Any good Medifast recipes for a summer soup?

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Question I have... Any good Medifast recipes for a summer soup? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Anybody know what size their bras and undies go through... wondering if I might fit without the potential humliation of being too big for the stuff in the store.....

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Not sure of the panties, but yea 40 is the largest. I am so looking forward to shopping there... maybe this weekend, gotta have a good bra on hand woo hooo lol..

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I'm 6+ mos out from.


And now buy only VS bras - they have serious engineering and bring the "girls" back up to where they used to be! I will say they told me they only carry 40DD in the store but may carry larger sizes online. It wasn't humiliating at all - they were great when I walked in and said "I need to try on some bras and I have no idea what size/kind to try". They measured me and put me in a dressing room with a bra box which has all of their available styles in it in your size. It was wonderful!.

Lane Bryant is also good if the VS sizes don't work for you - try their bras too...

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You see these are the chick topics I really love. I could read these posts for the rest of time. Now girls, remember send all photos (nudes only ofcourse) toLu@ ilovefatchicks.sin.


Love Lucifer.

And I promise I'll never post them publicly!..

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OMG LU...You crack me up!! I found that Mervans (spelling??) in the Mall carries ALL kinds of sizes too and they have someone there that will measure you for the exact fit. And they have Cute panties and Bras in sets so you look HOT!! LOL.


This helps..

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I know that they have 40 DD in the store as someone mentioned. I gotta say though, I don't think their quality is all that great. When I could shop there and did, the bras seemed to fall apart quickly even if I hand washed them. they also just annoy me. Why is it that women with big boobs have to wear granny bras? Only little bitties get the really pretty lacy ones that don't have ginormous straps and 50 hooks in the back? I am just sayin......

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Fashion Bug! Wonderful place. Their bras are AWESOME. Been buying bras there though my entire weight incline. And now for the decline. Woooo! lol.

I was/am in a 42DDD. They have bigger sizes and they go super tiny too. AND THEY ARE PRETTY!!!.

Im sure we all know how hard it was to find a "pretty" big bra. lol And they are CHEAP! (not to be mistaken for cheaply made, these suckers last forever).

Happy Shopping Girls!!! :)..

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My wife manages "the twins" at Intimacy.She has an ample bosom and swears by their measurement and support system:.


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I guess I need to wrap my head around the fact that I fit in at the store... I ended up there and evidently I am not too fat for the store... WOW! A 36-38C or D works for me.... Can't believe it I thought for sure I would be laughed out of the place. Now if I can only lose the belly so that the panties that fit actually look cute..

Thanks for the help all....

Oh and the pics are on the way Lu...but don't be surprised if my hubby is standing in front of all of the *special*

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I guess I still carry the scars of being humiliated there when I was told that they didn't have anything in my size, at my largest I was a 44DDD. Even though I am now in a 36DD I don't think I'll be shopping there just out of loyalty to the shops that never discriminated. I guess I hold a grudge, huh?..

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