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Got a quick question: Anybody us "website tonight" from 123 Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... I am a bit peeved that the search engines don't seem to be indexing sedo's parking pages like they used to. I'm just wondering if the development time is really worth the difference..

How much of a difference between payments for Adsense on minisites compared with Sedo's payments per click ? .

Just what sort of cut are sedo taking ? Any ideas ? .

If you can post any examples too that would be great.



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

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I switched 95% from Sedo to 1plus a few months back. I only have my few adults still parked there..

Basically started parking in December 06 and ended in March..

Averaged under $4.00 a month. I have a total of under $20 owed to me in my sedo account. I don't expect to reach the minimum anytime too soon..

Now, obviously, my names aren't considered "premiums" nor do they generate a lot of type in's, but once I switched to 1Plus (in April) and got them some SE exposure (the majority of my visits are now from SE traffic), my income is now way up. I have not used adwords (yet), and terms prevent us from disclosing what we have earned, but in general, I'm into 3 figures now and will be getting my first check next month..

If you have domains that will benefit from SE traffic, mini sites rock!..

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Allan, do you use 1plus? Whypark? And where do you park your sites first for your research of keywords?..

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I do love (And I'm sure I'll love iMoDo as well!), but my minisites are home-brew so I can control the content and changes and see the effects first hand. Now they aren't as attractive as any "parking company", but part of my goal of my minisites is to.


Look like a parked site (Which causes a faster "Back" button click than anything else I could think of...)..

I park my sites at Sedo first to get a handle of where the traffic is coming from, mostly because it seems to be at least decent at distinguishing between bots and people (Meh - that's giving them too much credit, but my stats aren't as hyper-inflated with image-calls as they were elsewhere.)..


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Thanks Allen, your input is always valued. Rep added to you and workinprogress...

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I don't believe in automated mini sites , but hand written sites beat parking payments anytime. Advertisers will directly contact you for text links if they get good conversions from your websites, useful content usually converts well ..

If your sites have.


, you can also sell text links..

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Have you guys considered as a parking solution?.

I have earned much more from them as they pay for "multiple" clicks..

My problem is getting any traffic. I have one parked site, which continually receives anywhere from an outstanding 300 - 1200 per cent click through rate. For example, I will get 2 visitors and 12 paid clicks. The HostGator is profitable because I earn the reg fees after only a handful of visitors, but it could do so much better..

I believe the unbelievable click thru rate is because the advertising is perfectly matched to the HostGator name and the visitors are probably younger people who are looking for a unique ringtone. They look at a lot of ads seeking the right ringtone..

Now, if only I could figure out how to get some visitors..

Any ideas would be appreciated..



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Hi Work-In-Progress.

I hope you don't mind me asking how many domains you have parked at and what type of domains that you are parking there that allows you to generate 3 figures. Smiler...

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Agreed - and automated sites are a great way to lose your google account full-stop. They are against the terms of service - and they do enforce them. They might not get you right away, but they will..

Nothing beats real content. Not when it comes to search results, resale value, advertiser attraction, etc etc etc..

As for Sedo vs Adsense payouts - there is no comparison to be made..

Development time and $ are always worth it in the end. You are not likely to earn any less, and all that much more likely to earn much more...

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First off...I am stoked to see "iMoDo" From what I hear, It is going to be awesome!! I use, The difference in revenue for myself has been going from xx a day,,,to xxx a day, I have used most of the parkers, Sedopro,Fabulous, NameDrive, GoldKey, and on and on, I never will HostGator name park again, That I can promise. It is for some people,While others do far better with websites, I do much better with websites, I spend hours monetizing, I don't have one site that has a.


Score less than 96%, It just takes hard work, dedication, and most of all, patience...

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They charge $ 99 fee for signup. Are they a parking provider or mini site developer ?

Comment #11

Some arbitrary number that the particular HostGator assigns based on what the people who wrote think of.


- it's useless as a metric...

Comment #12

Just over 100 total...Mostly .com and .info, as well as a few .org's.

All but 1 have been freshly regged within the last year. The 1 older one that has a history gets practically no visits though..

As whitebark pointed out, you do have to be careful using these with adsense. You need to change content (you can write your own article in 1plus, for instance) and keep things fresh. It's a little work, but worth the effort...

Comment #13

You can check your.


Score at (using the Whois).

And custom writter/unique article/content sites are the way to go,.

USing a script/service that does the sites should only be temporary I say,.

You go custom you'll get better ranking/better quality of traffic and higher revenue,.

The above is a FACT...

Comment #14

They are a mini site provider, You have total control of the content that appears on your website,And whypark provides the content, and it is updated weekly,you can also provide your own content, You have total control of the look and feel of your website, You have total control of what ad publisher, and affiliates you choose to use on your website, And you can advertise your sites in forum signitures, Web directories and ect, If you have more questions about, Feel free to PM me.

Put a name in.

Whois ... It will show thier.


Score, Many people do not understand, When the search engines crawl websites, If they do not like the site, They will not return as frequently, I took tutorial lessons from a lady in india to lean Search Engine Optimization, It has paid off for me big time, If a site has an.


Score of 50% , It is not optimized.Anything less than 80% is a bad number, A site needs to be at least 90%, Over 90% will get you far better search engine indexing...

Comment #15

I've seen this discussed many times, and the owner stated in another thread that they've gotten the green light from google adsense on their setup. Is this info correct?..

Comment #16

I wasn't talking about - I use them too. I was talking about these automated minisites that are making the rounds. They are against google's terms of service/webmaster guidelines because they are mostly devoid of content..

"Scraped content: Some webmasters make use of content taken from other, more reputable sites on the assumption that increasing the volume of web pages with random, irrelevant content is a good long-term strategy. Purely scraped content, even from high-quality sources, may not provide any added value to your users without additional useful services or content provided by your site".

From their guidelines: "Google will take action against domains that try to rank more highly by just showing scraped or other auto-generated pages that don't add any value to users.".

There are lots of these autoblogs out there, many being sold here on NP - so unless you are adding your own content along with these scrapped blog posts - you are just asking for trouble sooner or later. They may just drop your site from the search results, but they may also remove you from the adsense publisher program.. is fine - they even use a google feed! They had to have approved it! LOL..

Comment #17

Adsense has no problems with my whypark sites, The content feeds are updated weekly with fresh new content, but I use my own content aswell, my sites are 50% whypark feed, 50% my content. Google is going after auto blog sites and mini sites with cached old content. Understandable though , Imo, They have nothing for the visitor to see, That they haven't seen a 100 times over...

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Thanks guys, the bit that confuses me about PPC and Parking companies like sedo is one day you get something like 0.20 euro per click and the next you can get a 3.50 euro click for the same keyword.

Why does it change so much ? Is it Sedo deciding how much they want to give you or something else ? .

It would be nice to hear what sort of money mini-sites are recieving per click if anyones knows.

What do you guys make of this below.

The following site looks like it is basically just a search engine portal full of PPC links for just about everything. I have seen quiet a few example of sites like this, no content just PPC >.

Is this ok/legal to do and how would you go about setting something like that up ? .

I have a few Travel related names I would like to do this with..



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Because the advertiers rotate, So you may get an advertiser that is bidding $5 on a keyword one day, You may be running his link for that day, While in turn, The next day you may be publishing a link for advertiser that has only bid .020 for that same keyword, I hope that makes sense, And helps..

Comment #20

I can't say specifically say about minisites , but with PPC I sometimes get clicks of EPC between $8 - $ 25. Most of the websites I have are not in a high EPC niche, so I think it may be conversions. Sedo clicks are much lower...

Comment #21

Exactly. I haven't used whypark but as you say and is mentioned in the quote I put - google doesn't seem to care as long as you at least put something new and original there. The drawback I see with whypark, 1plus and the like vs making a minisite of your own is you can't exactly move the site as a whole unit to someone else. But as a method of making money for a HostGator owner - they work...

Comment #22

Which is this PPC you are referring to ? On Sedo, the max I have got is $ 1.30 per click i.e. for forex and I believe that is very less...

Comment #23

You can't move the sites, But no need to, At $1 a site , and no hosting fees, They are unbeatable at the moment, Imo..

Comment #24

>$8 is for developed sites, I don't know the exact subject since my websites are on a variety of subjects and I don't have many channels. For sedo , I have got a $2 euro click, but again I have not done much tracking...

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