Any good Medifast recipes for using up a couple of bottles of sherry?

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Got a quick question: Any good Medifast recipes for using up a couple of bottles of sherry? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. Hello I'm needing reassurance,had to have mri scan last night.they asked if I had any implants staples etc.told them I had staples from my bypass.they looked this up to see if the staples were ok and said yes as they were made from something that compatibale with mri scanner,i had it done but still feel bit worried as had some twinges,think I'm fine and it would have hurt doing the procedure wouldnt it if it was going too,has anyone else out there had mri scans after gastric bypass,oh I'm 10 months post op.i have had a fair few post op probs so am bit anxiuos and bit protective of my pouch,please reply need reassurance,many thanks xx..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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The MRI staff are very protective of their magnet. They will NOT let anyone in without being 100% absolutely sure that it is safe..

Most of the surgical staples are made of a combination of metals and are very safe to go in a scanner. They are very similar in make up to the.


We put in pts hearts. A cardiac pt is safe to have an MRI 24 hours post stent implant. But we do get calls from MRI techs on a regular basis and have to look up the type of stent and send the information to them before they will scan a pt. I am positive that all facilities are the same and they have to have documented proof what was used on the chart before they stick someone in a scanner for patient safety...

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Listen to Laura sweetheart...The cardiac nurse knows these things.....

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Thanks for the replys.i have to trust the staff,i have just got bit anxious I think as I have had a few hiccups along the way and get so worried,thankyou x..

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Perfectly understandable elora! and you need to be protective of your health and your pouch! It is your health and I love when pts are aware of their issues and take some accountability and responsibility for their own health..

We see so many who have no idea what meds they take, what they are allergic to, or they don't know why they are in our lab. Just that "the dr told me I needed it."! Wow! I can't imagine going through a test that expensive and allowing someone to do that to me just because someone told me I needed it!.


PS THe MRI scanner is a multimillion dollar piece of equipment and can be damaged by metal. The staff is not only concerned about your health, but also about their magnet as well. No one wants to be responsible for that going down!!..

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Laura is right...mri techs are protective of their equipment and your health! I work in an imaging center and the techs will take good care of you! i, on the other hand have had a.

Cochlear implant.

And can never have another mri..makes me a bit nervous, but I like hearing too much! just remember to always let them know and they will figure it out!..

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Thxxanks for your reassurances,i have had a bit of twinging pain today in tummy,could be psychological as I was stressed,you see I had the mri scan on my head although I had go right inside the machine and wear a head thing too so it was bit claustraphobic,so I guess most of the magnetic testing would not have been done too near my tummy would it> so I should be ok.i suffer with anxiety ...

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