Anyone ever had success with Nutrisystem diet?

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My question is Anyone ever had success with Nutrisystem diet? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... Went to VA today for a follow-up for the blood test I did last Monday. Here are the numbers that count..

April 13.

Total Cholesterol = 251.

Triglyceride = 237.

HDL = 44.

LDL = 160.

BP 127 / 97.

June 8.

Total Cholesterol = 245.

Triglyceride = 308.

HDL = 28.

LDL = 156.

BP 120 / 90.

Analysis: Been back on plan for little more than a month. Don't know why my Tri number went up. I have to go back in 2 months to check it all again. If my numbers have not improved by then, it's back on the meds and I really don't look forward to more pills...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Damon -.

Triglycerides will continue to redisolve back into the blood. It can take months to get them flushed out of the blood stream. Stay on the program and probably in two months they will be back down to normal levels. And as a bonus, hopefully you will be 30 pounds lighter..

Hang in there!..

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Your HDL is super low, too. Lowering carbs a little can help a lot with that...

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According to my nurse, HDL is believed to be the mechanism that carries the bad stuff outta your blood. By burning fat, HDL could be depleted until my body 'balances out'. Thus, my return re-check in 2 months..

This falls in line to what Robert just said, so I'm really not going to fret too much right now. I just want to stress to everyone that these are really the numbers that count more than that gravity number does. If you have not had yours checked lately, I strongly suggest you do. Atherosclerosis is a silent killer for both Men and Women..

PS. My Oxygen was 97%. It used to hover around 92% back before I quit smoking...

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Taking a fish oil (or flax oil) capsule once a day will increase your HDL count and help to compensate a bit for the high triglycerides...

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Flax oil is far better an oil as opposed to Fish oil. However, Fish Oil is cheaper and does work!..

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That's definitely debatable. This is what Dr. Michael Eades (who has been one of the biggest proponents of omega-3 supplementation) says about it (but to sum it up, he prefers fish oil):.


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AMEN! You've got that right, Damon. My wife has improved her blood work dramatically since she started NS. She has the full boat metabolic syndrome. I never really had issues there, but I expect my numbers are significantly improved too. I'm looking forward to the look on my Doc's face when we do my annual next month..


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I wish you could have seen the look on cardioligists face when he did my annual. He told me, beleive it or not, that very few people do anything at all to improve their physycal well being after heart surgery or a heart attack. I did not have a heart attack, but I did have double by-pass 3 years ago. I am better physical shape now than I have been in a long time..

Damo is right, keep aclose eye on your blood counts, they can be and are silent killers if they get out of hand..

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I'm lucky, being a disabled vet, I get full physicals twice a year at the VA hospital. No choice. LOL..

Blood work, whatever that thing is where they put 20 wires all over your body and you lay there for like 10 seconds and they are done, eye doctor, the works..

Since I started working out and losing weight, I've been taken off one diabetic medicine and had my blood pressure medicine doses lowered..

And my blood test results have consistantly been better than "normal" for over a year now...

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I think everybody can say that there is a much bigger reason for our weight loss than just looking good in our cloths. The blood numbers do not lie and it is great to hear from three of you that our weight lost is reflecting our healthiness inside and out!..

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We should have a Disabled Vet Forum. There sure a lot of us in here. Next thing you know we'll have to swipe our VA cards every time we log in. At least we have valet parking. BTW, I love MyHealtheVet. No more having to call for refills, click click and it's done. Very Cool...

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Good for you..

Within 2 weeks on nutrisystem, I was able to stop taking my BP meds. I have been sitting in the 120's/70's range the last couple of weeks. I am hoping to stay off of them at least until my 40's (bad family history)..

An added benefit, I recently wore my belt for the first time in a couple of weeks and I'm a notch in!!! I think that has me more excited than anything...

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Hmm will have to check that out, I have always called the 800 number at my regional and gotten the automated pharmacy line...

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I see my Dr. everythree months for a check up and blood tests for Zocor.. I started Nutrisystem right after I saw him in May.

May - Weight 265 B/P - 140/90 Cholesteral 170.

August - Weight 229 B/P 120/70 Cholesteral 130 + Blood Sugar Down, Bad cholesteral Down / Good Cholesteral UP I now am in the "below Avg risk for Heart Desease.. For the first time in YEARS we are going to cut back on the meds!!!.

I can't wait untill October's visit!.

If that ain't motivation I do not knopw what is!..

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Way to go <thumbsup>. I love the belt NSVs. There's nothing like using a fresh belt notch..

BTW, I'm at that awkward time where one notch is too tight and one too loose. My life is hell.


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Mini Cholesterol Course.

While it is true that having your.

Total Cholesterol.

Elevated is not good, the more important aspect is your ratio of.

Good-Bad Cholesterol.

One way of thinking about your Cholesterol is to think in terms of.

Good Cholesterol.


Bad Cholesterol.

One way to remember which is which is to think of.



Lowly Desirable.




Highly Desirable.


The bad stuff.


Plug up the plumbing and the good guys.


Act like.


And push the bad stuff out and clean the pipes. Normally.


Good Guy can push out.


Bad Guys. To see where you stand, simple divide your TOTAL CHOLESTEROL by the HDL's. If you get a number 4 or less... your in good shape. Over 4 means you have work to do..

One way to help improve your total cholesterol is add more.

Omega 3,s.

And cut the fat, coincidentally this is exactly what the.

Nutrisystem Diet.


Omega 3's.

Can be found in.

Fish Oil.


Flaxseed Oil.

You can also improve things by taking.


Which will reduce cholesterol but more importantly increase your.


Finally, nother way to improve things is with Weight Resistant Exercise which can increase HDL's and smoking will deplete your HDL's..


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Good job on BPs guys. I found my pulse has gone down from 100+ (rejected for blood donation) to 80. Exercise has helped also...

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