Anybody know a free (no ad or banner) iPage web hosting site?

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Got a question... Anybody know a free (no ad or banner) iPage web hosting site? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Does someone on here know, or know a iPage site where I could get code to make a photo gallery. What I am wanting is to have a whole group of pictures that show up small, but once you click on them, you can see a larger image of it? Would that be really complicated to do?.

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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I wasn't looking for something really complicated. I am more interested in having the photos as thumbnails, and when you click on them you can see a larger view of it in a pop up. Is that able to be done in raw HTML that you can do in Notepad. I don't have software like Photoshop or the like, so I would have to rely on raw HTML or scripts of some sort to do it I suppose. If anyone can help with that, I would appreciate it...

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If you do this in HTMl then you to create a page for each full size image and a page with all your thumb nails on..

If you use ASP or whatever you only need to pages!.

I can help you sort it out in ASP but it really depends what your server supports!..

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The most basic way of doing it would be make smaller versions of you images in say photoshop and then link them to the larger versions where they would appear on a blank background in the top left corner.

Nice little gif of you playing footy there,i think though that it's 182 kbytes exceeds jason's guidelins.......

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Pffft asp is not worth the time if your gonna do a simple thing like that....

All you do is this:.

Change the percentages to change the thumbnail size. when clicked a NEW WINDOW will open up to NORMAL SIZE of the picture..

I have to go to work right now, but when I come back I will make you an iframe version. instead of the links opening up in a whole new window, there is a way to make them appear on a designated spot on the page (you get to pick). So as the viewer clicks, he/she only sees one page, and the pictures appearing right on it as he/she clicks. If you don't reply by the time I get back at about 6:00, I will assume you want to see how it works, and i'll start working on it. it will take me about 15 minutes...

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True that would work - but if each img is 200k just downloading the whole (thumbnail) page will be incredibly slow! the isnt much code for the ASP version all you do is like the thumbnail to full_img.asp?img=IMAGENAME.

Only takes about 3 lines of ASP including the one above .....

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Oh i'm sorry - I have this instinct of relating ASP or ADO with SQL immediately. I see "ASP" and I hear "SQL" - I was thinking of ASP as a whole database system and query language thats going "SELECT name=blahblahblah" yeah i'm not familiar with ASP but as long as you don't need a database and don't need to learn a whole new language I guess it's alright - ....

...and I don't believe he said anything about efficiency, only being done in "raw html".....

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As always - theres more than one way to skin a cat! (havent said that in a while).

ASP depends on the server - but your version should work anywhere - just up to personal preferance - you would only need one version of each image ... and I would need a small thumbnail and a fill img!.



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Well actually, it's not THAT bad with "raw html"... I just made an example page using iframes,.


I know for low bandwidth people the thumbnails might take longer... but after they all load, when someone clicks on a picture, the picture should load very quickly in the frame for most people, because of cookies or stuff like that (i'm not familiar with that field). with my dsl (700 kbps) connection, the thumbnails took me about 6-7 seconds, but the full pics came up immediately...

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Im on DSL too - that worked well the only problem I had was the full image came over the 2nd line of imgs.


And click "photos" - my ASP version..

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Oh taht could be fixed using frames, I was just doing a sample, and for me they were all on one line...

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You might want to just install & use Gallery. It's super simple to install, and even easier to use..

Gallery: Your Photos on Your Website.

To see one of my example galleries...please visit:.

My Gallery.



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I would use a program called ARLES IMAGE WEB PAGE CREATOR which can be found at.

This site..

It was given away as a full product one in .net..

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