Anyone know how many calories Nutrisystem clients take in per day?

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Got a question... Anyone know how many calories Nutrisystem clients take in per day? Hoping for any response. Another question... My gawd, Jillian Barberie Reynolds is lookin' good these days. What was I talking about.....Oh yea. I've noticed an uptick in Nutrisystem commercials geared toward men lately.

I thought that was smart given the current economy. Okay, those were my thoughts on it, now back to Jillian......

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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She's back to her regular brown hair (natural color)...I was at her house recently filming a NutriSystem infomercial...she's really a nice woman, as well as being very, very nice looking.....

Comment #2

She's so teeny tiny. She looks fantastic..

* I wonder if she tans.......

Comment #3

You are very, very nice looking too! The first time I saw you in a commercial, I yelled out "I know her". You look good on the big screen!..

Comment #4

As an avid watcher of FOX's Good Day L.A. show for a long time now and a big fan of Jillian's (she's awesome, isn't she?), I unfortunately need to call "bs" on her 41# loss the good folks over at Nutrisystem Marketing labeled her with on those ads. Could be true, but I've got a really hard time believing that she ever had that much weight to lose. That is, unless they're talking about her pregger weight (baby included), and even then that's gotta be a stretch, no?.

I mean, look at the picture. She's wearing a big brown tent, which I'd bet is there to hide the normally fit and thin Jillian underneath. 15#? 20# maybe..

Now, Marie Osmond losing 40#? You bet. She was getting hefty and now she looks awesome. Very easy to believe. But Jillian? 41#? Really? Dunno..


Comment #5

Jillian is very hot, plus a great persona....loved watching her on the Fox NFL show. But I still think Marie is tops....must be the megawatt smile..

Comment #6

I have also noticed that Valerie Bertinelli is still on the Nutrisystem ads..

Haven't seen her on TV but have on the web site..

I was so in love with her in JR high. haha.

My wife gets Fitness Magazine, she was on the front.

Cover in October Issue. I read the article because they.

Were advertising her weight loss. The article give all the.

Credit to Jenny Craig and not NS, any ideas as to why?..

Comment #7

Valerie Bertinelli has always been Jenny Craig, not NutriSystem, mty...

Comment #8

Haha Thanks Pam. Maybe I am still in love with her..

And wasn't paying attention to the adds. lol..

Comment #9

Maybe the question should be if she has tan lines..

Comment #10

Too skinny for me..

(My wife reads the Marino board..



Comment #11

Vote time - who would like to see Valerie Bertinelli and Marie Osmond in a catfight over their own food loss systems? Pay per view, and we could ALL retire with the rake on that gig!..

Comment #12

And I guess that Jillian would be the ring girl?.

I'm in!..

Comment #13

I think we should add Jello at some point during the battle. Too bad "Trimspa, baby" kicked the bucket. Did I say jello? I meant oil, I mean sf jello, uhh...yea, that's the ticket, sugar-free Jello (and a little bit of oil).


Comment #14

I wouldn't mind a good ol'fashion mud fest, but I get to be the hose guy at the end of the match...

Comment #15

Did Bandmaster say he was going to hose them in the end?..

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