Anyone lost weight with weight watchers or Nutrisystem Etc.?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Anyone lost weight with weight watchers or Nutrisystem Etc.? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... I've been seeing Taco Bell Commercials this weekend about their new low fat items; for me, sitting in a drive-through, it would be too easy to pull the trigger on a couple of 7 layer burritos! Some of my worst decisions have been made in drive-throughs. The so called belly of the beast!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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The "diet" menu is pretty much just removing cheese and adding their pico de gallo in place. Does make a little difference but most of the "nutritional" value is almost the same..

But yeah, I'll have the best intents by going to Wendys for a salad and chili, and wind up with a burger and fries after I pull away from the window. Really looking forward to getting started with Nutrisystem and not even dealing with fast food for some time...

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Being prepared is a big plus. have your lunch/snacks with you if you are on the road...i bring the lunch bars to work. I have the advantage of having a cafeteria there. if I did not, I would bring a salad with me in a cooler....

If you know you will be out and about, plan know I have never been to taco bell and there is one not too far away from me! my vice is beer tho not food.....

Comment #3

I will say that Taco Bell is just DELICIOUS :-) Pizza is my big weakness though...

Comment #4

Taco Bell = Diet Food.

Yeah right! I have a bridge for you to buy in Brooklyn too!..

Comment #5

How much is the bridge? Does it hold fat people?..

Comment #6


Kind of sounds like the protein enriched donuts I have heard about...

Comment #7

If I showed up at Taco Bell and tried to order off the "diet" menu, I'm sure their voice recognition software would end up giving me my customary order of two double decker taco supremes, one steak grilled stufft burrito and 1/2 lb double burrito supreme or volcano nachos or mexican pizza, depending on my vocal inflections. I'm better off staying well clear of that place...

Comment #8

LOL. That's funny, I don't care who you are!.

As far as the bridge goes, just send me money and it will hold anything you want! I will make all of the promises you want!..

Comment #9

It has been rumored that Chipotle is also coming out with a diet menu that, much like it's regular menu, will result in customers ending up with blood stains in their underwear...

Comment #10

My sick mind took this comment to bad bad places.....

Comment #11

Taco bell was never my temptress. I was always suspicous of the taco meat. You don't see that taco bell dog around anymore do you?.

Now Wendy's on the other hand.. Makes me fatter just thinking about it...

Comment #12

Taco Bell diet plan..that's funny...I can see myself spending $20 on a couple of 12 packs of diet tacos now. They need Jarrod to do the commericals...

Comment #13

If they could just figure out a way that Jack in the Box tacos could be worked into a diet I would be all over it...

Comment #14

And burger king double cheesburgers...i saw they have some sort of Big Mac Wrap now too - so you save 25 calories on the roll, still bad for ya.....

Comment #15

You know, I've kind of lost my love of the hamburger over the last 3 1/2 years but a deep fried taco still sounds pretty good for some reason..

On a side note, I used to just love that chicken from Popeye's. A while after I got to goal I was on a trip and there was a Popeye's right across the street from the hotel. I just had to have some. After eating right for so long, it just totally sucked! I haven't wanted any since though...

Comment #16

Maybe that's been my problem; could be a chip in my head too : )..

Comment #17

All you have to do is read "Fast Food Nation" and you will never eat fast food again..

I am an admitted fast food junky and after reading that book I would rather support child labor in a third world country than give money to those truly evil fast food corporations. They have more lobbying power in congress than the oil companies, I **** you not...

Comment #18

Actually, Jared is looking kinda heavy these days. But still way less than when he started and he's kept it off for over a decade, so good to him..

You can eat high-calorie, high-fat stuff at Subway and eat healthier stuff at Taco Bell. You have choices, including the choice to not go at all, I don't blame the company..

I'm not a fast-food guy, I go to McDonald's about once a decade, so it's really not an issue for me. If I'm out and about, I'll hit Subway, not for diet reasons, but just because I like it better..

It does seem that in the past year there have been more times when I've missed lunch, been in a hurry, and hit the dollar menu at Sonic or something. Not great for me, but my downfall is grazing at home, not food on the run..

I actually tend to lose weight when I travel and am not at a house full of food at 10 pm...

Comment #19

I will be checking out Fast Food Nation, Thanks...

Comment #20

I just found out that my brother wrote an article on the.

Taco Bell Diet.

For ABC News....

It's an interesting read... feel free to leave comments to support his work there..


Comment #21

I love this quote.

"I have a hard time believing that dieters belong at Taco Bell. If the local adult bookstore opened a children's section, would you let your child go there? If the corner liquor store served fresh squeezed juices and egg-white omelets, would it be a suitable place for an alcoholic?".

Thanks for the link, I enjoyed that...

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