Any good healthy Medifast recipes for turkey smoked sausage?

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My first question is Any good healthy Medifast recipes for turkey smoked sausage? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Okay I need some advise...

So I am so afraid of dumping.. almost 5 weeks post op and I haven't dumped.. had some issues with vomitting but for other reasons...

I am getting tired of water and crystal light. My orginal post op stuff said 100 juce was okay but Im scared about the sugars in it so I have avoided that too.. through testing it I have found that I am okay with 5 grams of sugar without causing me to dump.. good luck finding juice with less than 5 grams.. does anyone know what is reasonalbe or some alternatives to crystal light, water, tea and broth. I can have milk too I actually had a why bother (decaff,nonfat milk,sugar free syrup, small) and that stayed in good...

I am a little behind where I should be as far as my foods due to being ulcerated so I tend to stick with moist (very moist) and creamy liquids right now ..I have tried blending meats with mayo and misc things but really the texture just makes me want to vomit.. so I am pretty much done with those too...

Throwing up hurts me and I would just rather.


It and not push it..until I am healed.. any advise?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Also, I have tried light grapefruit juice. There's a bunch of different varieties by Ocean Spray...

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If you are allowed juice... I was too... had.


In one of the hottest summers so those first few weeks I drank it cut with water... 50% water, 50% juice. I rarely drink the stuff now... occasionally I'll get an orange or apple cider urge and do a few sips but hard to justify liquid cals..

I stick to Water with or without (mostly with) my peach.

Green tea.

Sticks in them or lemon/lime wedges.


(Iced & Hot).

Iced Tea Lattes.

Hot Tea.

Protein Shakes/Smoothies..

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Tropicana 50 orange juice.

Mott's tott's applejuice, and fruit punch...has half the calories and way less sugar.

Plum Smart Lite..this is great for the digestive system also, and has allowed me to have a bm every morning this week, instead of the normal 4 or 5 days...doesn't take much either. the serving is 8 ounces, but I just do half.....

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I love sober drinks, 0 calories! I also drink hot chocolate from.

They have alot of good protein drinks...

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Motts Tots is definatly a good one. Juicy Juice also has one thats called "all natural" with very little sugars. ERverything is really trial and error, but personally as long as it's 100% jusice with no nasty added sugars I am fine. The natural sugars don't bother me at all. Read the labels and try in small amounts :)..

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For me the idea of the sugar free chemicals for the rest of my life is crazy. Toxic waste! So I asked my nut about what I could use instead of crystal lite, etc. She told me that 1/2 juice 1/2 water was ok. tried that pre-op... not really good so she said I could do 1/2 Gatorade 1/2 water. For awhile this will work for me.

I know it's got it's limitations cause of the coloring and such but if I had to just drink water all day every day I would lose it for sure! Love water but since.


My tongue seems to be coated with something resembling chalk and wall paint combined, so water kinda tastes like dust! lol...

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My dr and nut said for me besides water and chrystal light was fruit20 and caffine free tea. I love that. also SF ice pops and vitamin water zero cause there isn't any sugar...

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I as well have had a lot of complications with nausea and vomitting and got a ulcer, after 3 weeks post op I am finally at some relief and I have a shaved ice machine that I put 1 cup of shaved ice to 1 cup or 8 oz of Crystal Light or juice whatever liquid that I am drinking and it makes a nice refreshing treat, we have to be creative or the fluids get old. You can count the shaved ice also as 1/2 the ozs so I count 1 cup of ice as 4 ozs of liquid as well. Good luck I.


That this helps you out...

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