Any good Medifast recipes for hot apple cider?

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First question I have is Any good Medifast recipes for hot apple cider? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Okay so I have been venturing out into unknown territory when I walk because I needed a change of scenery. I am a little paranoid, well maybe alot so I bought me some pepper spray and while I was there I looked at some hand guns. I live in an area where alot of bad stuff is happening and seriously thinking about a gun, my hubby thinks maybe a taser what do you think?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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At least pepper spray. I don't walked armed, but I do carry other non-lethal protection, and I live in a safe area..

Hugs! Patricia..

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Should you choose to pursue a CWP, 3 things you should commit to are:.

1. Regular, ongoing practice with your firearm. This is NOT a one-time thing. You must become - and remain - intimately familiar with your firearm of choice - it's weight, it's feel, it's recoil, it's range, it's accuracy, etc, etc.. If there is a local Izaak Walton League in your area, that may be a very good place to start. There are usually very good people there who can help determine the best firearm for you and provide a safe and educational enviroment in which to gain and maintain practical experience..

2. A good awareness of the laws in your state regarding the application of deadly force. Laws vary greatly from state to state and often change. In the state where I live (Iowa), deadly force may NEVER be used to defend personal property. If for example, you wake up in the middle of the night and discover an intruder carrying your television out, shooting that person would land you in.


For a very long time. In addition, even in circumstances where deadly force MAY be used, you will likely be subject to civil litigation. Your initial CWP training will likely provide this information but it wil be your responsibility to keep your.



3. Before you ever place your finger on the trigger, be keenly aware of both your target, and more importantly, WHAT IS BEHIND YOUR TARGET..

4. In you should choose to carry a firearm, you must never allow the firearm to become accessible, though inattention, to an unauthorized individual. You really need hyperawareness with this point. Is your firearm in your purse? Was your attention diverted just long enough for the 6-year old at the carfe table next to yours to discover it? In your home, is the firearm stored in a place absolutely inaccessible to children?.

As you can tell, I am a supporter of the right to carry. But with that right comes the most serious of responsibilities...

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Yep yep! Kel-Tek PF9 in warmer weather. When it gets a bit colder ( and easier to conceal), my SA .45...

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Ya know, you got me thinkin now. I live in one of the highest crime rate (per capita) in the USA. I posted a few weeks ago about me being there when a man got shot....I think classes might not be such a bad idea..... Hmmmmm..

I've honestly never even carried pepper spray. I guess you kinda grow up accepting it? The world is crazy nowadays ~sigh~..

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Personally, I wouldn't carry a gun myself but I live in a relatively safe area. However, I do carry pepper spray when I do my hike out in the woods. I hadn't really thought about either, but I posted some pics on my facebook of the woods where I hike and my best friend commented..."this looks something you would see on ID or unsolved mysteries...she was.


All alone in the wods and she was never seen again" lol. I think it's a good precaution if us women are going out alone...

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My husband and I have thought about learing how to shoot a gun. However, I worked for a pediatric group for 12 years and I remember hearing about a teenage boy accidently killing his friend when the gun went off. Jerry, your comments are well said. If you carry a gun, you have to be responsible...

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I've always been against having a gun. Even at home I've fought my husband on this matter. However, crime has started to increase a lot in our area. I live in South Texas. In.


Your post and others I am going to have to re-think this. Thanks for asking your question. Have an awesome day. =)..

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Don't rely on pepper spray it doesn't always work. Especially the weak non law enforcement stuff. Get a taser if your scared you can taze someone without killing them so you don't have to worry about getting locked up. High powered taser or a big dog:)..

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Okay so I have been venturing out into unknown territory when I walk because I needed a change of scenery. I am a little paranoid, well maybe alot so I bought me some pepper spray and while I was there I looked at some hand guns. I live in an area where alot of bad stuff is happening and seriously thinking about a gun, my hubby thinks maybe a taser what do you think?..

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I would take a self defense class or join a gym before purchasing a gun...

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My first thought: Wasp spray is much more effective than pepper spray - it shoots farther and more accuarately and stings like hell. Not sure if you can get it in a small enough can to walk with it, but think about it. I keep a can in my hallway closet for pests and intruders..

My second thought: Why wouldn't you get in your car and drive someplace where you can feel comfortable.


Without fear of being attacked? I'm not sure I would enjoy my workout if I had to carry a gun to get through it safely..

On the other hand - here's your motivation to start.



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I have had a good time.


Some of these replies you are all great people I will take it all into consideration! I just want you guys to know YOU ROCK!!!..

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Regardless of whether or not you decide to pursue a concealed carry permit, one angle you should definitely pursue is finding a good self-defense training program in your area. You want to look for training that spends a significant amount of time teaching the fundamentals of situational awareness and de-escalation tactics..

Such programs may be available to you for free or at reduced cost. Any local women's resource group should be able to point you towards reputable training. Try to talk with a couple of people who have been through the program. also, any female law enforcement officer should also be able to point you in the right direction.

Situational (and enviromental) awareness greatly reduces your exposure to potential violence. Even if you obtain a CWP, the goal is always to.


Situations where you would actually need to use the firearm in self defense..

It is amazing to watch a professional in de-escalation techniques at work. I once was a bystander at a situation where a very large, very muscular, very angry man had already assaulted one person and was continuing to lose it in a public venue. The first responder was a lone, petite female law enforcement officer and I remember thinking this situation was not going to end well - and internally debating with myself about what I should try to do if the man attacked the lone officer. Given the size difference, I was pretty sure the officer might be in serious trouble fairly quick. I was also pretty sure I would also be trouble pretty quick if I tried to assist the officer. I was hoping her backup arrived before that decision became necessary..

As it turned out, the officer was outstanding at de-escalating the situation. She began communicating with the individual. After about 3-4 minutes other officers had arrived for backup. Shortly after that, she had the individual 'talked down' and was able to place him under arrest without further incident..

Such de-escalation is not always possible but it is an excellent tool to have in your personal 'arsenal'...

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I work for the county in which I live, and work closely with the Sherifs office. I live in rural Iowa, low crime, so I don't give it much thought except I don' walk in the dark. I would if I were you visit with your local police or sheriff's dept. about this. they want you to be safe and can give you practical advice, and a lot of places will also provide free self defence. Each year a group of us get together and a few officers come out and give us a class...

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I would carry both pepper spray and a teaser that way in case he pepper spray don't work you can give them a zap and that should do the trick...

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OH boy - I think if you are not trained in self-defense, the fact that you had pepper spray etc. won't help much. If there are any free classes you can find in self-defense or if you can afford to go to a YMCA it would be good. I think it is dangerous for women to be.


Alone at certain times no matter what kind of a neighborhood you live in. There really isn't a "safe place" in this day and age unless you live in a gated community. Unless you have a really big scary dog to take with you (or even better, a big scary man), you are better off on a treadmill! Be safe!..

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I own three pistols, but do not carry when I walk. I still live in a fairly safe neighborhood...

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I also have my CCW. Jerry is right, you have to be very careful..


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I agree on the self defence. Im a black belt in Aikido (pre-fatty obviously lol).

#1 it's FUN.

#2 can you say WORK OUT?!?!.

Im going to try Krav Maga once I drop a few more pounds. Aikido is strictly self defence. Maybe Im mean, but If someones gonna hurt me, I wanna be able to hurt them some. Not just pin them down till help arrives..

My little brother loves Krav Maga, and his butt comes home sweating. This kid is ripped....So Im guessing it'll get my ass in gear.....

Good luck in what you choose, And stay SAFE!..

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OK I am shocked to see this particulat thread in Gastric support, but WTF, it's here.....

Guns do not protect you, they put you at a higher risk for a number of reasons. Killing someone is a trauma many never get over..

Safe planning and wise security are so much more effective than carrying weapons!..

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Okay. This is a very interesting.


As far as safety when I walk/exercise, I plan to use a treadmill or go to a gym. I live in a pretty safe area, so I can probably also walk the streets without a problem. Otherwise, I'd drive to a mall or something to walk..

But the question of handgun ownership is something I have been considering, and I think I will be going for it sometime soon. My reasoning is this: I live in the SF Bay Area where occasional home invasions are a frightening occurrence and I live alone. Second, in the event of a major disaster in the area, ordinarily good people can got out of control, looting, etc. I think a handgun is essential in such situations for personal protection..

Years ago when I lived in PA, my county/town experienced a devastating flood. Chaos ensued in some areas, including vandalism, looting, burglaries. I was with my Dad at that time, and he had guns. It made me feel safe when I was home alone. Also, my Dad was a sportsman. I grew up in a home with a wide variety of rifles, shotguns, and handguns, and I was taught how to shoot.

However, I think I may be buying onebut NOT for protection when.

Working out.


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My friend carried pepper spray where I am from and she had to use it for protection and she ended up arrestedwas told she not allowed to have it !!!..

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No reasonable person would dare venture where I hike with my dogs and wife without the comfort of carrying a concealed weapon. Christ there are parts of this city where you could use a bazooka and a machine gun and be out gunned 10 to 1. I'd have to start locking my doors at night! LOL.


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