Any one tried the Medifast Diet? (if so, does it work?)?

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First question I got is Any one tried the Medifast Diet? (if so, does it work?)? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY - FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1


Swagger is to to move with confidence, sophistication and to be cool..

Swagger is to conduct your self in a way that would automaticaly earn respect ..

To dress in a very stylish and quirkily fasionable way would suggest one is swagger..




Possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool..



Lively and spirited, stylish or chic..



Fun, daring, sexy, multifaceted, someone you have to have!.



Typically used to describe a playful, flirty, saucy woman, particularly in reference to her verbal remarks. Occasionally, women will be sassy in order to.

Get a spanking.

For causing trouble. The best way to tell is if.

Her eyes are bright with mischief..



1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqu.

2. sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality.

3. excitingly appealing; glamorous.


Adj. sexier, sexiest.

Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest..

Slang Highly appealing or interesting; attractive:.


Comment #2

Christmas gift suggestions:.

To your enemy, forgiveness..

To an opponent, tolerance..

To a friend, your heart..

To a customer, service..

To all, charity..

To every child, a good example..

To yourself, respect...

Comment #3

Good morning and Merry Christmas Sexy Shams,.

Hope everyone is doing well..

Since I did absolutely nothing last night, I am heading down to make a pot of sauce and sausage and meatballs and a tray of ziti..

My S'Dad and Joe's son will be here today (which I did not expect but it's the way it turned out to be) I have to do something..

And that's about it..

Much love to all...

Comment #4

Lori - much love to you..

Remember to post week 8 results today. I will do the analysis while on the road. Thanks...

Comment #5

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone has a great day. We are going to some friend for awhile and then the kids and grandkiddos for presents and dinner. They are so much fun and especially at Christmas..

Lori - thanks for starting the thread. I love the quote...

Comment #6

Why do I always decide it's a great idea to cut my hair at the worst possible times?.

Comment #7


DD and family on their way here. Ham will be in the oven soon, and I think everything else is just about ready. Even made deviled eggs last night but oh how I hate the smell in the refrigerator. Hoping everyone has a great day and love and peace to all of you...

Comment #8

Merry Christmas, Barb. I love deviled eggs. Sometimes I make them with carb..

Hope everyone gets some photos today. We are going to try and take a family photo...

Comment #9

Merry Christmas my friends. Busy last couple of days with family. Then flying to Texas tomorrow. Will probably be back onion a couple days. Much love...

Comment #10

Merry Christmas, Kori!!!!.

Have a safe flight and holla atcha hookers when you get there!.

Enjoy the time w/BF!!!.

Mad love!..

Comment #11

Merry Christmas shammies!! Hope everyone had a GREAT holiday!..

Comment #12

Good morning Shams,.

Merry Day After Christmas..'s over!!!!!!!!!!!.

We're due for some WICKED weather here and Joe is soooooooo sick..


Comment #13

Morning shammies,.

Lori, sorry Joe isn't feeling well. Can you warm him up a bit?? I heard you guys were getting some lousy weatherstay safe all of you. I've got clean up duty today. My knee and feet were killing me last night and I still have all the pots and pans, etc. to do. I always hand wash larger items like that.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and let's all have some good motivation to losing our weight going into the New Year...

Comment #14

Barb - I am with you on the good motivation..

Lori - sorry to hear about Joe and the weather. How are you? I am curious when you post that you are feeling fat what that means. I do not want to get to goal and feel that way. It is just you have eaten a meal and feel bloated. You do not seem to get to far from you ideal weight..

Hi Dawn..

Kori - safe travels..

Andi - Do you have some quiet time?.

Angela - how are you doing?.

Lara - How is the plan going? I have not checked in lately. Goal range this week, I hope..

We are going to a movie with grandkids and then maybe the hotel pool. Tomorrow we are back on the road to Tucson...

Comment #15

Sandy - yesterday was NOTHING BUT quiet time - and today is more of the same - I wish the same for you my friend!..

Comment #16

Hi Andi. Hi Barb..

Sand - It means that I am eating badly and not exercising and I am getting heavy and sloppy..

I just hope that I will get it back together soon, like I usually do..

Just took Joe to drop his old car off to have it looked at this week so he can sell it..

Did I tell ya'll he got his new car?.

It's some cute Infiniti sporty thing..

Me likey..

We got in touch with his doctor and got him antibiotics..

It's ridiculous here already. The grocery stores are like an effing zoo - you can't get in to a gas station - it's a disaster..

Will check back later..

Mad love...

Comment #17

Morning slores!.

Hope everyone had a great xmas!!.

Mine was good. but i'm tired as hell today! too much traveling! we spend about 5 hours total in the car yesterday, oof!.

My parents just picked up the dogs and now bailey and I are just chillin. nathan went to his grandparents and I am going to be a slug today! really should clean up the house from the crazy dog circus that was happening here over the weekend, but just don't feel like it....

Stay warm my friends!..

Comment #18

Did minimal shopping today - might sneak in a bit more via online shopping at Joann's - all scrapboooking on sale and I REALLY want to get back to that... did get the storage containers for the rest of the Christmas stuff. now they will stack well and we will know what's in those at least.....

Comment #19

About 6" down and about 12" more to go.....

Comment #20

Fun fact:.

I really want to move to Florida..

Sick As A Dog Joe is now outside shoveling. He doesn't want it to get too heavy. The wind is only going to blow it back anyway. He will not let me help because of my back problems. He will not go in the yard and shovel a path for the dog so I will have to do that anyway..

Another fun fact:.

Despite the fact that we will probably be in a state of emergency, he will drive through the 18+" of snow to get to work tomorrow morning..

You heard it here first..

And he's so damn grumpy when he's sick..

I am already stir crazy - should have holed up at Borgata for the duration -.

I just made hot tea...

Comment #21

Hi! Hope everyone had a great holiday. I am Christmased out!!! It was fun with the girls but I am glad to get back to normal. Baby is napping and DH is taking ODD to Tangled so I will get some quiet time for a while..

I want new UGGS but should not really spend the money.....

Comment #22

Lori - that is a lot of snow. We used to get snow like that when we lived in Denver. It happens to be nice the few days we are here this year..

Andi - I love to scrapbook but have not done any online. Do you have suggestions on where to start. I could do something for my Mom and her visit. We have a ton of pictures from the visit..

The kids are gone. We had a lot of fun today..

Time to watch some football and write my thank you cards and pack for out trip back home tomorrow. Weather looks good where we are traveling...

Comment #23

Remember to post week 8 results for me. Thank you...

Comment #24

Fun Fact:.

I have a house for sale in Florida...

Comment #25

Sandy - I do old-fashioned paper scrapping. My friend does some really impressive online stuff - I will try to find out where she does it... Me - I'm just looking to buy online more paper crafting stuff. nice ink selection on sale at Joann's - love distressing/aging effects.....

Comment #26

Lori - careful with your back. that's A LOT of snow! Enjoy your tea...

Comment #27

Andi - I'll take it. I'll also be going with just the animals, cause Joe would never live there..

JillyBean - Get the Uggs. I just got a cute new pair. I NEEDED black since I already had brown and gray..

The tea was good..

This Kitty amuses me constantly..

His butt smells really bad, though...

Comment #28

You make me laugh..

I love you madly...

Comment #29

Went to 3D movie so had to take family photo with our 3D glasses. (DH, me, ginger, GS, GD,DIL, SS)..

Comment #30

I do not know anything about banners..

I hope all the flight cancellations are not going to impact any of you. What a mess. My niece does not leave for Africa until Jan 8ish. Her DH had to reroute when he flew due to all the cancellation in Europe. I am not sure how he got here. Arrived two weeks after Dana and Thea...

Comment #31

Lori - the grandkids made the same comment and I think Maddie was ready to share with Ginger...

Comment #32

Good morning everyone,.

I have a 5' drift of snow out my back door..

I believe we got 22" total..

I will try and take pix later to post..

I had to have Joe wake up early to shovel out the back and make a path to the grass for Sparky..

I'm going to see if a coworkers boyfriend can do our driveway today..

Joe is still so sick and I feel like I could be getting sick now, too..

Obviously, there is no work today..

The office is closed..

I'll check back soon..

Mad love...

Comment #33

Morning lovelies!.

Lori - holy WOW that's a lot of snow!!!!..

Comment #34

Hi Lori and Andi - can you say snowshoes. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon...

Comment #35

It sure is a buttload of snow..

Earlier, I saw 3 dudes and a truck with a plow on our street..

Went out there and talked them in to doing our driveway and walkway..

Sweet talker that I am..

I am just glad it is done...

Comment #36

Lori- I do not envy you at all. Enjoy your snowday though..

I will have to catch up later from home but wanted to quickly say hi from work...

Comment #37

A ho's gotta do what a ho's gotta do..

Dude...we SO shoulda went to Borgata...

Comment #38

Hi gals,.

Wow Lori, and I thought we had alot of snow earlier. Stay warm and safe. Hope both you and Joe feel better. I was at the casino the last couple days and at least came away with some money this time. Robyn, I can't believe you stopped by. Missed you girl!! Got stuff to do after spending night at my sisters.

Stay warm everyone and Sandysafe traveling back home...

Comment #39

Evening lovelies!.

Computer issues here. But I'm OP and off to batter the TM..

Have a great night...

Comment #40

Glad to see everyone survived the holidays..

Need to go and get stuff together so I can be OP at BF's house. There is literally nothing in his fridge..

Robyn - good to see you girl! Glad to see a hookah is alive and well. How is the ankle treating you?.

Lori - all that snow. Ughhhh. I think I would die. Hope Joe is making it safely to and from work and is feeling better. It is never. Good thing when a man is sick, they revert back to being 5 years old and wanting mommy to make it all better.

Barb - back at it. Me and you girl! We got this!.

Sandy - safe travels for you and family. Loved the pics..

Lara - I don't envy you having to be back at work. Hope things are going smoothly..

Andi - I think I caught you when you ran away from the wagon, we were competing to see who could get further away. But tomorrow, my azz is glued to that wagon! Work that TM tonight!.

Andrea - hope the holidays went well. Miss ya chic!.

Ang - hope you re able to get your food and make a transition properly..

Any other Shammy I missed - love you hookers madly!.

AFM - my RTD shakes made it to BF'shouse today. Iam back on strict 5/1 tomorrow. Glad I am on vacation cuz I am going to drink a gallon of water tomorrow to detox my system and I am gonna be peeing every 15 minutes! Oh joy!x.

Talk to you hookahs tomorrow..

Peace out...

Comment #41

We made it to our B&B. It took longer because we stopped at the Outlet stores and I made a major buy at Chico's. Got stuff for the Caribbean and I am so excited about the sizes. It was so much fun and they were having a big sale. I had a fun lady waiting on me and I just told her what I needed and she went searching - after we figured out what size worked..

We have six more hours to go tomorrow. Then the Holidays are over except for a New Year's Eve party and putting all the decorations away at our home and my Mom's...

Comment #42

Hi all...

Sorry to have been mia so long... you know the holiday busy stuff. I missed you guys. Been OP so thats been good..

Hope you all had nice holiday weekends....

Lori... I'm with ya in all the stinky snow. we got about 20 inches by me....

Ill be back more tomm and offfically catch up.....

Comment #43

Sandy... I know you have been busy traveleing and still checkin in and doing our challange. I plan to be on scale on tuesday am. having a day off and being snowed in at my mom's house really messed up my schedule...

Comment #44

Andrea - I will pick up your stars when you post. Thanks...

Comment #45


Im up early to get my weekly paperwork done. I dont know why I torture myself and leave it to the last minute every week! I hope you all have a great day!!..

Comment #46

HI Jill - I am up way early for me as well..

Hope everyone has a fun day. We are driving home today. Last day in the car...

Comment #47

Morning lovelies!!!.

OP and feeling OK... It will hit me about 1pm and once I make it through, there is NO stopping me down to at least 148 ( maybe even 145 )..

Comment #48

Good morning all shammies.....

Not early here, but first chance I have to get here and say hi..

Hi jill... I understand procrastination all to well... story of my life..

Comment #49

So sorry I haven't been here - have been having issues getting online from home computer again..

I am at work now - the roads were horrific this morning - I spent 1/2 hour trying to get a girl and her car from being stuck in the snow and smashed my face on her car when I slipped. Good times..

I have been hysterically crying since 20 minutes after I walked in the door. The plows didn't clear the homeowners driveways and they are MAD. Even though it's not our responsibility I have been a proverbial punching bag since I walked in. The icing on the cake was the woman who called crying because she could not get her husband - a brain cancer patient - to his radiation appointment. I just lost it..

And one of the CMs decided to bring his dog in the office today and he is not here and the dog is and it's locked up in the office barking NON-STOP..

I'm not even answering these effing phones anymore..

They can scream at the voice mail..

I'm over it...

Comment #50

OMG Lori.... what a shi*tty day so far. Im so sorry. hang in there....

Hey andi... you got this girl. dont give up..

Hi lara, barb, sandy, robyn, and all shammies I may have left behind..

See my new pics... it's got my sweater dress and new nails!..

Comment #51

OMG... I was wasting time at work and just noticed my pics are on the home page blog page as new added pics.. cool. ok. I'm going back to work.....

Comment #52

I wound up leaving early to come home so I could really fall apart..

I spent how many days in this house like an angry caged animal and couldn't get out and then couldn't wait to get back home..

I am seriously considered pulling the 'flu' card and calling out for the rest of the week (despite the fact that I have no time off)..

They would be royally screwed, though, because I am the only admin in the office this week as e'one else is on vacation..

But right now I sincerely don't even give a sh!!!!t..

Andrea - I love your new pix - you look gorgeous and amazing...

Comment #53

Lori, sorry you had such a shitz of a day. Just be safe when driving in that mess. I had a pretty good one going with my dtr. and the boys to see my grandson and his mom (my ex-DIL) up from TN visiting her sister. We had a really nice visit. She and I have always gotten along and you all know how I feel about my grandsonslol.

Yuck, teenage years and raging hormoneslol. One really bad blimp on the radar is my lovely husband (said sarcastically) decided to start drinking again while I was visiting my sister. What a way for me to come home last night to spend our 42nd anniv. together and he was drunk. Oh lucky me.

Heck, he hasn't even been given clearance to drive again and he goes screws up our life all over again. I'm very mad, upset, hurt, the whole bit. I'm beginning to think he's hopeless. He can quit for a few months then bamhere we go again. Well, I'll be home the rest of this week so we'll see how it goes.

Sorry for ranting but I knew that most of you know about him being an alcoholic. I'm been back here since Sept. so I guess he lasted about 5 mos. or so sober. NOT ENOUGH!!! Andrea, you rock that dress..

Comment #54

Barb... Im so sorry. How frustrating..

Lori... what a shytty day....

Andrea... You look awesome... Have I told you guys I want a sweater dress??.

IM STARVING and I only have one Medifast mean left... looks like bed early for me tonight!..

Comment #55

Andi - pics are TOO cute - I love the tree on your nails and you are ROCKIN the dress!.

Lori - feel better! I thought I heard a cough and a sniffle... best not to contaminate others....

Barb - ((HUGS)) we're here for you - and so is the casino... just sayin..

AFM - doing Ok. REALLY didn't want to exercise today but it's the first afternoon in a LONG time that it wasn't raining so 'Ra and I went for a short run. actually felt pretty good - more energy and slightly less headache (though that may be the power of pharmaceuticals....

) chickena nd cauli in teh oven - baking them in teh same pan - new for me - we shall see. wanna talk hubbie into taco thursday. did end up getting that Groupon deal with the $200 salon services for $99. REALLY looking forward to it!.

Must fly - bunches to do before hubbie gets home - want my snuggle time - later lovelies!..

Comment #56

Barb - big hugs, I am sorry to hear about DH. Not sure what the D stands for right now..

Lori - I hope the rest of the week goes better..

Andrea - I love the nails and dress. You look great..

We are home and have been through the mail - need to unpack. Got up early so going to bed early..

Tomorrow is get the stuff done for my golf job and then mani/pedi. I am going to practice piano (I really miss it) and either walk or do my weight routine. We have a storm coming in so depends on the weather. And drink water, water, water. I feel like I am retaining water which I normally do when I travel...

Comment #57

I really need to catch up...have a lot going on...will try from work..sending love though..

Comment #58

I've been having wicked trouble with the internet - getting on this site..

I can't believe I'm on right now..

I've tried 100 times..

I did not sleep at all last night..

I sent an email to work two hours ago that I wouldn't be coming in today..

I'll check back later...

Comment #59

Morning slores!.

Anyone talked to lauri lately? I sent a message on FB....

Don't want to be at work.....

Too much to do before school starts next week, feeling a little anxious.....

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #60


Kids are on winter break so I am up early once again going to head out and get my visits done so I can be home early. DH was up a lot last night with the baby... and she fussed quite a bit... I dont understand. when I get up with her she eats and then peacefully falls back asleep... not quite sure what he is doing when he gets up????.

Going to an inflatables kids play place today so ODD can run off some energy : ).

Andi- I love groupons but the last one I bought for an oil change etc has been a PIA to try and use (the place must only have certain times they do the groupon services??.

I am having some gym anxiety... We currently belong to a gym that I dont like. Our contract is up jan 15th and we are going to join the brand new super nice Y... do I go to old icky gym for 2 weeks or do some half azz exercise at home until new membership? The anxiety is just that feeling of not being comfortable working out in a gym... does that make sense? Once I go a few times and get a routine I will be fine... but then it will be time to feel all uncomfortable at the new place...

Ramble, ramble : ).

Thoughts on using cheese regularly for Lean? I CRAVE cauli mac and cheese (which is prob a sign to not eat...) and have had at least one time per week for the last couple weeks....

I hope every one has a good day!!..

Comment #61

Jill go to the gym!.

And check out the veggie thread. Cheese is an option but is higher in carbs. Once a week doesn't sound bad as long as you are careful.....

Comment #62

Morning lovelies!!!!.

Still having comp issues. If dead I get a Mac : D.

But doing well OP and dropping the holiday debauchery weight..

Have a great day!!! ( it's my Friday !!! )..

Comment #63

Morning lovelies.

Jill - I agree - go to gym..

Lori - hope you have a good day..

Andi - yeah on OP - computers are a problem..

I might work on putting some decorations away today. I am in the mood. We are still getting our storm this afternoon...

Comment #64

Good afternoon all... I'm being a super lazy employee today. 2 more days of work till boss comes back. I'm lovin every min of it. thanks for all the props about my new pix/sweater dress. I heart kohls and MF!.

Barb... so sorry to read about DH. hang in there and keep chattin if nothing else to vent and stay sane..

Lori... glad you called in sick today. you need a good day off. as a MH professional, I declare you needed a mental health day. just sayin..

Jill... glad you liked my dress. hope the kids are enjoying their time off from schoolmine are with my ex when I have to work. he is a teacher so it works out well. think good things about yourself and get to the gym. you know you can do it!.

Andi.... salon trip? oooh, sounds great. hope you or you and hubby enjoy..

Sandy.. welcome home. I hate retaining water. glad you liked my nails. I'm hooked with keeping them looking good. nothing says sexy like long red nails.

Erin.. hey there. nice to see you. I got an email from lauri 2 days ago. sorry if forgot to mention. she says "hey" to all.

Ang... hi and great to see you too. how was your holiday?..

Comment #65

Hi shams,.

Busy today putting away Christmas decorations and feeling a little congested. Not working quite as fast as I'd like to. Hopefully the pills will kick in and I'll feel a little better. For those of you who have asked, a few of us have heard from Lauri and she hopes to be back here soon. She's been fighting some depression and weight gain along with a few other things but says we make her laugh and feel better so she hopes to return soon. All of us have our own personal demons, problems, issues, etc.

Hope everyone's day is going well. Oh well, back to the grindstone...

Comment #66

I really love this picture...and Sandy you look so fabulous...

Comment #67


Comment #68

Hey ang... thanks so much. so glad you are here!.

Hey barb... hope you feel better...

Comment #69

Bye all... been really quiet here today. leavin work to start my other "job". soccer practice, hair cuts and clean my house!.

Anyone heard from lara lately... miss ya lara!.

Love ya shammies!..

Comment #70

I'm here, I'm here!.

Its been a little crazy this week working and then coming home with everyone that's been here all day and bored from sitting around the house (MIL is still here).

Hopefully I'll be getting some more time to get on here because I definately need to be here. I'm getting ready to go order my Medifast food so that I can get back 5/1 and get back down to where I want to be. I AM FAT RIGHT NOW!!!..

Comment #71

Lori- Hope your week goes better than it started..

Robyn- Hey- long time no see- come back please!.

Andrea- Love the new avi!.

Andi- You go girl- you can get to 145- I'll get there with you!.

Sandy- Glad you made it home safe and sound..

Barb- I;m so sorry to hear about DH- he had been doing so well. Take care of yourself..

Kori- enjoy time with BF. No diamond on that hand over Christmas?.

Sorry if I missed anyone- I did a quick read through. OK gotta go order my food so that I can get my Swagger back!..

Comment #72

Hey lara... sorry I missed you here. good for you ordering food. that swagger will be back in no time!.

Hi andi... been thinkin about ya. have a box of shakes and hardly any thing else till new shipment comes this week. looked up recipe for your fav, the shake cake. off to try it right now.....

Comment #73

Wow... how is possible I have gone 9 months without enjoying a shake cake? yummo!..

Comment #74

I decided another mental health day was in order..

Maybe not the best decision since, technically, I have been holed up in my house for exactly one straight week now..

Trying to remember the last time you took a shower is not so good..


I'll check back later...

Comment #75

Morning slores!.


-mental health days are necessary, don't feel bad...drink a bottle or 3 of that grey goose you got.

I'm the "eldest" here for the most part of today, too bad I couldn't fire people...........................

(seriously..........) pink slips all around!.

I have to go buy more friggin books for school. I swear this school thing is going to deplete what is left of my bank account....

Hope everyone has a great day!!..

Comment #76

Morning shams,.

Still kinda slow around herehope it picks up in the New Year. I'm hoping a New Yeara new me!! It's a shame I've let over 30 lbs. creep back on so I'm gonna knuckle down and start over. Sometimes I think maybe I should switch it up and try Nutri-System or something like that but I know I researched alot before choosing Medifast and I know it works so I just gotta work it the right way. I realize most of it is mental so I gotta get my head in the right place. I'll probably waver a couple more days then do a "house cleansing" and hope I'm better at it this time around.

Is tomorrow a "paid day off" or will you have to call off again? Where I worked, New Years Eve was never a day off. Hope most of you can have another long weekend. Talk with ya later...

Comment #77

Hi again,.

Barb - I hope that you can find the strength to make it work for you this time. You were on a roll for a while there and I know I don't have to tell you that if you'd just stayed with it - you could have been to goal by now..

I am hoping to see more of Angela and Erin in the new year. I have not heard from Mel. But I am hoping to see Robyn and maybe even Toni back as well..

I need to get back on the scale Monday as well..

It is something I don't want to do but will do - it is necessary..

I have some Medifast food here and fully realize that I can not bounce back and forth between debauchery and 5/1..

I need to get back to the place where I was eating normal healthy food and exercising and maintaining..

I was in that place for a long time and, unfortunately, life happens and it took me out of that place..

But my excuses have run dry now..

This yo-yo'ing is not good for me..

I am hoping that I can start everything in my life fresh on Monday..

A tall order - but all I have is hope..

Because to say that every aspect has been a mess for me would be an understatement..

But if I do not start trying to change it - I will be in epic trouble..

My wish is for a better 2011..

And to see all of my friends accomplish what they want to and find their happy place..

Find their swagger...

Comment #78

I completely forgot I had a nail appointment for 5:30 tonight..

It kinda p!zzed me off because I don't feel like moving..

I just sent her a text and she was able to move it until 2:30..


I hate having to go get my nails done..

Some people love it and find it such a luxury and so pampering..

Not this hooker...

Comment #79

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.