Anyone on the Medifast Diet?

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My question is Anyone on the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Welcome to November ladies........

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Happy November! Today has been crazy at work, but I will check in tomorrow when things calm down! Hope you are all well!..

Comment #2

Hope everyone had a great day. Although my weight went up with tom this week (not even a pound, but still.

), I did have an NSV. Today being the first of a new month, I took my new measurements and I lost another 7.9 inches during October..

That is a total of 13.65 inches lost in 7 weeks...

Comment #3

Congrats!!! I have my two month measurements to take thursday...hoping the inches are slipping away too!!.

Way to go!!!!..

Comment #4

Good morning ladies. I am going to start posting again on a regular basis, it stops me from falling off the wagon. Hope everyone has a great day..xoxo..

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Good morning Michelle and you other babes who aren't posting.

I actually have a (lame) excuse for not posting to much. I've been so freaking sore from the walking I did for those phone books. I have just been so exhausted that i've spent the last couple days laying around. Today is the first day that it isn't excruciating to get out of bed..

My sis had her surgery to cut the cancer out and take a lymph node out to see if the cancer spread. They're sending it out to be tested but the doc said that she has a great immunity that looks like it kept the cancer from spreading. Fingers crossed that more good news comes..

Well I hope you all have a good OP day!..

Comment #6


I hope you'll get some good inches lost..

Comment #7

I did! I lost a total of 14 inches! I took some 2 month progress pictures and posted them on my page. I wish I had picked a better outfit to track my progress, but oh well!.

I have been in jury duty all week so my apologies for the lack of posts. Hope everyone is well!!.


Comment #8

Laura good news about your sister. I have been praying for her. Glad that you are back and posting. Sorry about you being so sore...

Comment #9

Good morning all!.

Christine, well I would say that you did...14! Can't wait to see your pics...going over their now..

Michelle, I almost feel normal today which is great. I definitely won't be walking that much again but will try to keep at a mile or so a few days a week and see how that goes..

Hope things are well w/you Sarah and Shauna...thinking of you..

Hope you all have a wonderful OP day!..

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Hey everyone! Hope your week has been great!.

I have been on jury duty all week so my eating schedule has been at the whim of our allotted breaks, and I have then had to go into work at night to catch up. PLUS, it is my TOM so I am not counting on any losses long as there is not a gain!.

Full weekend ahead, so I am off to bed. Can't wait to hear how you are all doing!.


Comment #11

Good Morning.

I have been doing a lot of reading and soul searching. Trying to find myself again and back in a better place. I have been on and off for so long, finding the strength to make positive changes and lead a happier life, Drinking green tea this am and planning a work out when I get off here.Need to start moving and get through a full week. I need to find alternative activities to deal with stress instead of food. I want to look and feel good again.

Your doing great Christine!! WTG!!.

Laura and Michelle thinking of you both too!.


Enjoy your Sunday!..

Comment #12

Sarah- I had to start the 12 steps of OA yesterday. I went out and and bought the book. I know that I can not keep re-doing this.THIS is my LAST RE_START date!! Today is day 1.....

Comment #13

Good afternoon ladies!.

It's not been the best OP weekend. I'm eating good but caved w/some wine..

Sarah, I know you will find your strength and do this..

Michelle, have you read any of the book yet? what book is it if you don't mind me asking?..

Comment #14

It is called " 12 Steps for Overeaters" by Elisabeth L....

I am still on chapter 1..because it is step 1 and I am still trying to focus on that..

Step 1.

We admitted we were powerless over food-that our lives had become unmanageable..

That first step sums it all up. If I can get my brain to acknowlege that and I can let go of it..I will be able to do this..

It cost 12.95 at Barnes and Noble...

Comment #15

Good morning ladies. I am keeping myself busy today cleaning and organizing. Hope everyone had a fab weekend. I will check in later today. xoxo..

Comment #16

Good evening all!.

Today has been a better day...back OP..

Hope everyone had a good monday...

Comment #17


I am going to look into that book too and check out the board. Thanks... Just got more Medifast food Happy to have my bars.

Happy Tuesday!!..

Comment #18

So glad that you are back and getting focused. I am still on step 1 in the book. Rereading that chapter again today. I am going to give myself a chip for every day that I do nor purge and stay on plan..

OA has some great online live meetings every 3 hours....9, 12, 3, 6 etc etc 24/7..

No excuses anymore. That includes for me not saying and doing"1 more binge and I will restart"..

Hope everyone is well, have a good day..xoxo..

Comment #19

Sarah and Michelle, you sound so positive and ready to do this. I think I'm getting to that point too. I kinda made it through a weekend which made me feel good. I did gain a pound from the lil slipup but lost it and am back down to my ticker. Now I'm ready to get the ticker to start moving down continuously.

Shauna, Christine and Mary...thinking of you...hope you're still hanging in there..

Make it a good OP day...stay strong and focused...

Comment #20

So true I believe this also. I believe that I have conquered STEP 1......

We can do this girls. I believe that. I honestly believe it!!..

Comment #21

It has been a good day so far. I wrote my weight on my hand and it helped me focus and stay on plan. I just need to get back in the grove. Going to do one of my old power 90 tapes tonight. Laura extending a hand to get right on board with us. Heading into the holidays feeling better about ourselves...

Comment #22

Evening Girls!.

Sorry I have been absent. I was on jury duty for the last week and the case finally wrapped yesterday. I was not able to stay completely on plan, but I think I navigated the week wonderfully and am very proud. I stayed exactly the same this pay weigh in on Saturday, and I am right back on plan going strong again..

As for the OA books and program. I was very reluctant at first to dive into it because so many of the people I ran into were people on the severe spectrum of eating disorders which I could not totally relate to...but I stuck it out and kept going to as many different meetings as I could until I found one I could relate to. I met a sponsor who is wonderful, and I really feel like it is a HUGE help to have daily support like that. Add that to this online community and it just helps even more. Just my I wanted to share..

Hope you are all well!.



Comment #23

Thanks Christine. Did you get picked for jury duty? I always get called but end up just there for the day never to be interviewed..

Did my first day of power 90 yesterday. OMG I am soooo out of shape. On to day 2 of being OP..

Make it happen!..

Comment #24

Glad to have you back and still going strong. WTG on no weight gain...that's always nice and encouraging to keep you motivated..

A couple of you talk about the OA program and I am very curious about...but very intimidated also..

I agree w/you about this community and especially our Bikini Babes. W/out you girls, I would have no support to do thank you!..

Comment #25

Christine-glad that you did the best you could do with no gain..

Sarah- glad that you are back and doing this...

Laura-If you do not want to go to a face 2 face meeting you can always do their online meetings. It is a Huge help keeping me focused..

I have some news to share. I took my 17 year old daughter to the Doctor 2 weeks ago for a kidney infection. She ran out of meds and was still having some pain and she had a little blood in her urine. I took her to the ERoom this morning and was told by the doctor that her kidney infection is gone but her pregnancy test was positive. My daughter broke down crying and I was trying to stay calm because I did not want to get mad there at the hospital. Well it gets worse.

We have to go back in 2 days to see if her hormone level has gone up. If it has than the baby is fine and it is too early. I want to scream and yell but I can not get her more upset because of the situation. So until Friday we know nothing. If she is then no one will know including my husband until after the Holidays..have to get through that...So I am so mad but at the same time so worried and scared..

Enough of that I just needed to tell someone and I felt like I could tell ya'll...

Comment #26

Wow, sorry to hear about that. That's gotta be tough to deal w/. I hope things work out for your daughter and you. Sending you and your daughter (((hugs)))...

Comment #27

Well I just spent time catching up on my reading... Lots of news and happenings going on! I am back from my trip to Phoenix, AZ. My DD finished with the bronze medal in her fencing event and is now ranked 13th in the country..

We had a blast staying with my room mate from college and her DH and DD and DS. They have a miniature farm with 3 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a dozen chickens, and a tank of fish. My DD loved gathering eggs and caring for the horses and having "siblings" for a short time. She was invited back for a week this summer..

I did stay OP during the trip. (yeah!) However, I did not have access to a scale so I have no weigh in for this week. I'll just weigh Sunday as usual and report that loss...

Comment #28

Laura... thanks for the shout outs to check up on me.

Michelle... Sorry to hear of your potential crisis situation with your daughter. It's going to be tough for a bit no matter how it turns out in a few days. Have you allowed her to tell you the situation?.

One thing I have learned being a high school teacher is never to assume I know the facts. anytime I am ticked off at a student I do two things. 1. Breathe until I can trust myself not to lose it on the kid. 2. Ask to kid to tell me their thoughts/point of view/thinking process/reason for their actions etc.

Get the story before dishing out inappropriate penalties and 2. create a bridge of openness that allowed me to build trust and offer mentoring to a child truly in need of advice/help..

As a mother, I cannot even begin to fathom your feelings right now. I have a 12 year old daughter and I know there are kids that young having sex already. So it is a real fear for me, but I cannot imagine living it as you are. Just remember, your daughter will REALLY need the support of her mother no matter how the situation turns out. This is one of those crossroads moments that will shape your relationship with her. I'll keep you in my prayers.

You'll know what to do when the time comes...

Comment #29

Hey all!.

Sorry to hear about some of the challenges you are all facing. I am sending positive energy your way. I am so grateful that you have support here and I hope that it is helpful to you in even the smallest of ways..

Hope everyone is doing well and feeling strong and empowered..

I will check in with you again tomorrow!.


Comment #30

Wow, it's quiet around here!!.

Just checking in this morning. Had my weigh in and I am down 3.5 pounds. I officially hit the 30 pound marker. Weee!!.

I am off to my OA meeting. Hope you are all doing well and look forward to hearing from you. Have a great weekend!.


Comment #31

Hi Xtine... You are right it is sooo quiet. I was out of town last weekend, so I still have lots of catch up to do. Plus Thursday night is conference night, so I have to make sure all the grades are up to date to make sure everyone knows where their grade stands prior to that..

Congrats on the 30 pounds lost. I weigh in tomorrow. I am dying to know because I was out of town last Sunday on weigh in day. I only weigh on Sundays because I don't want to get neurotic about weighing. The last feedback I got was two weeks ago when I gained 0.8 pounds with TOM..

I am hoping for a loss in the neighborhood of 5 pounds when I weigh in tomorrow morning...

Comment #32

So I have to say I am happy with my weigh in. I lost 4.6 pounds. I think I'll reach my mini goal of 25 pounds lost before my b-day (Nov. 29). That's good incentive to stay OP through the Thanksgiving holiday...

Comment #33

Hey everyone! It's been awhile..

I had the volleyball state tournament this weekend. I was completely off-plan all weekend and enjoyed eating pizza and hamburgers for meals. I am happy to say I managed to not gain any weight doing so as well. I am starting back on plan today so hopefully I'll be back in the fat burning stage soon..

Unfortunately my team didn't make it to finals. We did come out third in state which is great. I am not mentioned in the article here but I am in the picture (21).


For those of you that have seen the show Little People Big World I met Jacob and Amy at the tournament as well. They were there to watch their daughter, Molly..


Neither are very attractive pictures as I was completely exhausted but I thought that I would share...

Comment #34

Good Morning.

I have been sick all weekend and didn't get a chance to get on here. Happy it is Monday feeling focused..

Mary My daughter just finished her volleyball season too. I love watching volleyball such a great sport. You all look great!.

Shauna wtg!!!.

I'll catch up later with everyone!..

Comment #35

Good Morning Ladies....

Christine- 30 pounds lost WTG!!.

Shauna-I think you will make your mini goal!.

Mary-Glad that you are back. Sorry your team did not make it to finals..

Sarah-Hope that you feel better..

Laura-Hope you are well...

My daughter is Pregnant and the pregnancy is normal. They do not know how far along she is because her periods were all messed up because of the NuvaRing. Two envitro ultrasounds show nothing soo she is very early. This is not what I wanted for her but you roll with it right? I was 19 when I got pregnant with her and she is 17 sooo.....

Hope everyone is well and I will check in later..xoxo..

Comment #36

Michelle... You have a great attitude. You just roll with what you're given. I hope she stays in school and finishes her education. I had a senior student in the International Baccalaureate program get pregnant last year. Her parents were very distraught when she told them, but it all worked out.

We live in a city with a major public university and she was able to get accepted as a student there. Her parents are going to help with child care to make sure her education is not sacrificed..

It's not the end of the world, just the end of the world as SHE knows it. Life will be completely different and offer many extra challenges, but she can overcome it with perseverance, self reliance, and the love of her family...

Comment #37

Wow Michelle, I can imagine that will be very stressful for you and her. Way to keep up the positive attitude. I am sure that as difficult as it is for you, it is important to remain positive for your daughters sake. There is a christian school here in Oregon that has a teen pregnancy rate of over 30%. Though difficult, it is a struggle that many teens go through and in the end, no matter what happens, it will be okay...

Comment #38

Christine and Shauna, congrats on your weightloss!!! WTG!!!.

Hey Sarah...hope you're feeling better. I've been feeling kinda bad myself w/allergy issues..

(((Michelle))) just make sure you keep focused on you. I know your daughter pregnant is stressful (and enough to send me on a food binge) but you stay in control and don't let food control you. Keep your eyes on the prize...a hottie grandma.

Mary, thanks for sharing the look great! sounds like you had a good time. Good job getting back OP and staying focused..

I am ashamed to say and thought about not even talking about it but this board is where I have to share and be accountable for my loser ways. I fell off the wagon big time. I can't even explain why other than a small little stress spiraled out of control to a full blown binge.

I am so disappointed in myself. I gained 10 pounds...that is just sad..

On a positive note, i'm back OP but am just totally bummed about this. I feel like I can't trust myself and the moment I get stressed I'm just going to screw up again...

Comment #39

Laura, I know it's easy to be bummed about gaining ten lbs, but just think of the weight that you have lost! Do what you need to do to inspire yourself and refocus. You got this! You can do it..

Lately when I need a little inspiration I go to victoria secret's website and look at their bikini's and underwear. It helps me remember how much closer I am to wearing that proudly...

Comment #40

Mary, at first I thought you were going to tell me to go to victorias secret store. It gave me a flash back. I buy their underwear...well that was up to about a year ago. I still fit my old VS underwear but still won't step into that store now...too embarrassing.

I went in (my last time their) and just felt like I didn't belong in their anymore. Not sure if it was the way they treated me or if it just was me mentally knowing I didn't belong. We all know Victoria Secret isn't for the plus sized...

Comment #41

I know what you mean. I don't get that feeling from my local VS but I am no where near buying their sexy underwear. I buy bra's there but they aren't the little sexy ones..

I get that feeling when I go into Buckle. I have never fit into their clothes and when I go in their with friends it is awkward because the employees will be giving loads of attention to my skinny cute friends and ignoring me. I can't wait to be the one getting all the attention and fitting into those clothes. I still have a couple of pant sizes to drop though :P..

Comment #42

Mary- Sorry you didn't win, but based on the pictures it looks like you played hard and had a good time. I think you look great by the way!.

Michelle- So sorry you are dealing with that. I cannot even imagine. I'm glad everything is okay with her health..

Also glad to hear everyone else is on track and trying to be focused and positive..

I leave for NY tomorrow for a week and a half. I will be travelling all over the state and seeing various friends and family. I know I will not be 100% OP, but my goal is to stick with it as much as possible and be very mindful of the times I do eat OP. I had this plan from the very first day I started. I'm feeling positive and in control. And looking forward to seeing everyone..

I am going on a cruise in January, and my goal is to be a safe distance below the 200 mark by them..

I will probably not get to check in very much as I won't have access to email, so if I don't, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!.


Comment #43

Good Morning.

Michelle things will work out, she is lucky to have you!.

Christine WOO HOO! Wow you are doing soooooo well.

Laura getting back here with you.

Mary Victoria Secrets is such an inspiration!!.

Shauna thinking of you too!.

Happy Thursday...still sick but the week is almost over..

Comment #44

Good morning ladies!.

I'm still kinda bummed about my screw up. I guess the last time I said I was going to stay OP to the end, I really thought it was going to be. So I really dissappointed myself. I will stop kicking my @$$...eventually. I know I shouldn't be so hard on myself but I just want to be normal size so bad and I'm just sooooo sick of screwing up. I have been seriously trying to lose weight for at least 6 months and if I hadn't screwed up so much I could have had all my weight just about off.

LOL just kidding.

Really, I'll get past this...hopefully soon. I'm driving myself crazy..

Christine, have a great trip!.

Michelle, thinking of you...hope you're doing well and hanging in there..

Shauna, hope things are well and having a great day!.

Mary, it won't be long at all before you will be walking in those stores w/your friends and being the first to be helped and getting the attention you deserve..

(((Sarah))), I hope you get to feeling better...

Comment #45

We are traveling out of state to another fencing tournament and to visit my Gma in the Great White North (Chicago, brrrrr!) tomorrow so it may be several days before I can check in. I am having T-Day in Chicago and plan to stay OP through the whole time I am gone..

Everyone keep your resistance to go off plan strong through the holiday!..

Comment #46

Shauna Have a good time in Chicago! Way to plan ahead!.

Happy Saturday!.

I am on a mission to clean and stay OP this weekend!!.

I can't believe the holidays are coming again!!.

Thinking of all of you! Make it happen!..

Comment #47


I have been on a major cleaning binge and ready to go again today. So much clutter/junk...starting to see a difference and it feels good!! Hope everyone is have a great weekend!..

Comment #48

Just a quick check in....I am oing ok. I will be back later to post. xoxo..

Comment #49

I hope this slowness means everyone is doing well and staying OP..

I am actually doing well but not losing much. I've got quite a few days home w/the kids but think I will be ok...i hope. I feel strong about resisting temptations..

Well I hope all of you are doing well and staying strong and having a great week...

Comment #50

Ok Thanksgiving is over...wish I could say I stayed OP felt great..yada yada yada I am again. I hope your not as sick of hearing this as much as I am. I will get this right though.

Today is a new day.

I am going to get focused. I want to feel and look better this Christmas and start the year off right!!..

Comment #51

Back from Chicago. I lost 0.7 pounds in the 5 days we were there, but I don't weigh in until Sunday. I am sure I gained some muscle too because we walked everywhere with lots of stairs. I stayed pretty well on plan. I modified to 4+2 while I was there because our hotel room was ridiculously expensive (a block off the Magnificent Mile) and included hot breakfast. I also wanted to be free to sample local food at dinner..

That might be a weird reason to go 4+2, but I had to do something not to feel totally raked over the coals for a DOLL CLOSET of a hotel room for such a ridiculous amount of money. I did stay OP with my lean and green meals and Medifast was very portable and easy to consume as we made our way around the city sightseeing..

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day. We parked at Millennium Park, walked a few blocks to watch the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade, walked back to the Park and ice skated for an hour (awesome!! and the weather was perfect not too cold). Then we had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner served family style at the Park Grille at Millennium Park before heading to the airport to fly home. It was totally awesome..

I did make a conscious choice to sample one bite of stuffing, pumpkin ravioli, heirloom pear tart, and cranberry upside down cake. The rest of my meal was green beans and turkey. I feel it was a total success that I was able to have 4 bites to enjoy the flavors and talk about with my grandmother and daughter and stay totally OP the rest of our trip...

Comment #52

Shauna you did so should be proud of yourself! Sounds like a great trip..

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! Just saw my best friend last night very quickly before she went to her HS reunion (we went to different HS growing up) Anyway She is looking so HOT, so beautiful. She has been through so much in life a divorce a challenging son ect but through it all has kept moving forward. It made me see how I want to make changes in my own life. Very inspirational..

Make it happen!..

Comment #53

It is sunday night and I am thinking of the week ahead. Just ordered the book shrinkyourself from amazon on emotional eating. Not quite ready for my work week or the thought of Christmas but I want to get a handle on my eating before the new year. My goal is to stay OP this week and come to the boards for support. Ok need to get to bed. See you in the morning!!..

Comment #54

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.