Anyone here ever use Nutrisystem to lose weight?

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First question I have is Anyone here ever use Nutrisystem to lose weight? Thanks for any comment. Second question.. My first week on the diet and I'm down 5lbs pretty outstanding, when I started eating it seemed like so much food but I'm making it through just fine and losing, well I'm hoping I get results like so many of you have! and thanks for your support for this newbie!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Just follow the program and you will get outstanding results! This program really rocks for men! Just do it. All else will fall into place so easily!.

And good job!!!!..

Comment #2

Talk about works. it's dummy proof. just eat what they mail to you and a couple other things. Ive lost 21 lbs in 36 days, and that includes a about 4 days off the wagon. kinda gets addictive when the weight falls this fast...

Comment #3

JaySynn - Remember results are not typical!!!.

Stick to the plan and the weight will come off. Throw in some exercise, drink your water, eat the food. They have pretty much male proofed this thing..

Remember the first week or two you are going to drop a lot of water weight. Do not get discouraged if you your weight loss drops to a couple of pounds per week. Just stick with the plan..

Keep up the good work...

Comment #4

I really think for men...the "results ARE typical"! Don't tell the women!..

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Congrats! Keep it up and you will lose weight..

The belief part is actually a problem for me, maybe others as well. I don't believe the scale when I feel the same even though I've lost 30 lbs. In the back of my mind I think the scale is playing tricks on me. We get to eat so much food, how could we possible lose weight? I don't "feel" any different. It really took 30lbs to for me to believe that it is actually working. I had quite a few self induced stalls because of this erroneous belief.

In the laundry, so I have empirical evidence that the scale isn't lying to me. We call that a NSV; Non Scale Victory..

I guess the point of this hijack is that the old saying is true, "Whether you believe you can, or believe you cant, you're right. It took 30lbs lost and a few months time for me to finally believe...

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I'm on day 2 and it's going good. How much water do you usually drink in a day. I'm having a hard time getting my water in. I drink about 6-8 diet mountain dews a day.......

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64oz is the rule. I bought a 70oz water bottle from the dollar store and I keep it with me and drink it till it's gone. It will replace the diet dews because you just don't have time to drink anything else. I hear that aspartame slows down weight loss. But I have no proof...

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Follow the plan, drink the water, and if possible replace the Mt. Dew with water for the first three months..

You will lose weight!.

I believe results are typical!.


Comment #9

Yeah.....just like the other guys said, dump the Diet Dew and drink just water..

That Dew is horrible for you, even if it is Diet...

Comment #10

Way to go Jaysyn!! The best is yet to come and you're off to a GREAT start!.

Also re: typical - Nutrisystem is well designed to fit the bell-curve of needs that most men fall within. It's not magic. There are outliers. Some guys do lose very slow, even on-plan. I just wanted to point that out for those who may be lurking and discouraged by not dropping 3-4 lbs a week every week. Stick to it!.


Comment #11

I lost 20 lbs my first month and then it slowed down to 10 lbs for my second month. (just starting the third month now). I was briefly a bit discouraged when the loss rate dropped by half until my brain kicked in and I realized "Oh no, horror of horrors, it might.


Take me 10 more months to lose 100 lbs. C'mon, this is not high tragedy, this is GOOD.".


Oct 5: 320.6 lbs.

Dec 2: 290.2 lbs..

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64oz is the rule of thumb but the actual formula is half your body weight in ounces of water; in other words 150oz for a 300lb man like me. I do up to 100oz some days but I'm running to the can enough as it is : )..

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Way to go. I was losing 3.5 pounds per week (when I did not cheat)! Stick to it and it works. Diet Dew has a lot of salt in it. Kick the Dew out the door! I drank over 100 oz per day and still continue to do that. I find that if I don't I get dehydrated!..

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Hang in there, Maxx!! I hope folks realize that there is so much variation between individuals - Body size, frame size, metabolic, hormonal, etc. that Nutrisystem is no more tailored to any individual than BMI is. (BLASPHEMY! STRING HIM UP!! BRING THE TORCHES!!).

OK, not quite as bad as BMI, but you get the idea. There is NO typical results!! Nutrisystem got that part right! Fortunately Nutrisystem does hit the sweet spot of a very wide guys' bell curve, so most are very successful. Gals' bell curve is a bit narrower. Some ladies lose as quickly as many of us, but many struggle to lose at all at 1200 cal/day. Same with some guys at 1500. It's human nature for us to assume our own personal experience will transfer to others and when they're not seeing the same results "they must be doing something wrong"..

Hang in there, Maxx! Try mixing things up. Try more/less exercise. Try more/less calories. IMO, it takes a lot of personal trial and error to find your own "sweet spot". Regardless, even if it's only a couple pounds/month, you'll get there!.


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My bladder just can't deal with that much. I've got an hour commute each way every day so I have to stop with the water at least an hour beforehand or I'mll be searching for restrooms all the way home..

It also pisses-off <LOL> my family when I have to pause the TV every 15 minutes to run to the can...

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So yesterday was the first day without my diet mt dew. I drank a lot of water instead. Just want to say that I like reading everyone's post on here. It is very motivating...

Comment #17

Keep it up.....stick with the water and see what happens. I usually just treat myself to a Diet 7up once in a great while...

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