Any ideas for Medifast recipes made with stewing beef?

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Quick question: Any ideas for Medifast recipes made with stewing beef? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... Hello all, I am new to this website and am so happy that I can come on here for tips, advice and support..



Date is 10/28 and right now I am just extremely petrified of the 2 week pre op diet. What if I get on the op table and there is too much fat around my liver? LOL!!! I am just ready for this day to come and my real journey to start. Can I please get tips on the pre op diet? Also the Stage 2 post op Medifast diet of pureed foods is freaking me out too? Any tips? (Is it possible to stay on liquids this week or not).

Any comments would be greatly appreciated :)..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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I did 18 days of a.

Liquid diet.

...14 because I had too, the other 3 just cause I could...and I didn't die, and like Krista said, after the first couple of days there was nothing to it...I was getting 90 to 120 grams of protein a day, so there was absolutely NO real hunger there...and I lost 22 pounds in that time also...I don't puree much either...that is just gross to I have done lots of the same...soft slider foods, and soft eggs, which is how I ate them anyway...and still lots of protein shakes..the best way to get through it is to see the prize at the end in your mind, and also to be creative with your shakes...I am never bored... this morning I will have a snicker bar protein shake...last night I had a raspberry's all in what you want for yourself...attitude is everything....

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You will be fine....the doctors have seen it all. You will not have too much fat. Just keep the.


Up. We are here to support you!.


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I'm not going to lie to you, the pre-op Medifast diet sucked but it is possible to do it. I was allowed to eat salads which made it better because at least there was something to chew. The first week post op, my doc kept me on clear liquids. He wasnt concerned about calorie intake, just making sure I consumed enough fluid not to get dehydrated. That wasnt fun either so by the end of the week I added in mild stuff like tomato soup because if I didnt I was going to go crazy. I'm a little over 7 weeks post op now and there are times that I think a.

Liquid diet.

Would be easier, I'm always in a rush.


Kids here or there and drinking a protein shake is so much easier than sitting down and taking a 1/2 hour to eat..

Good luck with.


, you will do fine!..

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Relax. You will do fine! I did a 10 day iquid preop diet. I did fine day 1 &2 Days 3&4 I had a horrible migraine from carb and.


Withdraw. Day 5 I woke up feeling good and did fine the rest of the time. I followed my preop Medifast diet to the letter. I knew it would make the.


Easier and less risky and I was into whatever was going to make it easier for my surgeon and less risky for me! I kept thinking about the end rewards and I made it through. You will too!.

As long as you are following the preop Medifast diet your liver will shrink and the fat around your stomach will go away. My surgeon told me that my organs inside were "beautiful" and they can tell when you have followed the preop diet..

As far as purreed Medifast diet goes go to eggface's website..

She has some great recipes, tips, ideas. Her broccoli cheese soup is delicous! He ricotta bake is amazing (like the guts of lasagna without the noodles). I didn't have her website. Hadn't heard about her yet. My hubby had.


This July and we used a lot of her ideas during the purreed phase..

Good Luck! You can do this!.


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I didn't have the pre-op Medifast diet for too long, but it still was a chore. I did what I had to, because I wanted my doctor to have an easy time inside of me. As for the puree foods, never did them. Like the others here, I stayed with the soft foods and thank God for Shelly's website....

I found out that Medifast food could still be tasty and good. Truthfully, I am still on mostly soft foods at 3 months out. I like the variety and my pouch likes them better than solids right now...

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I am only a week out and the.

Liquid diet.

Was surprisingly the easiest thing I did. It does require a lot of discipline however the upside to it is that it made it easy to plan my day. The key to being successful on this Medifast diet is to be creative. I used the chocolate and vanilla powders and incorporated sugar free syrups. I had to do this while still fixing dinner for my husband and 4 yr old..

My surgeon also informed a week prior to.


That my labs indicated that I had a fatty liver which is why it is imperative to adhere to the.

Liquid diet.

B/c it does help your system flush of those toxins. I had to comply with my Medifast diet for 2 weeks..

I actually start the pureed Medifast food this week and certainly not looking forward to it but you have to have a positive attitude. We have to retrain our body how to eat. Ive gotten this far there is no turning back. I also keep in perspective the reasons why I am doing this and it does all fall in to place..

You will be fine. Comply with your program requirements and have.


You'll do great..


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If I can do it, you can do it! It's not easy, but it can be done... and I think all of us were scared, that's natural! It is so worth it!..

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These girls could sell free samples !!! LOL.

They almost make you want to believe them???.

This is what I used to say, if I can do it so can you!.

Yup Scorpion you're gonna be just fine..

These ladies will get you across the finish line in notime..


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You guys are so amazing with all the positive and informational feedback. I cannot wait to begin my journey and update you guys on all the magnificent things that will take place in the near future..

20 Days to go :)..

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