Anyone else on Medifast Diet?

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My 1st question is: Anyone else on Medifast Diet? Hoping for any response. Second question of mine... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' THURSDAY.


For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while..

An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Good morning everyone!.

I hope y'all have a GREAT start to your day;.

Stay OP;.

Post like crazy people!.

Love ya!..

Comment #2

Sandy ~ I am nervous for you guys with the "gal" at golf. It doesn't sound like fun at all, but certainly needs to be done. It sounds like she's ruining it for everyone. Have a good time...after that is all cared for. I am so non-confrontational and avoid conflict at all costs...perhaps that's why I'm a hermit? lol..

Comment #3

Mornin Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin Shamrockers.

Had fun working with daughter yesterday....until we got the call my oldest son was picked up yesterday on "probable charges" and beat up by cops and thrown in jail. His bond was set at 12,000.00. He was charged with forgery and theft....guy he worked for allowed employees to sign his name to checks and my son wrote more checks then was authorized...I am sure for drugs. Now his ex-employee is denieng any authorization of signing his name...however, other employees also know and have used this privilige, wether or not they will sign an affadavit stating that is a whole other story..

I took the girls to Church last night and his fiance managed to get enough money to go to the bail bonds....however, since he is a convicted felon (previous charges) he has to wait for 24 hour arraignment to get bailed out. Judge could increase bail today...we are not sure. He will be going through serious withdrawels sometime today....

He and his family will be evicted if the rent is not paid by tomorrow. He was in the process of selling his sisters restaurant euipment when the deputies showed up, also, he started a new job on Wed. as a chef at a very fine restaurant and was promised health benefits for him and family in 90 days...lost that job!!.

I am ex's family is flying in from Sicily tomorrow and my oldest son was supposed to pick them up from daughter is scheduled to work with me..if she starts taking time off this soon she will lose her job as well. My youngest son has not a valid liscense..

OK, one day sure can make a difference, huh???..

Comment #4

Before I forget...I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. A few of them actually...but one in particular. It has nothing to do with Medifast or weight loss, but bare with me. I really try to live my life without passing judgment (judgment isn't the right word, but it's the only one I can think of...perhaps "opinion" is better)...anyway, you know what I mean. I have tried to teach my children to have patience and to not form opinions about people based upon appearances; etc. All good, right?.

So...there is a checker a the grocery store I go to regularly. I've gone through his line a few times, but he drives me nuts (not hard to do, I know). Anyway, he has never shown much of a personality and before you can even get your cart all the way unloaded, he is saying: do you have a Rewards card; leave heavy items in the cart; if you're paying with a debit card, slide it now; etc. So, he was working last night when I went in. All the lines were about the same, so I didn't feel badly about going to one other than his. Then another checker opened up and took his customers, leaving me vulnerable (lol).

That's okay". She pulled my cart over there and started to unload it for me. I said, quietly "have you seen the Seinfeld with the Soup ****?". She said she didn't remember. That's what the guy reminds me of.

Finally I got closer to her and said "I can't hear you" and she repeated "he has a form of autism. It's called Asperger's Syndrome". OMG! First of all, I can't believe I didn't recognize it, since that's what Nate has; secondly, who the h3ll am I do not be tolerant of something so minor? I could go on and on. I felt terrible. I still feel terrible...and of course, am crying again..

Anyway, that's my story and lesson of the day...

Comment #5


I am so sorry. Oh my gosh. You have so much going on..

Before I far as the other employees writing checks, too. His public defender could subpoena all records for the business from the bank to prove that issue...

Comment #6

Wow... I dont know what to say first. well, good morning all..

Jo... I am so sorry that your family is going through so much. I know they are just words but I feel so bad for you right now. please know I will be praying for your family and you to support them and take care of you..

Lauri... oh what a story. you feel terrible right now, but it sounds like just an honest, human mistake. your assessment of this person was based on his attitude/performance and not his disability. even the kindest, non-judgemental people make mistakes. I know this hits close to home, but please be nice to yourself too.

You might want to take those... LOL. you will feel a whole lot better and more like yourself asap. much love to you and family coming your way. poor nate and you at the dr.

Hi sandy... dont know about that book but I did finally finish Shanghi Girls. hoping your mom didnt pick it up cause I didnt really like it. my mom neglected to tell me it's very sad. sad is ok, but needed more of a pick-me-up book than a sad one. oh conflict...

? stay strong and do your best...

Comment #7

Hi ang... hope you guys are having a good day so far..

Barb... thanks for thikning of me. the soccer dinner went really well..

Hi darlene... your meal sounded super yummy. you must be a great cook..

Hey Kori... I was reading what you wrote to say hi to newbie and fell off my chair! 127 pounds. how I have been chatting with you and forgotten that? AMAZING! I laughed at your comment that thankgoodness you have an oven in your classroom... thats so random... you must make the school smell great!..

Comment #8

Good morning Sunshine!.

Thank you. Do you know that everyday, whether you mean to or not, you make me smile?.

Meds...Check! lol.

Love ya!..

Comment #9

Hi andi... your workout sounds good. whats your second job about? did you have a great run with puppy?.

Hi chkchk... hope you visit us again today. we are a sassy group, but are going through some tough times now. we will pull through this. I'm andrea... mom of two boys, ages 14 and 10.

AFM: looks like I have chatty a lot so far today. have a meeting soon, so wanted to post now, but ill be back later... or sooner...

Comment #10

Morning Andi - my second job is ED nurse at another place - love to just be a worker bee when I can - plus the money helps....

Jo - I can't even guess how you must be feeling - my heart goes out to you and your family for all they bare being tested with..

Lauri - thanks for sharing htat life lesson - makes a big impact when it kicks you in the tail like that - good for all of us to hear!.

Sandy - from last night - I just finished "Alice I have been" is that anything likje your Alice book?.

AFM - rocked the Rocket 'Ra run this AM She's wiped and I feel GREAT - off to log my day and map my run...

Comment #11

Hi all from work...computers are wonked and phone lines are down. Should be a great day!..

Comment #12

Good morning, and I wanted to make a quick post because i've been absent the last couple of days. my heart goes out to jo and family for the difficult times they're going through. sometimes it seems like the negatives never quit. I hope things start to improve..

Lauri, I know that feeling of "judging" and then being embarrassed inside for what I was mistakenly thinking. as I get older, I really do try not to jump to conclusions, but some of it is human nature. thanks for sharing your story because it helps remind me to be patient and tolerant!.

Ok, i'm late for the gym and then the office. oh, on the way from the gym to work, I have to buy a pumpkin pie for our thanksgiving potluck today..

I've been telling myself that I won't eat anything except turkey and sensible veggies (if there are any) today. i'll save treating myself to thanksgiving goodies (in moderation) for the real thanksgiving..


Comment #13

Not to be a sayer of doom but I really feel that you are winding your way down a slippery slope with the idea of "Thanksgiving Goodies"..

There are several ON PLAN recipes on the recipe board, including pumpkin pie and stuffing, that will keep you on track and headed in the right downward direction..

Hope this helps some...

Comment #14

Thanks Lauri. I have been thinking about it all week and I know I am doing the right thing but it is going to be ugly...

Comment #15

Jo - hugs for you today..

Lauri - thanks for sharing your story. I hope I will stop and think before judging..

Andrea - hope you have a great day and thanks for the super shout outs. My Mom started the book but did not enjoy..

Andi -.


I different Alice. I will let you know what I think when I finish..

Kori - hope baking goes OK. An oven in your room..

Barb - hope you have a good day..

Hi Shammies - hope it is a good day for all. Off to get some coffee...

Comment #16

Angela - like you advice. I think it would be really hard to get back on plan if I let myself take a break. One meal would turn into one day into one weekend into ....... Then I would use food for quilt and oh the cycle would not be good. Not going there for me. I ate off plan twice the first week on the program and thought how much can this hurt. Boy did I learn...

Comment #17

Jan, welcome. I am 59, retired, live in Tucson with DH and Ginger (dog), play golf and piano and have been on the program 5 months and have lost 50 lbs...

Comment #18

Hey sandy... I'm with ya completely sister. Ang has it right with the slipperly slope idea. hope all goes ok today. be tough...

Jan.. dont be bummed with idea of no goodies for thanksgiving. you can make the day OP with a few alterations. you will be stronger and feel better when it's over. hope you are having a good day and the lunch thing at work is ok...

Comment #19

Hey andi.. great to hear about your jobs. dont know how you do it. medical stuff makes me quesy..

Ang... stinks about the technology at work. hope the day improves!..

Comment #20

I am living proof of what ONE meal can do...and it ain't pretty. Remember, once upon a time I had lost 57 pounds...and then I had that ONE meal of Chinese food (when I was out of town)? It was all downhill from there. I went back to being OP, but somehow, for me...the "magic" was gone. I am getting it back, but that was 3 months of no losses and 15 pounds of gain. Granted, there were other factors, but it was just too soon (for me) to do that...

Comment #21

Good Morning to all my Sexy Friends =)..

I have the rare chance to post up early and love it!. I have a bit extra time because I am keeping Timmy home today. He won tickets to the private holiday Disneyland party for tonight and it doesn't start till 9pm. He has been so tired and weak after his short work sessions that I am doing small tube feeds all day, encouraging naps and will rent a wheelchair at Disney to make it work. We still have not gotten the referral for the surgeons at UCLA. I hope to hear today as I do not want it to be a emergency last min dash.

The day we were being rushed to UCLA, the docs where telling me dont let him do any walking, running or playing..

Jo- my heart breaks for you and your family. You can only do what you can then you must pray for help, strenght and guidence. You must give yourself permission to de-stress when you can so you can be strong and well..

Lauri-I wave my wand of self forgiveness over you for hurts felt for your son and hidden special folks around us =) I am actually impressed that the other grocery person shared with you about the checkers diagnosis...more people need to know and you know many other high functioning folks are out there irritating people and dont even know the.



Hi to Kori-let me know your next Disney sick Day, maybe Timmy and I can meet for a hug..

SAndy- good golf and good friends.

Andrea and Angela-good day and high five for the quick to point out that saving up for goodies is a no-no. Medifast has lots of sweet offerings, just in a different form. Remember the maggots, and remember that each bite tastes exactly the same. The first bite of maggot infested pie tastes just the same as the last calorie loaded ketosis killing bite..

I know I am missed some shouts, his to new gals, but now I must run. BBL.


Comment #22

Darlene - glad you were able to chat early to day. Nice to hear from you...

Comment #23

Hey shammies... lauri and darlene... well put good advice about that ONE meal can do!..

Comment #24

Good afternoon! Jo, I am so sorry to hear about the problems with your son. You take 2 steps forward and have to fall back 15 of them. Sorry he's lost his new job and hope he can straighten himself up soon for all his family's sake. If the ex's parents have to take a cab or whatever from the airport, so be it. They should understand that their grandkids have circumstances that might prevent them from leaving work. Lauri, you have one of the kindest hearts I know and certainly wouldn't do anything to try and hurt someones feelings.

Do you ever watch Parenthood? I love that show and this weeks episode focused again on the family whose son has Asp. Syndrome. How the mom dealt with the son not being asked to a birthday party was touching and I imagine gave everyone a better understanding of how to deal with these "special people". Want to go finish up on the rest of the posts so I'll bbl. Hope everyone is having an A-OK day...

Comment #25

Hi barb.. taking a break for a late lunch. meeting a friend to celebrate our birthdays. be back soon......

Comment #26

Andrea, not sure when your BD is, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOON OR BELATEDlol. Enjoy your outing...

Comment #27

ACK - Andrea when is your birthday?.

Still super crappy at work and today I have my 2d job too...woot woot. Do you hear the sarcasm here ?

Comment #28

Wow Jo! One day sure makes a difference. Sorry for all the mess. Hope things even out for you soon. Until then, my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family...

Comment #29

Sorry Lauri! It is amazing sometimes how our eyes are opened to other's needs. Even we should be the most aware, and sensitive to their needs, we need to be reminded to think of others first. Sorry!..

Comment #30

I drive the next classroom crazy when we bake! Makes it a little fun for me and plus, since I can't eat it, I want to be surrounded in all the yummy smells so it works for me!..

Comment #31

Awesome job Andi! I almost didn't go to the gym last night becuase I was tired but I knew you would be up and at em' with Rocket 'Ra this AM so I went and I felt GREAT too!..

Comment #32

OK Ang, I thought it, you said it! Try and think of some ways to completely go OP for Thanksgiving Jan. It will help you in the end so you make sure that the decision to finish Medifast for the 2nd time makes it the last time. Let us know if you need any ideas, we have been kicking around some OP Thanksgiving meal plans for the past week or so...

Comment #33

So true, so true! Getting back in the groove of things is a really hard thing for most people. That is why I am truly trying to stay as close to 100% as possible this whole way through, that way, I have completely changed my habits of eating for T&M...

Comment #34

Rest up a lot today and have fun tonight!.

Will have to let you know when I have my next Disney sick day! Would love to meet up!..

Comment #35

Mmmmm! Love the smell of sarcasm on the forum boards!..

Comment #36

Made it to the gym last night - YAY!.

Will post stats to Challenge board later. It helps keep me on track..

Need to get my banana nut bread into the oven now..

WIll check back in later..

Mucho love...

Comment #37

Hi guys,.

I picked today to be a total slacker...stayed in "lounge" pants all day (ok...P.J.'s)...but someone inquired about the quads, so must go try to get them going..

I will check back in later..

Much love,..

Comment #38

Andrea ~ Dare I ask??? When was/is your Birthday?..

Comment #39

No worries to anyone about missing my bday... it's not till 11/26. it's black friday and I plan to shop till I drop. thanks for the early good wishes!..

Comment #40

Posting a quickie...forgot to tell you guys I colored my hair...went darker for fall-NEVER been anything but blonde. Check out the color in the new avi!..

Comment #41

Andrea- How are things going today hon...DS got any more big projects before Thanksgiving?.

Jo - I am so sorry to hear everything you guys are going through right now! It sure sounds like a lot! Your children are soooo lucky to have you in their lives! You amaze me..

Lauri - I agree that the story from yesterday was a good for all of us to hear! We have a Life Skills class in our building now. It has been great for the elementary kids to be around them. I think it makes a GREAT impact on their acceptance of differences..

Sandy -loved all the closet cleaning out! So cool. You are doing AWESOME!.

Kori-How did the baking go today? I know the smell of goodies in a school can cause lots of people to drool!!!.

Andi-You are doing an awesome job with your runs!! Keep it up girlie! Once are my inspiration to get my butt back in gear!..

Comment #42

Dawn, your color is nice and I'm all for changes now and then. When I get mine done next week, I think I'm going back about 2 shades lighter cuz people have commented about how dark it looks. I don't notice it much but I'll change it anyway cuz it's always fun doing that. Nice seeing you here again. I exercised on my WII Fit today and also played some tennis on the sports program. Gotta be sure and get my exercise in. Hope everyone has a great night...

Comment #43

It's quite alright to have a "lazy butt" day even if it isn't Sunday!..

Comment #44

Early Happy Birthday cuz I will be out shopping then too!..

Comment #45

Baking went well. Just finished putting the last batch of pumpkin cranberry nut muffins in the oven. Then I am out of here in about 30 minutes after they bake and cool a bit...

Comment #46

Going to finish baking and cooling the muffins then I am leaving work..

Have invitations to baked goods exchange to deliver tonight..

Eat L&G..

Make it to the gym with the trainer tonight..

Then make homemade bread for my neices that I just remembered I promised for them. They need it tomorrow for a Girl Scout Harvest Feast thing. Crapola! I hate when I forget that I am gonna do something like that..

Will try and get back on later...

Comment #47

Evening lovelies - just a quick stop by to log and say howdy. back off to my psych project..

See you tomorrow. Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks!..

Comment #48

Hi Sandy, it's nice to meet you! You're doing so well in a short amount of time. Way to go..

The potluck today went fine. It was heavy on the desserts, and I had no desire to eat any of them. I had turkey, a little salad, and canned green beans. lol Not exactly gourmet..

I'll be spending Thanksgiving with friends and would like one glass of wine with my dinner, and the freedom to have a taste of anything that looks interesting. I'll be contributing green beans, so I know that at least I can eat those and turkey. Otherwise, when I'm on MF, I have no desire for desserts or carbs so I know I won't go wild...

Comment #49

Good for you and good for Andi for motivating you to go...I know it's not easy after working all day and all the other stuff you do in a day...

Comment #50

Whew! My mom's is on the 24th. I'm sure there are other people born in November, too. Just sayin'. lol..

Comment #51

Dawn ~ I LOVE it! I think it makes you look even younger. I almost always go lighter in the Summer and darker in the Fall/Winter. Pink in the Spring...ok, just kidding on the pink...

Comment #52

Barb ~ AWESOME on the exercise!!! You are back in the game, my friend! Super proud of you!..

Comment #53

OMG Kori! I'd be in freakout mode and the last thing I would want to do tonight is bake MORE! You're such a good auntie!..

Comment #54

I kinda thought about doing the Wii Sports bowling...

Comment #55

Howdy Andi! Rest well and good luck with your project...

Comment #56

Great job on the potluck Jan! Congratulations!.

For Thanksgiving, I'll be having turkey and green beans, too. My family will be in town from No. Cali. It's surprisingly easy for me to stay OP when I'm around them. I think I'm actually showing, letting them know "I AM DOING THIS" AND I feel so much better having conquered the biggest meal of the year...

Comment #57

I had to go back and re-read all the posts to see if I missed how the day turned out.'d it go? I hope it wasn't terrible and that you were all able to get things off your chests and have a nice day..

I missed seeing you here today...

Comment #58

Ang ~ I hope jobs #1 and #2 worked out okay in the end..


Comment #59

Darlene ~ I hope Timmy was rested enough to have a GRAND time at "my happy place" this evening. Give him hugs from the Shams...

Comment #60

Barb ~ How is your grandson doing? Is he all better now?..

Comment #61

Ok, going to go now. I need to pick Nate up in a bit from Easter Seals...Dinner and a Movie Night...

Comment #62

Evening Sexy Shammies,.

Barb - good job on the exercise. Do you recommend it? I think it is good to try different exercise routines so your body does not get efficient at any one sport..

Dawn - I love the hair color..

Kori - I hope you get some sleep. You are so busy. I picture you like the energizer bunny..

Lauri - I stayed after golf for a long time to let everyone talk themselves out. I think it went as well as it could. I am so glad it is done. I know I did the right thing. Ok, I will be playing golf on Thursday morning from now on and without the beitch..

Tomorrow we are running errands - hair cut and color and bring tons of stuff to a resale boutique for donations. We have to take the big car to hold it all. Seems like we have a half a dozen stops to make. I am ready for a pick me up after today...

Comment #63

See you guys tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good night and has a great OP day tomorrow...

Comment #64

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.