Any good Medifast recipes for chicken breast and zucchini?

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My first question is Any good Medifast recipes for chicken breast and zucchini? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... For me this gastric bypass process isn't about becoming "new" but coming home to myself. This is a process. It is an unfolding. A journey of discovery, and we can fight it, struggle with it, withdraw from it, dramatize it, or grieve through it, etc.

We can learn to be present and realize that we can do much more than "cope". We can live and embrace life fully - warts, emotions and all...

For me this isn't about "losing" weight or changing who I am, and it's all about "shedding" what I no longer need. I am getting back in touch with myself and.


Who I really am. My essence. Who I am at my core without the fat suit to hide me and distract me from life. I am not "losing" anything. I am "shedding" what is no longer what I think reflects me. I am "gaining" my life back!.

For me this is about shedding old ways of using Medifast food to distract myself from what is really going on. Of old beliefs, attitudes, and thinking patterns. Of punishing, shaming, or blaming myself or others and thinking that I was bad, unacceptable, and needed to change. Of fighting or.


Away. Of comparing myself with others. Of dreaming about the future or recalling the past. Of being afraid to live in the present moment. Never getting involved. Wanting to staying "insulated" (with the fat).

For me this is about embracing life instead of just existing in pain and "stuffing" or "eating" my thoughts and emotions..

For me this process is about developing a new relationship with food. It is an unfolding or even undoing of old programmed core beliefs about being fully alive. Of allowing Medifast food to nurture me to live..

For me this process is allowing me the freedom to release the need to fix myself and instead, discover myself. Not to change who I am, but to remember the shining light that is Lcat! :)..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Really beautiful post. You have it exactly right as far as I'm concerned. I've felt for some time that I was wearing a disguise, and I can remember when I was gaining weight, that I wanted to be invisible. Time to come in to the daylight and be okay with being a less-than-perfect human being who is really OK with who she is...

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It's a life changing.


My mom said even my personality has changed.. I.


That's a good thing. lol.


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I enjoyed your post. I agree with feeling the shedding of what is weighing me down. With the help of the GBS I will be able to live life fully with my children by actively participating..

Due to many medical issues plus the weight I have been an OUTSIDER looking in for a long time. I feel as this will be a 'NEW' journey for me and my children to experience because I will be able to do NEW things..

I love how you expressed your thoughts and feelings I'm sure I'm not the only one that can relate with it :)..

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That was such a beautiful post....finding that person who is in my core....unfiltered by the fat surrounding it..

I have never, ever, that is never been thin, I was the chubby baby, the chubby girl, the it's a shame she has a pretty face girl. The overwieght teenager, the brunt of all jokes. But I always knew if they could see inside I was a great person...I was not my outside...I was the person that was inside..

I have lived like this for so long, I am not sure how I will react when the outside is gone. When I don't have to work so hard to just be me..

I spent time with a young girl this weekend who has just shed 150 pounds dieting. She told me that she just keeps looking and looking at herself in the mirror. She said to me...just wait...people are going to see you..

I was taken aback...I thought people already saw me, take me or.

Leave. I am, always have been. For pete's sake, I sing on a stage with a microphone, (no helmet with horns)..I have sung in front of several thousand people...I am seen....

But what if I am not, and just didn't know awful....

I think that I am in for an eye opening experience. Truth is, I do not want who I am to change. I like me...I would like to loose some of my fears and hang ups...but other then that...I'm not bad. I just want my relationship to Medifast food to change, and my body to be healthy..

Becoming differentis....scary....


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.