Any great meals or recipes for the Medifast Diet?

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My 1st question is: Any great meals or recipes for the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' MONDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives..


Focus on remedies, not faults..


Some of the steps you take may end up being detours or out-and-out mistakes. By staying focused on your vision, though, youll find even those steps useful in the creating process...

Comment #2

Andi - I'm so happy you got to 'see' your bro!!!! (When is your b'day?)..

Comment #3

Morning Capt and Ang. Running later than usual as st. Nick had to visit last night( well ok thus morning) have a great day...

Comment #4



I ate too much last night..

Next week will be better...

Comment #5

Last night was SO relaxing after a slightly hectic weekend - we usually just chill around home but ended up going to the zoo, heading downtown and walking all over, then heading to the U District and walking some more - hubbie's back started acting up and I was tense from worrying about him - when we got home yesterday we just crashed for a few hours. then just relaxed the rest of hte night and it was SO nice - I actually woke refreshed! good thing too - on my agenda tonight is conquering the TM..

Comment #6

Lara - my GF did St Nick's on Saturday into Sunday to avoid the Monday morning sugar rush.... how is yours going???..

Comment #7

Good morning all... sorry I was mia all weekend. way too much stuff going on with kids, BF, family, holiday and 3 birthdays. I need to start printing money in my basement!.

Lori.. jeans laughing... very funny, but I hope the blob feeling goes away!.

Andi... great night for you and hubby. so glad lori reposted your chat with your bro info. I'm so happy for you that you got to talk with him..

Hey ang... how are you? hows the family? drama... xmas prep? is your hubby and family celebrating hanukah? my parents had their annual party yesterday. oy vey.. much food..

Hi lara.. hope you have a great day..

Dare I attempt to catch up on whole weekend? cliff notes, anyone? I'll try and going to post stats for challange!..

Comment #8

Morning Andi, Ang, Lara,and Lori..

Morning all the sleepy Shammies yet to join us..

Good Morning Sunshine (a girl can wish right???).

Start your week out right with a GREAT OP day and drink your water... 100oz and 50 humpies anyone?..

Comment #9

Hi from work..

Dickbag returned and is here an hour earlier than usual..


But I look cuteish..

Jeans fit better..

Almost finished with 2nd bottle of water..

Must flush out overly marinated chicken (salt) and too much salad..

Going to gym tonight..

Fo' sho'..

132 next week..

Fo' sho'..

Thatz all I gotz...

Comment #10

It will be easy to do as we maybe have 50 posts from the whole weekend..

Are you OP during all of these weekend festivities, Miss Thang?..

Comment #11

Hey lori... or should I say hi "hottie" today? yes, I have been OP all weekend! even through mom and dad hankuah party and dad's birthday. oldest ds kept winking at me and later told me he was wicked proud..

Andi and lori... love the sweater dress. andi, you are going to rock that. it is super sexy. I bought one this year, but not as fitting. ill take a pic when I wear it soon..

Hang in there on the boring work day monday all!..

Comment #12

For when you guys are here....

Hey barb... thinkin about your hot tub..

Hi jill.. hope you have a great day.

Darlene.. hope timmy and you have a good day too..

Kori... dont stress that scale and stupid TOM. egg nog coffee??? egg nog is on the list of many things I dont like...

Comment #13

Captain Sexy will suffice..

I'm wicked proud, too. Nice work by you, Hooker!..

Comment #14

Captain Sexy - Yeah on jeans fitting better and love the sweater dress..

Andrea - congrats on staying Op with all of those activities..

Andi - glad you had a relaxing night..

Barb - hi when you get here..

Darlene - hope you and Timmy are having a good day..

Kori - where do you get your eggnog coffee. I love it but have avoided it this year..

Angela - hope you have a good day..

Lauri - still missing you..

Jill - are you working today?.

Today is my piano lesson and I need to get my baby afghan to my friend that is shipping all the stuff and buy some groceries while I am out and about...

Comment #15

You are so gonna conquer that TM. Glad you had a relaxing night. Sometimes you just need a chill and cuddle night...

Comment #16

Glad you are feeling a little better about the jeans..

Rock the gym tonight. I will too. I just couldn't get up this morning to go...

Comment #17

Not like egg nog???? OK, I know a lot of people who don't like it but I think it is yummy, creamy, holiday goodness!..

Comment #18

I got the egg nog coffee in the Holiday Sampler pack from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for my Keurig coffee maker.

Comment #19

OMG Sandy! This is so awesome! She is going to be so stunned! I love doing stuff like that!..

Comment #20

OMG! Love this! Although...I admit to not saying hi to a couple of people that I didn't like pre-MF when I saw them on Friday at my mom's school. I just pretended like I didn't know them since I figured they wouldn't recognize me...and they didn't...

Comment #21

Oh, YUCK! I was complaining about the bit of rain we got last night. I will take that anyday. Fo'Sho'!..

Comment #22

My tummy doesn't feel good.

I am tired..

I wanna go home..


Ok...I feel a little bit better...but jut a tiny bit...

Comment #23

So go home and get some rest..

It's not like you to say you're tired and not feeling well..


Comment #24

Hello slory slores!.

Hope today is a good day.

I'm bored as hell at work and all I want to do is go home and either 1. shop 2. clean or 3. craft.

Getting a little stressed that i'm not done shopping yet for xmas... breathe, breathe, breathe.

Kori- go home and chill.

Lori- sorry about the white stuff (wispering).

27 minutes and counting!..

Comment #25

Kori - thanks for the coffee answer. I hope you feel better..

Time to go to piano lesson. Tomorrow is golf league. We have our Christmas lunch and installation of new officers so I will be installed tomorrow. They make a big deal out of it with flowers and pictures and ..... Anyway, have to be all dressed for photo shoot and being that I am the game coordinator for the next year I have to get there early and get stuff set up. I will be back to chat later in the afternoon after all the festivities.

I will do the weekly challenge update then if I do not get it done tonight. I am hoping we get one more post...

Comment #26

You guys will love thismy sis called awhile ago and said she got 16" of snow since yesterday. She couldn't believe it. 3 miles down the road from her got 4". My sis lives about an hour and a half north of me. Even my dtr. said they got another 10-12" and she's about 60 miles west but she lives in the snow belt.

Then I did my fun thing and picked up my new Ipad hubby bought for me. I got the 32gb 3 g model and am syncing it right now to my Itunes account. I think it will transfer the pix from my Iphone over. Can't wait to play with it. They've agreed to let DH has his knee replacement surgery so that's tomorrow.

I never get nervous at this type of stuff. We have to be at the hospital at 8:30 and he should be released Thurs. if all goes well. His biggest problems are his bad lungs and heart and also being on coumadin. I'm sure it will all be ok and will be glad his knee will stop giving him such pain.

Or Feb. I want to make a trip to TN again before having it done. I miss my son and grandson. Hope everyone has a good night and I'll try to update you tomorrow unless it's too late...

Comment #27

Hi e'one..

Barb - I don't get nervous either...especially if morphine is involved..

I went to the gym!!!.

Now I have to get my turkey meatloaf out of the oven..


Comment #28

Will do..

I am taking tomorrow off since it is sis's birthday..

We are going to go and get massages..


Comment #29

Hope you get the shopping done for xmas soon. I am pretty much done. Just need to organize and wrap! On my way out from work, have some errands to run then need to hit the gym tonight. My tummy is feeling much better. Thank god for yummy peppermint tea. Warms me up and settles my tummy...

Comment #30

Sounds like a busy, and eventful week you got going there Barb. Let me know how you like your IPAD. I love mine! I just have the 16 gb one without 3G but it was free, so I ain't complaining...

Comment #31

YAY! Glad you made it to the gym. I will get there before I get to bed tonight. Fo'Sho'! Enjoy your turkey meatloaf...

Comment #32

Just finished my after school meeting..

Lesson plans are finished for my day off tomorrow..

Need to meet mom to run a couple of errands. Need to return something to Costco...that is not going to be fun..

Then eat some dinner and then the gym..

Mucho love...

Comment #33

Barb - Hope everything goes smooth with DH surgery. Have fun with new toy..

Lori - YAY on gym..

Kori - you are one busy lady..

I am home from lesson and it is time for L&G...

Comment #34


I'm aiming to defeat my evil arch-nemesis 162 this week..

Shammies - What's on your list this week?..

Comment #35

Super Dooper DITTO! thank goodness others like it - more for THEM!..

Comment #36

Hi again all... my tv is being occupied by football. boys/men and their football... I just dont get it....

Hey andi... good plan to defeat that number. whats on tap for me? hmm... not sure. busy week. have to make 7 dozen cookies for party on saturday.

Im ok with it. no major goals after that. maybe to work out more this week..

Hi barb... hope all goes well tomm.

Lori... love having here more often lately. weather stinks here too..

Sandy... sounds like a busy day for you tomm too.

Kori... feel better and enjoy those messages with your sis..

Hi erin... hope you get everything done...

Comment #37

Thankfully my kids will only drink egg nog if I buy it. oops... forgot to buy some...

Comment #38

Ok it's offical... I have a cold. it's my nose and throat and I'm walking around with a cup of tea in one hand and tissues in the other. I'm such a baby.....

Comment #39

Oh, listen to this. yesterday, I gave my mom some gold jewelry that was sitting in my jewlery box. a necklace I bought on my honeymoon, some pieces the ex bought me over the years, a ring from a long time ago, etc... my mom took it to a place by her that buys gold... long story short... I'm getting $884 for my misc gold!!!!! the price of gold had gone up 2 hours before she walked into store.

I am super psyched!..

Comment #40

Andrea - how exciting..

Andi - I am going to get through the week and be OP. Lot's stuff this week so takes planning and coordination. Also, I will need to focus on my water. Harder when routine is messed with...

Comment #41

This is AWESOME!!!!!.

I can't think of a better NSV! Congrats...

Comment #42

My auto dudes have one -

And I also love that I don't want/need one myself.

Once every 3 thousand miles tides me over.

Did I mention that I spent WAYYYY too much cash on tea this weekend - got a new one that will be a go-to fave "JavaMate" tastes like mochachinno without the cream. smells like it too - I'm in LOVE! maybe even better than my coconut cocoa... HHMMMMMM.........

Comment #43

It's OK sweetie - sometimes you just need a little whine..

Comment #44

Peppermint tea is the SUPERBOMB for icky tummy... glad you are feeling better. ((HUGS))..

Comment #45

What's your norm to work out - can you do that??? or even one less this week since you are crazy busy? I'm shooting for the 5 but will be grateful for 4..

Comment #46

You can do it my friend - the 8s are calling your name.......

Comment #47

Made it to the end..

"The Golden Compass" is on TV. I read the book nad it seems pretty good but not Super true tothe story... and of course - Nicole Kidman is gorgeous... opps - commercial - said I'd head upstairs and put laundry away and work on seeing what decorations still need to go up - want to surprise hubbie tomorrow night.....

Off to it - rest well Sexy Shamrocks! Dream of amazing ways to Shamrock your Terrific Tuesday!..

Comment #48

It is super wicked late to go to the gym and I am tired but I will be pizzed at myself if I don't go. So...I am putting only shoes and going to get in at least 30 min of cardio. Will bring my iPad and watch an episode of white collar while I do it..

Night shammies...

Comment #49

Totally rocked the gym. 10 miles in. Now I am cuddled under my electric blanket and ready for bed..

Nite shammies!.

Mucho love..

Comment #50

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.