Anyone ever done LA Weight Loss? Nutrisystem? Quick Weight Loss Center?

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Question I have... Anyone ever done LA Weight Loss? Nutrisystem? Quick Weight Loss Center? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... On the 100% Challenge Thread I am being hazed for being too low on my calories..

I'll give them that Cap'n Crunch is a stretch... and will remove it from my diet....

I actually sit down for a living and spend 8-10 hours behind a desk not moving anything other than my fingers and aside from the walking that I do during the week I'm pretty sedentary..

I know the mens plan calls for 1400-1500 calories, but my body is fine at 1200 good calories a day. I'm not hungry I hit my targets, I eat a TON of vegetables (an entire bag being no more than 110 calories or so)..

Do I really need to add another carb to my diet if I don't feel slow or lethargic? I honestly feel like I'm over eating and struggle to get all my Nutrisystem foods in..

Of course, my snacks (pears - 60 calories, grapes, etc.) have super high water content making me also feel full..

Just wanted opinions..

It could be that that's just where my stomach has shrunk to because I've been on a 1200 calorie plan for a while now.....

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Well... there's two rules in play here as I see it..

#1 If you're losing weight and not feeling sick or anything then just keep doing what you're doing..

#2 If you skimp toooo much for tooo long you may be setting yourself up for a moment of weakness and then binging with the double bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries..

The only other thing i'd say is eating all of the alloted foods per day may also help you get used to (roughly) what size meals you should be having when you hit goal. I'm a long way off from that myself though, so not really sure...

Comment #2

Hi Acoustic,.

I'm a firm believer in following the plan as prescribed, at least until you have enough experience with it to know what works for you and what doesn't work. Looking at your diet I would be concerned that you're not getting enough nutrition, and might be setting yourself up to get sick, lost muscle, or just get burnt out. When I was in loss mode there was a sweet spot where the weight flew off, I felt great, and it seemed like I could sustain the momentum forever with no plateau. I found it by adding calories. For me the magic number was 1600-1700 calories per day. I would encourage you to at least add the correct add-ins, like a salad at lunch and a carb and fruit to breakfast...

Comment #3

Hey Acoustic,.

I'd not sweat it. When I'm in a "happy low cal" state, I roll with it at 1200 or so too. Rapid loss! I often don't do either of my snacks in a day. Just be aware that other times you may go into an "unhappy" state and want to over-eat. That's when it's time to eat EVERYTHING on plan and no more!.

Also be aware that many folks are more focused on The Plan to the point of paranoia and consider doing anything not precisely as prescribed as bad juju. Nothing wrong with that, as it really is a proven program, but it is NOT magic! Many folks here have a hard time getting their heads around individual variations in metabolism, phsyche, body frame. They believe their truth is The Truth. As a newbie, though, you should stick close to plan till you figure yourself out..

The only other thing to be aware of is that if you drive yourself to severe caloric restriction, your metabolism can actually slow down and SLOW your loss. As impossible as that may seem, it's been frequently reported, especially by bigger guys who go into a heavy exercise/lifting routine. It's hard to tell if that is happening unless you've got a long base-line of experience with how your body responds to The Plan. The only way to tell is if you stall out, try adding a big shot of calories for a day or 2 and see if your loss re-starts. I don't think that's an issue for you, given your activity level..

It's really an adventure to go through all this, discovering how your system responds to different inputs and take ALL posts (mine too!) with a big grain of salt. I've found many weight loss "experts" are off-base a lot and virtually all of us are too from time to time! It's a learning experience and that's a big part of the fun!.


Comment #4

I think I understand..

I am watching my proteins, and really believe that I'm getting enough in in order to maintain muscle mass..

What I'm really missing is:.

1 snack - which I can add during the day if I NEED to..

2 salads, fruits, and veggies which are basically "free".

For example, if I add 15 grapes here, it's roughly 60 calories... or a pear there, another 60 calories... That's a lot of fruits and veggies to make up the deficit and are there to take in if I need them..

Things that were never a part of my diet? Salad dressing etc....

That's also one of the reasons I do the 2% milk instead of the fat free... to get that fat in that they suggest..

I think it's a workable plan and will keep you guys posted...

Comment #5

I'm intruding yet again, and far be it from me to tell you what to eat, but ... I come from a family with a strong history of heart disease (both parents died of it and my brother had a heart attack just over a year ago, at age 49). I'd suggest getting your fat from a healthier source, like nuts or olive oil (or olives). The majority of the fat in 2% milk is saturated..

(I'll shut the door on my way out.)..

Comment #6

You will likely lose muscle mass. We all do. The % of your lost weight that is lean muscle mass depends on your own physiology. Resistance training and the addition of a protein supplement and possibly L-glutamine (research it for your own edification) can help minimize the amount of lean muscle mass that is lost. Do not be too alarmed as muscle mass can always be added later. But reaslitically there is no way to lose 100% adipose and no other tissue.

Just as an aside, I began this program carrying about 226 lbs of LBM (lean body mass). Of course, it didn't matter since I cas carrying about an equal amount of body fat. I am now carrying 193.7 lbs of LBM, 32.3 lbs LBM less, but am 169.4 lbs lighter than when I started. So, approximately 80% of the weight I have lost, about 137.1 lbs, is adipose with the rest being LBM. It is not presumptuous to say I look a lot better now than I did then, even carrying less LBM...

Comment #7

That makes sense... and I'm actually fine with that. When I started playing soccer I was 128 pounds. In 2 years I was 185 pounds and that was all muscle that was developed in my legs primarily. (I had those HUGE sprinter thighs)..

Now that I'm no longer athletic I don't have the need to be that muscular. I have no desire to get down to 128 pounds either... but once I get under 200 I can really start excercising again and not have to worry as much about the damage that was previously done to my ankles and knees. (It truly is scarey to look at x-rays and see how much enamel has warn off the old bones...)..

Comment #8

One of the breakthroughs in getting serious about losing fat and in setting a goal weight for me was accepting I would lose muscle mass and that the tables regarding weight ranges are what they are for a reason, i.e. most of us do fall into the stated range for our height. There are always exceptions but you ackowledged a key point - we don't have to walk around with the muscle we may have carried at one time. I played football in HS, along with wrestling and throwing the shot put, and power lifted after I got out of college. I had to mentally accept that, just because I end up being 5'9" 180 lbs, it doesn't mean people will be kicking sand in my face all day long. It may sound ridiculous but it was a big psychological hurdle since I was used to be ing the 'big guy.' Now, I would rather be the lean, cut-up guy in 32's. I believe you have the right approach...

Comment #9

From an energy balance standpoint, the less calories you consume, the faster you lose. I truly believe this from a rational energy standpoint as well as my own multi-week (not trying to analyze from a weekend...the stochastic variation is too high!) experience..

That said, I think you will do better running a more regular program and doing it at the 1500 calories (add some exercise if desired). Think the dangers of cheating and bingeing and the slowdowns from that outweigh the rapid loss benefits from going lower in calories..

Also a better training for maintenance. If you want to vary it up and occasionally have a protein or fruits or even veggies in place of the carbs that are stuck into the men's plan, the dieticians say this is ok..

BUT I SUPPORT YOU HOWEVER YOU long as you are consistent and make it work...

Comment #10

I don't believe that you should either worry about "muscle wastage" while dieting or that it has to happen. I think that it is exaggerated as a concern...even if it did happen, you would still be better off cutting the fat..

All the fat ladies think their boobs are big and make them look good when fat...I throw the BS flag. All the chunky men think they are covering big muscles...I throw the BS flag. But (for men's concern, not women's) it really doesn't even happen that much!.

And definitely don't need to worry about "muscle wasting" if you lift. I gained strength while losing 3#/week for 6 months.* And I'm old and fat and weak and broken jointed and didn't juice..

*And I ran my program regularly enough and LONG enough to really get at least a valid study of one. I don't beleive you can well interpret impressions of someone who occasionally lifted during his loss experience, but did not track strength, etc. over long periods...

Comment #11

I agree,. I had an 18 inch neck, 48 inch chest and 18 inch arms (i think they were 18) back when, I don't need that anymore...just makes shirt/coat buying difficult. I've definitely lost muscle in the past 20 years and that's ok....

I got big like that for a reason, it worked...all done with that now.....

Comment #12

Hi Acoustic,.

I am like you in that I am on my butt most of the day with a keyboard and a mouse being my main source of exercise. I fell just fine with 1000-1200 calories a day and if I feel like I need more, I eat more. It is certain that muscle mass is being lost because to lose 5 pounds of pure fat would require a calorie restriction of 17,500 calories (3500 calories/pound of fat X 5) all else being equal. Yet I think it is also true that the body gets more efficient at burning fat rather than muscle over time so I think if you are feeling ok, you are ok..


Comment #13

That is by no means certain that you are losing muscle from that calculation. If you monitored your lifts and saw a strength reduction...that would be a true sign of muscle loss. Not because you dropped 5#..

You can lose 5# fat in a week, no problem. Just means you are running a 2500 cal/day deficit, which is possible especially when you start very heavy (like if your "equilibrium" intake would need to be 4000 cal/day to maintain your overweight status and you eat 1500)..

P.s. Also with water weight uncertainty, you don't know for sure if the 5# was all fat or had some water component...

Comment #14

I have not been doing Nutrisystem for long, but in my experience there is what is sometimes termed non-essential muscle loss. When your intake of carbohydrates and calories are lower, there is less glycogen in the muscle and less water. The important thing is that you maintain strength..

A question I would have though is why not go for the weight loss and the ripped body? You can develop a pretty decent physique in 30 minutes, 3 days a week if you know what you're doing...

Comment #15

The ripped body requires more calorie intake for muscle formation. I think most of us got into trouble with More Calorie intake with No Muscle Formation. In the beginning, focus on lower caloric intake then when you get to goal or near goal, add calories and go for muscle! Then hope you look like Gordon!..

Comment #16

For sake of clarification, when I said ripped body I was referring to a lean, fit look a.k.a Brad Pitt in Fight Club or the Men's Health look. That is mainly a result of fat loss and having a decent musculature underneath..

I am sure things will change at some point, but for now I am concentrating all my exercise effort on metabolic resistance work using kettlebells. I'm sure I'll change my tune once I hit my first plateau, but it seems like calories are already low enough if you're following the plan 100%. So no need yet for cardio...

Comment #17

Greg, most of my exercise during my Phase I was cardio and kettlebells. They rock! Going to start hitting the iron again next week but I plan on finishing off my weight training days with 3x25 of either swings, cleans or snatch. Once I get closer to goal, I plan on incorporating more body weight resistance and kettlebells. Eventually, I want to give P90X a shot...

Comment #18


This isn't a calorie counting program! Follow the damn program. Nothing more, nothing less!.

Read Mobay45's signature. And then go read his story..

You've only been using Nutrisystem for a week and you already want to modify it? You question it's validity before even trying it correctly? What the hell man?.


Comment #19

I know I'm a young padawan learner here, but from the many things I've tried before I know you can't lose weight without being in a calorie deficit. That being said, there are many ways to accomplish that and the Nutrisystem program makes it easy to do so without counting calories..

The short time I've been doing this, I've no idea how many calories I'm taking in. I feel hungry (or at least unsatisfied) until I fill up on the veggies and salad. With past experience, I know for me that means I'm in enough of a energy deficit to lose. That's all I need to know. No calorie counting required...

Comment #20

Thanks Robert, I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with everybody. If you can come up with something better than Nutrisystem then you don't need NS. The program, as RXed, worked for me, so I don't see why you would mess with it...

Comment #21

I don't understand why the mere mention of calories is heresy here. Everyone is aware that Nutrisystem is calorie restricted plan right? To each his own. I don't see why anyone would feel threatened by what another person is doing...

Comment #22

Hi Greg,.

I don't feel threatened by it at all, but when people come here looking for advice I'm going to give it as honestly as I can. I do that because that's the kind of attitude that helped me lose almost 115 pounds, and the kind of help that I got. We have seen lots of people come through here wanting to change things around because they think they know better after a very short exposure. I can tell you that the program works as written. Everyone eventually modifies it to optimize it for themselves, but it takes time getting familiar with it to learn what works and doesn't work for you. Ultimately everybody will do whatever they want, but I just want to make sure that people make educated decisions...

Comment #23

BTW, I have counted calories from the beginning too, it's just another useful piece of data to me, but I'm a data junkie...

Comment #24

For the record, I am playing devil's advocate here. As I said before, I personally don't count my calories and only have used the paper planner to keep track. Still, I don't see the point of asking someone "what the hell are you doing, blah blah blah" just because you don't agree with what they're doing. Hardly seems constructive or a good way to win someone over to your way of thinking...

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