Anyone gone on a Medifast Diet and it worked for them?

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Quick question... Anyone gone on a Medifast Diet and it worked for them? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Team PINK.











It's a new month along our weight loss journey!.

A time of reflection on what we are thankful for,.

How far we've come and to notice the little things along the way!.

This month's team challenge is to post at least one.

NSV or LLC a day!.

(NSV is a non-scale victory and LLC is a little life change that you've made to become healthier.).

Everyday please post either a NSV or LLC (or both, if you want!) to prove to yourself that Medifast is working and you are your way to goal AND to encourage your fellow PINK sisters that we are in this together!.

Medifast has changed my life forever and everyday I know there are NSVs to be found if we just look for them!.

They motivate! They challenge! They inspire!.

Together we can do this! And Thankfully we have each other!.

Here is the link to last month's thread if you want to "ketchup" or reminance:..

Comments (97)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Good Morning, PINKs!.

Today is a new day and one day closer to goal! YEP! ~~~ NO matter how you did OP yesterday or the day before that.


Is a new day and you ARE one day closer to goal! Together we can do this!.

I"lll be looking for my NSV or LLC today! Can't wait until I spot it and will shout "ah-HA!" when I find it and then post here..

My first LLC is that I am starting my morning with.


The diet soda will have to wait..

Congrats to your son's team, Meshka! 28-0 is waaaaaaaaaay good! MUDDY, but good!.

Did you take a bar or RTD along for all the games or do you eat before you leave the house? Sounds like you had a great time with old friends and your children. Did that teen girl say anything about your weight loss?.

Hi PINKers!.

(((Team PINK))).

What NSVs have you noticed today?..

Comment #2

Leita and all PINKs,.

You gotta see this! My children play tournament chess (Leita's son too). This is a cool video!.

NBA Chess.


Comment #3

Here is a weird little NSV. This morning I had to take the car my daughter uses to the garage for repair. It's a fairly small car and sits very low to the ground, so I have to get in and out of it very carefully, with my long legs and fragile knees. Once I had lowered myself in today, I noticed that it was a lot easier to fasten the seat belt. I think I didn't have it pulled out to it's maximum capacity!..

Comment #4 ID required, no waiting, they know me by name and had homemade goodies (but I didn't eat any). = rural living...

Comment #5

Hi PINKs!!!.

Just poppin real quick and I will catch up later tonight..

I voted last Fri. so that was taken care of before today..

My actual factuals:.

7:30am dutch choc. shake.

10:30am cappy in my coffee.

2:00pm oatmeal(I know a tad bit later than I should have).

2 bottles of water with infuser through out the day so far and I am working on a regular bottle of water now..

Ok BBL..

Comment #6

Happy November Pinks!.

Every Tuesday/Thursday my son goes to preschool. They do a devotion before they head off to their class and the end it with a prayer where the kids raise their hands wiggle their fingers, put their hands together and bring them down to their lap. So as I did this today, and brought my hands down and wrapped them together, I noticed how much weight I have lost in my hands. They are not puffy anymore! Woohoo to that..

I resisted chips and queso at a restaurant along with their homemade honey butter croissant..

It was a good day. I just ate a brownie and will be drinking my hot chocolate while I watch Dancing with the Stars tonight...

Comment #7

I'm having a very frustrating time. Long story short but possible allergies kept me from coming back to Medifast earlier and even though I got the ok to start back I had a horrible reaction Sunday and then a milder one Monday. Doctor has said no more Medifast until we can get things straight. On a good note I lost between 4 and 5 lbs even with the swelling I have going on..

Dh is going to finish up his food and mine and see if he'll continue from there..

I logically know that people develop allergies at all stages of life, but it makes no sense for my immune system to all of a sudden be going crazy over things I've eaten all of my life...

Comment #8

Hi PINKs!.

Leita, Congrats on your NSV! I don't have the height factor you do but I can relate to your wonderment of fitting into the smaller car. I remember my shock when I looked down and saw "space" between the steering wheel and my stomach. Medifast works! yeah!.

Meshka, good job on posting your Actual Factuals! Here's mine:.

8am cappy.

10am shake (starting to enjoy the shakes again with crushed ice).

12noon brownie.

2pm tropical punch.

4pm brownie.

6pm LG.

Courtney! Excellent OP day for you! Saying no to the chips is a great way to get the pounds off! Those little things add up, they are so sneaky! But you were on guard! woo hoo!! And good for you on being more flexible in your hands. I know that is a good feeling! My days always seem happier when my rings are spinning..

Knit, I am sooo sorry you are having trouble with new/mystery allergies..

Wish it wasn't that way for you but you have to do what the doctor says. Stay here on PINK so we can cheer you on. Hopefully your doc will get it all worked out for you soon. It sounds frustrating for you so I am (((Hugging you))).

AFM (as for me)~ I had a quick date out with hubby tonight. Mexican food, no rice and beans, I asked for a bed of lettuce instead. I don't miss the fat from those foods when I do that as long as I get to have that yummmmmmy grilled chicken!.

I just filled up a few boxes to mail to some of my 'adopted' chess kids to send to them in college in three different states. I am sending them a little care package and just for humor, I included one pair of Argyle of socks!!! LOL.

(((Team PINK))) Love and Hugs to all!..

Comment #9

I forgot to report that my NSV yesterday (Tuesday) was that the lady's that work at our local voting booth said that I had lost weight since the last time they saw me. LOL And when I walked in they told me that my husband and son had already been in to vote and expressed shock that my oldest son is old enough to vote now. (I can hardly believe it myself.)..

Comment #10

Good Morning, PINKs..

Today I have to make a lot of food in advance for this weekend so hubby and the rest of the kids will have food when I am gone and not eat out. I just now finished off my birthday freezer meat. Took approximately six weeks. Freeze is now partly stocked with deer but need to do that bulk shopping again. I also have to pack, run errands around town, and a bunch of other stuff here at the house. Thursday I will be driving allllllll day but check in with PINK at the rest stops..

My appointment with cosmetic surgeon is 8am on Tuesday!!! I have to be super good all weekend so when he sees my tummy it is deflated. LOL..

Which reminds me that today is WIW and Sharon already emailed me hers...

Comment #11

Hi lovely Pink's,.

I am sorry to MIA for so long, but I am still dealing with the leg wound. I am also happy to report that I am OP and plan to stay that way. I feel so much better when I am OP, but the Dr. still want me to eat yogurt because of being on antibiotics. I was on the antibiotics for 3 wks. them a wound vac for 3 wks.

Of antibiotics..

Have a wonderful day and I will report in more often. Love, Linda..

Comment #12

WIW: 267.


I'm packing for a trip to visit a college with my 17-year-old. We're flying and trying to carry on, so no RTDs! I actually packed my food a few days ago, because I'm at the bottom of the barrel and didn't want to have only the stuff I like lessor that is less portableleft. I'm hoping my new Medifast shipment comes today or tomorrow, before I leave...

Comment #13

Hello TeamPink,.

I am new to MF. Just wrapped up my first week and lost 9 lbs! I am very excited about my new Medifast lifestyle and have found it is the most do-able diet I have ever tried (and I have tried every diet out there)! I am also a friend of Courtneys who is a member of TeamPink. I would like to join your group if that is ok! Looking forward to the journey and to a forever life of thinness!.


Comment #14

Good morning PINKs!.

7:30am vanilla shake.

9:30am cappy in my coffee.


I am OP so far today and I will stay OP today!!! I plan to drink water, water and more water!!.

Welcome Becki!!! So glad that you are here!.

Have a fun trip Leitja! Good for you packing your food ahead of time!!.

Pl, where are you off to?.

Sorry ladies I haven't read up like I thought that I would.

Anyways....hope that every PINK has a wonderful day!!!.


Comment #15

Just a quick fly by PINKs! I am in the process of baking the Halloween goodies I was suppose to make last week for DD1's art club. Its already 3am here and I'm about to make some mummy cookies. Hopefully they'll turn out right (1st time trying out recipe). Cupcakes and 1/4 of the candy corn sugar cookies are done. Whew! Anyway just wanted to post my WIW before I forget or run out of time:.

WIW: 137.5 lbs..

Height: 5ft..

Will try 2 B back later..

Comment #16

Hi PINKs,.

I am still trying to put out fires before I leave...I just got home from my errands and had put DS3 in charge of browning some meat for me. EEEKKKKK he let DS4 help and I have never seen such a mess!!! RAW hamburger and GREASE all over my stove and WALLs and FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent about an hour giving orders to get the house clean and with five kids helping it doesn't take long but what a MESS and I need HELP not more messes!! grrr!! And tonight is church so that means I have to do the rest of the stuff after..

I see some great weight losses this week! yeah!.

Bbl to celebrate!.

Gooooo PINK!.

BTW, we need everyone to post another NSV today or a LLC (little life change)..

(((Team PINK)))..

Comment #17




I am down a little over a pound this week and I know that I probably could be down more if I had drank more water this past week. So my huge goal for this next week is to drink water, drink water, drink water..

My NSV for today was pulling out a brown velour jacket and pants that I had in the back of my closet because it didn't fit. I put it on and low and behold it fits now! Yay! Also, the fact that one of my best friend's complimented me today on losing and wearing more fitted clothes, something I have not done in a long time because I was too self-conscious of my weight...

Comment #18

Hi PINKs,.

Just got home and have been cooking several days worth of food for the kids while I am gone....washing clothes/packing, etc. I read somewhere online about a woman in Project 33. Anyone heard of that? Something about she is only suppose to wear 33 items over a 6 month period. NO PROBLEMO for me! LOL I can rotate out a few different skirts/tops/shoes and be in a lower number than that! lol I should google it but haven't had time to see what that is about..

Welcome, Becca! do you have a WIW to report? We need a baseline for you..

I am sorry to be gone so much today...I have been getting ready to go out of town for a few days and you know how that is....especially with lots of kids. lol.

Christina has ordered a new computer and emailed me her WIW. Hopefully she'll be back online soon..

Hi Linda, what's your WIW? Glad you are here and still OP. I emailed with LeeAnn and she is losing..

Leita, have a wonderful trip with your DD this weekend. It sounds like a fun girl weekend for the two of you. Starting college is an exciting time for the whole family. I just signed up DS1 and DS2 to take the ACT with the optional writing section again in Dec. We are hoping for scholarship money and need to get their scores up..

PINKs, please post your WIW now....I won't announce the winner until tomorrow because I am still packing and that gives more PINKs time to post..

(((hugging all the PINKs))) I gotta git (said in my TX drawl). Gotta about 13 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow. Good thing DS2 has his permit now because I am going to make him drive part of the way. Love and Hugs to all!..

Comment #19

Good Morning, PINKs!.

Today is a new day! yeah!.

My Actual Factuals (what I actually ate and not just what I planned to eat because sometimes I change my mind at the last minute) will be easy today because it's all going to be RTDs and one brownie!.

(((Team PINK))) We can do this!!..

Comment #20


I have today off so I came here as soon as I got home from my procedure; had another series of back injections today..

I miss all peeps PINK..

I have been in contact with.


Off and on..

I miss you all very much!!.

Life has been VERY harsh for me right now. Between pain, family and serious work drama amd more; I am in self-perservation mode. I just have had no PINK posting time at all. Honestly, if I did have time, I would be such a Debbie Downer, I wouldn't be much fun anyway..

Right after the first infections 2 weeks ago I got a really bad sinus infection/bronchitis/ Laryngitis. I still don't have my voice back 2 weeks later. Feel achy and crummy still. Hoping that gets better soon too..

Injections are helping the back pain, Meds are helping the pain too and the overhwelming appetite I have always had. I have to contact Medifast N/S and see if I am able to take this med with Medifast as Keto diets are a HUGE no-no with it. I have not been on Medifast but have been losing weight simply because nothing tastes good and I just don't really feel like eating. That is totally foreign to me. Today the Dr. stepped me up to the next dose so we'll se how that goes.

Hoping and praying 2011 is MY year to step into a healthier new me..

I hope you all are well. I pray for you each day. Some as a group, some individually..


I hope you are making strides as well GF!! <3 I know you really understand my pain issues..

I need to go ice my back, take cough med, and I think maybe a nap..

I love you all PINKS!!! HUGGING each one of you. Have a great OP day!..

Comment #21

Hi PINKs,.

I am in Oklahoma City (waving) and have to comment that OK is nothing but one toll road after another and the only good things I can think of OK is that Garth Brooks, Toby Keith came from here. LOL.

Hi Sharon!!! (((squeeze hugging you!)))).

I've got six more hours of driving....but will be THINKin' PINK..

NSV for today anyone??.

I am still looking for mine...but I know I'll find one...could be that my rings were spinning this morning..

And I love how I can sip a Medifast RTD while I drive!.

((Team PINK))..

Comment #22

PL is singing...Amarillo b y morning...up from San Antone...sing it with me, except ill be there in about 1.5 hrs. LOL..

Comment #23

PL-I love George Strait. I did better about drinking water today. I have decided to make a Team Pink shirt. I own my own embroidery business, so I figure I should at least make something and then wear it on days when I need extra help to stay OP. I'll post pictures when I get it done..

NSV today was squeezing, literally, but able to zip up a size 16 regular pair of jeans. So yay to that!..

Comment #24

Hi PINKs,.

12 hours later, checked into my hotel....DS2 and I enjoyed the trip for most of it but then after the 10th hour, I was not as happy with him but we both felt better after LG..

AND I took this picture to post to the PINKs to spread a little happy!! It's in TX!.

Courtney, George is an old heart-throb of mine!.

GREAT idea on the PINK shirts! Post pics, please! VERY COOL!.

(((Sharon))) hoping your pain goes away! you've got enough going on without that too..

Sorry, dear friend. Glad to see you here!.

Leita, are you already on your trip too?.

(((Team PINK)))..

Comment #25

Dear PINKs.

I need to post the WIW results. Please forgive me! I will do that next..

Where is everyone? Let's hear some more NSVs or Actual Factuals?.

Also questions of the day:.

PINK Homework:.

1) What's your favorite Medifast bar flavor?.

2) How much is a gallon of gasoline where you live?.

3) Are you a dog person or a cat person?..

Comment #26

PINK Homework:.

1) What's your favorite Medifast bar flavor?.

My favorite Medifast bar would be the mint crunch bar..

2) How much is a gallon of gasoline where you live?.

It is $3.35 almost every where, but I think it's $3.20 at our local Costco..

3) Are you a dog person or a cat person?.

I am more of a dog person...

Comment #27

Team PINK's WIW results!.

The envelope please.............

Christina 326.

Courtney 192.4 (-.9).

Leita 267 (-1).

Setae 137.5 (-1.5).

Sharon 294.6 (-.8).

PL 160.8 (-.8).


I proudly present to you our NEW PINK QUEEN of the WEEK .....




You won! You won!.

Congrats to you!.

Please tell your family and friends to treat you like special royalty this week!.

You deserve a little pampering!!.

I will PM you the crown!.

Dear PINKs, please congratulate your new queen and bow humbly before her..

Heee hee, let's have fun with this!..

Comment #28

Where's Meshka? I dont' think I got a WIW for you?.

(((goodnight Sweet PINKS))) see you all tomorrow! (hopefully MORE of you! ).


Comment #29

Good Morning, PINKs..

Just about to head off to the tourney and will fire-up my laptop when I get there, just wanted to say Good Morning!.

This is an international rated tourney. Lots of Grandmasters and International Masters will be here...and some regular peeps, like my son. LOL.

((((Team PINK))) Love and Hugs to all..

Comment #30

PINK Homework:.

1) What's your favorite Medifast bar flavor?.

Chocolate Mint Crunch.

2) How much is a gallon of gasoline where you live?.


3) Are you a dog person or a cat person?.

Definitely a dog person, we just got a new puppy a few weeks ago..

Comment #31

Hello pink ladies..

Ok, not sure what WIW is. Is it how much you weight with your height? I think I understand the actual factuals now. Bare with me, I am new at all this!.

1) What's your favorite Medifast bar flavor?.

The mint chocolate one almost tastes as good as those evil thin mints from the GS!.

2) How much is a gallon of gasoline where you live?.

I think the last time I filled up it was $2.69 over a week ago..

3) Are you a dog person or a cat person?.

I can honestly say, both! I have a chihuahua (4 lbs) and a ragdoll cat (16 lbs) They both give me equal joy and lovee!.

My NSV for the day is : being able to stay op and drinking tons of water..

Hope everyone has a great day!.

BTW: How do I get the really cute team pink banner?..

Comment #32

Thank you PL for your message. I got my PINK banner, yippee! The smallest things get me excited!.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and tell everyone a little about myself that I haven't already. This last wednesday marked the beginning of my 2nd week on medifast. I was on Medifast a couple of weeks before I started Mf, but saw that my friend Courtney was having awesome results, this convinced me that I needed to try MF, so here I am. I started Medifast weighing 237 lbs (Courtney: don't tell a soul!.

) I wieghed in this morning at (drumroll, please) 226 lbs. 11 lbs in a week 1/2. That is a great beginning! My actual total weight loss including Medifast is 19 lbs. ( my starting weight at WW was 245) It was very encouraging to have gotten my first "weight-loss notice"My monster in law (who by the way, never compliments me on anything) commented that it looked like I had lost a little weight. So that in itself was a booster!.

Ok, so I am a Stay at home mom/ realtor in Katy, Tx. I have two very active amazingly handsome ( I am not biased or anything.

Little boysJoshua is 8 and Dylan will be 7 in December. I have been married to my best friend Jason for 10 years (17 years total together). I love to read, sew, crochet, play with my kids, camp, hike, bike riding....... all the usual stuff!.

I have tried all the diets out there and have somehow managed to reach an all time high. I thought that I would die when I reached 245, because that was what I weighed when I checked in to the hosipital to deliver my oldest son. Only this time, the baby wasn't the reason for all the fat. I have found myself in a deep dark hole. Hiding away, watching the world pass me by. Now , every lb that I am loosing is one more step back to the old happy go lucky, fun loving self I have missed for so long.

I am just so thankful that I found MF, results really are the best motivation! I look forward to taking this journey with each of you and getting to know you. I hope you all feel as blessed as I do today! Have a wonderful OP day!.


Comment #33

Hey PINKs!!.

No I did not do a WIW....sorry. I will not be around today and maybe even several....I woke up at 4 am vommiting and a temp. of 102...YUCK!! Oh the flu. 1 of my families didn't come yesterday because they got really sick. Then I made my zillion phone calls this morning and the lil girl I watch showed some signs of maybe starting to vommit..

Ok off to the couch while kids play the Wii...I am going to sip some beef broth..


Comment #34



Queen of the Week Crown Rules.

~ New MFers joining team.


During their first week of Medifast are not up for the crown until they are in their second week or more on MF. (Because typically the first week is the greatest loss and we wanted to make it fair to all the.


Who have been losing for a while now.).



Works best if you post your weight on the first Wednesday you join team.


As your "baseline" weight and then the following week you will be up for the crown the following Wednesday..

~ Some people have other weigh in days that they would like to keep but still be eligible for the crown on Wednesdays. That is fine as long as you repost your weekly weigh ON Wednesday. (For example, you weigh Sunday but don't report until Wed. each week, as along as it is comparing a full seven day week.)Although it is more simple to just change to make your official weigh-in day on Wednesday..

~We actually post our weights and do not take it from our tickers (sometimes we get behind on our tickers). So please post something like this:.

WIW: 217.4.

Height: 5'4".

So anything you can do to make your weight stand out easier would be very helpful like adding large font, add color, and maybe even space it apart from everything else to make it stand out..

Thanks!! We are getting more fit each week! go.



Comment #35

Hi PINKs,.

Courtney already turned in her homework! yeah!.

Welcome Becki! I am so glad you are here to join us on this weight loss journey together. It's easier with a TEAM of support behind you! You have an awesome weight loss already!! just amazing! congrats! I gained a lot of weight with each of my babies too (I have five kids) and it wasn't until I came out of the 'fog' of having babies/breastfeeding for almost 10 years, that I had to admit the fat was allll mine. lol GREAT job on you getting healthy now. Your family will be so proud of you!.

To tell you about myself. I am a homeschool mom of five kids. 4 boys and 1 girl. DS1 is 18, DS2 is 15, DS3 is 13, DD is 10 and DS4 is 9. Been married to my college sweetheart (we met at Texas A&M) for 20 years. We live in the midwest now and very rurally.

Lol My kids all play tournament level chess and that's why I am in TX right now. My DS2 is our state high school champ so we travel about once a month for tourneys all over the country and I usually meet up with PINKs wherever I go. It's fun to meet them in real life. Too bad you are so far away. I'm in the panhandle right now.

I have an appt. with the Cosmetic Surgeon on Tuesday morning! I am sooo excited to hear what he has to say!!.

((((Meskha))) you're sick.

I am sorry. Seems like now is the season. Our chess coach is also very sick and had to cancel lessons this week. My family seems to get sick every February. Try to drink lots of water/maybe some hot Medifast chicken soup and rest. (((I'd plump your pillow for you if I could.)) take care, dear friend..

First round of the tourney just started....I get nervous at these things (the PINKs KNOW I am bad about that...emotional eating) but I will be good. My DS2 is playing some guy rated 2300+ and he is only rated 1954, so theorically he should lose this game before it even begun. I just hope he hangs in there and does his best..

I'll BBL to do my homework too..

Team PINK, we can do this!!..

Comment #36

Hi Pinks....

AAwwww Meshka. Feel better soon!.

I have been sick too.

Bronchitis, Laryngitis... found out yesterday, I have pneumonia!.

Sigh. I hope you get well soon Dear pink sister..

Yay Setae..

QUEEN PINK! Your pics on previous board are beautiful. You are working it girl keep going..

Hi Christina!.

Hi PL!.

Have a great Tourney Time! Sounds Internationally Fun!.

I am drugged up and ready for bed ladies so I am putting out a blanket NIGHTY NIGHT to all peeps PINK!!!! TGIF!!!.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend..

HUGS! <3..

Comment #37


1) What's your favorite Medifast bar flavor?.

Fruit and Nut crunch when I can tolerate the soy. YUM!.

2) How much is a gallon of gasoline where you live?.


3) Are you a dog person or a cat person?.

Both. We have a cat now. He is mommy's love bug... Mulligan..

Our last four pawed baby was a Lab mix.... Butler..

I miss him terribly. He was my baby for 14 years..

Comment #38

Congratulations Setae! Hello to everyone else, welcome to Becca..

I'm doing a quick fly-by while in the hotel room during my daughter's college visit. Have to tell you all that it was really nice to be able to buckle all the seat belts in the various planes we had to take to get here, and not to worry that I was taking up so much of the seat next to me. When you're as tall as I am, it's enough to worry about where you're going to put your legs, so it's a big NSV not to have to worry about so much about where you're going to put your hips!..

Comment #39

Hi PINKs,.

Sharon is here!! You feeling better with the meds? Sleep well. So glad you are here to check in with the PINKs..

Leita, LOL, when I read about wondering where to put your legs. Sounds like all is well with you and your DD on your college trip..

You might be having an easier time than me and my DS2 on this trip....since he got his driving permit he's been telling ME how to drive! and it's driving me crazy! LOL.

DS2 lost first game as expected against a Hungarian International Chessmaster. He won second round though so that is good. Two rounds on Saturday and then two on Sunday..

Spent the day talking to GMs and IMs (Grandmasters and International Masters) and it was a fun time. Lots of peeps from foreign countries..

((Team PINK)) Another day closer to goal!.

See you all tomorrow!.

OP all the way!!!..

Comment #40

Good Morning, PINKs!.

Today is a new OP day! Remember to look for your NSV of the day and report it to us PINKs.

((Team PINK)).

We are on a way to a healthier life!..

Comment #41

Hi PINKs,.

I am settled in at the chess tourney for the first round of the day. It's homecoming weekend here at the university so parking was TERRIBLE and I had to hike across campus in my new black boots. My FEET HURT. DS2 is playing a TX scholastic champ that is younger than him but higher rated. It should be a good game..

This morning, I loved that I just had to stick a retractable straw in my Medifast RTD and I was having breakfast! Fast, easy, and packed with nutrients..

I forgot to report that my NSV yesterday was that I took off my jacket and wasn't afraid. Let me explain. When I was heavier, I dreaded taking off my jacket in public because it showed my real size. This time when I took off the jacket I didn't feel like I needed to hide under my jacket. Matter of fact, I was glad to take off my jacket because it showed my smaller size under the bulk of the jacket. Strange, huh? Anyone relate?.

(((Team PINK))).

Together we are stronger!..

Comment #42

I just witnessed the coolest thing....some chess guy from Norway was talking to some chess guy from Hungary and they were both talking in English because they both know English....just had to share...

Comment #43

Hey everyone.

Well good news and bad news...

Let me start with the good news.. I ve been in quite some pain lately and went last weekend to get a massage.. Met a lady Tamara who did my massage and told her about my entire health issues.. Well she gave me a card of a chiropractor that she works for during the week. Well I decided to call up and set up an appt.. Nothing else had seem to be working and the tingling was still there along with pain so what did I have to lose.

He did xrays and a digital scan and read what the mri's and stuff from the hospital had shown. Man, am I LIVID at the hospital. They did an mri of my neck and spine and they thought that 16 mm out of place for my spine was NORMAL.. Omg.. are you kidding me?? NORMAL!! That is almost an inch..

He said all this should be about 6 months. He said my entire left side of my body is totally out alignment and this is what is causing the tingling. I HAVE FINALLY FOUND MY ANSWER!!!.

Ok- here is the bad news.. This is going to cost out of pocket ( after insurance) about $ 400 a month maybe a little more.. Plus the $ 300 from Medifast wasn't going to cut it. We can't afford $ 700 a month extra.. So , I have to give up my Medifast for the time being until I get my health back .. Doesn't mean I am going to go overboard.

I promise you I WILL BE BACK!!! I just can't do both right now. I will miss you all and hope everyone continues on a successful journey. I just have a road block ( detour) in mine that has to be worked on .. I haven't been able to be successful on Medifast since having this issue happen 2 1/2 months ago. I have to get it fixed so I can come back and work on ME and not be severly depressed and hurting constantly..

My husband and I looked at all options this morning to try and do both.. We can't financially justify doing it. We don't do credit cards and we wont go into debt for this. Please understand that we are doing this for the best...

(((HUGS)))) to all.


Comment #44


(((Christina)))) hugging you that you found help for your pain!.

Yeah! We are here to support you on your weight loss journey, even with a detour..

Look at your ticker and remember that for every pound you lose it is not just one pound~ it's one MORE pound. And they add up to goal! yeah! ((((hugging you))).

I had another NSV to report. It's a quiet Saturday. Everyone must be busy. Meshka, are you still sick? How are you feeling today? Hope you are resting and healing..

My NSV today was that when I was heaviest I could not go down the stairs or up the stairs by putting one foot on each step. I had to put both feet on the same step before taking the next step. Does that makes sense? Now I can put one foot on each step without putthing them on the same step. That is probably as clear as mud but it is big deal because I can walk up stairs and downstairs at this Student Union building and look normal when I climb the steps..

PINKs, what NSVs do you have?..

Comment #45

Yes, this seems to be the season. I usually only get sick with the flu about every 2 years or so. I have felt better today, but still have a fever and I am very tired. I rested/slept all day yeaterday and I woke up every hour last night because of it, so I am awake now, but will be off to dream land soon. I was able to make 2 of my kids soccer games today and 1 pizza/trophey party. We had 3 soccer games today that went like this 9am and pizza party right after, 10am game, 11am game and pizza party right after.

I had to cancel both my boys parent teacher conferences that were suposse to be yesterday at 8am and 8:15am....I just couldn't do it! I even kept my kids home from school because I felt so bad and they were only going to be at school for 3 hours and 55minutes....not worth it for me to run my self ragged!!.

So I did sip my beef broth twice and I know it high in sodium, but it soothed my aching body along with some echinaghia(sp) plus hot tea....oh I did have some chicken noodle soup with my kids. Today I had some Medifast Cream of Chicken soup. I have been drinking tons of water for the last 2 days!.

Thanks for the plumping of my pillow thoughts!!!..

Comment #46

Thanks momtolissa!! I felt better today, but still have a fever,some aches and head ache today. I was able to do more things today tho. One of my day care families mom's went through what you described just last week. She had a sinus infection, bronchitis and pneumonia as well. What a bummer. Hope your feeling well soon too!!.

Ok off to bed now, the time changes extra hour of sleep for me! G'nite!!..

Comment #47

Hi PINKs! Just popping in via my phone, having connection problems via my puter. Anyway, I can't believe I got the crown. Thank you very much! It's given me a much needed boost to my motivation..

Sorry I have been MIA but I've been feeling crappy the last couple of days. Night shift us kickin my butt this time around, plus TOM decided to visit early. Today I just feel exhausted even though I've been gettin' 8 hrs or more if sleep nightly. I will try to get on 2morrow and katchup ;0).

{{{HUGS 2 ALL}}}..

Comment #48

PL, boy do I know that story about doing stairs one at a time. The physical therapists worked with me after my replacement to be able to do a few stairs "reciprocally," but yesterday I had to climb up and down stairs with my carry-on suitcase (21") to get to a small plane and then climb up the stairs onto the plane, and I held people up because I had to do each stair with my "good" knee and let the replaced one catch up. Sometimes I can do a flight of stairs reciprocally, but not in a hurry, and not carrying anything heavy. As I get lighter, I hope this will continue to get better. Yay for looking normal on stairs!.

I like the jacket story, too. I actually bought myself a smaller jacket this fall. (Yay for having money.).

Hope everyone's enjoying the extra hour this weekend...

Comment #49

Good Morning, PINKs..

Today is the last day of the tourney. Two rounds, one this morning (now) and one this afternoon. Yesterday my son played chess from 10am until 6pm (two games) with only 45 minute break in between to get a small salad. *I* was tired so I know he must of been. Chess can be grueling. And this morning his opponent is late, maybe because of the time change? That happens to him a lot in tourneys (his opponents being late or not showing up) but seems to happen less rarely to other players.

Meshka, I am so glad you are feeling better. Sickness takes a few days to get out of your system. Is the "P word" going to be a temptation for you at those kid parties? Are you packing your Medifast food and water to take a long? I LOVE beef bullion. I used to carry a cube of it in my purse to mix up when I was hungry my first winter on MF. It worked!.

Setae, Congrats our Queen!.

So glad you logged in so we could chat with you. Speaking of TOM, me too..

EVEN MY EYE lids are swollen this morning! LOL My shoes are tight, my rings are tight and I wanna go back to bed! LOL (but can't) Do you get any winter weather in Japan? There are so many people here at this tourney from foreign countries. I really feel like the world is a wonderful place..

Hi Leita!!! I am glad you understood what I was talking about with the stairs. I had another NSV hiking back to the car yesterday. I was hauling two bags and carrying my new boots (LOL but they are too narrow for my feet) and when I got to the car, I wasn't out of breath, I wasn't dragging, it was kind of strange to me because even though I can walk miles on the treadmill now, my MIND was dreading the hike across campus but my body didn't mind this time. LOL Does that make sense?.

I had the opposite of a NSV this morning....what would that be called? LOL.

I noticed that a lot of the skirts I packed have elastic waists. I packed things that don't have to be ironed like knit and polyester. Bad thing is they are expandable and I don't want to be expandable. I LOVE my knit skirts, so comfy! And my polyester skirts are a little dressier but also have elastic waists (I love the store Catos, btw!) Anyway, this morning I told myself I need to wean off the elastic. They are small sizes but give me WAAaaay too much "opportunity for growth" if you know what I mean..

((((Team PINK))))..

Comment #50

My nsv today: I was able to fit into a beautiful pair of winter white slacks that I couldn't get past my hips a month ago. Not only did they go over my hips but they buttoned easily too! I wore them to church and felt like a million $$$$$. I am so excited to fit back into my cute clothes again! Stayed OP all week end, drank all my water and then some, and got some really good excercise in! We have had beautiful weather here all weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend!..

Comment #51

Thanks PL!!! When I was heading to bed last night I was checking on my daughter and she was sitting up in her bed kind of half awake, so I put her in my bed and she kept on moving and then kicking me, so off to her bed she went. Then I felt like I was looking at that darn clock all night last night. Today I had a low grade fever, but felt much better...still a bit tired and drained feeling tho. I think that I might be getting an infection in the upper respretory soon. I just know that feeling....I don't like it. I feel tired and drained!! I hope not!! Yesterday I had to taste the pizza at my DD party because it is a new pizza parlor in town, a New York's NOT the greatest!! I missed my DS1's party because of the timming of my DS2's soccer NO for that!! And this weeks party will not be a temptation at is in the evening and they are not going to have pizza or cake, they will have snacks that I can say NO too!! Thanks for asking me that question, now I can see what I have done and will not do!!.

I also love beef bullion!! I might keep it in my Medifast bag as well for the winter months..

Comment #52

Quick questions PINKs..

Where does the laughing cow fit into the program? Is it a condiment or a snack?.

If you use 'Ican't beleive it's not butter' spray, where does that go in the program? Is it a healthy fat, or does it even count?.

Chicken bouillon cubes make a cup of broth, right? so that one cup of broth, is it free, a condiment, part of your lean and green, a snack? Where does it fit in, and how much of it can you have? I used it for my chicken noodle soup and it made great improvement, but I have been suffering with horrible allergies this week and weekend and the broth really helps make my throat better; Just wondering how much is too much? It doesn't seem to have any values at all..

Also, where does avacodo fit in? it has very little carbs, and I would think would fit in as a healthy fat, cause they are loaded with omegas. I haven't seen anything on this little green treasure and wondering if they are strictly forbidden and why?.

Any help on this would be great!.

Thanks PINK's!.

Have a great OP day!.


Comment #53

Hi PINKs,.

I am driving all day today...i'll check into night. (((Team PINK))).

Love and Hugs to all...

Comment #54

Hello PINKs!!!.

Just stoppin by real quick. Here's my actual factuals:.

8:00am hot coco in my coffee.

11:00am dutch choc. shake.

Infused water bottle.

2:00pm COT soup.

Infused water bottle.

Today I took my DS2 to his ortho appiontment and he had his wire removed from his braces and a really springy spring was put in this time....his bottom teeth were pushing his braces upward and his gum has been swollen since about 2 weeks after he 1st had them put on....his under bite is very strong even with the very tall composites on his back teeth to prevent him from doing that....anyways he picked a nice bright green color for his bands this time. They told him that now he is already for Christmas. Cute!! LOL.

Ok I will BBL..

Comment #55

Good Evening Pinks!!.

I have some baby PL we still dont know the sex..

I felt the baby move today!!!! I was so excited....I can't believe it!!!.

It felt like flutters/twitching. Dr appointment on Monday next week...just a normal check up!..

Comment #56

Kristin, that's soooo exciting...YEAH!!! I remember those feelings with my 3 kids...

Comment #57

Hello PINKs!!!.

8:00am hot coco in my coffee.

11:00am dutch choc. shake.

Infused water bottle.

2:00pm COT soup.

Infused water bottle.

4:30pm PB crunch bar.

7:00pm LG.


My NSV for today was being OP all day!!! I am soooo proud of myself! I think that my scale might move by WIW and I want that crown!! LOL.


P.s. now that the time has changed I am 4 hrs. difference from you!!..

Comment #58


2 LC wedges count as a healthy fat..

Comment #59


PL, I ment 3 hrs not 4hrs....not sure where that came from....maybe I need a few more extra hours of sleep tonight.....LOL..

Comment #60

Hi PINKs,.

I am here....exhausted...not home yet because I had to tack on my doctor appt in the big city. My doc. appt with the cosmetic surgeon is in the morning then I have 2.5 hour drive home so should get home in the afternoon. I am so ready to be home. I will be sure to let you know what the doc says. I am excited!! (but dreading the "put this robe on" scenerio ahead.

(((Team PINK))) goodnight sweet PINKs...

Comment #61

Good luck with the appointment!!!!! I can't wait to hear about what the doc has to say!!.

Drive say.....I know that feeling....home is where the heart is right!!! I was just talking with my DS1 tonight as we were driving down our street to our house this evening. He said to me...."I just love our house".....I said to him....."Isn't it nice"...he nodded yes....(me) "do you feel safe at home"? (him) yes, as he clapped, nodded and agreed with excitement!.

Goodnight PL....sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!!! Hahaha....I had to say it!!! LOL..

Comment #62

Ok, here's a few pics of my kids on Halloween:.

DD so proud of here pumpikin.

DS1 so proud of his very small pumkin....he still had football paint on his face from the 1st play offs...LOL!!!.

All 3 kids in their costumes and ready to go trick or treating.

DS2 and his pumkin.

DS2 with all 3 pumkins.

I love my kids!! They are so cute and so happy!!!..

Comment #63

Hey PINKs!!!.

Where is everybody? Hope everyones having a great OP day!!! I am OP baby!!! I am starting to feel alive again!!.

Just a real quick check actual factuals so far today are:.

8:00am RTD vanilla.

11:00am cappy in my coffee.

Infused water bottle....working on that right now.

That's it for now. BBL..

Comment #64

Here again.

8:00am RTD vanilla.

11:00am cappy in my coffee.

Infused water bottle....working on that right now.

1:30pm Maryland Crab soup with crackers.


The soup was pretty good and very filling! I tryed a sample packet and I will have to order some more next time..

Today it is very cold, windy, rainy.....brrrr! My DH went salmon fishing again yesterday with his dad in Oregon and they all caught salmon. DH brought one home about 20-25 pounds. I can't wait to eat some fresh salmon. The last one he caught we are having it smoked and I'm hoping that it will be done by the end of this week. That's always nice to give out as Christmas gifts to our family members..


Comment #65

Hi Pinks. Quick Fly in......


... good luck with your appt. Hope all goes well..


... your kiddies are SOOOOO CUTE!!!!.


... GF I will miss you and be praying for you. You are not on a detour you are just on a different path on the same journey. Hugging you..

Daughter's birthday today... going to have family time. Will shoot you my WIW PL..

Love you all Pinks..


Comment #66

Good Morning PINKs.

I got to sleep in my own little bed last night after driving all day. My head hit the pillow and I was out..

Gotta ketchup today (((Love and hugs to all)))..

Comment #67

Meshka, enjoyed the photos..

I haven't been very communicative; feeling sad about my daughter applying to a college so far away and at loose ends with my underemployment, forced to find ways around spending money that I had in past years, when I was working more..

The number on the scale surprised me this morning, so I'm trying to put a smile on my face and see if it'll stick the rest of the day..

WIW: 262.

Height: 5'11"..

Comment #68

WIW: 227.

Height: 5'7.

I am not feeling very good today. I tried so hard and I was down 1 lb. I know it just goes with the territory, I just hoped it would have been a little more. I have learned that I can not , under any circumstances miss Medifast meals. How does a person stay under 1000 calories and manage to only loose 1 lb. Earlier in the week I gained 2 lbs from my lowest weigh in last week which was 226, but I managed to loose one of those lbs.

Here's hoping for a better WIW next week!.


Comment #69

OOPs, sorry! I forgot to highlight the WIW info!.

WIW: 127.

Height: 5'7..

Comment #70

Hello PINKs,.

I am still reading up (we call that.


On PINK). Glad to see WIW numbers coming in!.

Leita, I know what you mean about being sad about college for our children. We are happy for them but also will miss them. My DS2 is seriously considering going out of college out of state too and even though he has two years of high school left, I already know it is going to be tough on me. ((hugging you)) GREAT news on your scale! Don't weigh again. just let yourself be happy with that number..

Becca, One pound down might seem discouraging but that is over 100 pounds a year and you don't even have a 100 more pounds to lose!!.

Just keep on, keepin' on and the pounds lost will catch up to you. you will be sooooooo glad you stayed the course! ((hug to you)).

Hi Meshka, I saw some cute pics of your children. Those eyes on your daughter could melt anyone!.

I've got more ketching up to do and I also got a WIW email from Sharon. Be Back Soon..

(((Team PINK)))..

Comment #71

Hi PINKs,.

My Doc. Report:.

It was such a better experience! This guy's office is plush! I mean, PLUSH. LOL So I was afraid his prices were going to be inflated! BUT it turns out he was cheaper than the last doc. I went to see about my tuck. AND this doc has a free special on-site recovery room for one night instead of having to get a local hotel room like I would of had to do with the first doctor I went to see about a year ago..

When I first got there I had to fill out the paper work. Both receptionists were in short sweater dresses and knee high boots. (OF COURSE that made me laugh and think of the PINKs.) Then I was taken to an office where I got to look at "before and after" pics of other Tuck patients. The doctor's assistant or doctor-in-training or whatever they are called came in to talk to me about the procedure. Then the real doctor came in and we talked some more. Then they took me to an examination room.

It was a real robe, not paper. LOL And there was a hugh mirror with a stool in front of it. I had to sit on the stool as I waited for them to come back in and felt like one of those models that the art classes in college draw of nude models! LOL (except I had on my robe with bra/panties and even my skirt on, which I appreciated) So in comes the nurse and both doctors. I stand up in front of the mirror and was glad the light was not so harsh like at the other place..

This doc spoke to a bariatric meeting the night before and specializes in cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss. He said with bariatric patients they usually have poor health because they are unable to absorb proteins. But since I lost the weight by eating healthy, I was in good health and wouldn't have the same problems they have. I showed him my c-section scar (both horizontal and vertical from 5 c-sections) and talked about my two hernia repairs. He explained to me how with each pregnancy my stomach muscles have been stretched out and showed me where visually it was noticeable. He said if he just tightened those muscles, already, I would look smaller, even without removing the extra skin.

(That's what I guessed before the appt.).

He explained where the cut would go and that my belly button stays in the same place but the skin just is pulled down around it. LOL It was a strange conversation! I'll have to wear a drain for a week. I didn't like that idea because I had one after my first hernia repair and it got infected. It then had to heal from the inside-out and was not fun. But I've been through 5 c-sections so I imagine the pain will be about the same. I guess it will be like going to the hospital to have a baby (for me, as I have never had one the real way) but then coming home without a baby.

After I got dressed again, I talked to the real doctor some more and he showed me more pics of some of his patients. Then I went to another small room to talk to the lady about the pricing and finance. There are loan places that specialize in surgerical loans but the interest rate is high so I am going to see about finding financing somewhere else. Even so, I'll be making payments similar to car payments. LOL.

The doctor said he likes working with patients like me because he thinks my results will be dramatic as I am not that big in my waist. I saw some dramatically before and after pics and was amazed. He said I will go down several sizes in clothing. I would still have my junk in my truck but my extra tummy skin would be gone. I get to meet with the doctor one more time before surgery and then again a week after and all would be included in the price which is amazingly cheaper than the doctor I went to see about a year ago..

I am going to lose weight before now and then so I'll be going in feeling good and lean..

As a health coach, I have mixed feelings about the surgery and/or talking about it. I don't want to discourage anyone from losing weight because of the skin issues. I think my case is rare in the 5-sections/2 hernia repairs and losing 155-160 pounds. My body has been through a lot! LOL But I have clients who have lost almost that much and have not had the skin issues I have had. Exercise helps with that but also not having as many babies and/or c-sections also helps. I think I look pretty good in my size 10-12 now before the tuck but the lose skin under my clothes bothers me.

It is not something I would encourage anyone else to do as it is a personal decision. It's also a financial matter in that instead of driving a new car, I'll be making car-like-payments for this surgery for years to come. Even if I couldn't afford the car payments, I would be happy to have my weight off because "skin" is better than "fat"..

And my health is far better now than it was before I lost my weight. I thought I would be obese for life, but since I found MF, I realized I didnt have to be that way. Nobody does because Medifast works!..

Comment #72

Becki-I know 1 lb doesn't seem like a lot, but remember that is 1 lb less than you weighed before, so you are still making progress!..

Comment #73

Good morning PINKs!!!.

WIW 173 lbs.


I am sooooo happy!!! Finally my trusty ol scale shows me a loss!!! Now down 28 lbs!!.

Oh my shipment has arrived...YEAH!! I placed one extra early this time so I wouldn't run out of my favorites..

8:00am hot coco/coffee.

10:00am RTD vanilla.

Infused water bottle.

Ok BBL..

Comment #74


190.0 lbs.


My BMI has now gone from "obese" to "overweight"....yippee!..

Comment #75

Hi Pinks!!!!.

Quick Fly by. Kidless and hubby and I are just going to hang out and veg and chat. It has been ages since we have been able to just connect..


What a wonderful appt that sounds like!!! I am so glad. It sounds like it was worth the wait..

PL Said:.

I think thats EXACTLY it, PL!.

It's a.


Personal decision. everyone's body is very different. Everyone feels different in their skin, in their clothes and in their head. We all have to feel our best along our journey and in our life... we only get one life and we need to be able to love ourselves, love others and receive love in abundance. If this is what you feel you need and you are willing to give up something else to make it happen, that is your personal choice.

You are such a great lady!! Love you.<3.

Ok... getting the evil eye so better run..

Love you PINKS!.


Comment #76

8:00am hot coco/coffee.

10:00am RTD vanilla.

Infused water bottle and crackers.

1:00pm scrambled eggs.


3:00pm cheese puffs.

Infused water bottle.

Picked up DS1 from rehersal for their Christmas program, now he has to get ready for his football practice....this is the last week of practice.....they are going to the CHAMPIONSHIPS this sunday at HSU. It is super exciting!!! His team is now 8-1....the only team that they lost too they played last Sunday and WON 14-6!! YAY!!! I'll try to post some pictures tonight..

Ok BBL..

Comment #77

Ok. The day started out rough because of my WIW: which was 227 (not 127, typo). I appreciate your kind words of encouragement PL and Court. Thanks! I have to say despite my disappointment in the 1 lb loss, I focused on all the positives today, I have lost a total of 18 lbs in a month. That is a lot of weight! So I am proud of that. NOt only that, I feel so much better on MF.

Since I have lost this weight; I feel great. I am not tired all the time. The bottom of my feet don't kill me anymore. These are just a few. So that is my NSV.

PL: thank you for sharing your very personal story and experience with all of us. It is very plain for me to see that you are a real person. We will all be here for you through this next journey. YOu are a true inspiration!.



Comment #78

Actual factuals:.

8 am: eggs with lc.

10am: carmel crunch bar.

12pm: chicken noodle soup made w/ chicken bouilon.

330pm: nacho cheese puffs.

6 pm: LG (grilled chicken breast w/ salad and 10 olives ).

8pm: I will be enjoying my favorite! chocolate mint ss.

I have managed to put down 115 oz of aqua..

Good nite!..

Comment #79

PL: I have a quick question. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what might have slowed my progress. How does medicine affect ketosis? I have been taking dayquil and nyquil liquid gelcaps since last wednesday. That is when I noticed the initial gain. Could that have been the cultprit? I took more tonight and the light bulb came on. Do you know anything about this? Also, I need to know where chicken bouilon falls into the program. Is it considered a condiment?..

Comment #80

Hi Becca, gelcaps are the way to go vs. the liquid. Liquid will throw you out of fat burning state but I think the gelcaps are safe enough. Bullion is one cube (8oz) water is one condiment. I will PM you the condiment list now. Less than 3 condiments a day..

I also owe you a PM..

Just got home from church. Hubby's turn to do the devotional there and he talked about "goodness" and the fruits of the Spirit..

Great job on the WIWs! I'll be back to post those results soon too so if you haven't posted yours yet, there is still time..

(((Team PINK)))..

Comment #81

Hi PINKs,.

Any NSVs to report today? Look around you, they are there!.

Here's a quote I saw today that I wanted to share with you:.


It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart..

(((Team PINK)))..

Comment #82


Team PINK's WIW.


Becki 227/-1.

Courtney 190/-2.4.

Leita 262/-5.

Meshka 173/-2.

Sharon 292.2/-2.4.


LOVE seeing those tickers move down, down, down!.

Our new.


Queen of the Week.



You deserve to wear the crown!!.


Bowing down to our new PINK Queen!.

PINKs, if any of you have a weight but haven't posted it yet, please PM me or post here and I will add to the list. I was hoping Setae would show up in her Japanese time zone..

Leita, we are soo excited for you! I am PMing you the crown now! yeah!!!!..

Comment #83

Thank you *waves regally*.

You know, I'd been a little discouraged at my slow progress for the past two weeks (one pound a week). Then after my flights at the beginning of last weekend, I was a little swollen, so I drank even more water than usual on Monday morning to flush it out. And on Tuesday I went to the pool with a friend, which made me stay longer and get more active than when I go by myself. All the little things started to add up..

You know, I am not the best at staying OPI have to have a once-a-week rebellion. The key, for me, seems to be not letting it get out of control so the portion grows...

Comment #84

Good morning PINKs!!!!.

Congrats LeitaJ!!! 5 lbs is awesome!!!.

So my kids are not in school today and they are out of school tomorrow....4 day weekend for them. I have 1 litte girl today because everybody else has to day off too. The good news is that I'm off work early tho. DS1 will go to football practice and DS2 has his soccer Lazer Tag party tonight....super fun!!! I love that game. I can't believe that our sports are coming to an end. I am now trying to figure out what other sports or activities they can participate in.

So my actual factuals for today so far:.

8:30am cappy in my coffee.


Ok BBL..

Comment #85

My NSV for today is that I have realized I an XL tshirt is too big. It is too baggy, so I am getting rid of my XL t-shirts. Woohoo to that!..

Comment #86

Hi PINKs!.

Leita, our queen, you are doing great! You are making lifestyle changes that will serve you well in maintenance. We have to find our peace with food and you are doing that. Good idea to up your water after travel. I humbly bow before you, dear queen..

Meshka, 4 day weekend sounds NICE! I would think you would like a break from all those kids sports but you are already looking for the next! lol It's something your family enjoys so thats good. Indoor winter sports for you? Do you get snow? SOooooooooooooooo very glad to see your ticker moving down again!! I jumped for joy when I saw your WIW!.

Courtney! EXCELLENT! get those too big sizes out of your house asap. woo hooo! Bag them up and haul them off. I used to frequent Goodwill a lot. First to donate my bigger clothes and then to buy the next smaller size. yeah! It's a great feeling! congrats! Medifast works!.

My Actual Factuals are simple again today:.

8am RTD.

10am RTD.

12noon RTD.


I think today's LG will be eggbeaters as they make a HUGE portion and I have some in the fridge. So easy to cook up and add green beans to it. It's colorful too...

Comment #87

PINK Homework:.

1) Who is the most supportive person to you in your weight loss journey?.

2) Who is the least supportive person to you?.

3) What's your favorite thing to do while on vacation?..

Comment #88

Yes a 4 day weekend was what I had thought that I was getting, but the one family I care for had an extra day they had already paid for from last week because I was sick and missed 2 days and she is now working on Friday's again no more work furlough's for awhile and I needed to work. BUT we will have a 4 or maybe 5 days off for Thanksgiving and I plan on taking about a week off for Christmas vacation so it all works out..

We do have something called inside sports and I think it fustal(soccer) and I want to check that out. DS1 would like to play basketball, but the school offers that when they are in 5th or 6th grade so that means I would have to take him to hoopsters and we would have to travel about 20 minutes for that and I don't think that I want to do that. So I'm considering martial arts for the boys and some kind of dance or gymnastics for my DD. Still thinking tho, because I need to have my exercise time as well!.

No snow for us we are at sea level....well in town is at sea level and we live about 5 minutes from town on a hill and sometimes we get a light snow and slush, but it doesn't last long. Now the mountains all around us will get snow and we can travel about30 minutes to go play in times!!.

I am too glad to see my ticker move again. We will have lots of family during the Christmas holiday's so that's my motivation right now. My DH has 4 sister's and 2 of them have lost a lot of weight in the last year(1 moved to Texas and 1 lives in Oregon...his other 2 live in souther Cali, L.A.) so I want to surprise them in person and not with pics over the internet. He has a brother that lives in Tennessee and his wife had that stomach surgery about 5 months ago and she has lost a major amout of weight too. So this is something that I can't wait to show them...

Comment #89

8:30am cappy in my coffee.


10:30 apple cinn. oatmeal.

Infused water bottle.

Ok BBl..

Comment #90

Meshka, I'm seeing family at Christmas too and have similar motivation. Although that's relevant to the homework:.

1) Who is the most supportive person to you in your weight loss journey? my husband.

2) Who is the least supportive person to you? my mother. She has always tried to control my eating and my weight, and she can still punch all my buttons, even though I know she has good intentions..

3) What's your favorite thing to do while on vacation? play in the ocean...

Comment #91

1) Who is the most supportive person to you in your weight loss journey? I am lucky, my hubby, friends, and parents are constantly cheering me on..

2) Who is the least supportive person to you? I can't say I have any at the moment, however, I do have one friend and sometimes my Dad, who ever now and then suggests I cheat just a little bit. (usually for a special occassion).

3) What's your favorite thing to do while on vacation? Sleep, read, relax, sightsee..

Comment #92

8:30am cappy in my coffee.


10:30 apple cinn. oatmeal.

Infused water bottle.

1:00pm chicken noodle soup with crackers.


Comment #93

PINK Homework:.

1) Who is the most supportive person to you in your weight loss journey?.

I would have to say my hubby, my mom(when I see her), my PT and all of you PINK ladies!!!.

2) Who is the least supportive person to you?.

I would have to say the people that know that I've lost weight and see me on a daily basis, but they haven't said anything to me about it..

3) What's your favorite thing to do while on vacation?.

Rest, visit with family and play!!..

Comment #94

PINK Homework:.

1) Who is the most supportive person to you in your weight loss journey?.

For me, it is the PINKs. You all motivate me and hold me accountable. Without daily PINK support, I would of never of lost half my body weight..

2) Who is the least supportive person to you?.

I would like to say my hubby is the most supportive but he would let me cheat tooooooooo easily if I wanted to. So he might fall under least supportive although he would not see it that way and he rarely compliements me without me "fishing" for them. My kids do a better job of supporting my weight loss..

3) What's your favorite thing to do while on vacation?.

Museums, I love museums and taking tours of things...

Comment #95

Hi Pinks!!!.


Congrats, that crown looks great on you!!!.

I JUST got home. Went right out after work to shop for canned goods for the food pantry holiday baskets with a girl from another dept at work. We are on Community Council together. We had SO much fun. She made me feel so much better about the situation I have been having. It felt so good to be doing something to give back too.

I am bushed so I am going to make it short. Making Christmas cards this weekend so not sure I will be posting much this weekend but will try to pop in to read..

Hugging all peeps PINK!!!!.


Comment #96

1) Who is the most supportive person to you in your weight loss journey?.

My mom, she is always very positive and always recognizes the smallest little weight change in me. Today she told me I was starting to look more youthful. Now she is wanting to try MF. I would love to get my Dad, who is diabetic and very over weight, on MF. My husband, sometimes. He is always asking me how the diet is going.

2) Who is the least supportive person to you?.

I guess just people who don't know that I am on a diet. They aren't intentionally unsupportive, just not in the know. I am really fortunate, that most every one who knows is very supportive.


3) What's your favorite thing to do while on vacation?.

Relax, Play, Relax some more, Play some more........Enjoy my family without having to constantly be worrying about the chores I have to do. Oh and did I mention, sleep in!.

Actual factuals:.

Breakfast: RTD vanilla.

Midmorning: CR bar.

Lunch: cream of chicken soup made with chicken bouilon.

Afternoon: nacho cheese puffs.

Dinner: LG (chicken and salad).

Night snack: chocolate mint ss.

My usual 4/ 32 oz waters bottles.

OP all the way!.

Good night PINKs!..

Comment #97

(((Sharon))) it is soo good to see you popping in PINK again. We've missed you! And congrats again on your weight loss this week! Are the stress levels at work simmering down yet?.

Leita and Meshka, we aren't going anywhere for Christmas but we will be seeing family for Thanksgiving. I wish it was AFTER my tummy tuck though! LOL Still, my in-laws are nice about my weight now (that wasn't always the case). My mom is a MFer and lost 40 pounds and is little bitty now! LOL She's 135 and holding. Holidays are fun time of year and it's about the PEOPLE we spend time with, not so much the food. With that said, I am going to be emailing out about the Holiday season tomorrow..

Courtney, why is it do you think your dad suggests eating off program from time to time? Is he at his ideal weight?.

Becki, how great it would be to have your family get healthy along with you! You could be a Medifast poster family!.

About my husband not complimenting me...I think it is because for years I didn't deserve a compliment and then later when I probably did, I didn't know how to take a compliment and now that I want them, he is afraid to give them..

LOL grrr..

I think I am going to have to have a heart to heart with him about this. Women need to feel beautiful to their men. BTW, yesterday, you said you could tell I am real..

I am a real person and probably tooooo open about myself but it's all part of the weight loss journey and figuring our new selves out..

((((HUGGING all the PINKs))))).

Goodnight and see you tomorrow...

Comment #98

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.