Any good diabetic Medifast recipes for Christmas goodies?

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My question is Any good diabetic Medifast recipes for Christmas goodies? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... I had a good day yesterday. First I went to visit my parents ,then I cooked a nice dinner for my wife and kids. Later in the evening We went to see my daughter perform in the High.


Band ,played some Xbox360,oh yeah then I called my buddy Ralf. I have no idea why this happened. I didn't do anything different, 2.


Pills and a small swig of crystal light. I felt like someone(a big someone) was sitting on my chest. I sat for a few minutes trying to breath,stretch, twist, swallow...anthing, but to no avail. After excrutiating minutes passed I tried another small sip of liquid. At first I felt some relief but soon felt that bad feeling hit me. I had no time to get up and go the the bathroom, I only had time to decide weather to aim at my dog ,who was sleeping in his basket, or try to refill my glass.

I made a foamy, Daquri looking puke..

I felt a lot better but felt a wave of shame for the rest of the night. I think I will keep a trash can near my chair in case this happens again...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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What baffles me about this whole journey is that one day you can be fine with a certain Medifast food or drink and the next day it's totally different! Good days, bad days, on and on. Some days things settle just fine, other days not so much. Go figure...

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You buddy Ralf must have made his rounds was a full moon last night! I had a 1/2 cup of kale and one chicken wing...nothing different or special...that's all. I took several bites and oh my God..Ralf was sitting on my chest, pushing, pushing hard. Better yet, I was.


On the phone...go figure...fine today..

So, Spidey...I am in the same boat. No shame spidey...this is par for the course. We will be just

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That is a hard part of GBS for me too. Out of the blue foods that I had zero problem with will suddenly give me pains/cramps, etc. I just keep reminding myself that it will pass...

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All of the sudden yesterday I figure I cant eat pork. Even if I puree it and take small bites it ends up giving me the chest pains... The worse thing is when it happens in public.... Getting the foamies in a restaurant it's not fun, I have opted for sticking to soups when eating out to.


The embarrassment. It always goes away, I tell myself that over and over. Im happy with.


But this is something I could give up. Yesterday I was at my wifes office when I got the foamies poor cleaning crew i.


They dont man handle the trash!..

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Foamies are just weird, for 3 weeks I had them every evening, no matter what I ate or drank (6-9 weeks post at the time). Finally figure out that it was a new manufacturer of a generic drug (.


) that I had been on for like 15 years. Funny thing was, the identical pill did not cause problems in the morning. Went back to the old manufacturer (I still had some left) and the problem disappeared..

All I can tell you all, is when you get that feeling - for me, my bra got suddenly way too tight, stop eating or drinking anything. If you've got something in your mouth just spit it out and give it time. When the pain and the foamies subside try a sip of hot water and if that is okay, try another. Go slow and give whatever you ate a few days rest before you try it again. Foamies are usually from eating too fast or not chewing enough, dumping is more likely from eating the wrong stuff. But it does get better as your new digestive system heals..


I also found that laying on my side helped. Back or stomach didn't...

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Ohhh, I am sorry, Spidey. My nursing team told me not to take all of the.


At once, that I had to half it. While you have been doing this for a while, it may not be the answer, but perhaps it relates to it?.


You feel better today..


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