Any good Medifast recipes that use salt roasting?

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Got a question... Any good Medifast recipes that use salt roasting? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... Hi all - I came across this site this weekend and spent much time.


Through the posts, so first of all want to thank those who participate and offer advice - I feel like I have learned so much more just by.


And it's calmed me in a sense!.

I got approved for Roux-En-Y.


Last week and have scheduled it for 11/30. I am extremely nervous about it - I have been relatively healthy & this is my first.


For anything. What's making me the most nervous though is the timing - two years ago I took custody of my 10 yr old niece and my 16 yr old handicapped and mentally retarded nephew. He needs full care and while I have an aide that works nights I do have to lift him several times a day (he's around 80lbs). I've arranged for my other adult nephew to live with us for 2-3 weeks right after.


And take over his care, but, I am very nervous about after that. So the immediate thought is to put off.


Until I am able to return them to their parents (in about a year) BUT my employer is going to a new insurance company that has a much more convoluted and restrictive plan January 1... so it's kind of like now or *maybe* never.. I'm so confused! :) I'd be happy to hear from people who've had the.


About whether they think doing that kind of lifting a month out of.


Is even possible..

Secondary to that of course is the fear of some of the more serious complications - I am the sole care provider for these children and am unmarried so rely on my single income. Am I crazy for even doing this?!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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First of all, God bless you for taking on the children in your life! It takes someone special to do so, believe me, I know!!!.

I, myself felt really good 3 weeks out from.


, but every dr. is different. You should really sit down with the surgeon and ask him or her every bit of questions and concerns that you have regarding the job you have taken on. Most dr.s say it is ok to resume to your lifting and such after about 6 it possible for your help to stay at least another 2 or three weeks..

As for the qualms you have regarding having the.


While others are in your care. Honey, before you can take care of others, you must put yourself first! We ladies are so bend over backwards and accomodating to everyone else, that we always put our needs on the "back burner". This is 90 percent of the reason why we need this.


In the first place...we have "stuffed" ourselves into silencing our needs because others need more first. Our lives, bodies and health have suffered from this. I am concerned because this might be your "One and only chance" since your insurance is changing. And I do not know about your situation with being the caregiver for these kids, but the children I took in 5 years ago was only supposed to be a temporary thing for me as well. One has since graduated and moved on, and the other is 13. It is not for sure that in a year that you will be free to do what you want..

You are in my prayers, and I am thinking about you! Good luck with your decision!.


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First, welcome to the group!!!.

Second, Elizabeth and vmac nailed it and I can't say it any better..

Third, it sounds like you are thinking this through so be confident in your decision..

Fourth, you are not "crazy" for doing this. Most likely the best decision you could make for yourself..



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I remember when I first came across this site. I was so excited to see a lot more people going through the same thing I was. I used and still do use it as an indespesible tool...before, during, and now after the.



So many people on here have wonderful advice. I don't know if you've ventured too far on this site, but shelly's eggface site is the bomb! She has some wonderful things, recipes, grocery lists, etc. to use..

Well, good luck. If there is anything I can do...I'm here to help you too!.



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Welcome to the group. No you are not crazy and you will want to arrange for help. If you want to heal fully you will want to.

Seriously limit lifting and bending for a while. I second what Elizabeth said about being there for them in the future. Our children need us to live long healthy lives!..

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I found this site two months post op and I really helped. Best of luck and we will save a spot on the losers bench for you...

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Welcome to the group! Its a wonderfully support group always willing to celebrate a wow, offer their experiences or give a kick in the toosh when needed..

You have a big decision in front of you. While statistically the complication/mortality rates of.

Gastric bypass surgery.

Is on-par with any major.


Obviously that is something to consider. The odds are overwhelming in your favor but reality is reality and their are risks any time you have.


As the ladies above mentioned the benefits usually outweigh those risks but only you can decide that..

You won't be able to lift for quite sometime (outside heals quicker than inside) your Dr can give you a timeline..

You should develop a worst case scenario plan/will for your wards. Like I said stats are in your favor big time but all.


Has risks..

That being said... having WLS was the BEST GIFT I ever gave myself and I'd do it all again (even the tough few first weeks) in a nano-second, it gave a second chance at life. Before I was on 8 medications (more than my 74 year old Mother) and had a host of co-morbidities, I couldn't walk the length of the mall without taking breaks, I was alive but I wasn't living. So I chose a surgeon I had.


In, made peace with the fact that I could die (but I'd die fighting for life versus the suicide slowly by knife & fork I was committing) and I rolled the dice..

All the best in your decision-making..

~Michelle "Shelly"..

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Welcome, Glad you found us! This forum has been such a gift to so many of us as we navigate this journey. A question comes to mind in response to your question... Is there a way you can get a daytime aide as well as the night time aide? It would sure take the pressure off you post gbs. I am just one week post and don't know when I will be returning to work as a.


Therapist. Seems everyone is different and there is really no way to tell till it's happening. Wish there was a more definite answer but... get creative. Maybe there is a program offered through the bariatric program that could suport you. Ask at the hospital to speak with the patient advocate...

Might be a source of help... Let us know how it's going. Peace, Misa..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.