Any great Medifast recipes that you are willing to share?

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Got a quick question: Any great Medifast recipes that you are willing to share? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Hi All,.

I didn't ask my surgeon, and won't be able to until Monday - but how soon were you given permission to.


On your side or front after.


? I am finding it hard to breathe on my back and don't have a recliner..

Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Get a 7" wedge from Walmart or BB&B. Left side is easier, after a while all will be well. You'll know when.....

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I couldn't tolerate sleeping on my side for several weeks. Can you prop yourself up using pillows? I used to have a triangle shaped hard pillow with arms that I think was called a boyfriend or husband pillow. I used it to read in bed all thorugh college. I think it depends on what you can tolerate, if you are comfortable and can.


On your side go for it. I wasn't advised to.


Any specific position. I did, however,.


In a recliner for the first 6 weeks at least. I found that it was just excruciating to use my abs to sit up. Do you have a visiting nurse you can call?..

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Oops, correction...Less is right. It was my left side! The same side as my big incision. When I slept on the opposite side it felt like everything was pulling and hurt. Jeez, how easily we forget, haha..

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I've always been a stomach sleeper so it's been difficult sleeping on my back and/or side the last 3 weeks. I asked my surgeon this past week about sleeping on my stomach and he said it was fine..


However is comfortable to you...

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After the first night when I woke up on my back and felt like a whale that could not turn over or see the alarm clock or get out of bed without help, I just put a pillow under the right side of my back(you really dont need anything fancy like a wedge) so I was turned some to the left..i was able to pop out of bed and by the 4th night was sleeping on my left side..thats the side of bed i.


On...not a stomach sleeper at all, though!..

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Don't have a time line from my doc either but since I have always been a side sleeper, I tried to go there a couple nights ago... body said NO WAY! Tried again yesterday to do a modified side lying position with a pillow behind me so I was about half over on my side with another pillow under my belly so it didn't hang. :-o Right after a dose of.


It worked for about a 2 hour.


- pure heaven! Not an all night thing but i'm feeling like it won't be long before I can really side.


Again. I must admit though that I have had very little abdominal pain except for when I try to get up too fast or I cough or sneeze. Small price to pay I figure... Try the wedge pillow when you are on your back - might help your breathing.....

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It took me most of three weeks before I could.


On my side left was no trouble as mt big incision is on the right...left side came a few days earlier, but not all depends on how quick your incisions heal...and what you can personally tolerate...i don't toss and turn in my.


, so as soon as I could get comfortable on my right side it was on...My first week home was in the recliner...but I was in the hospital for 9 days also, and their beds are kinda like a recliner...and I used lots of extra pillows to get propped up in the right position to relieve the excess pressure...

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My doc told me that I could.


On my stomach or side anytime, but believe me it takes a while for the abdominal pain to subside enough to do it. I'm a stomach sleeper and it was a good four weeks before iI could.


On either my sides or stomach..

My doctor recommended that I get a Spanx garment to help hold the abdominal wall and that did help..

Just keep experimenting until you find what works for you. The healing process takes time. You'll get there..


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Not sure how long..maybe four weeks and I had to use a pillow kinda under my tummy and than only half the night. I have alaways been the person that wakes up in the exact position I fall asleep in. After about 10 weeks I waa able to.


The whole night on my side most nights...

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