that you should not wait until it's too late to do something about it. My only regret this far is that I didn't do it sooner..

My only advice to you is to do your own.


It is great to value the opinions of others but remember that everyone is different and what may happen to someone may not happen to the next. Don't wait until your classes to start to educate yourself on this procedure. Read as many credible sources as you can. Having this information is power..

Life in general the last 2 weeks have been great with the exception that your body is worn out. It tries to rid itself of the anethestic and there is a drastic reduction in caloric intake. I am actually returning to work on Monday. I wish I had more time off. The recommended time off is 4-6 weeks (varies by surgeon) but that is contigent with the type of work you do..

I'll be more than happy to further discuss my journey so far with you. Feel free to send me a friend request..

I wish you the best on making this decision..



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I had my gbs on 09-29-10 and please believe what Elizabeth is telling you. I,m still at the beginning and it is getting easier but it,s tough. I,m not going to lie to you I truly miss my best friend of over 25yrs.....FOOD. I struggling more with mind hunger than anything because physically you won,t be able to eat hardly anything. MY mind says yes but my body says I dare you!!!! So really think about it and I wish you nothing but the best. BE BLESSESD...

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Ds, I have not been able to see your current weight, and the different efforts you have been through to.

Lose weight.


If you are morbidly obese and have a history of clinical attempts to.

Lose weight.

That failed, and if you have developed obesity comorbidities, that would certainly qualify you..

There are teens for whom it is appropriate to have the.


I think members are not responding to your age, or maturity, but the seeming lack of severity that accompanies most decisions to take this invasive, final approach to weight loss. If we are missing it, please fill us in..

If you would like to discuss these issues, any of us would be happy to give info and support in any way we can to be helpful......

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Welcome to the group! My RNY is on Oct. 20th. I am very excited and nervous. I think it's great taking charge of your life and your health. Like you, I've been heavy all my life, at my highest I was 344. I am on the preop Medifast diet now and have lost 14.2 pounds.

There comes a point, though, when you say enough is enough and my mantra is "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!" Good luck on your journey!..

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I am having my.


At The Cleveland Clinic on the 22nd. Has anyone else had their GBS there??..

Comment #24


I can't tell you how much I wish I'd had this.


When I was younger. I actually cry when I think of all the wasted years being obese. For awhile I was an active overweight person, but the pounds kept creeping up and I kept getting older and eventually I was a super morbidly obese person who couldn't walk from the parking lot to the store without pain. I waited 5 years from first seriously considering the.


To actually have it. Again, wish I hadn't waited. I missed so much of life!.

I am 43 and had.


2-10-10. Lost 30 lbs pre-surgery and 123 since - 153 total. That's over half my body weight! Totally worth giving up Medifast diet coke and the family food-fests. It has actually been easier than I thought it would be. For some reason, I thought there would be more foods that I would never be able to have again. I can eat most things now, but I have to follow the rules when I do.

Glad you found this group!.


Comment #25

I had the.


On 8/30/2010. Pain was my motivation I have stage 4 arthritis in my left knee and I was diabetic. I had the gastric bypass RNY and have not regretted it. I had a few complications but I do not regret the.


At all. My diabetes went away immediately and because of the weight loss I have hardly any pain in my knee. I will return to work on 11/2. I lost 44 pounds before.


And have lost 38 since.


I feel like new person and this website helped me through several issues I was having. Good decision and you will not regret it!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.