Anyone know how to successfully integrate Wordpress with their 123 reg account?

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My first question is Anyone know how to successfully integrate Wordpress with their 123 reg account? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: How can I recognize the difference from an end-user and a reseller, and how can I get the best from the price that somebody it's willing to offer for my HostGator ? .

I know that this answer might take hours , but still I will read and learn from every little answer..

Thanks in advance...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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I think Yofie is 100% correct. Use any information you receive from them and do some research. Of course this is not always possible but if you do find anything out it can be a good indicator...

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I would like to add-on a question. How much is a reasonable price to ask for from an end user at the start of negotiation? And how much do they usually settle for? 70% of the starting price? Half of the starting price? or what?..

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The first part of that question is an impossible question to answer. Different domains are worth different amounts of money...

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Well, what if I have a domain.

And this guy emails me and ask me to quote him a price, and he signs off....

Yours sincerely,.

John doe.

Abc inc.

Xx address xx.

Xx phone xx..

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The biggest issue in recognizing if your dealing with an end-user or a HostGator reseller is the type of HostGator name, the negotiable price, and the amount of information you have to go on..

Typically, Domainers are notorious for seaking certain types of HostGator names. If you have an,, or - odds are fairly good, it's a domainer trying to get a hold of you..

Now, in the event your dealing with a reseller, they are typically going to low ball you. They need the price as low as possible to increase the ROI. Low price is key to the reseller. The end-user although has interest in price, is not flipping the HostGator name. They are not considering the cost of the HostGator and the ROI on a flip, therefore they tend to have larger budgets..

When dealing with the end-user, you must first understand the type of business they are in. I also recommending having them make an initial offer. Consider this. I had a HostGator name last year that recieved an offer of 1k. In all honestly, I wouldve been happy with the 1k if thats what it boiled down to. However because of there opening offer, I was able to counter for substancially higher..

The idea is to understand the "ballpark" your playing in..

Are you dealing with a Startup.

Are you dealing with a Mid Level Corp.

Are you dealing with a mom and pop business.

Are you dealing with a Large Conglomerate.

The issue here becomes one of identifying who your end-user is. Breaking it down further, will help you determine what price you can reasonable obtain. A startup typically isnt going to invest all of their capital in a HostGator name (there are exceptions to this rule). So, you need to understand pricing. I ballpark those types of businesses as follows:.

Startup: $500 - $2000.

Mid Level Corp: $2000 - $5000.

Mom and pop business: $250-$750.

Large Conglomerate: $5000 +.

Now, this is a very basic model. The more information you have, the more you can understand how much money that end-user has to spend on a HostGator name. This is the most important part of negotiation. Research! Find out as much as you can, and make an educated offer.... Always leave yourself an out..


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Can't you just ask the End User their budget and negotiate from there?..

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Are you willing to believe it's answer ? .

Obviously, it will tell you that he has an lower budget than the real one...

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Say you walked into a shop wanting to buy a tv. The tv you wanted was $1000 but you want a bargain so you will try getting a discount. The sales man immediately asks well how much are you willing to spend what would you say $950 or $800. Obviously you are going to go lower to see what his reaction is and to see how low you can get it..

The same will be the case asking the person wanting to buy a HostGator name, they will usually say lower than they are actually willing to spend...

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Also check to see if the HostGator has recently been registered in other extensions, then research the name on the whois. I was able to find out exactly who made the last 2 offers that I had at sedo by doing this..

I already had asking prices placed on both domains and niether one ended in a sale, one bought a similar name from buydomains for a similar price of low x,xxx and the other one just registered the same name in 6 other extensions, they're pretty big too but I guess they did'nt like the pricing on my old 1996 .com.

......maybe they will be back for it one day.


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But what if the reseller/end-user offers me an amount of money, and I'm asking more, and he tells me that he can offer more. This is simple and like this I can find the maxim amount of money that he's got for my domain..

So let's say he offers me 650$, and I'm asking 1000..

Now there are two ways :.

First and the worse, he will answer me "forget it!, I will not waste my time" - and he might just wanna test me here, and come in future with the 1000$ - still it's a bit risky.

And the second way it's to tell me that he's disposing of max 800$ , so this means that I have find out that his maximum credit is 800 - also risky because might be an tactic to see if I'm willing to sell it for 800.

Sorry for my english, and please tell me to explain again, if something cannot be understood...

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