Any suggestion on good Godaddy domain name for fashion store ?
Got a quick question: Any suggestion on good Godaddy domain name for fashion store ? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. That makes you wonder why you even registered it?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably know..

Comment #1 (an.

Actual file).


I haven't figured any use for it yet.....

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Some not so good names:.

Comment #3 - dont ask... one of my lame brain ideas..

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About a 100 or so, too many to list!!.


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All of mine.

Because of a thread here about china..

Comment #6 ... ouch.

Had to give it up to AOL.....

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Hey Tippy....

That's not too bad actually! Think Ballet!..

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I know it's a three character, but I'm just not confident about it..

My worst has to be



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Would make for a great wiki based college info site..

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Thanks for your suggestions!.

21st century is a knowledge blast century and all I think wiki is a keyword in the process!..

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Sh* it is one I always threatened family I would reg. as it is my favourite Expression ,but What is useful for..

You could almost say it is a Sh*tfull Name..

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EJARRED.COM - dunno what the heck I was thinkin... I regged in 2000, and I'm so stubborn about cutting my losses that I keep on renewing it... lol..

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I own so many that it is difficultto pick out that special one.. is one that I refuse to drop because as sure as I do it will become the term used to refer to the collecting of computer related stuff...

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Just because tai school got 18929 at overture without ext ....

Any idea?..

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Something along the lines of.

Ie a mispelling and a shitty extension. (not ".info" just the "info" after "buisness").

I forget the actual HostGator it's on some registrar somewhere that costs like $40 ro push or some ridiculous thing like that..

And your willing to pay the rego every year. Good luck! I hope it does pay off you will have quite a story to tell. HeHe..

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LOL... not sure i'll ever find a use for this one...

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I will pitch you an idea..

Maybe you could make it into a GoDaddy site for 'ShitFull" names. Just like yours..

It could be the new buzz expression..


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Errr, where to start.....

A handfull of domains. (no use, 3 words too long).

FUTURERESULT.COM (no use, can't be sold).









And about 100 .infos (free at the time) that I don't have use for, can't sell, and can't afford to renew..

Comment #19 (for a group of friends). (new to websites, thought I would be nice to him.

). (the .com is bias to macs.

). (a blog I am part of). ("). (my blog). (personal website). (to be a whois search).

AND. (part of easywebbers)..

Comment #20 - I had good idea with it, but I forgot it.

So now I wonder why I got it...

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While it was one of my very first domains, I've never really been able to do much with

Then again, the market changes so much that a virtually useless name today can be worth thousands tomorrow..

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Lol way too funny, I don't think I would of every conceived a name like that one lol..

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Or the opposite ..

Any body want any Cheap "LongHorn" or "Paris2012" domains..

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I know the feeling. I have.


Oh and how about.


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Yea but didn't you buy that for your blog,..

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But still, it's my own.. I can sell it if I feel like..

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