Anyone have any Medifast recipes for a good chocolate mousse?

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Quick question... Anyone have any Medifast recipes for a good chocolate mousse? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... This morning makes two-weeks post op for me, and I feel great. On September 29th, my last official weigh-in, I was 286. They didn't weigh me before.


On the 7th, but this morning I was at 248. I am down 38 pounds in 22 days, and I am pleased..

Incisions are healing up fine, choking down the bari-vitamins, slowly increasing my Medifast food intake, choking down the protein shakes. Wearing clothes I had never thought to wear again. Yesterday, while teaching electron shell configuration, I slipped into an empty student's desk to help some SpecEd students, and I fit with no gut rubbing the desk!.

My skinny jeans are baggy, one of my co-workers told me I had "slack in my britches" yesterday. Funny and flattering..

Went to a new gym yesterday, checked it out. I liked the atmosphere, but not some of the members. Will just go back to my old gym. Worked late every day this week, extra duty for an enrichment program. Working the football game tomorrow night. I am very seriously thinking about getting 9 holes in this weekend..

Things are back to normal, except for my new eating habits. I am almost up to 2 1/2oz of Medifast food per meal. My NUT wants me to three soon, but I figured, what's the hurry? 26g Protein shake in the morning when I wake, 17g shake during my planning period, and another 26g protein shake when I get home from work. Adding Unjury to chili and soup..

Ordered some smaller 501's off of Ebay. Getting ready to have some slacks and jeans taken in. Going to try to shrink some of my polo shirts slowly by drying them a tad bit longer. One of the hardest things for me is going to be replacing my clothes. Since I started teaching 8 years ago, I have been a bit of a clothes horse. Although I was a rotund guy, I was a well-dressed rotund guy.

Took my mom shopping last week, and was looking at some new suits while she was looking at girly stuff. I had to push myself away from the Joseph A. Bank's buy one get 2 suits free sale. Not now, but soon.soon..

All in all, my WLS experience hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it in a second..

One of the best things that I found while scared shitless before.


Was this site. Thanks for all your help and support!.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Glad to hear you are doing well since your.


I buy my clothes either at the Salvation Army or this store called Savers since you don't stay in one size too long. I am five months out from my.


And enjoying the pounds melting off...

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So glad you are doing so well! I can relate on the clothes thing. I always liked to dress nice even when heavy...but now... OMGosh, I can't stop shopping! It really is alot of fun..

Good for you on being so active...and just think, It only gets better! Can't wait to follow your progress!..

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Congrats Steve. You are doing such a good job, keep up the good work. I always enjoy.


Your posts, find them so positive :)..

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Great going Steve. I too have been looking at my clothes and having 'issues' with how I look. I tried on some new jackets but just can't spend the cash right now. The scary thing is I can't wrap my head around the fact that I fit the size I fit. When I was shopping with my sister last week she said, "You can't be that size, I am one size smaller" My body is changing but the brain is not registering..

Today I had my 3 month check up. I finally asked the MD where he thought I would end up with the wt loss. I was so shocked to think I might be down to that weight..

Glad to see others having the same 'issues' with the clothes thing. Just think what 6 months out wil be like?! Or even a year from now what you will be like. Great going!.



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By the time you get the nice stuff altered, you will be past that size. I have so many nice 4X hawaiian shirts and thought I could cut them down...Just let it go, and think of the happy guy who will benefit from your loss..

I couldn't believe I went from 5X to 2X in the blink of an eye. I just went to Penneys 80% off sale on shirts, that will be too big before I can get them washed and worn. It's nuts!..

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Just gave away 3 bin liners of clothes and, like you, felt a little sad. I had some lovely clothes. But my oh my, I am loving the shopping and I try to buy things a little snug and enjoy the loosening as it happens :)..

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Congratulations! Sounds like you are a "super recoverer"...I just encourage you not to overdo it (I know, silly to even dream a teacher could stop himself from overdoing it)..

Good luck on the clothes thing. Unfortunately, my checking account can't keep up with my weight loss! :).


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Thanks, y'all. If there is a secret to my success, it's the love and support I found here...

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Steve I've been going to the second hand shop, and finding some great things through this transition. Even some things with tags still on them....and those shops are everywhere......

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