Any suggestion on free web hosting with free Godaddy domain name without banner ads?
First question I have is Any suggestion on free web hosting with free Godaddy domain name without banner ads? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... I think me means $98 total, as in everyone even below payout, although I could be wrong...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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WOW! 100 bucks as soon as the new owner takes over. Definitely not worth it given it is too hard to generate income. Good thing theer is not binding contract..

You made a really bad mistake offering 5 cents per click. That is a lot of money to pay out for a GoDaddy site that is hard to monetize. Besides, I'm sure many of those clicks were most likely fraudulent. that PPC script probably isn't the greatest at detecting fraudulent clicks through anonymous proxy servers..

Good luck with that...

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What amount you want to pay just tell so we will be happy I had promoted more and reached $10 and still they were running so please tell me what amount you want to pay or dont want pay.

Before starting this you should have to calculate how much you can pay.



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I should tell you a few things about the business world:.

1.) If you don't pay the current affiliates, you will tarnish your image, thus making it near-impossible to get anyone to trust you. (Well, that's not 100% true, seeing as you aren't Bill Gates calibre. But if ppl know who you are and associate you with this site, you're fuc*ed. You could use a pseudonym, if you wanna be shady)..

2.) The ethics has to work out. Let's say that you bought something for $100. Now, you turn around and bust your ass trying to sell it for $100. If it sales, what did you earn? a headache? Theorectically, in that situation, if you sold it for $50-even if it sold with no effort on your part-you'd be losing money. Point being: If you knew that your GoDaddy site wasn't making the cash it needs to pay for itself/users, then why did you keep it up?.

I'd be interested in the site, as I'm pretty sure I could turn a profit from it. But I won't place even a $1 offer because you messed up on point #2 above. PAY the members and then close the site. Or you could pay up and then study marketing trends or simple business ethics; after you understand the concept of monetary generation (making cash), then re-launch the site. It'd be hard to re-launch it but if you make everything more realistic, you just might earn some trust..

Just my 2 cents...

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If I were you I would stop the affiliate program right now. I would then pay the affiliates all the money that they earned. Then I would re-open the affiliate program but this time paying the members $0.01 or a little higher per user. If you wanted you could even get rid of the program. It's up to you but I would pay the affiliates because it will always be on your mind if you don't..

Good luck!..

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And be careful:.

(or whatever the exact URL is) closed down for the same reason: it owed it's members thousands of dollars. They owed me $40-50 or so. Just the same, they offered it's users more $ than they made...

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I dont think this guy will ever pay, but I hope so, I found this on his GoDaddy site today.

"Affiliate Program has been shut down - payments will be held until further notice"..

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Remember the saying {people look like there dogs}.

How about {people look like their domains}..

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PMed Snake and got this awnser:.

"The affiliate system has been closed and databases has been deleted. Consequently, all affiliate funds has been removed. Sorry for any inconvinence..


I dont know about you but he is definitly on my "black list" and a big scammer, I think he should be banner from this forum beacuse he posted about his GoDaddy site in the "Free R" category...

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Yes, I would say affiliates not getting paid is definitely an inconvenience for them...

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And yet the GoDaddy site is still listed in his signature, as well as the signatures of other forum members....

Also, I would advise against going to the GoDaddy site now because it has some automatic downloads/other trash that it's probably best just to stay clear of..


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Rather ironic:.

"Think Before Posting Rubbish".

So aptly applies to this thread.....


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His image is tarnished, for sure. I feel sorry for the guy - he could have done something good but he went ahead and dragged it through the mud. C'mon, I ask all of you - EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU - would paying $100 break you? I'm not rich but I could/would pay for my mistakes. I admit that I've made a lotta them and I've lost hundreds of dollars because of them. That's business for ya - ya understand it or ya don't..

Everything's a gamble...

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I made 16.75$ with it, but I didnt got paid :/ so I wrote PM to snareklutz by asking about it..

Here is answer from snareklutz:.

"The affiliate system has been closed and databases has been deleted. Consequently, all affiliate funds has been removed. Sorry for any inconvinence."..

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Why is snare still allowed to post and sell here if he is so obviously (And by his own admission) ripping people off?..

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Well I believe that somebody will loose this right very soon..

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OK, This is turning into a lynch mob, and thats not.

The way it works around here.... watch what you.

Post people, you dont want to be saying stuff.

Might come back to bite you in the butt later..

First off.... He has answered every pertinent question.

Asked so far..

Second.... He said the GoDaddy site owed money from the gate..

Third.... Those of you calling him a scammer and wanting.

Him banned, you better be sure you have ALL the facts.

Before you start looking for a tree and a rope..

Forth.... Snareklutz, you need to get with your affil's.

Right now and work out your debts as they are the.

Only ones in this thread you have to answer to..

(And you do HAVE to answer them or find a new hobby).

Watch out for rope burn people, it leaves a mark..



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There is some irony here in your accusing us of "jumping to conclusions" when you lambasted everyone about the GoDaddy "loophole" without hearing from GoDaddy first..

You're right. He's answered them all, which gave us the info to see that he's doing and has done the wrong thing. His statements that "The database has been deleted" and no accounts will be paid, etc., speaks volumes enough..

He recruited affiliates..

His affiliates earned $.

He's now not paying those affiliates.

What else do you need to know? Unless his affiliates all cheated somehow, there isn't much else to tell.....

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Thats why I started with..."watch what you post... bite you in the butt later".

And you see I mentioned he needs to deal with his affils....

So lets just leave his accountability to those he's.


Plus, I love ironic.... it makes life interesting..

Peace Mitt....


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Its pretty obvious thats he not going to pay any of us that made money on his site, and I dont think he wrote the amount of every aff, I personal was up in about >$60. I know it's not much to fight about but you cant just ripp people of and just dont care about the consequences of it..

And yes kid5150 he did awnser all q's, but it was not the awnsers I wanted..

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I'm not defending anyone but the poor here. It is assinign to think that $100.00 is the same to everyone. Some people are so poor that $1.00 is like a pos tof gold to them. Don't assume that $100.00 is nothing to everyone. To some, it's 1/10th or less of their whole life savings. Some people are just born into a life of peverty and never-ending debt and bad credit...

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But not that are trying to make a living online. While it's a good sob story, it just doesn't apply to anyone on this board...

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Why does it not apply to anyone on this board? Because you said so? Because you think that if someone has a computer connection and is dabbling in a business they must have money? You are, for all intents and purposes, a fool, ovenmitt, a fool...

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DO NOT VISIT unless you like.



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Get a decent browser like Mozilla Firefox at.


And you will be much safer on the net...

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I'm using IE 6 with XP sp2, it asks for some activeX control installation, yeah...

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Lot's of people at SitePoint use LoudCash as well, so I don't see anything wrong about using it:.


People here at NamePros use it to. Check out the CPM thread..

Attached are screenshots of what it should be like:.

First, the activeX tries to d/l a few files to your computer, so that it can ask you wheter to install or not..

Then, this window comes up.


If you make additoinal 2 clicks, this window will come up, where you can view license info, and more about the toolbar..


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"You must follow steps 1, 2, and 3 to access this website.".

Is that an honest statement? The website won't work without the toolbar?..

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Do we have to view the CPM ads on the top right to view this website?.

By default, the activex will keep poping up until you choose to accept it, but I have cutomised it so it will only show once. The problem is, that the phrase "You must follow steps 1, 2, and 3 to access this website." cannot be changed...

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> the phrase "You must follow steps 1, 2, and 3 to access this website." cannot be changed.

I take it that statement is false then...

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Just download.



It blocks malicious ActiveXs from being installed (by not letting the user initiate the installation)....


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BWAAAAAHHAAAHAHA!! What a comodian. Flush me another one, will ya?!!!!..

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Yeah, but the problem is, I already have 32 other spyware programs1015 anti-virus programs, and 11 firewalls installed and they all claim to be the best. I don't have room for another. I will trust that all 32 I have installed are enough and the best money can buy..

Maybe not, but your GoDaddy site is...

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I use firefox. I guess I'm a comedian, too...

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Your CPU + Memory usage must be at 100%.....

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Nowonder you couldn't see the ActiveX, Firefox doesn't support ActiveX. Ha!.

Why do you hate my GoDaddy site so much?..

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Everyone is entitled to have an opinion .....

Even if he is wrong .....

So stop responding this way .....

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Woohoo! I've sold the GoDaddy site to a fellow Namepros member!..

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At least a comedian who is not infected by all sorts of ActiveX scripts and related....

I use Mozilla Thunderbird as well..

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I've bought Snareklutz has agreed to pay the affiliates their money. Hopefully I can bring a new reputation to this GoDaddy site and I can get it going...

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I am glad you got a buyer, I am sorry I wasn't able ot help you out...

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I am waiting for my payment but still not yet recieved a penny.

I agreed with him what he want to pay.

Snareklutz do you want to pay or not please tell a word yes or noso I can wait or leave it for my hard work.



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Thank God you have a buyer. From how long this is, well, the publicity really shined bright lol It's probably among the most visited non-sticky in NP..

I accept your explanation for the debt you were in. I feel for ya - those things happen. But I'm still a little mad that you didn't explain everything earlier; if you had, this thread wouldn't have exploded into this..

I stand behind what I said-you should have been more realistic (the net isn't the same poy o' gold it was years ago), if not, you should have pulled the affiliate program before the debt piled up. I don't think you're a bad person, but you seemed, for lack of a better word, shady. Hopefully this didn't ruin your rep BUT hopefully you learned your lesson. If you hadn't, well, the business world just isn't your thing..

Zquest, pardon my saying this, but why are you flaming this guy? Yeah, even I didn't have kind words for him earlier but he's explained himself pretty nicely. I'm shocked the mods have totally ignored your bitter demeanor towards the seller. We're all entitled to our own opinions but some things should be kept to oneself. We need to keep the business atmosphere of NP, remember?.

The GoDaddy site was sold. Mods, you should close this thread before it grows into something worse...

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PM sent to bhavani..

Thank god this is all sorted. Actaully, the person I really have to thank is the guy from RAC (rent a coder) who accepted my bid, and now I'm doing around $200 worth of work and it'll take 'till the 15th before RAC sends me the cash, in which I can use to pay up all the affiliates hopefully. It is hard-earnt money, so that's a lesson learnt for me. Maybe it's time for me to sit down, and have a good think before doing anything stupid..

It's amazing how many people know my name now. I visit chat, and people go, "Hey, it's the owner of ThinkBeforePostingRubbish". I'm not sure myself if it's a good thing or bad thing..

I'd like to say special thanks to kjmz who agreed to buy the GoDaddy site when things wern't doing that well. And mods, sorry for wasting any of your time, but I say it's time to lock the thread!.

And yes, this thread grew to 4 pages in less then 2 weeks, making it the fastest growing sales thread ever!.

Best of luck,.


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Good luck with that. I personally have posted to 5 other forums in the past 10 days or so warning against links to this GoDaddy site due to malware informing them to take all links to the GoDaddy site out of posts to protect their forum visitors. I saw 2 forums where I was beat to the punch. That's a total of 7 forums, popular ones. This GoDaddy site is getting a bad reputation just as fast as it got popular. You will have to deal with the previous owners bad decisions. But good luck...

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Sigh. I guess it's not over yet then...zquest, maybe you'd like to post links to those sites you'd posted in so the current owner and I can sort things out...

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So much posting over this $100!!!!.

Look lets be clear some affiliates are trustworthy.

And you can rely on them to pay up - others you.

Are taking a risk with. So if this guy aint paying thats.

The risk you take!!!!.

Get on with your businesses and learn the lesson.

That not every affiliate will cough up! There are.

Tons of programmes around that will pay up...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.